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Anonymous 3712

What's your favorite scent?

Any particular perfume you really hate?

Anonymous 3713

I've always loved Elizabeth Arden Red Door but apparently it's an old lady perfume, lol.

Right now I also like the My Burberry and Marc Jacobs Daisy. Debating on which to buy, any recommendations?

Anonymous 3714

>apparently it's an old lady perfume
According to who? Is anyone that cares enough about that really worth pleasing?

Anonymous 3715

Clinique Happy, and a few vintage Avon scents. I like very clean, flowery smells.

My least favorite scents are sweet smells that remind me too much of fruit or desserts. They make me feel sticky and unclean. A lot of Victoria's Secret scents are kind of like this.

Anonymous 3716


My favorites are 212 Rose by Carolina Herrera, Black XS by Paco Rabanne and Flower by Kenzo. I like Miss Dior and Karl Lagerfeld as well, but I am not sure if I will get them again.

I love flowery fragrances <3

If you like Daisy you should probably look for Moschino perfumes.

Anonymous 3717

Dumb, I posted before finishing. Anwyay overly sweet fragrances make me feel unclean too, just like the anon above me, so go figure. I care a lot about how people smell, maybe I have a good nose.

Anonymous 3718

I'm into flowery scents, the "more pure" the better. The kind of scent that someone would be walking by a park at night, and they detect the smell of certain flower and remember me (I know it sounds poetic and sappy as fuck but I dont know how else to explain it).


> Red Roses from Jo Malone is the BEST pure rose perfume)
> Rose Essentielle by Bulgari. Soft roses, super long sillage .
> Rose Jam by Lush. Xmas LE (for soaps, etc) and every once in a while they come out with their perfumes and solid perfumes. Delicious and it is also very long lasting. Smells exactly like rose jam.

> Le Chevrefreuille (Annick Goutal) . Again, it smells exactly like the IRL thing, sillage (duration) sucks tho, at least on me. But it's such a delicious spring/summer night smell.

>Violette (another by Annick Goutal). Just pure violets. 2nd best to…
>Midnight Candy (by Byredo). Absolutely DELICIOUS violet with other things in it. Smells like those violet candies from youth. It's expensive tho (last time I looked was like 500 dollars a bottle) :( Extrait de perfum so sillage is good.

- Special mention: Orange Blossom by Jo Malone. Smells exactly like those little white orange flowers. So refreshing.

Anonymous 3722

Just some comments I've read. It doesn't really bother me! I do tend to like more old-lady scents anyway.

Awesome, I'll go cop some free samples at Sephora tomorrow :)

Anonymous 3745

I've always wanted to ask other people if they feel turned on by male deodorant scents too. Maybe it's just my lack of contact with men, but hnng!

Anonymous 3746

It's definitely your lack of contact with men that's doing this to you. You're literally turning into one of those women from those stupid body spray commercials that aired a long time ago. You're probably not the only one.

Anonymous 3747

Lust by Lush, I've been wearing it for 3 years

Anonymous 3748

I like it, too. probably for the same reason, anon-chan.

Anonymous 8047


I didn't know whether to start a new thread or just use the old, dead one…Hopefully there will be more posts this time around!

I like:
Apres L'ondee (Guerlain)
Jicky (Guerlain)
Mitsouko (Guerlain)
Tea Rose (The Perfumer's Workshop)

I'm on the fence about:
Tommy Girl (Tommy Hilfiger)
Timbuktu (L'Artisan Parfumeur)

I dislike:
Arpege (Lanvin)
L'Heure Bleue (Guerlain)
Bandit (Robert Piguet)
Eau Calandre (Paco Rabanne)
Dune (Dior)

My favorite by scent is probably Apres L'ondee (too bad it's only available in EDT concentration), although Tea Rose comes out ahead when I consider performance (one spray: all day) and price. (I haven't tried Tea Rose Parfum, so if any of you have, tell me what you think of it.) I have a special disdain for Bandit.

They say that you really have to shell out for a decent perfume these days on account of reformulations and the niche revolution, but I'm still looking for good budget options.

Anonymous 8078

current favs: byredo - mojave ghost, goest - dauphine, neroli oil

Anonymous 8115

I don't wear any scents right now, but I love vanilla and musk scents. Right now I really like those super bubbly, sickly sweet, girly type fragrances. I was going to buy some for my birthday, but with Corona it seems like a waste….

Anonymous 8120

M-me too…

Anonymous 8121


Anaïs Anaïs by Cacharel is my favourite perfume, it was a fragance I had certainly smelled before and it turned out that my mother used it when I was very small. So I bought one bottle one year ago and I started using it as my everyday perfume. Today I have read the bar code with the app ''Yuka'', that helps you telling you about the ingredients on food and cosmetics and…THE PERFUME HAS BUTYLATED HYDROXYTOLUENE, apparently it is an endocrine disruptor that affects particulary the thyroid and also has effects on sex hormones and it even may affect fertility and development. I'm sure other perfumes will have it too. I got anxious because I apply it directly to my skin and what the hell, I keep smelling it all day.

So now I'm changing, I'll buy an eco perfume, something with jasmine or rose o muguet. Damn, I really like Anaïs Anaïs.

Anonymous 8125

I know this page. The thing is I'd rather change my scent and wear an eco perfume. This website recomends big to regular brands and I don't think their recommendations include eco perfumes. Thanks, tho :3

Anonymous 8170

I just got Elizabeth Arden's "Always Red" but due to coronavirus it won't be here for a month

I like floral and citrus scents, I just want to smell "pleasant"

Anonymous 8992

Bumping this thread. I just got a small bottle of YSL black opium, the internet reviews told me that it makes men horny but is this scent too played out? It’s also very sweet which I’m not sure is a good thing.

I also got a larger bottle of Tom Ford black orchid but a friend told me it smells like a gay bar

Anonymous 8993

Black Orchid is a vintage-style perfume. It does smell a little bit like a room someone's been fucking in, because that was what was in fashion back in the day. I like that, but if it's not your thing you should look for something else.

Anonymous 8998

Angel by Terry Mugler is the typical perfume for escorts

Anonymous 9026

Sandalwood and lavender are always lovely.

Anonymous 9041

Ordering tea rose because of you anon! I'll let you know what I think of it when it arrives

Anonymous 9044

Cardamom and black pepper, cedar with vanilla and amber.

Nearly anything from Bath and Body Works and Victoria's Secret makes me sneeze or gives a headache after too much time exposed to it. An exception would be Snowflakes and Cashmere, which was seasonal. The bottle of lotion that I got has an almost play doh like smell coming right out that kind of grosses me out though. It goes away after application, but what in fuck makes it smell that way?

Anonymous 9121


Thoughts on Chanel no. 5? I was under the impression that it’s the “best” perfume but maybe my knowledge is outdated. All the reviews say it’s for old ladies

Anonymous 9126

love these two, i buy lavender/sandalwood incense whenever i can

Anonymous 9127

In the lotion? I guess it could be that. I just assumed it was old or something though.

Anonymous 9128

I love N°5 and old-school floral aldehydes in general.

>I was under the impression that it’s the “best” perfume

Chanel's advertising has promoted N°5 as the ultimate in French luxury for longer than any of us have been alive. Yes, it's a meme, but the perfume is legit. It makes people think of old ladies because old ladies bought it/were gifted it when they were young ladies, and then never stopped wearing it. If you want to learn to like it, try the flankers L'Eau and Eau Première. Those are variations of the formula that were created fairly recently to get younger people interested, but without straying too far from the original.

Anonymous 9129

Ty wise anon. Another question, is there a female equivalent to the male Versace Eros / Dior Sauvage meme? Ie super common designer scents that everyone jokes about “this makes girls want to fuck immediately”, fragheads dislike for being everywhere, but almost every normie will like?

Anonymous 9130

A n equivalent to the 'panty dropper'? Maybe Calvin Klein Euphoria. Loads of women wear it. It's heady and sensual, with a vanillic drydown that men generally love. A lot of critics are tired of fruity-woody fragrances, and so are biased against it, but they don't have any actual bad things to say. Another one might be Prada Candy, though unlike Euphoria, I haven't personally smelled that one on women out in the field. I know it sells, though.

Anonymous 9134

Well speaking of celebrity fragrances, I’ve heard that Ariana grande’s line actually isn’t that bad, although I haven’t had the opportunity to try it myself. COVID has sucked because I can’t sample any fragrances

Anonymous 9868


Anonymous 14088

No. 5 is a very complex and iconic frag, anyone who reads it as “old lady” is a fucking idiot who only understands Victoria secret body spray.

The thing about No. 5 is that it’s not to be worn out and a about, it’s a very strong statement perfume, and it’s really best if you want to present yourself in a sophisticated feminine yet confident andl seductive way. I recommend any formal event during the winter where a lot of black is worn.

Otherwise, if you do find it too pulverising, I recommend the newer “l’eau de Chanel No. 5” flanker, it’s a more modern take on the original.

Don’t let reviews by normies who don’t know shit about perfume stump you from experiencing this iconic scent. It has stood the test of time and it’s a definite compliment getter, and a definite genre classic.

Anonymous 14091

I agree with this mostly but also it is true that perfumes gain or lose charm according to their availability and discernability. The fragrance is very recognizable so there is no mystery factor to it, and since N°5 is not as exclusive as it used to be, with everyone and their grandma having it, it doesn't work as a status symbol either. Nowadays if you go to one of those formal evening black-dress events and want to signal that you're a classy and wealthy Bond-esque lady you'd wear something like Baccarat Rouge.
It is a very good perfume though. I like Coco Mademoiselle from Chanel as well for daily use, it is very light and girly, and really perfect for that "clean" aura.

Anonymous 14557

Anyone on CC make their own perfume? I bought a bunch of EOs and FOs and a perfume base to play with but some of the oils degrade too fast to make a nice perfume (they end up with that gross plastic chemical smell, if you know what I mean). Considering ordering a DIY kit from a legit perfumery but they're a little expensive.

Wondering if anyone else is into this, I've loved the idea of making my own scents since I was a kid and I have a note in my phone with scent ideas in it but it seems kind of hard to get into, especially with quality ingredients I don't want to waste

Anonymous 14581

Can't you buy some low quality essential oils to just try out some formulas and still save the pricey stuff for when you're experienced?
A few months ago I was watching this guy ->https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNxbesnufNs&t=1769s making homemade tictures for fragrances, he makes some other videos where he goes in depth into some ingredients and other parts of diy perfumery and it's really interesting.

Anonymous 14635

I unironically like Ariana Grande's Cloud. I'm usually a basic bitch who likes inoffensive scents like D&G Light Blue and Clinique Happy Heart.

I fucking hate patchouli-heavy perfumes like V&R's Flowerbomb. Fuck that shit.

Anonymous 14638

I was interested in it a few years ago too but found the entry too expensive + qualms about EOs.

If only there was a way to make perfume from homegrown plants and herbs that didn't involve distilling them to create EOs.

Anonymous 14722

Yeah I'm not a fan of EOs either and unfortunately those are what have the "purest" scent to them. It's why I tried to focus on fragrance oils which are usually synthetic but some are just beyond shitty when mixed.

those vids look cool anon, thanks for the link

Anonymous 14726


DS & Durga is my favorite perfumer. My favorites are Mississippi Medicine & Bowmakers, although they have some newer ones I’ve been itching to try.

I also like the weird Demeter Fragrance Library line. I’ve been meaning to buy the Dirt one for a while.

My endgame is to smell like paper, herbs, wood, earth, and maybe a bit of smoke on special occasions. I want to smell like I just emerged bodily from a tree or a garden.

Light Blue is a lovely scent. I had a roommate who used to tease me for owning it. Nothing wrong with a universally palatable fragrance!

Anonymous 14731

You might want to look into indie perfumery–check out hexxennacht for witchy-leaning scents. Nui Cobalt's Druid Love: Druid will fit your vibe. "Ancient woods, verdant mosses, river stones, smoldering firewood and deep red dragon's blood."

Anonymous 14737


>Demeter Fragrance Library
My friend bought a whole bunch of samples of that brand, weird scents like "thunder" and "freshly cut meadow" or something like that. They have cool concepts but we both agreed they allmost all smelled like alcohol. She did give me a floral one that smelled okay though.

Anonymous 14743

Did you let it dry a bit before smelling?

Anonymous 14745

I love this thread, perfume is one of my biggest jams. I wish I could say I had an absolute favorite, but there are too many beautiful scents out there to pick just one. So, here's a list of categories instead.

Favorite Gourmand: Lira by Xerjoff. Stupidly expensive, but it made all my other gourmands irrelevant, and I wish I discovered it before spending money on lesser ones. It is a fancy lemon vanilla pound cake with a caramel infusion. Most gourmands go sickeningly powdery on me, or disappear too quick, this one doesn't. Just pure sugary bliss all the way. It manages to not smell teenager-y in an obnoxious saccharine way. Perfect for any weather. Divine.

Favorite Incense: Cardinal by Heeley. Are you religious? No? Well, get rekt because this shit will turn you into a comfy nun. I LOVE this stuff. Most incense, to me, is tough to wear in public because of its depth. Cardinal smells exactly like an old Catholic church, but…combine that with fresh clean laundry, and oh look you're in heaven. It is so calming and meditative and ethereal. Unisex.

Favorite Patchouli: Moonlight Patchouli by Van Cleef and Arpels. Okay, my opinion on this may not count as much because the truth is, I DON'T like patchouli most of the time. So if you share my general dislike of the stuff…try this. It's so good. Smells like actual velvet. Cacao and leather notes are stunning. It's a very dignified type of scent, the kind of thing you'd wear with your best work outfit, or to a black tie event. I feel so elegant when I put it on.

Favorite Fruity Floral: Delina by Parfums de Marly. Hyperfemme. I was so angry when I sampled this and fell in love with it, because it's pretty much the opposite of my personality (also very expensive, thank God for the gray market). It's Barbie in a bottle. But fuck if it doesn't make me feel pretty. Lychee rose bomb that lets everybody know you're the belle of the ball. Love this in spring and summer.

Favorite Vanilla: Eau Duelle EDP by Diptyque. This was one of the first niche perfumes I fell in love with and still a favorite to this day. It is a woodsy oriental vanilla that's amazing for fall/winter. Just spicy enough, and the vanilla is of the dry variety, not too sweet at all. So cozy.

Favorite Tea: Winter Palace by Memo. Should mention that I absolutely wouldn't pay full price for this, but it's lovely with a drop dead gorgeous bottle. Very nice, close to the skin, amber and citrusy red tea. This is one that's truly good for ANY occasion without being boring. Classy enough for work, enticing enough for a date, works in any temperature, inoffensive. It does last a good while, though projection is poor, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. It would be a good "gourmand" for people who dislike gourmands. Initial blast of citrus is pretty strong, but it dries down into a gentle pleasant amber. This has been a common dumb-grab for me.

Favorite White Floral: Lys 41 by Le Labo. I'm angry to write about this one because I kind of hate Le Labo as a company. I hate their "look how minimalist and eco-friendly I am" schtick combined with their insane prices. But Lys 41 is truly beautiful and I've been trying to buy it secondhand for a while now. I adore the smell of sunscreen and this captures it, creamy and soft. This perfume is like wearing a pure white flowy dress while frolicking barefoot in a garden. Tuberose, lily and the perfect amount of vanilla. Gorgeous.

Favorite "Vintage" Scent: Black Jade by Lubin. Alright I'll admit, I don't really like vintage perfumes at all. No Shalimar or Mitsouko for me, sorry, I know I'm a filthy casual about this. But Black Jade hits different. It has so many ingredients, and is so well-blended that it's hard to pick out the individual notes. Very hard to describe this one but it's my "art deco" scent for when I want to feel straight up classy and a little decadent. It's very grown-up, put together, yet there's something unusual about it that I can't put my finger on. It isn't a perfume that's groundbreaking, yet nothing else really smells like it. It's not going to be the star of the show, it's too restrained, but that's its gift rather than its curse. Understated yet SO addictive.

Anonymous 14746

yeah, the alcohol smelling ones only smelled like alcohol and nothing else, the scent is gone in minutes. The floral one I mentioned does also have that initial hit of alcohol but dries okay.

Anonymous 14849

How do you afford erfume? It’s too expensive for me but I wish I could have a nice jasmine scent even if I’d prob wear it ocne in a blue moon

Anonymous 14855

I don't know what half of those qualifiers mean but your post made me want to try every single one of those perfumes anon.

Anonymous 14856

If I want to buy a full bottle, I look to the gray market first. I use the following sources:

This is one of those websites that feels scammy, but it's not. They sell legit perfumes at discounted prices. I've had only good experiences there.

-reddit.com/r/fragranceswap. I hate reddit but it's useful for this. You can find a lot of good deals there.

-Various facebook fragrance groups. Tons of people trying to sell their bottles.

Anonymous 14860

oooh, cute thread!

I do run into a problem sometimes, I wonder if any of you can relate. A lot of perfumes…and this will sound dumb and offensive..smell too "perfumey" to me.

For example I really, really love the scent of a spring morning, or a forest, but I have never found a scent that really captures it and more captures the "aesthetic" of it. Recently I tried out Solstice Scents and I kind of liked half the samples, though some perplexed me. For example, with Hydromancy I expected something reminscent of rain and water but instead got something that smelled like…idk…a less harsh and soft Vicks vapor rub? This was whether or not it was on me or in the bottle. If I had scented this otherwise, I'd just liken it to a very, very mild mens' soap scent. A long time ago I tried out a scent called Luminae, by Alkemia, that I really liked against all odds. It has the "your skin but better" gimmick and didn't smell floral or really that perfumey and came across as very mysterious while being very, very simple. Likewise, I don't totally hate the smell of flowers in real life, but I hate floral perfumes with a passion.

I guess it's maybe because my nose is not that sensitive or robust, or that I actually need to start getting layered scents instead because maybe something about very complicated isn't compatible with my nose.

Anonymous 14861

No, I totally get you. Perfume is such a subjective experience and you really just need to keep sampling until you find something you love. Like, I used to hate floral perfumes too, but after much sampling, I realized it's not "floral" I hate: It's overly powdery or astringent or alcoholic that I hate. It's typically not the individual notes that are the problem, but the composition and the way they jive with all the other ingredients.

I should mention that I personally never had much luck with indie perfumes, and I've tried tons of them. The ones I loved at first whiff often went bad on me, or lasted too short. I do like LVNEA though, and I recommend you try their Ghost Pine oil.

Anonymous 14868

Try indie perfume oils. Nocturne Alchemy is higher end and they do jasmine and other florals very well. I think they have several jasmine blends in their Valentine's collection right now.

Anonymous 14870


I just found Elizabeth Arden's green tea and nectarine blossom and it's so lovely and sweet! It's only cheap, but I just love it.

Anonymous 14871

I've got the green tea version of this and it's kind of powdery and smells like lemon.

Anonymous 14872


I got a sample of Peach Me by Bel Rebel and it smells so good that I'm thinking of getting a whole bottle.
It smells like the skin of a peach with creamy vanilla yogurt. When it dries down, I can taste chewy, burnt caramel.

But I'm on the fence because The fragrance is so strong. I don't even know when I'd wear this unfortunately.

Anonymous 14874

Elizabeth Arden's scents are so nice but all of them are very fleeting. I haven't tried any that lasted more than 10 minutes.

Anonymous 14877


Ydalir, by the indie perfumer Alkemia, smells just like campfire smoke. The scent really captures sniffing the sleeve of your flannel after coming inside from the fire. Just a really nice, bold scent.

Description from their website –
>A 100% natural scent of Megalithic ancestral memory - 35 million year old fossilized amber resin, oakmoss absolute, Siberian Black Pine, smoked Juniper tar, and balsam pine needles preserved in a base of pure, cold pressed Meadowfoam seed oil.

A review that says it better than I can –
>This one takes me to the edge of an ice covered lake, in deep winter with snow surrounded by frost covered pines in an ancient forest with a campfire blazing casting orange light on snow and frosted bark. That amazing smell of burning woods and the biting cold at your back as you gaze at the fire.

Anonymous 14908

I love fruity and sugary scents, does anyone have any recommendations for a woman on a budget?
OT, but what anime is this from? I often see pictures from it and the art is really cute.

Anonymous 15011


some interesting perfume history
>A perfume maker named Tapputi-Belatekallim is mentioned in records dating from Babylonian Mesopotamia in 1200BC, making her the first known chemist ever recorded in history. According to the tablets, she distilled fragrance from flowers, cypress, calamus, myrrh, and balsam using a device widely recognized as the first recorded still.

Anonymous 15012

>on a budget
You can find slightly used (sometimes unopened) perfumes on Mercari for a discounted price. There is also a website called Dossier that has cheaper dupes of high end perfumes (ex. Tom Ford - Lost Cherry).

Anonymous 15013

be careful as there's a lot of fake perfumes out there

Anonymous 15014

Mercari seems safer than Amazon and eBay

Anonymous 15016

My personal favorite scent is Gucci Bloom! Had many different perfumes throughout the years but this was the one that I bought in HS and kept on repurchasing.

Other people have also complimented this one the most on me!! I personally love the jasmine-honeysuckle smell SOOOO MUCH but I get how it can be overbearing to some noses :)

Anonymous 15023

That's a pretty cool fact. I wonder if we could recreate this ancient perfume today, I'm sure the novelty of 'prehistoric perfume' would sell.

Anonymous 15033


I know of a few in the 'ancient perfume' genre!
Alkemia makes a perfume they say is based on an ancient Babylonian recipe. Never tried it myself – it sounds very rich if you're into that:
Picrel is an Olympic Orchids perfume inspired by Egyptian kyphi incense. We don't have any precise recipes regarding how ancient Egyptians made kyphi, and the perfumer took some artistic liberties. A few perfumers have made kyphi scents, but this is the only one I've tried. It's definitely a divisive scent (it smells like urinal cakes to me), but the ways some reviewers on fragrantica gush about this perfume like it's a transcendental glimpse into the past is interesting to read:

Anonymous 15034

This site offers decants of expensive scents. Another "feels scammy, but it's not" site.

Anonymous 15038

What's like the most non-offensive, universally liked non-floral non-gourmand you can think of?

Anonymous 15042


I have Ocean di Gioia and it smells like you’ve just stepped out of the shower. Fragrantica says it has floral notes but I don’t really pick them out. It just smells like a clean girl who has her life together lol.

Anonymous 15088


Atelier Cologne California Clementine. Keep in mind that as a cologne it's lower concentration than a perfume and has a shorter longevity. Refreshing and subtle.

Anonymous 15101


I love the entire GUCCI Bloom series. I picked one of them up years ago and have stuck with them ever since and always find myself going back to them.
As the name might indicate, they are very floral heavy.
Plus the bottles are just super pretty.

Anonymous 15125

hate it when perfumes have boring-ass bottles like you have two jobs 1.) smell good 2.) look good on my shelf and if you can't do both you'll be forced into the drawer of shame

Anonymous 15126

Consoomer moment.

Anonymous 15128


I've been wearing Hermes Eau de rhubarbe ecarlate for a while, it is a rather heavy, velvety perfume with a warm woody body but has a delicate floral scent and some sweetness with the fruit. Overall it's a well-balanced and unique scent that I really enjoy but I wish I could find a lighter scent for spring and summertime that's as unique as this one - I'll finish my Kenzo Flower bottle this year but it's a pretty common perfume and I hate smelling my perfume on the streets on strangers (or smelling like some strangers myself).

Anonymous 15130

It's bad to keep your bottles on display tho, the light and temperature will just degrade them faster.

Anonymous 15140

What’s your favorite bottle anon? I love Hypnotic Poison.
Why are you in a perfume thread if you’re critical of consoomerism? Paying $80+ for smelly water is the definition of consoomerism.

Anonymous 15161

I'm wearing the Jardins line by Hermès. It's light and fresh with a hint of flower and fruits, so not too sugary and not too floral. I really love fresh smell but the main downside is that it doesn't hold that long.
I'm also trying to find a more mature/sexy smell for dates but everything is so strong and has too much of a similar smell, I can"t stand it. There are several shops in my town that sells smaller and more independent type brands and I should try that sometimes.

Anonymous 15178


nayrt, but i bought anna sui's fantasia mostly for the bottle. i have some emoty vintage avon ones that are shaped like snails and cats, too.

Anonymous 15253


For now I am all for byredo blanche - soapy sweet aroma.
Another favourite is demeter wet garden - literally like cut grass. Also zombie for her is nice - smells like wet soil.
I like scents that reminds me of something fresh, wet, clean. Also something that resembles detergent or soap - something with a smell of laundry

What is the tragedy of mine: not a perfume-perfume, but a picrel mist by bershka - being long ago out of stock. I like it so much. There is like 1/3 of the bottle left and there will be no more… Ever…

Anonymous 15256

I really want to start wearing a sweet, girly scent. But I'm 31 and worry it might not be age appropriate? I also shower daily but I have pretty bad body odor and I'm worried that BO conbined with a scent will make everything worse. :/

I don't have much money so I'm pretty much limited to drugstore sprays…

Should I just give up, or give something a try? Maybe a clothes spray would be better?

Anonymous 15257

Ì would try fixing your BO problem before going for perfume honestly.

Anonymous 15258

have you tried wearing only natural fabrics anon? i'm pretty sweaty but i keep it under control with sticking to wool/cotton/silk and using the strongest deodorant i can get my hands on

Anonymous 15259

and as for the perfume, wear what you want. 30 seems old to a young person but to someone who is 80, 30 would still be young. you'll look back and wonder how you could think you were too old for young things

Anonymous 15266

Personally I feel like you can wear any scent as long as you embody that kinda scent, if that makes sense? If you're attracted to a certain type of scent, it probably already makes sense on you I feel like. Maybe this makes no sense at all.

Anonymous 15272

Also consider buying men's deodorant (smells yucky I know) because women's shitty deodorant contains no aluminum. It's possible that what you need is antiperspirant as well so you should find a deodorant with aluminum or find some separate antiperspirant.

I only wear natural fabrics but I still get real smelly real fast because I sweat like hell even at room temp, and men's deodorant is the only thing that helps a little

Anonymous 15273

My bf and I use the same deodorant which is probably a man's one and you don't notice the scent at all once it is on.

Anonymous 15277


The deodorant I use is also an antipersperant and has aluminum. I'll look at men's deodorant when mine runs out. The problem is my boyfriend has asthma and hates anything with menthol smell. The lucky bastard had surgery when he eas younger to remove his sweat glands so he doesn't use deodorant. I'll look into natural frabrics next time buy new blouses. Roght nos I showering daily but I'm moving soon and thrn I'll be able to take proper baths which I think will help, too.

I've found some scdnts that I likd that ard sweet without being too cloying. I also smelled abercrombie & fitch authentic for women and I'm obsessed with it.

Anonymous 15296


Speaking of fragrance, do you anons have a favorite-smelling body wash?

Anonymous 15297

No, I don't care about scents of hygiene/skincare products. They have no lastig power.

Anonymous 15299

In terms of fragranced bath products, it’s more for the experience for me, not the lasting power.

Anonymous 15315

All nice smelly smell smells
Mmmm smelly body washes

Anonymous 15316


Anonymous 15322


I'm the anon who wanted something sweet. I had this line suggested to me by someone and I hated all of them but this one grew on me. I'm still not convinced it's "me," but I felt happy all day wearing it.

Anonymous 15324

I use lavender-scented air fresheners

Anonymous 15351

Anything powdery by Daniela Andrier is sooo good, her Infusion D'Iris she did for Prada is a good start. If you're super into Iris scent it's also worth trying Putain des Palaces by eldo, it goes a bit pricey but it's super worth it to make sure you smell PERFECT

Anonymous 15357


I don't buy it often, but I love this brand. The scent doesn't dissipate as quickly as most Body washes do for me.

Anonymous 15371

Sorry to reply twice but I want to thank you again, anon. All my work blouses are the absolute cheapest I could find. I invested in a few nicef shirt and the difference in smell is apparent before I even start working. Somehow the cheap synthetic shirts get stinky from my commute? But the nicer shirts don't smell at all, even at the end of the day.

I feel way more confident wearing perfume now!

Anonymous 15373

synthetic materials aren't breathable so it's like wearing a plastic bag and then the sweat can't evaporate so bacteria build up and then you can't even wash it out properly

i'll never understand why they make sports clothes out of synthetics

Anonymous 15398

Does the fact that everything is scented drive anyone else insane? I like the smell of my shampoo and conditioner and it doesn't linger in my hair. but I bought a pomade for my hair and it's like i can constantly smell it clashing with my perfume and it drives me ape shit.
I try to buy everything unscented when I can. It's really difficult as far as hair products go though.

Anonymous 15733


I smelled a moid wearing what I think is Neroli Portofino today, really nice smell. Any other scents moids wear that you lot like ? Sauvage is of course the most used, Eros is way to sweet and also there is the whole Greek chav subculture that has took hold of the scent for their own so it has been ruined for me even more.
Also ,from tom ford, my favorite that I wear is Soleil Neige

Anonymous 16495

Eau rectifiée - GO…

Has anyone had any experience with the perfumer/brand Buly 1803? I sometimes see their lotions promoted on Pinterest but I'm unsure if they're actually any good

Sorry for semi-necroing a 3 month old thread

Anonymous 16497

I would do some research on http://fragrantica.com/

Anonymous 16586


Any Byredo girlies here? What's your fave scent? I've only had Gypsy Water and I really like it. Planning on buying Mojave Ghost next.

Anonymous 16590

Does anyone know a perfume that smells like roses and baby powder mixed together? I love powdery scents.

Anonymous 16598


Easily Marc Jacobs Daisy

Anonymous 16615


anyone try Raghba?

I see it recommended fairly often on tiktok.

Anonymous 16777


>>15297 dove has a pretty long lasting scent especially this mango one. i can smell it the entire day plus the next morning

Anonymous 17571


Alien Goddess by Mugler will always be my favorite. It reminds me of my mom :,) Floral, woody, ambery, vanilla-y, and feminine. Smells like heaven.

Anonymous 17575


this perfume was my life and i am still so pissed that they discontinued it. it is a soft leather/animalic gourmand musk. i have a bottle at home i refuse to touch because i knew the bastards were going to nick it.

Anonymous 17579


strawberry poundcake from bath and body works, i love sickly sweet scents n i always get compliments wearing it

Anonymous 17580

I love SPC too! BBW lotion/cream projects better & lasts longer than their body sprays imo.

Anonymous 17601


blend oud ghazal. scent of a goddess. even freesias smell fake after this perfume.

Anonymous 17602


Gin and Rosewater by Tokyo Milk, I don't know anybody else who wears it but I really love it. Not too expensive but doesn't smell cheap.

Anonymous 17603


Picrel is one of my all-time favorite scents. Gives off very elegant, light femme vibes. It was also my first grown-up perfume when I was a kid, so it's got a special place. I'm also a really big fan of l'Interdit by Givenchy, which is like the 'dark' counterpart to J'adore's 'light' (they don't smell alike, just the vibes that I get)

Anonymous 17604


I also really like picrel—but some people have told me it smells a bit like grass. I would agree, but more like minty grass… or a Christmas tree. The grass scent is only really present at the beginning but fades over time, and the dry down leaves a nice herbal-y scent on me. Some people online have said it smells like rain, but I don't see it; definitely smells like it's name though because the smell is so strong and unusual that it might throw some people off. I don't think I'd wear it in public for that reason but just as something to wear at home for me to enjoy

Anonymous 17606

interesting.. i ordered it by curiosity, i trust oriental perfumes. Will report!

Anonymous 17643

The naming of this product is all kinds of messed up. In Arabic it’s “غزل" which means flirting but on the page it’s translated to goat which is just lol lmao

Anonymous 17776

Horrible, only regrets

Anonymous 17781


I've been really enjoying brushing a little bit of lavender oil into my hair after a shower; I started out using a 2:1 blend of it with almond oil while trying to find an alternative to synthetic conditioners, but I liked the scent so now I just use a few drops of it undiluted for the fragrance

Anonymous 17783

I like strawberry shampoo, men's bodywash and men's deodorant (I don't know what scent that is it's just… BLUE)

Anonymous 17788

That sounds really nice. I love lavender.

Anonymous 17794


I have a few perfumes but I rarely use them now as I use two scented deodorants from Lush and a powder scent- My absolute fave product scent rn is the T'eo bar deodorant, I love it so much

Anonymous 17795

Anonymous 17796

feminite du bois.j…

any s ever gotten their hands on the og feminite du bois by shiseido? the serge lutens version doesn't have the exact notes i'm looking for, but the shiseido version does. not sure if it's worth it though, considering it's been discontinued since the 90s.
i've also been thinking about getting a bottle of female christ by 19-69, but i'm also still pretty undecided.

Anonymous 17799

I used to love the agent provocateur perfume when i was a kid cuz the bottle was cute. my mom gave me one yesterday cuz i really like powdery perfumes lately and i almost puked upon spritzing it twice before going out. it's so strong and unbearable. i have sensory issues due to OCD and i couldnt even think properly, let alone speak, until i got rid of the overpowering scent. shit was nasty asf
as for those i recommend, anything by l'erbolario is amazing. my favorite is Cocco and fiore dell'onda

Anonymous 18129

santal 33 by le labo

Anonymous 18146



personally i love the Serge version but id check etsy for the Shiseido version i see it there decently priced sometimes ! dying to smell Murasaki, which is also discontinued…

Anonymous 18149

>What's your favorite scent?
I love the smell of rain water evaporating

>Any particular perfume you really hate?

The inside of hot cars

Anonymous 18150

I've been trying to find a nice sandalwood cologne for myself for a very long time. A guy at my work place was wearing it and it smelled soooo good. It was strong but not overwhelming, kinda smoky smelling and vanilla-y with cloves. Any suggestions on where to find a classy smelling sandalwood cologne?

Anonymous 18151

Also fyi not a man, just enjoy colognes more than perfumes. I hate floral-y scents.

Anonymous 18193

You should try mugler (alien)

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