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Seizures Anonymous 3991

I had a definite seizure today and I'm freaking out. My muscles were all involuntarily jerky and I lost consciousness, but the weirdest part was that I had visual and auditory hallucinations even after the jerking stopped. I'm so lucky my friend was there to help me…. I'm so, so scared, I've had the jerkiness and inability to control my muscles before, but usually I would be near a counter and I told people about those incidents, but they thought I was just describing a headrush (even though I tried to convince them it isn't normally for me to have my muscles jerking around while I have no control). I don't know what to do. All these seizures occurred right after I woke up and walked somewhere. I've been looking up what kind of seizures I've been having, but like, all the seizures I look up for adults revolve around muscle stillness or relaxation when mine are jerky and violent. My friend said I was talking and then suddenly my words didn't make sense and I was jerking on the ground after I fell. They grabbed me and put me onto a toilet afterwards while holding my steady, so I don't know if I had incontinence or not. All I know is I don't remember a lot and that for minutes, it was like I was on a bad Dxm trip.

Anonymous 3993

Not sure if you've seen a doctor yet. Mine were a bit different but only after 5 years of testing did I discover it was due to my heart causing me to pass out first. I hope if they give you an eeg that it catches something because if it doesn't, you may be diagnosed with pnes and be the laughing stock of medical personnel.

Anonymous 3994

Fuck. I've already had conversion disorder episodes, including one that landed me in the emergency room. Those incidents revolved around me freezing up and being unable to move, and I sometimes convulse a bit, but I'm aware the entire time and don't lose consciousness. I didn't feel like this was anything like that, and I am underweight and anorexic, so maybe it's because of the complications from my weight also. Thanks for the heads up, your input is valued. I don't think I'll go in unless some other serious seizure occurs.

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