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Body Hair Anonymous 4073

What are your preferences for personal grooming?
How has it changed, or does it vary seasonally?

What does your routine consist of?

(I know there's a pubes thread, a few head hair threads, but I haven't seen anything about this yet)

Anonymous 4076

my bf bought a handheld laser thing to get rid of some of his body hair (he doesn't like his pubes to be outside the 'bikini line'…speedo line? idk) but it doesn't work on him because his skin is too dark so now I get to be his guinea pig. It's surprisingly effective, just tedious af. I've only done it a few times but I can see a marked reduction of hair in the areas that i've applied it to.

Anonymous 4077

I've done those many bladed with lotion strip razor cartridges, but I hate how expensive those are if you shave regularly. I replace that with cheapo two blade razors that are a handful for a dollar and paired that with a shaving balm. It's serviceable, but not great. I also did DIY sugar waxing at home, but it's tedious and messy.

I go back and forth on level of removal. Sometimes out of laziness I just don't shave anything. Now that it's summer I want a smoother feel, but I'm not happy with my current routine.

Going to try a double edged safety razor for that closer shave experience.
Also curious about epilating, but I want to try it before investing in an appliance.

Anonymous 4087

probably a dumb question but when you shave, are little black dots natural? like, the hair follicles. mine are so obvious…

Anonymous 4088

Those are call ingrown hairs. Try to exfoliate before shaving

Anonymous 4089

I heard shaving is the 'most effective' but takes more time than some of the other ways that people sell products about.

I usually dice up the process to have it span over a couple of days. Like shave a little bit every night or so.

Anonymous 4095

i only shave my armpits and legs but i strictly get brazilians for my hoo-ha.
never shave down there. it gets so itchy! i don't regularly shave my armpits and legs though. i only do it when i feel like it but otherwise i just let them grow out even though i'm pretty hairy and the hair is dark/thicc.

Anonymous 4118

I have wild hair on my legs and a very soft, untrimmed, flaming bush. I happen to like my bodyhair very much, the wind on hairy legs feels amazing!

I don't feel comfortable with very hairy armpits because it makes me sweat a lot more, so I use an epilator, maybe once or twice a month. I never shaved.

Anonymous 4119

are those painful?

Anonymous 4121

Anonymous 4123

It's not that bad, you get used to it. The first minutes on the legs aren't funny, then the pain kind of fades. For the armpits, it helps if you use talc or clay.
However I find it absolutely unendurable for the bikini line, but as I wrote, I no longer care about it.

Anonymous 4155

How can I remember to shave my legs? I always forget about it and then my trousers ride up and I have spider legs coming out of my ankles… HALP.

Anonymous 4156

The only thing I do is shave my armpits, I don't touch anything else. I don't think hair on legs looks good but at some point I decided it wasn't worth it, since I hate everything about shaving and having shaved legs except the appearance. I don't like shaving them, I don't like how they feel just after their shaved, and I don't like the stubble that lasts for months after the last time you shaved.

Anonymous 4160

Make it part of your regular routine?
Just do it in the shower or post-shower when the hair is softened.

Depending on how soon your hair grows back, do it once a week or something, and adjust when to how often you want to maintain?

Anonymous 4168

Does anyone have experience with electric razors? I don't have a lot of hair but it seems less irritating than safety or disposable razors.

Anonymous 4170

>>4168 meeee~! I have one that has changeable heads so there’s an epilator which I only use if I’m brave enough, and a shaver, and a thingy to put over the shaver for the bikini line or whatever! I find it less irritating, even not at all irritating! But it’s one I use in the bath AND I still exfoliate beforehand. I don’t shave as much as I’d like to but I recommend electric ones you can take in the bath (obv rechargeable style for safety)

Anonymous 4236

I am pretty hairy and have dark hair, it is so annoying.

I use sugaring for my armpits. Used to shave them but sugaring is better for my skin. Their are so smooth after it.

For my face hair, the sugaring is to weak. I have a mustache and black and white bristles on my chin. My eyebrow hair is thick and long (like pupes) but i have not many of them. So i have to be really careful what to remove, because i can create holes or stuff like that. I also cut them with scissors so they look at least more groomed.
So there tweezers it is.

I kind of have given up for my legs. No matter what i always get ingrown hair. (yes i tried many things before and after the shaving/waxing so the hair doesn't grow in. It does not help)
So i kind of let them grow and wear only long trousers.

I don't do much in the southern region just sometimes a little trim.

Anonymous 4453

I want to try downstairs waxing but I keep putting it off since I tend to be more of a DIYer than someone to pay for specific beauty or grooming services.

Anonymous 8192


Anyone else have experience with the handheld IPL cheap models off amazon? They seem to have gotten a lot cheaper in the past few years.
I want to buy one but I keep seeing an overwhelming amount of paid reviews/shills of all the models.

Anonymous 8195

I just caved and bought a cheap model. Nice to hear youre not worrying about body hair anymore. Not as nice to hear you didn't see results from yours.
I mostly don't care enough for action, but right now I'm caring enough to think maybe investing a tiny bit of time in these times could benefit me in the future.

I guess it's not permanent and I'll do laser eventually too.

Anonymous 8286

Did you get one? How long until you might start seeing results?

Anonymous 8288


i just shave my pits and little belly hairs in the shower. i shave leg hair once and a while in the colder months but keep it shaved in the summer for dresses/skirts. i live up north in maine and leg hair honestly keeps me feelings so much warmer outside in the winter lol.

Anonymous 8308

bought one of these recently too!! haven’t tried it, I got scared cause one of the reviews on amazon had a pic where she got burn marks after using it, so I just threw mine into a bathroom drawer until I’m brave enough to risk it

Anonymous 8405


I bought sugar paste today to eliminate my pubic hair. My expectations are high and so will be the pain lvl.

Anonymous 8407


I used to shave my legs completely with a razor but now I just use an electric trimmer that's intended to be used on beards. It takes 30 seconds and it gets them trimmed to the point where nobody will notice (my hair is light and fine for the most part). They're also great on pubes.

Anonymous 8410


I wish this worked on dark leg hair.

Anonymous 8446


Stopped shaving my legs since about October last year, only really ever shaved them consistently for 3 years total in high school. Now due to summer I've been wearing skirts around the house and my family's said nothing but idk if they didn't notice or just don't care. I'm lucky its not too noticeable but I probably will bleach the hair or wear stockings under skirts+dresses during warm months going forward so people won't say stupid comments.
All in all its made me feel more confident in myself until I see someone walking by while I'm on the porch and get self-conscious, but I really want to do this.
Still shave my armpits tho cuz I can't stand the feeling against my skin.

Anonymous 8456

>rub arm, that spot on the outside just above the elbow where you can't see
>twist arm flesh around and contort enough to see
>inch long black hair growing at random
i have like a dozen spots where this happens. is there any solution? i found one the other week on the top of my foot. i get a lot on my chin too (not 1 inch but a few mm), and that's my face so every few days i go crazy in the mirror making sure none came back yet. i tried zapping my chin all over with an at-home laser removal tool and nothing improved so far. there has to be a better way to spot-treat these things and ensure they never grow back again. in between my eyebrows too, and i wont use the laser there because too close to my eyes. we can land on the moon but can't solve body hair…??
my normal is a safety razor, so at least i'm not using those shitty cartridge blades anymore. i shave everything including the fun zone.
i tried really hard at first to keep to the recommended schedule. its hard though. but i've done it enough you think something hsould have worked. no improvement at all, waste of money. i'll keep trying with it i guess, i should be more strict with the schedule.

Anonymous 8497

used to shave everything but legs. Then realized I'd been shaving everything else since it had grown in and how could I really know if I liked it if I never tried the other way? Turns out the other way is great and I don't mind at all and my armpits smell less terrible.
Only thing is that i have to trim the pubes otherwise I keep pinching the hair when using a vibrator… ngl I just use scissors or a plain ass plastic razor for that.
I tend to shave my pits in the summer to avoid getting shit from my mother when I'm around family, but I really hate how it feels now. Maybe this will be the year I say fuck it.

Anonymous 8524

Im the original ipl poster. Surprisingly it works. I dont even believe it myself. At around a month of very regularly using it I started getting busy and lazy and stopped, fustrated that it wasn't working and it wasted my time.. but my hair hasnt grown back. Honestly I sometimes feel like its a trick but my leg hair hasnt grown in a month when it normally visibly grew back in less than three days, sometimes one. I was less consistent with underarms and other areas, so no results there to speak of yet.

About buying the cheapest model you can find as I did, my guess on the main difference is the speed it can flash. Also, the higher the level, the slower it is. This doesnt seem like much but it's extremely time consuming to use a tiny little window on your entire legs' surface areas so often, so consider the value of your time vs a few coins!

Anonymous 8526

Can I use an epilator on the netherzone? Are these things strong enough to break skin?

Anonymous 8528

How often did you use it? My manual said to do it every two weeks. Thank you for reporting back! I'm trying to use it on my chin, armpits, and treasure map (line between belly button and pubic mound). for some reason i have been getting a lot of black/dark hair growing on my chin in the last year or so which is absolutely unacceptable. i'm also using it on where smilelines would come, because apparently ipl helps with wrinkles. no effects thus far.

i will try to be regular with it. i'm doing it every other weekend. even with the provided calming gel sometimes it's major ouchies on my armpits more than anywhere else.

Anonymous 8583

I despise any form of body hair in mem and women. It's just something I can't stand. One of the most idiotic things of feminism is trying to normalize body hair just because mem have it. The change should be otherwise, we should teach men that they should shave/wax too.

Anonymous 8608

I use a hair trimmer to get as close to my legs and bikini area as possible without actually shaving anything.
I used to shave pretty regularly, but I began getting ingrown hairs as I got older and I can't help but fuck with them. I have permanent scars around my inner thighs from this, so I said fuck it, I'm not doing this anymore.
Now I just trim.

Anonymous 10177


I haven't shaved for a few months. It's been nice not giving a fuck. Whenever I had to interact with people I just covered up. Now that spring is coming in a couple months I'm going to have to start shaving again…

My skin is super duper sensitive which is the main reason why I stopped shaving because my skin would get all itchy and red. The only parts of my body that can handle shaving are my arm pits and my stomach. Plus I really hate my strawberry legs. I've had them since I was younger.

I think I found a solution, though. I'm going to try sugar waxing and use some Amish body scrub. Supposedly they help with the strawbs. I'll update when the time for me to remove my fur comes.

Anonymous 10187

i shave armpits year round. i shave legs only when necessary, which isnt often. during summer i wear long skirts to cover my legs. hate shaving.

Anonymous 10196

I just shave my pits once a week because it's less smell. Gave up on my arm and leg hair, I'm just wearing pants year round. Wasting so much time on beauty is retarded idc what choice feminists say.

Anonymous 10465

I use a trimmer on the pubes/armpits so the hair doesn't get too long, I tweeze/trim eyebrow hair to shape them and thread mustache hair. I shave nothing for the most part, though I occasionally shave legs in summer.

Anonymous 10493

i just shave my pits and bikini line, i almost never shave my legs unless the hair on the underside of my legs and calves are bothering me (it feels really uncomfortable when wearing leggings or tights) other than that i wear pants and don't shave them

Anonymous 10523

I use an epilator on my legs, and I shave elsewhere with shaving cream. I previously did some laser hair removal sessions but I ran out of money, it thinned out my hair growth permanently in only a few sessions (3+ years already) but I will need a lot more for actual hair loss and maintenance of once a year after. I just need money lol.

Anonymous 10638

My parents would bully the fuck out of me if I walked around with my unshaved legs showing in the house.

I haven't shave in a long time. A lot of times I only just shave a bit of the lower area of the leg so if the bottom of my pants goes up a bit I don't have to feel self concious about other people.
Shaving to me is just a hassle. I'm very prudish so I only wear long pants and I don't even have a boyfriend so there's no actual reason for me to bother with it.
I only shave my armpits during the Summer cuz they feel like a sweat sponge otherwise.

Anonymous 10655

My parents used to bully me to some degree over not shaving, but I just ignored it and eventually they stopped giving a fuck.
If someone is controlling or manipulative, it's not really a great idea to give in to their demands, tbh, as that rewards and reinforces the controlling behavior.

Anonymous 11394


Interested in dying my pit hair. Where do I start girls?

Anonymous 11399

I think I have only shaved my legs a handful of times when I was a teenager. Leg hair looks ugly but it feels so much better than shaved or stubble to me. I just wear tights or long pants most of the time to cover it.

Anonymous 11415

I don’t shave my legs. I only did it before because of societal pressures. I think if my leg hair was really thick and dark, though, I would be to scared of judgement and shave it. I don’t think women should feel the need to shave their legs.

Anonymous 11416

I trim my pubes with a beard trimmer once a week and pluck my brows and the unfortunate hairs that grow around my nipples every other day when they pop up and look annoying.
I haven't shaved my legs or pits in over a year and also didn't really shave it before that, I just went out with friends during the summer a lot and I felt really self-conscious when we went swimming. Felt like everyone was staring at my legs.
I don't sweat from my pits too heavily and I use those roll-on deodorants liberally so armpit sweat isn't an issue for me.

y tho

Anonymous 11418

uh… w h y

Anonymous 11420

I think it would be quite a statement. Aside from this, it would be as though I had something hidden and treasured, that, on occasion, I could steal glances at. To the common man, I would be the everyday person, however, I would possess the knowledge that I had bright pink armpits, and this precisely would give me a feeling of self ownership and delightful rebellion against the conventional.

If anyone knows how I may go about this pit hair dying, please proceed to share your knowledge and personal experience.

Anonymous 11421

From what little I know you can use the same products and process you would on your hair but if your armpit hair doesn't get particularly long I wouldn't risk harming your skin. I think it's a cute idea.

Anonymous 11422

>To the common man, I would be the everyday person, however, I would possess the knowledge that I had bright pink armpits, and this precisely would give me a feeling of self ownership and delightful rebellion against the conventional.
Yes your rebellion that's so powerful no one even knows you're doing it. Totally not being controlled by the social conventions you're rebelling against by hiding them, not at all.

Anonymous 11423

you can't wear a tanktop every day anon

Anonymous 11424

Why not?

Anonymous 11425

Sometimes it gets cold

Anonymous 11430


HOLY SHIT I'm growing a literal beard. I found a hair that was at least an inch and a half long on my face. on top of that, my nipple hair is out of control. Is this a hormonal issue? How do I deal with it without seeing a doctor? I feel so gross.

Anonymous 11431

It's normal to grow hair on your face and neck.

Anonymous 11449

Hey guys.
How tf do I wax my ass crack? It's a jungle down there.

Anonymous 11450

Don’t? I’ve shaved back there but the grow back is TERRIBLE.
If you get a Brazilian they’ll usually do the back too unless you tell them not to.

Anonymous 11455


I could reveal my secret pink rebellion at any moment. The fact that I can hide it makes it all the more thrilling, as I can choose the moment I wish to rebel
Thank you, I should have considered the risks to skin. I will try to become pitpunzel so that I can dye my luscious pit hair without consequences <3

Anonymous 11539

I epilated, the device costed about 100 USd. It will hurt you… a lot. But I shave my entire body every day, so anything that buys me time in between sessions is appreciated. I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle…

Anonymous 11581

i assume you bought the braun? i fell for that meme, not worth it. the batteries in braun epilators die in about five minutes and they don't cover replacements. you can get a deal on the panasonic for like half the price

Anonymous 11746

I like my whole body except my head hairless and shave every possible spot every 2 - 3 days, even in the colder months.
Now I just bought a full body waxing kit with strips to try another method. Mostly interested in waxing my bikini line.

Anonymous 11747

recently i tried dry brushing my skin days before shaving (i still haven't gotten around to waxing yet lol), and i dont get as much strawberry marks as i would usually get. has anyone else tried dry brushing?

Anonymous 11756

I really like dry brushing for bacne/chest acne. The type of acne I get there isn't the inflamed type, just the small whiteheads caused by too much dead skin and oil building up. I wouldn't recommend dry-brushing inflamed areas. It's great for non-inflamed acne though. I also feel like it gives me a nice massage that helps with muscle aches and pains.

Anonymous 11856

I've been doing electrolysis for a few months. Seriously and actually seeing progress on it. It's a needle inserted into each hair folicle that delivers heat plus electricity to destroy it and prevent the hair from regrowing. So it's slow and labor intensive, but actually works, permanently. I'm tracking all my expenses for it on an excel sheet. I've spent about $80 per the time taken to treat my chin area and it's done, that's it. No more hair. People say it's expensive but given that it's permanent, it's hella cheaper than waxing or anything else in the long run. I've gotten my eyebrows, upper lip, chin, tummy, and random stray hairs all done and there is very little grow-back there now. Next is underarms, and after that, thighs and probably legs. Eventually I'll never have to shave again. I have so many scars on my legs from shaving accidents and fuck that shit.

Apparently you can also do your butthole but i'm not sure if I would be a taker on that offer.

Anonymous 11954

Okay, it didn't work out the way I was hoping. Maybe warm wax is better? Anyway, back to shaving.

Anonymous 11955

I like shaving with a safety razor and Proraso Green. I know it’s for men but the smell is unisex and it’s all nice and cooling and lathers like a dream.

Gonna buy the matching aftershave too for my armpits soon cause it’s antiseptic.

I shave my legs and underarms. Sometimes my arms if I want to rub my arms together like a fly instead of just a cricket.

I have one of those waterproof buzz cutters for my pubes to keep everything trimmed up. That’s just for hygiene cause I don’t like how it smells like swamp ass when your bush is thicker even if you’re clean.

Anonymous 11956

kek, i tried with the sally hansen body kit and it sucked so hard, didn't do shit. i think you'd have to go the sugaring route or actually buy a real wax kit.

Anonymous 12476

Shave arms, shave legs, shave -cat- shave stomach if there is any hair. Shave under arms. Basically no hair.

Anonymous 12524

I shave my legs, belly and armpits with a safety razor.
Facewise, I only pluck a few stray eyebrows once in a while. No moustache to be heard of.
I'm getting laser done in my private parts, a lot of it is gone but I fear 10 sessions won't ve enough to clear all the hair. As of now the separation between the landing strip I left out of the laser and the lasered area is night and day.

Anonymous 12525

I dont shave and Im starting to form a conspiracy that men are naturally into it

Anonymous 12574

You don't have to shave everything but letting everything grow and not grooming is dumb

Not everything is about men

Anonymous 12575

It's about aesthetics and for me personally about eroticism.
I can tolerate that other women wear dresses or skirts and don't shave, but I don't think it's good-looking.

Anonymous 12576

Why is it dumb.

Anonymous 12578

imagine never cutting the hair on your head or a man never cutting his beard in his whole life

stop thinking of everything as ugh men or ooh men <3 when it comes to making decisions

Anonymous 12580

Hating women for grooming or doing things to their body that isn't harmful and allows them to feel comfortable and confident is dystopic as fuck, especially when women are already hated for not doing those things. It promotes an unfair misogyny where it's like you're damned if you do and damned if you don't, where as men get loved regardless of their upkeep (or lack there off). Stop making this world a shit show for women please

Anonymous 12581

>just seem to do it as if it's feminist
Oh. Is that the only reason women don’t shave. I thought it was because they didn’t like it.
>it’s comfortable
How is that? When I shave my skin is dry and I get prickly hairs which do not feel good, especially when it’s cold and they try to stand up. Also razor burn and ingrown hairs especially suck. It takes up a lot of time and it’s throughly pointless. The only thing I do is trim my pubes every so often because I find period blood drying and clumping in them itchy, smelly, messy and uncomfortable.

I don’t but it seems like you do…?

Anonymous 12583

NTA, but the vast majority of women who don't shave aren't these cringy pop feminist online influencers who dye their pits and post about it on social media.
Also, many women who do shave admittedly only do so when they're wearing shorts or skirts, not during cooler months when they wear pants everyday. If it really wasn't about beauty standards, why only shave when other people are going to see the hair?

Anonymous 12585

Feels refreshing, ngl, I do trim my pube when it it gets hotter, and it feels nice.

Anonymous 12586

I never denied that some people do it because it's more comfortable. I was partially responding to this >>12577
>women who insist on not shaving anything just seem to do it as if it's feminist. As if there is no reason women would want to shave other than beauty standards.
My point was, many women who shave actually just do so because of the current beauty standards. If they all stopped shaving, it wouldn't necessarily be a political statement or trying to win woke points online, it would be them just doing what they're actually more comfortable with.
I realize I wasn't super clear in my previous post, though. My bad.

Anonymous 12587

Ok moid.

Anonymous 12590

Im a ginger, my body hair is mostly not noticible

I still hate it

Anonymous 12592

I don't get ingrowns and razor bumps and I have thick coarse hair, pretty sure it has nothing to do with but you got called a moid because of your obnoxious egotistical attitude. You're the one who started the shit flinging fest after all over literally nothing

Anonymous 12593

>obnoxious egotistical attitude
Thanks for noticing :)

Anonymous 12599

I shave only armpits (because otherwise they collect the odour) and bikini line (because that hair really annoys me). And pluck eyebrows (not sure if it counts) and just strange occasional hair (like on toes or something).

Anonymous 12658

Is the best way to get rid of vag/ass hair at home just to get an at home laser? Its scary to do it yourself but I'd be prett uncomfortable having some old viet lady lasering my asshole plus it seems more cost effective. I've been getting ingrown hairs recently and if I get any kind of abrasion it takes a very long time for anything to heal down there and is scars.

Anonymous 12911

I never shaved in my life and feeling good. I do trim my pubes tho because it makes periods and masturbation easier

Anonymous 12912

Never even shaved your legs? You're missing out, they feel so smooth and sleek and pleasant to the touch. Try it once to see if you like it.

Anonymous 12917

Cool advice anon, my legs are covered in scars though so my skin will never be smooth.

Anonymous 12921

No need to elaborate if it's too personal but are they self harm scars? Unless you mangled your flesh enough that they look like a car ran through them over and over, they'll still feel a bit nicer than unshaven legs. In my opinion, at least. You just need to take a bit more care while shaving them.

I dunno, I always thought shaved legs felt better but they're your legs, do what you want with them. I just thought you might like to try it once to see if you like it.

Anonymous 12934

Yes they're self harm scars, but other than that, I don't really care about them feeling smooth since I don't even touch them, besides when I'm taking a shower

Anonymous 13291

smooth legs are overrated. they're smooth for maybe five minutes and then they're prickly, itchy, rashy, and painful for the next months until they've grown out again. i like my fuzzy hairs thank u very much. they are soft and feel nice.

Anonymous 13295

>tfw legs are never smooth even after shaving because I have keratosis pilaris which makes them inherently bumpy
why is there still no cure

Anonymous 13296

I used to shave only for events, but now I'm confident in not shaving at all

Anonymous 13318


this is my leg about 20 minutes after shaving it

why is this a losing battle

it never looks hairless and just looks bumpy and feels scratchy.

Anonymous 13320


same. I'm like this everywhere- my pubes, my thighs, my calves, hell even my literal ass. My eyebrows are naturally strong, and dark.
I fucking despise my nafri sandnigger genes. I suppose i do have some positive traits like strong eyelashes and cheekbones, but i'm still a hairy sandnig who can't even shave herself.
My only chance is to buy bodyhair waxing sets for the rest of my life.

Anonymous 13321

Do you shave with shitty disposable razors?

Anonymous 13325

nah. the best thing i've found is a safety razor. everything else worsens it.

Anonymous 13354

You could try epilating. It's painful but it keeps my hair gone a little longer than a fucking afternoon. Usually looks good for a week and then have to let it grow out to epilation length again, so I only do it when I have a week where I've planned to wear shorts and such. Our eyebrows ARE really nice though, aren't they?

Anonymous 13355

How about an electric clipper?

Anonymous 13356

did it end up being the year you said fuck it?

Anonymous 13372

I bought myself a pair of clippers a few years back to keep my legs trim and also trim before I shave so shaving goes faster.
Great decision, would highly recommend. Also works on pubes, but I would use a guard because there will be blood.

My personal grooming technique is very lax, as I don't wear makeup and I'm not huge on conditioners or masks of any sort.
I do my eyebrows, keep the legs on my hair trimmed (I rarely shave) and I put a leave-in conditioner in my hair a couple times a week. That's really about it.

Anonymous 13669

I realize this is necroposting but I did buy a IPL that looks almost exactly like the one in your image.
It did not help, at all.
First of all, you can't use IPL on darker skin. Also- you can not use them over tattoos. It will scar over your ink.
Those things don't apply to me but its something to know about IPL. How these work is that they target the pigment in the hair's root to "zap". However, it doesnt even do that. You also have to shave before using the IPL. Shaving made my condition worse, so I'd rather not do it. IPL doesn't even work and my hairs can still be seen even if shaved.
IPL is nothing like clinic laser you'd pay for at a salon. Different machine entirely. This thing was a total waste of money.

In an ideal world I would get electrolysis done, but I can not afford it.
I paid for salon laser and it was not helpful for lighter hairs. It only worked on darker hairs, and that became too expensive for me as well.

Anyway, IPL is a scam. Don't waste the money. Even professional lasers only work on dark hairs, so you're fucked over if you have blonde, red, or light hairs.

Anonymous 14749


i have thick hair everywhere, at least for female standards. i deal with it by waxing because shaving doesn't cut it (no pun intended).

the problem with my fucking nipple hair is that if i pluck or wax it, it just grows back as ingrowns, and leaves little red and black dots that i can't pluck unless i dig into my skin.

how do i deal with this? they're so damn thick.

Anonymous 14859

ive used IPL for these last months, i barely have any body hair left

Anonymous 14864

I have light-colored body hair but dark nipple hair for some reason. I usex to pluck it but it's painful and I just don't care anymore. My boyfriend has never commented on it.

Anonymous 14865

i don't have a bf anymore but my ex used to mistake them for eyelashes that had fallen on my tits. they're thick. thicker than you're imagining.

Anonymous 14867

Mine are also thick and longer than the rest of my body hair. I think it's common since I see it come up a lot online.

Anonymous 14882

Honestly, the only thing that's worked for me is exfoliating the skin consistently with a sugar scrub. You could use a salt scrub, but, like, you don't want to do that immediately after the hair removal process.

But it's like.. idk, I still haven't found the right rhythm with it, but I think I'm on the right track. I use way more lotion than I used to, preferably something unscented w/ like.. cocoabutter.. Jergens is a good brand so is CeraVe.

I would consider laser hair removal, but I'm concerned it might impact vitiligo… But if that's not a concern you have, then yeah.. I feel like laser hair removal might be worth looking into. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anonymous 14890

Do Brazilians hurt for the ass? Don't they your farts louder and echo more? how do you take care of your vulva? doesn't it feel weird?

Anonymous 15490

I started getting mt legs waxed and I love it, but now my legs get itchy as fuck. How do I stop this?

Anonymous 15492

do you moisturize both before and after? a body oil may help as well.

Anonymous 15528

I don't shave at all, occasionally trim pubes.
Recently I went swimming with my family and my dad told me that he could buy me a razor and that I should shave because "It's a bad look." Told him that I like the hair. Proud of myself :)

Anonymous 15529

My dad would do the same thing. Screw him and good for you anon

Anonymous 15530

should have told him he go first

Anonymous 15578

I'm cursed with both the hairy genes of Eastern European women and very sensitive skin that is very prone to ingrowns and irritation, so I vastly prefer epilating. Shaving has tended to make my skin too itchy and leave me with very prickly hairs. Epilating has been a godsend in comparison. My legs feel much smoother and I don't have to worry about hair removal for at least another week or so, since it makes it grow back slower. I just won't go anywhere near my pubes with an epilator, though. It hurts bad enough on my legs and underarms, already.

Anonymous 15643

I am not a fab of hair removal, but I in summer I need to do something with pube hair, because simply wearing shorts and going swimming is impossible
I used razors, it is effective but irritating my skin, then I tried sugaring - it was super effective and very long lasting - I like the feeling of a result a lot, but the process was so painful I promised myself never doing it again
Then I just start to use depilatory cream for sensitive skin - and it is ok. Not painful, easy to use, ok results
So if you are not allergic or have highly sensitive skin x I would recommend chemical creams
Not sure if you can use it very often, though

Anonymous 15644

Ah, and I used it a couple of times for legs, arms and armpits - effective and I am not dead yet

Anonymous 15673

i shave my legs and armpits and use this veet electric razor thing for my pubes. i shave my bikini line (it doesn’t do a completely clean shave but decent enough and i rarely get razor bumps) and it has this extension on it so i can trim my pubes and it looks really neat. i also use hair removal cream on my bum lol

Anonymous 16798

If I wear a skirt with no tights, I likely shaved THAT morning. If I'm not dressing with my legs out, then no need.

Anonymous 18237

Necro but I saw a lot of IPL debate on here.

I got one a month ago, and it's the best choice I've made. Well worth the cost.

I've used it four times, so one month and so far:

- PCOS facial hair stopped after three uses. If it grows, it usually falls out when I poke it with a tweezer

- Tummy and thigh hair not coming back at all

- Leg hair is barely growing back in certain patches during the week

- Armpits and pubes are more stubborn, but the growth after a week is what would've been 3 days worth from before.

I am pale with dark brown hair, so I am the ideal target for it. The process is mind numbingly slow for sure, and by week four it's a lot more stingy than it was at the start. Put on a good podcast, sunglasses and go slow.

If you are on the fence, I really recommend just going for it. It's been super worth while for me.

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