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How To Look Good Without Makeup Anonymous 3625

i'm planning on ditching makeup and start focusing on skincare and enhancing my features naturally.
any tips? i've watched a few videos besides this one and i'm looking forward to trying it out. i've been obsessed with the whole natural beauty no makeup look.

Anonymous 3626

Hi Anon. I don't wear makeup that often and I've noticed that my skin improved a lot even tho I didn't do anything special. I think once you drop it completely you will notice a great difference even if you don't change anything. There is something I've always wanted to try but I haven't yet: massages. I think they can help a lot.

Anonymous 3627

as in facial massages? i've tried using those popular asian facial massagers. they felt fun to use but i'm not sure if they do anything besides help the blood flow on your face.

Anonymous 3633


I don't use hardly any makeup these days but my skin is still awful even though I wash my face & moisturize every day, and I'll use a toner/mask once or twice a week. I hate it because I feel like the only way to look beautiful is to apply makeup but then makeup makes your natural skin look worse so you have to start relying on it if you go down that route?? argh.

Anonymous 3634


i wanna stop using makeup because whenever i would wear makeup i wouldn't notice how i'd literally cake it on and put too much.
i was so obsessed on concealing every imperfection which is a lot because i have acne-prone, oily, and scarring skin that i wouldn't notice how thick and fake it looked.
plus, i'd splurge on makeup, but not skincare.
i tried a bunch of different stuff like cleaning your devices/linen, birth control, dermas, skin clinics, a lot of different skincare products, my diet (i'm vegan), hydrating (you should still do this though KEK), etc~ but nothing worked until i bought a set of skincare products that actually worked on my skin. i think you really just have to try different stuff until you find the right ones for your skin, anon. i too believe that in the long run makeup will ruin your skin especially if you use it everyday and it might make your skin age badly so it's better to start early.

Anonymous 3640

Tbh most people who don't wear makeup don't give a rat's ass how beautiful they are. I don't wear makeup because appearance is not a concern for me.
I'm not going to tell you you already are beautiful or some shit like that- maybe you are, maybe you aren't, it's totally random genetics and whatever society finds attractive at the moment. Just let yourself be free. As long as your skin feels good… there's no point caring what it looks like.
I wish you luck and hope you find the extra time and money you have once you stop wearing makeup can be put towards something you love <3

Anonymous 3646

i disagree.
i think a lot of women still do and you might just be a part of those who don't which is fine but it really is possible to enhance your features naturally without makeup.
both appearance and makeup can be something someone loves, btw. and it's fine if they put their time and money into especially if they earn from or it makes them happy.

Anonymous 3697

How do people who wear makeup feel when they wash it off at the end of the day, or when they have to reapply it then next day? I feel like it would be even worse for your self-esteem and you'll never be able to be comfortable in your own skin.

Anonymous 3699

but what's the point of "enhancing" your appearance when it's all completely arbitrary anyway? small butts are in one year, out the next, in one country minimal makeup is all the rage and in another it's not. why force yourself to fit a standard? focus on things that actually fucking matter and will actually improve your life.
idk, maybe i shouldn't have commented here, sorry to the OP. i guess i really do think it's a complete waste of women's time to worry about looking beautiful. it adds nothing to the world.

Anonymous 3723

yeah that's one of the things i think about too!

for me personally it doesn't matter what's in or trendy. it's just a personal preference to look good and be hygienic or put in effort to look presentable in the way you want. it makes a lot of people happy to look good outside and therefore makes people happy inside as well. emotionally, mentally, physically, self-esteem etc. so i'd say it does do something good for the world. it makes people happy and that's a lot better than self-loathing, laziness, depression, insecurity, and all that jazz.

Anonymous 3750

It feels pretty damn good when I take off my makeup. I get to see a different version of my face. Maybe I'm less conventionally attractive because I don't look glam anymore, but I like how I look more youthful and plain just as much. It's a nice contrast. For what it's worth, I usually spend my weekends with no makeup on and I don't wear makeup for work, only college so I appear older. I get an equal amount of compliments on my cake face versus my non-caked face either way.

Right now I feel good about my appearance, though. I'm sure tomorrow I'd write about how ugly I am both ways. But it doesn't rest on whether I'm wearing makeup or not. I do get insecure when people who know me by "one" face see me with the "other" face. It feels like they're seeing a side of me I've decided to conceal. That's the main way wearing makeup affects me.

Anonymous 3752

But how do you determine what looks "good"? I'm so skeptical of this because when I see people saying "I do it for me" i'm like really? you spend all this extra time and money to do for you what every single makeup company and celebrity and advertisement tells you looks good?
the only time I believe this is when I see people with intense goth makeup in public. it makes people happy to look good outside because people are vain af and treat pretty people better. it makes me happy inside to do something valuable with my time, like make myself smarter, help out a friend, teach someone something I know, or doing something kind.
also LOVING the assumption that the opposite of caring about your appearance is self-loathing and depression. might wanna do some more introspection.

Anonymous 3754

nta, but I wear makeup because I like to wear formal sort of clothing (pencil skirts, blouses, etc.) and it completes the look I'm after. In the end it probably is shallow nonsense, but I've always liked feeling put together and fancy even just to go to the mall. Sometimes I also just like getting dressed up for the sake of it, not even to go outside at all.
It may seem like a waste of time to you, but the enjoyment is derived from matching different colours and shapes to discover something that you find works as a cohesive whole tailored for your own tastes and body/face. I can't speak for people who strictly follow trends, but for me it's mostly for aesthetic pleasure. I like to create art for the same reason.

I agree anon was getting touchy saying that you're lazy for not wearing makeup, but getting on our backs for wasting time is equally touchy. There is no objective measure for what is the best use of free time. Humans do not exist for any purpose despite what value you have arbitrarily assigned to certain actions and hobbies. You can make goals for yourself, as we all do, but they do not apply to every person on Earth. Within the parameters of the law and other societal functions we get to decide for ourselves what we value most, based on personal principles and benefits gained. I have judgments I can pass on many people since they don't adhere to my moral code, but I know deep down that it's irrelevant.

Anonymous 3756

>Tbh most people who don't wear makeup don't give a rat's ass how beautiful they are.
[citation needed]

I'm more inclined to believe that they're just comfortable with their natural appearance. Some people are genetically blessed, like it or not.

Anonymous 3786

I really only wear concealer, subtle liner, blush, brow pencil, and tinted lip balm. The biggest difference in my appearance is due to the concealer I use to cover up my undereye circles. Usually for work I try to go for a look that's more awake and fresh since it actually makes me feel more productive (in the same way that making your bed first thing in the morning encourages productivity).

However I do love my dark circles, I love how people look when they're sick and tired (but still hydrated lol). So I guess it's just two different looks that I like equally, but one of which is more appropriate for work.

Anonymous 4201

totally ot but thank you op for helping me discover valeria lipovetsky lol. i've been binging her chanel for a week now

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