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Body Hair Anonymous 4073

What are your preferences for personal grooming?
How has it changed, or does it vary seasonally?

What does your routine consist of?

(I know there's a pubes thread, a few head hair threads, but I haven't seen anything about this yet)

Anonymous 4076

my bf bought a handheld laser thing to get rid of some of his body hair (he doesn't like his pubes to be outside the 'bikini line'…speedo line? idk) but it doesn't work on him because his skin is too dark so now I get to be his guinea pig. It's surprisingly effective, just tedious af. I've only done it a few times but I can see a marked reduction of hair in the areas that i've applied it to.

Anonymous 4077

I've done those many bladed with lotion strip razor cartridges, but I hate how expensive those are if you shave regularly. I replace that with cheapo two blade razors that are a handful for a dollar and paired that with a shaving balm. It's serviceable, but not great. I also did DIY sugar waxing at home, but it's tedious and messy.

I go back and forth on level of removal. Sometimes out of laziness I just don't shave anything. Now that it's summer I want a smoother feel, but I'm not happy with my current routine.

Going to try a double edged safety razor for that closer shave experience.
Also curious about epilating, but I want to try it before investing in an appliance.

Anonymous 4087

probably a dumb question but when you shave, are little black dots natural? like, the hair follicles. mine are so obvious…

Anonymous 4088

Those are call ingrown hairs. Try to exfoliate before shaving

Anonymous 4089

I heard shaving is the 'most effective' but takes more time than some of the other ways that people sell products about.

I usually dice up the process to have it span over a couple of days. Like shave a little bit every night or so.

Anonymous 4095

i only shave my armpits and legs but i strictly get brazilians for my hoo-ha.
never shave down there. it gets so itchy! i don't regularly shave my armpits and legs though. i only do it when i feel like it but otherwise i just let them grow out even though i'm pretty hairy and the hair is dark/thicc.

Anonymous 4118

I have wild hair on my legs and a very soft, untrimmed, flaming bush. I happen to like my bodyhair very much, the wind on hairy legs feels amazing!

I don't feel comfortable with very hairy armpits because it makes me sweat a lot more, so I use an epilator, maybe once or twice a month. I never shaved.

Anonymous 4119

are those painful?

Anonymous 4121

Anonymous 4123

It's not that bad, you get used to it. The first minutes on the legs aren't funny, then the pain kind of fades. For the armpits, it helps if you use talc or clay.
However I find it absolutely unendurable for the bikini line, but as I wrote, I no longer care about it.

Anonymous 4155

How can I remember to shave my legs? I always forget about it and then my trousers ride up and I have spider legs coming out of my ankles… HALP.

Anonymous 4156

The only thing I do is shave my armpits, I don't touch anything else. I don't think hair on legs looks good but at some point I decided it wasn't worth it, since I hate everything about shaving and having shaved legs except the appearance. I don't like shaving them, I don't like how they feel just after their shaved, and I don't like the stubble that lasts for months after the last time you shaved.

Anonymous 4160

Make it part of your regular routine?
Just do it in the shower or post-shower when the hair is softened.

Depending on how soon your hair grows back, do it once a week or something, and adjust when to how often you want to maintain?

Anonymous 4168

Does anyone have experience with electric razors? I don't have a lot of hair but it seems less irritating than safety or disposable razors.

Anonymous 4170

>>4168 meeee~! I have one that has changeable heads so there’s an epilator which I only use if I’m brave enough, and a shaver, and a thingy to put over the shaver for the bikini line or whatever! I find it less irritating, even not at all irritating! But it’s one I use in the bath AND I still exfoliate beforehand. I don’t shave as much as I’d like to but I recommend electric ones you can take in the bath (obv rechargeable style for safety)

Anonymous 4236

I am pretty hairy and have dark hair, it is so annoying.

I use sugaring for my armpits. Used to shave them but sugaring is better for my skin. Their are so smooth after it.

For my face hair, the sugaring is to weak. I have a mustache and black and white bristles on my chin. My eyebrow hair is thick and long (like pupes) but i have not many of them. So i have to be really careful what to remove, because i can create holes or stuff like that. I also cut them with scissors so they look at least more groomed.
So there tweezers it is.

I kind of have given up for my legs. No matter what i always get ingrown hair. (yes i tried many things before and after the shaving/waxing so the hair doesn't grow in. It does not help)
So i kind of let them grow and wear only long trousers.

I don't do much in the southern region just sometimes a little trim.

Anonymous 4453

I want to try downstairs waxing but I keep putting it off since I tend to be more of a DIYer than someone to pay for specific beauty or grooming services.

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