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Anonymous 3727

The last thread about tattoos is dead so I'm making a new one

>Do you like tattoos? Do you have any? If you don't but want to get one, what are you going to get?

>If you have tattoos, do you regret any?

>Do you think tattoos make people look "cheap" or impulsive, especially if the person has too many?

Anonymous 3728

>Do you like tattoos? Do you have any?
I don't, some are cool but 95% of tattoos I've seen are either bad or terrible. I don't plan to ever have one myself.

>Do you think tattoos make people look "cheap" or impulsive, especially if the person has too many?

I'm honestly disappointed it myself for feeling this way, but yes. I'm very judgmental when it comes to tattoos. I don't know why I'm like this, maybe because my ex pressured me to get some ink done and the discussion always made me mad. Also I enjoy nice art but human skin isn't a good canvas, period.

Anonymous 3729

Oh and sorry for double posting, but I actually like the one in your pic. It's pretty.

Anonymous 3730

I like tattoos that have a meaning or done well/looking like a masterpiece.But i still think tattoos mostly make people look cheap (because majority of tattoos are poorly done,just done for the purpose of having a tattoo - like infinity symbols,feather turning into birds etc.)
Also anybody have keloid scarring problem and had tattoos?I always wanted one but because of this problem i didn't get it.

Anonymous 3731

I have a love-hate relationship with tattoos. I like seeing them in pictures and they always look great when they are fresh and well done. But I also think it cheapens people too even though I know that this isn't really true.

Anonymous 3732


>Do you like tattoos? Do you have any? If you don't but want to get one, what are you going to get?

Yes, but I don't have any.

I am really thinking whether to get one or not, but if I do I'm not just getting one but many.

>what are you going to get?

pls no bully, but it deserves to be.

Upside down cross on left thigh, the star cluster the Big Dipper on my right thigh/pelvis. On the other side of my crotch I want a few hearts. I want either "shoot here" or "kill me" tattooed over my heart(I have small boobs so there's room). I want a demon covering the lower part of my throat, most likely a direct copy of the box art for diablo 1. Finally I want a clipped angel wing on my upper right arm/shoulder.

I will probably stay tattoo free, but this sounds so good looking to me. I especially like throat or neck tattoos and this one girl I work with looks like such a bad bitch with hers(and she is one in reality)

>Do you think tattoos make people look "cheap" or impulsive, especially if the person has too many?

Depends from person to person.

They're done to have good aesthetics. I don't think they're any different from hairstyle, clothing, makeup etc. None of those things are permanent but it's still the same, any kind of thing we do to ourselves that isn't for utility is just as "cheap" as the rest.

But it certainly is an impulsive thing most of the time, no denying that.

Anonymous 3733


Oh, a few more things related to cheapness.

I do think tattoos are really similar to tobacco in that they instantly signal you're from poverty or working class, whether you actually are or not. That isn't the case for all people who use tobacco or have tattoos, but it's certainly how you'll be seen by society.

Anonymous 3734

I like some tattoos, but I don't care to get one myself. They just seem high maintenance insofar as touchups, and it seems like it would be a pain to get rid of if I ever decided I wouldn't want one anymore.

Tattoos can always be done well but I think what happens to make people look "cheap" is that they get too many incohesive tattoos with varying degrees of skill, different themes, and done between years of time. It doesn't make someone look put together, it makes them look impulsive like you said.

Anonymous 3735

I think tattoos look cool on people who wear alternative fashion or if the tattoos are well thought out and cohesive. If someone has tattoos and puts no other effort into their appearance at all it just exacerbates how unkempt they look.

I'd never get a tattoo myself since I don't like anything permanent and I feel like it doesn't mesh with my fashion choices at all.

Anonymous 3736

lol that's not what the big dipper looks like

Anonymous 3737

Almost like it's a crude drawing trying to convey placement and not artistic accuracy.

Anonymous 4946

I think something like a sleeve or big piece can look nice, but when they're small and scattered they end up looking cheap.

Anonymous 4974

I love the artistry of tattoos. I follow a lot of tattooists on ig. But when I see a person with tattoos, I almost always think they would look better without them. Especially in artistic photos and such. It takes away from their natural beauty. I've thought about getting a tattoo since high school, but this is one of the main reasons I have never gotten one.

Anonymous 6588

I got a stick n poke recently and love it and it makes me want more, more legit, tattoos. I have ideas of what I want next I'm just not 100% ready to commit. I like smaller thinner tattoos too

Anonymous 6589

>Do you like tattoos? Do you have any?
No and never really had any desire to have one.
>Do you think tattoos make people look "cheap" or impulsive, especially if the person has too many?
Yes, but only if that person be it male or female isn't fit. If you just get a tatoo and look like a slob/unhealthy skinny then it looks very trashy to me.
If a person is fit and has good looking body i look at tatoos like minor enhancements to overall image, even if a person has plenty of meme tribal tatoos but still has good looking fit body

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