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Anonymous 3712

What's your favorite scent?

Any particular perfume you really hate?

Anonymous 3713

I've always loved Elizabeth Arden Red Door but apparently it's an old lady perfume, lol.

Right now I also like the My Burberry and Marc Jacobs Daisy. Debating on which to buy, any recommendations?

Anonymous 3714

>apparently it's an old lady perfume
According to who? Is anyone that cares enough about that really worth pleasing?

Anonymous 3715

Clinique Happy, and a few vintage Avon scents. I like very clean, flowery smells.

My least favorite scents are sweet smells that remind me too much of fruit or desserts. They make me feel sticky and unclean. A lot of Victoria's Secret scents are kind of like this.

Anonymous 3716


My favorites are 212 Rose by Carolina Herrera, Black XS by Paco Rabanne and Flower by Kenzo. I like Miss Dior and Karl Lagerfeld as well, but I am not sure if I will get them again.

I love flowery fragrances <3

If you like Daisy you should probably look for Moschino perfumes.

Anonymous 3717

Dumb, I posted before finishing. Anwyay overly sweet fragrances make me feel unclean too, just like the anon above me, so go figure. I care a lot about how people smell, maybe I have a good nose.

Anonymous 3718

I'm into flowery scents, the "more pure" the better. The kind of scent that someone would be walking by a park at night, and they detect the smell of certain flower and remember me (I know it sounds poetic and sappy as fuck but I dont know how else to explain it).


> Red Roses from Jo Malone is the BEST pure rose perfume)
> Rose Essentielle by Bulgari. Soft roses, super long sillage .
> Rose Jam by Lush. Xmas LE (for soaps, etc) and every once in a while they come out with their perfumes and solid perfumes. Delicious and it is also very long lasting. Smells exactly like rose jam.

> Le Chevrefreuille (Annick Goutal) . Again, it smells exactly like the IRL thing, sillage (duration) sucks tho, at least on me. But it's such a delicious spring/summer night smell.

>Violette (another by Annick Goutal). Just pure violets. 2nd best to…
>Midnight Candy (by Byredo). Absolutely DELICIOUS violet with other things in it. Smells like those violet candies from youth. It's expensive tho (last time I looked was like 500 dollars a bottle) :( Extrait de perfum so sillage is good.

- Special mention: Orange Blossom by Jo Malone. Smells exactly like those little white orange flowers. So refreshing.

Anonymous 3722

Just some comments I've read. It doesn't really bother me! I do tend to like more old-lady scents anyway.

Awesome, I'll go cop some free samples at Sephora tomorrow :)

Anonymous 3745

I've always wanted to ask other people if they feel turned on by male deodorant scents too. Maybe it's just my lack of contact with men, but hnng!

Anonymous 3746

It's definitely your lack of contact with men that's doing this to you. You're literally turning into one of those women from those stupid body spray commercials that aired a long time ago. You're probably not the only one.

Anonymous 3747

Lust by Lush, I've been wearing it for 3 years

Anonymous 3748

I like it, too. probably for the same reason, anon-chan.

Anonymous 8047


I didn't know whether to start a new thread or just use the old, dead one…Hopefully there will be more posts this time around!

I like:
Apres L'ondee (Guerlain)
Jicky (Guerlain)
Mitsouko (Guerlain)
Tea Rose (The Perfumer's Workshop)

I'm on the fence about:
Tommy Girl (Tommy Hilfiger)
Timbuktu (L'Artisan Parfumeur)

I dislike:
Arpege (Lanvin)
L'Heure Bleue (Guerlain)
Bandit (Robert Piguet)
Eau Calandre (Paco Rabanne)
Dune (Dior)

My favorite by scent is probably Apres L'ondee (too bad it's only available in EDT concentration), although Tea Rose comes out ahead when I consider performance (one spray: all day) and price. (I haven't tried Tea Rose Parfum, so if any of you have, tell me what you think of it.) I have a special disdain for Bandit.

They say that you really have to shell out for a decent perfume these days on account of reformulations and the niche revolution, but I'm still looking for good budget options.

Anonymous 8078

current favs: byredo - mojave ghost, goest - dauphine, neroli oil

Anonymous 8097


Been wearing Prada Amber and nothing else since around 2012. Everything else gives me a headache. It's nice having a signature scent.

Anonymous 8115

I don't wear any scents right now, but I love vanilla and musk scents. Right now I really like those super bubbly, sickly sweet, girly type fragrances. I was going to buy some for my birthday, but with Corona it seems like a waste….

Anonymous 8120

M-me too…

Anonymous 8121


Anaïs Anaïs by Cacharel is my favourite perfume, it was a fragance I had certainly smelled before and it turned out that my mother used it when I was very small. So I bought one bottle one year ago and I started using it as my everyday perfume. Today I have read the bar code with the app ''Yuka'', that helps you telling you about the ingredients on food and cosmetics and…THE PERFUME HAS BUTYLATED HYDROXYTOLUENE, apparently it is an endocrine disruptor that affects particulary the thyroid and also has effects on sex hormones and it even may affect fertility and development. I'm sure other perfumes will have it too. I got anxious because I apply it directly to my skin and what the hell, I keep smelling it all day.

So now I'm changing, I'll buy an eco perfume, something with jasmine or rose o muguet. Damn, I really like Anaïs Anaïs.

Anonymous 8123

Try browsing around this site, they have recommendations for similar perfumes for each one listed and which notes they contain:


There seemed to be a few similar ones under “Anais Anais”, this is just one page.

Anonymous 8125

I know this page. The thing is I'd rather change my scent and wear an eco perfume. This website recomends big to regular brands and I don't think their recommendations include eco perfumes. Thanks, tho :3

Anonymous 8170

I just got Elizabeth Arden's "Always Red" but due to coronavirus it won't be here for a month

I like floral and citrus scents, I just want to smell "pleasant"

Anonymous 8992

Bumping this thread. I just got a small bottle of YSL black opium, the internet reviews told me that it makes men horny but is this scent too played out? It’s also very sweet which I’m not sure is a good thing.

I also got a larger bottle of Tom Ford black orchid but a friend told me it smells like a gay bar

Anonymous 8993

Black Orchid is a vintage-style perfume. It does smell a little bit like a room someone's been fucking in, because that was what was in fashion back in the day. I like that, but if it's not your thing you should look for something else.

Anonymous 8998

Angel by Terry Mugler is the typical perfume for escorts

Anonymous 9026

Sandalwood and lavender are always lovely.

Anonymous 9041

Ordering tea rose because of you anon! I'll let you know what I think of it when it arrives

Anonymous 9044

Cardamom and black pepper, cedar with vanilla and amber.

Nearly anything from Bath and Body Works and Victoria's Secret makes me sneeze or gives a headache after too much time exposed to it. An exception would be Snowflakes and Cashmere, which was seasonal. The bottle of lotion that I got has an almost play doh like smell coming right out that kind of grosses me out though. It goes away after application, but what in fuck makes it smell that way?

Anonymous 9121


Thoughts on Chanel no. 5? I was under the impression that it’s the “best” perfume but maybe my knowledge is outdated. All the reviews say it’s for old ladies

Anonymous 9124

I smelled it in a shop once, it smelled like perfumed soap. Don't understand the hype.

Anonymous 9125

maybe the alcohol?

Anonymous 9126

love these two, i buy lavender/sandalwood incense whenever i can

Anonymous 9127

In the lotion? I guess it could be that. I just assumed it was old or something though.

Anonymous 9128

I love N°5 and old-school floral aldehydes in general.

>I was under the impression that it’s the “best” perfume

Chanel's advertising has promoted N°5 as the ultimate in French luxury for longer than any of us have been alive. Yes, it's a meme, but the perfume is legit. It makes people think of old ladies because old ladies bought it/were gifted it when they were young ladies, and then never stopped wearing it. If you want to learn to like it, try the flankers L'Eau and Eau Première. Those are variations of the formula that were created fairly recently to get younger people interested, but without straying too far from the original.

Anonymous 9129

Ty wise anon. Another question, is there a female equivalent to the male Versace Eros / Dior Sauvage meme? Ie super common designer scents that everyone jokes about “this makes girls want to fuck immediately”, fragheads dislike for being everywhere, but almost every normie will like?

Anonymous 9130

A n equivalent to the 'panty dropper'? Maybe Calvin Klein Euphoria. Loads of women wear it. It's heady and sensual, with a vanillic drydown that men generally love. A lot of critics are tired of fruity-woody fragrances, and so are biased against it, but they don't have any actual bad things to say. Another one might be Prada Candy, though unlike Euphoria, I haven't personally smelled that one on women out in the field. I know it sells, though.

Anonymous 9133

>Another one might be Prada Candy, though unlike Euphoria, I haven't personally smelled that one on women out in the field. I know it sells, though.
I'm pretty surprised by that. I wear another Prada perfume and was so disappointed when I smelled Candy. It smelled like something Britney Spears would come out with.

Anonymous 9134

Well speaking of celebrity fragrances, I’ve heard that Ariana grande’s line actually isn’t that bad, although I haven’t had the opportunity to try it myself. COVID has sucked because I can’t sample any fragrances

Anonymous 9868


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