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Vaginal Discharge Anonymous 3724

I'm so mad
I hate having sticky panties all the time
I hate having to wear panty liners or a mooncup when I go out just so I don't feel the cold slimey goop leaking out and sticking to my underwear
I hate it
Fuck this shit

Anonymous 3725

So I was wearing a crop top the other day and a family member pointed out my belly button looked dirty so I looked inside and it looked a bit crusty. I start cleaning it out in the bathroom and all sorts of dust and particles fly out and then I found some foul smelling little things? No idea what those were.

Anonymous 3726

Bellybutton lint
You got a smelly belly

OP here, I declare this a gross body stuff thread now.

Anonymous 3738

Oh my god same. I don't recall when it started to be an issue. Up until I was about 18 I would go with nothing and just have a small amount of discharge, then at some point it changed after one period. I got a LOT of discharge, now the week after my period I actually ahve to change the panty liners 2-3 times a day because so much comes out and it smells awful.
I hate that I need to try and work out the logistics if i'm going away from home/camping, and also I try hide the liner if I'm going to have sex or something.
Have you ever read anything that reduces the amount or is it all just "oh it's perfectly natural body function" etc etc etc?

Anonymous 3739

If it smells awful then something might be going on inside your vagina, anon
You should see a doctor

Anonymous 3740

Yeah I brought it up with my OBGYN and she was just like ~it's your natural cleaning mechanism, uwu~, I expressed how much it messes with my daily life (just like you, I have to plan around it, run to the bathroom before sex to remove the liner/cup, can't even let myself be touched because I don't want to explain why I'm wearing a panty liner) and still got no help. It's so annoying. Wearing the cup is more comfortable to me than the liner by the way because I can completely forget it's there. But I still wish there wasn't a need for it REEEEEEEE

Anonymous 3741

also mine doesn't smell weird but it's just multiple times a day. I wipe all the time before going out in hopes of catching it early, but you can bet as soon as I leave the house and start moving it'll happen.

Anonymous 3742

Usually before my period starts I get a lot of discharge and it's so annoying and makes me feel so uncomfortable

Anonymous 3743

Can you bake with it?

Anonymous 3744

How much is normal and how much isn't? I wish people would tell me. I have it too but I'm not bothered by it like OP. Maybe some women produce more?

Anonymous 3755

Those must be some good dreams you're having, to wake up like that.

Anonymous 4219


Daily reminder that discharge sucks. Especially as a strictly all black panty wearer.

Anonymous 4220

The fact this looks like it could be discharge is v uncomfortable to think about. Discharge kitties.

Anonymous 4221

what the fuck kind of discharge do you have
mine has never looked like a cat

Anonymous 4223

I've been having so much discharge lately it's so fucking annoying to try to wipe everything away when I'm on the toilet.

Anonymous 4224


I hate it when you go to the toilet and you just see it stuck to your undies and you know its too late to clean up

Anonymous 4226


Girls, let's see the positive!
It's great to help clean the little one!

Anonymous 4422


IDK what you anons are talking about it's oddly enjoyable to look at, the white discharge is kind of like gelatin balls to play with. Enjoy the little break time in the restroom to play with your own slime.

Anonymous 4428


Anonymous 4471

the pain is immeas…

anyone else get SUPER bad period cramps? like, i'm used to pain (i used to get beat up pretty often in middle school, and now i swim so i'm used to muscle pain), but a few times my cramps have been bad enough to make me pass out :(( and i bleed like crazy too.

inb4 "birth control" meme: my mom won't let me take it. she says it'll make my acne worse and turn me into a whore. not sure how they can exist simultaneously but she's the one with the money so i have to just live with the feeling of getting shot in the stomach monthly lolololol

Anonymous 4486

TL;DR: I've been there and I'm so sorry you're going through this. Make it a priority to take care of yourself.

Long version (sorry I went full advice-auntie mode, but I'm posting anyway for all young period-chans out there):
I started having cramps at age 10. Every month I'd throw up from pain, was doubled over, couldn't see straight, you know the drill. I also had a ton of bleeding. In HS I saw a gyno, and they told me "this might go away after puberty or it might not; if not, get checked for endometriosis." So I got diagnosed w/ endo in my early 20s. BC helped the bleeding but not the cramps. I also had PMDD and everything I tried either didn't work, stopped working, or made other issues worse. When I came to the end of the road for other viable treatments I decided to have a complete hysterectomy. One of the best things I ever did.

So here's some advice. My apologies if you already know all this stuff/have tried it, or if it doesn't apply to you.

Plan to get on your own health insurance as soon as you can, find a Planned Parenthood, whatever you gotta do so your mom isn't part of your medical decisions anymore. Until then, get her to take you to a gynecologist if she hasn't already. Maybe an MD can convince her to let you try BC.

The cramps and bleeding may lighten up by themselves once you hit your early 20s. Or not. There's no way to know.

If you're missing school from cramps every month, try to get a diagnosis in writing, excuse notes, anything you can get from an MD. Keep copies of everything. Even if you're only missing a day a month, that can snowball on your attendance record very quickly esp. if you have other issues that also make you miss days. If you can prove absence was due to a medical condition, it can help you prevent the school from fucking you over. One semester I missed so many days, my doctor had to write a letter to the fucking school board because they wouldn't give me credit for my classes even though I had straight A's. Whatever it takes. If you are still having disabling cramps when you get out in the workforce, that paper trail could save your job. Don't let men and judgy, cramp-less women screw you out of anything just because "oh it's just cramps, it can't possibly be that bad." Fuck them, protect your rights.

If you take NSAIDs like ibuprofen and naproxen, never take more than you need. My stomach was trashed by the time I was 30 because I'd been taking shit-tons of Advil every month, and now in my 40s there's a ton of stuff I can't eat and meds I can't take because my stomach lining sucks. If you are prescribed something for cramps, be careful with that too. Honestly pot can be really great for cramps, just be mindful of the laws where you are if you decide to try it.

Learn everything you can about pain management. Every trivial-sounding thing, from getting enough sleep to self-hypnosis, could help you deal with the pain. Try it all, use what works, ignore what doesn't.

And get tons of iron. There are supplements but they'll constipate you like a plugged cement mixer, so try to get iron through your diet if you can.

I wish I had something more immediately useful to tell you, but I hope this at least helps a bit.

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