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What's the ugliest part of your body? Anonymous 3951

Let's sent it some love!

I'll start: it probably is my knees, they're fat, are slowly becoming wrinkled and have a hump above them. One of them is square shaped because of surgery.

I love you knees, thank you for supporting my body and carrying me around!

Anonymous 3962

I’m pretty happy with the way I look except my broad back. I feel like a wrestler sometimes lol.

Anonymous 3967

My ribcage makes me look much fatter than I actually am. My hips are naturally too big as well. Even when i'm underweight I look huge

Anonymous 3969

I am slightly underweight so my hips and butt aren't filled out completely. Please kill. On the flipside I have full thighs and muscular calves from doing martial arts, I really love how my legs look.

Anonymous 3996

i have a pretty wide ribcage and not much of a waist. makes me look really strong tho and people always tell me i look really sporty even tho i'm not exercising a lot

Anonymous 3997


>My ribcage makes me look much fatter than I actually am

FUCKING SAME. Idk what happened when I was growing but my rib cage actively has the weirdest shape, like I see photos of people with smol rib cages that goes in and it’s feminine and cute and then mine flakes out like a barrel. Even when I’m underweight. Fuckin’ liberty.

I also hate my arms. I’m super hench for a girl. I don’t mean normal arm fat either. I mean muscle. I’m fucking shredded sis. It’s been this way since I was a kid. Even guys are like anon why are you so hench? And I’m like idk fam and bicep curl them.

Anonymous 3998


Jokes aside, i really don't like my face. Way to round from the front, big pores, hairy and small lips.
I know i still look 'normal' but i can't help it and find it ugly.

Anonymous 4080

My legs. I'm legitimately considering surgery to fix them.

Anonymous 4099

My vag, it's kinda dark and just… not the nicest looking.

Anonymous 4100

I was about to comment the same thing anons. All my friends have cute petite little bodies with waists that go in a little bit while I look like table. When my doctor told me my weight was a little bit under the average for my size and age I was shocked, because when you look at me, my ribs make it look like I'm a bit on the wider side. Same with the lack of waist. I think it makes my boobs look smaller too. Going to the beach sucks and I wanna post cute bikini pics on instagram but my body just looks so much like a little boys it's not worth it. From a side angle and when I'm not bloated after eating I really do look skinny though. It's just not the first thing most people would think.

Anonymous 4147


My teeth, and my big forehead….Not much I can do about the forehead but I do hope I can get braces at some point when I can afford them. Even if I hate how they look they do their job and I guess that counts for something lol

Anonymous 4148

Have you tried growing out bangs at all? My hairline’s a bit far back so having bangs go down to about my eyebrows helps a lot.

Anonymous 4152

I'm never going to be curvy. I'm never going to have nice, huge, perky tits and an equally nice, huge, perky butt with a tiny, svelte waist and small, delicate shoulders.

Fine. I'll never be curvy. I'll starve. I don't look as thin as other girls at my bmi. I will never be tall enough to be model thin. My face sucks up at my fat so no one realizes how hard I've worked to be thin.


Anonymous 4153

My teeth, I have snaggletooth and I know it can be such a big turn off for so many people…but at least the japanese like it!

Anonymous 4157

The worst thing about my body is the acne on my face, shoulders, back, and sometimes my boobs, stomach and thighs.

Anonymous 4166


are you on any kind of treatment? if not, i really highly recommend going to your dermatologist and get yourself on accutane or something. i used to struggle with acne to and accutane was like a gift from god for me lol

Anonymous 4330

I really hate to be this short-necked. Is there anything that can be done?

Anonymous 6649

my hands are just so weird (they look like I'm a little boy) and they're never soft. I even hide them in photos because they're sooo distracting

Anonymous 6651

I hate my armpits. I have a few skin tags and this one giant mole which make shaving an absolute nightmare. I can never shave fully, i generally cut something, and the bumpiness is pure shudder material. Gonna have to get that shit cut off at some point, but im a little bitch when it comes to pain. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anonymous 6655

My arms are huge.
Not like fat necessarily, but they're extremely well-defined and muscular for a woman. It looks like I lift weights but I don't. I'm actually quite weak. I'm just naturally big in the area of my body.

Anonymous 6657

I get this. I have these huge dark stains under my armpits just from sweating so much and I hate the way they look.

Anonymous 6680

My nose, it makes the rest of my face look considerably worse because the tip is shaped like a golf ball and it makes me look a bit like Squidward from up front.

I put you through a lot, nose. But thanks for being so good at smelling things from far away.

Anonymous 6895

I have trouble dressing for my size and my shoulders and arms make a lot of stuff not fit right.


have you tried waxing instead? or epilation? the waxing pulls up the dark stain.

Anonymous 6909

my nose probably because I see it so often. Whenever I look at my profile in the mirror I can't help but see phineus because it's so pointy. I don't think anybody else thinks it's that big but I can't help it.

Anonymous 6910

My back. Ugliest part by far.

Anonymous 6919


My big face! I have a huge moon face, despite being very underweight. It makes me feel insecure and with smaller eyes or bigger foreheads you can get haircuts to hide that.. or makeup to make them bigger but a big face ruins the entire thing. No matter what, my face is forever chubby and makes me look fatter than I am. I am so jealous of obese women with slim as hell faces and think its unbelievably unfair. I try so hard to be slim but no matter what, I will be seen as chubby unless Im wearing something that clearly shows that I am slim.

Anonymous 6921

Being underweight actually brings out your face more, you know. It sounds like you have an anorexic problem.

Anonymous 6926

People find chubby faces very lovely and endearing though! Extreme example here but it's like how Eugenia Cooney got so much attention and compliments in proportion to other women suffering from the same exact condition because her face was so round and youthful looking. Also guarantee no one thinks you are chubby at all if you are very underweight like you say. People can tell at a glance what the size of your frame is and won't think you're chubby just because you retain fat in your face. Better than getting all sunken-in, monkey-looking and prematurely aged like most women do at some point from being underweight. Speaking as a woman with a more "mature" looking face that lost its excess fat over the last few years of development (without even being underweight), I'd love to trade my cheekbone definition for a softer girly look. Grass is always greener I guess.

Anonymous 6927


I'm struggling with the eating problems but it isn't all too bad. The thing is, when I do gain weight my face immediately gains weight too… usually the first place where it's very apparent.
Cheekbone definition is so gorgeous! I love women with strong features and that slim sort of look. It fits the type of clothing I like which the "mature" sorts but when I wear it I look like a bobblehead. With the frame thing, my frame is pretty big too so its overall a little unfortunate. At least I can say I tried my best. Thanks though anon

Anonymous 6983

My legs. I'm 5'8" and my inseam is only 28".

Anonymous 6989

How old are you? Younger girls sometimes have babyfat that make their faces look rounder regardless of how much you weigh. My face didn't start slimming down and getting defined cheekbones until I hit my 20s.

Anonymous 6990

>but when I wear it I look like a bobblehead.

It might not be the look you want to go for, but that can be really cute and feminine! I personally find that mature but youthful, girl -like look a lot.

Anonymous 6993

My skin
I get scars easily if I get a scratch and have eczema and redness all over my face regardless of treatment
Otherwise I really like how I look

Anonymous 7054

I've giant pores on my face, all brown and super visible. I also have skin tags/bumps (1-2 around my eyes, more on my body). And a lot of moles/sun spots/beauty spots/whatever you want to call them.

On the plus side, I don't get acne very often, and I get complimented on my skin tone.

Anonymous 7056


The skin on the back of my torso, from my back to my lower back. I wish it were smooth and gorgeous, but nah, it's hairy, and has acne. Moisturizing body wash and using a lot more lotion seems to help, but I wish I could actually make it go away. I don't deal with acne of this sort anywhere else on my body, so idk why tf when designing my back God decided to go ham.

Anonymous 7062

I have a short neck and ugly shoulders.

Anonymous 7069

I have the same issue. I've switched up my skincare routine to involve more exfoliation on my back and I've started using a salicylic acid lotion on it too and I think it's improved a bit since I started about a week ago. I just hate how gross my skin looks back there. I want to it to be soft and pretty but god had to strike me down and foil my aspirations of feminine grace. Now I have to spend money to try to achieve the same beauty other girls have naturally.
I get acne on my face still too despite being almost 20. fml

Anonymous 7071


my hair. my hairline is also fucked so i look like i have a 5head and i can't style it because it's short and thinning. i feel like an ogre sometimes

Anonymous 7624

Right now, I'm in an insecure phase.

Currently, I hate my small breasts, I feel disgusting and gross because I won't be able to work out this week, I hate my weight, my height, my skin for being dry and probably becoming wrinkly as shit soon because I smoke and drink, my legs for looking too toned as I wish they looked softer, my forehead because I feel like it's too large, my nose because it's too pointed and sharp, my fat fucking cheeks, my right-angle jawline, my lips for being too chapped all the time, my broad shoulders that make me look like a linebacker, a mutated male, my vagina for no real reason except I feel like it's gross, my "baby" shaped hands, and my body hair for being so prominent and dark. My eyes are also pretty gross as they're buggy.

I wish my body didn't exist. It's not nice to look at and works shittily. I have a crappy immune system and a broken vagina. People fucking lie to me when it's like, I know you're all fucking liars, I've been called ugly for the same features I've been called attractive for, I had a boyfriend who would lie by telling me how lovely my breasts were and then later say I should get implants, I wish people would stop commenting on my appearance.

Anonymous 7713

My boobs are a really sensitive topic for me, puberty hit and I was already a chunky kid, so they grew waaaay too fast and because I was poor I never had a well fitting bra so they started to sag, I honestly think my boobs grew to a "larger than most full grown women" stage in about a month time… I've lost a lot of weight and they are still the same size, and I have a very large rib cage/upper body even now and my breasts have not gotten any smaller and I hate it. I've always wanted to be flat and i feel like they cause me more problems than good, people look at me funny and I can feel the eyes on me every time I wear something where my shoulders are visible, I hate them.

I also genuinely hate that I get bad bodily cystic acne, my inner thighs have pits in them and no matter how much weight I lose the thigh rub, and the heat in my state just wont give me peace.

What happened to your legs anon? Are they injured or something cosmetic?

I know it's hard to understand, because it even is for me when people say they think you're pretty for some features they hate on themselves, but I relate to you a lot, and I want you to know i'm here for you

Anonymous 7759

My belly. Its hairy and big and im fat and i have A FUCKING HAPPY TRAIL. ITS DISGUSTING

Otherwise my nose. Ots small and cute and all but i have really thick and dark hair growing all over it and it looks like gigantic pores and urgh

Anonymous 7760

Oh I’m half white and Mexican cursed with dark body hair so I feel your pain. Now I’m not saying you should do this because it’s your body and all, but if you’d like some advice…

Here’s what I do: Make sure your shaver is never dull, shave downwards (You don’t want ingrown hairs on your belly lol) , go slow while shaving, and lastly moisturize like you would when you shave your legs. I guess it’s also kind of similar to shaving your vag.

Then tada! A soft and smooth belly. The downside of this is having to keep up with this routine, so I wouldn’t recommend if you’re a lazy butt (I am most times).

Anonymous 7775

I think I am so ugly

Anonymous 7777

My unibrow and moustache. My eyebrow is so thick and hairy it disgusts me. Waxing and threading hurt so I gave up and let it grow naturally

Anonymous 7785

I have a unibrow too and every time I remove it, I get red bumps, so I have just given up

Anonymous 7795

Due to a massive weight loss my boobs look terrible and I feel like a 60y old. ;_; Sometimes I wish I had the money to do plastic surgery.

Anonymous 7802

My chin. I hate it so much. It's way too long and pointy.

Anonymous 7815

My crooked jaw, drives me crazy. I also have a bit of an overbite because of it so it makes my nose look bigger. Thank god I'm not totally in the mouth breather territory but I'm paranoid as hell it's going to get worse over time. I should've gotten braces before I hit 18 since they're free in my country till then. Ugh mom why didn't you tell me like you told my younger sister now I missed it and I'm too poor to afford it ;_;

Anonymous 7835

my stumpiness

Anonymous 7844

My feet. I have gross calluses covering most of the pressure points. It might sound immature or over reacting but I make sure I'm never in a situation where I don't atleast have socks on. No one but close family and a few doctors have ever seen my feet.

Anonymous 7846

That sounds easy to solve. Use a scrub and a moisturizer that contains urea in high concentration (10% to 30%) and get your feet done at a salon regularly.

Anonymous 7847

my back, i have scoliosis and i often feel bitter about it

Anonymous 7879

My stupid, ugly forehead and my fat fucking thighs.

Anonymous 7881

kisses your back

kisses you on your forehead

Anonymous 9054

honestly, my arms are extremely skinny. i didn't eat much during puberty so i have these lankey arms.

also my face: forehead, acne,lips especially. im in my early twenties with marionette lines </3

Anonymous 9055

Skinny arms are great for tricking people into thinking you are thinner than you are anon. I love mine.

Anonymous 9056

True. Most of my fat goes to my limbs anyway yet I somehow thought lifting was a good idea, so now I just have massive arms compared to the rest of me. They're okay irl since the muscle is visible in motion, but in most photos? Dear lord.

Be grateful for your photogenic arms.

Anonymous 9059

My skin:
>lots of stretch marks
>varicose veins
>acne, bacne, buttcne,legcne, armcne, etc
>hairy body niples, feet, belly, back, handsand face
>yellowish skin when I tan
>huge pores on my whole face
>strawberry skin on legs

I'm 20 years old and I feel like I already look like I'm in my late 40s. I have a huge nose that I love, but my skin is something I can't help but hide as much as I can. I'm looking forward to use glycolic acid for my stretch marks and acne marks, maybe do some exercise to lose weight and see if varicose veins stay that way instead of multiply, and some more stuff.

Anonymous 9072

my vagina probably, i have scars on it and it's much darker than the rest of my body. also i'm really hairy so even if i try to shave frequently it grows back really fast

Anonymous 9116

Do you think about losing this muscle? i have the same issue and can't seem to lose them since i need to move my arms and legs a lot :/

Anonymous 9123

Nah, I maintain them on purpose. I like the functionality and the ability to shock people when I flex lol. But I am trying to lose some overall fat to gain some definition anyway.
You should also keep the muscle, anon. It's cool to be a stronger-than-average woman.

Anonymous 9139

>I'm 20 years old and I feel like I already look like I'm in my late 40s.
That's what TV and Instagram do to your self esteem.

Anonymous 9141


I don't know, it's quite a lot of things what I listed, I'm not obssessing over a small detail. I don't have an instagram account or follow models or something like that. As I said, I have a huge nose that I love because it's a family trait. But all those skin imperfections aren't traits, they are just imperfections wow. And the fact they all started to appear at age 12 just made me feel miserable during puberty until the present. I couldn't enjoy my teenage years and have fun in certain ways, just like I expected things to get better and they haven't got at all. Now I'm starting a new decade and I guess I'll spend my time looking and feeling like shit.

Anonymous 9144

My eyes, they are so small and uneven, i dont even have long lashes to salvage my ugly ass of a face lmao.

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