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Anonymous 4096

Have any of you ever been able to transform yourself to Stacy? How did it change your life?

Anonymous 4104


My biggest dream.
I just want to be a "normie", not even extremely popular, just a somewhat pretty girl with enough friends.
I know that it's probably unlikely, but does anybody have any advice?

Anonymous 4105

Based on my college roomie?
Marry a top-tier guy.
All I got, details on request

Anonymous 4107


i was the worst neet during middle school, never went out and basically spent all my free time at home watching anime

one day i kinda just realized that i wanted to be more 'accepted' and to fit in with others, so i called old friends, went out, made an effort to be nice, smiled all the time and put some effort into my looks.

i'm definitely not a stacy lol, but at least i have a decent amount of friends and get along well with a lot of people. don't wanna go back to my neet life. i'm still kinda introverted but i really push myself to do stuff with others and end up enjoying it a lot!

but honestly, exercising, taking care of myself and changing my mindset helped me the most. just smile at people, try to be more cheerful it automatically makes you a lot more approachable and people will want to hang with you!

Anonymous 4109

This exactly!
I remember one summer in middle school all I did was sit at home and play video games. My mom got super pissed at me and I realized that maybe I shouldddd start going out more. It was a long process but I started communicating with my friends more, reaching out, and focusing on my looks. I’m still a pretty socially anxious person but working on communicating with others (specifically newer people) more and more each day.
I think if you focus on looks, and being nice to others, your bound to create some type of social life for yourself and be on the road to becoming somewhat of a ~Stacy~

Anonymous 4111

No, and I don't think that that's a good philosophy to subscribe to. This Chad/Stacy thing really oversimplifies the human experience. I'd much rather be the best version of myself I can be, if that makes sense. Like, work on the shit I need to change and accept the things that I can't.

Anonymous 4296

Reminder that Chad doesnt go for Stacy,he goes for the largest, highest test girl he can see in the club

Anonymous 4303

/fit/fags should only lurk at maximum tbh
especially pron addicts like yourselves

Anonymous 4305

such it Victoria

Anonymous 4306

takes a /fit/citizen to know one brehs

Anonymous 4321

honestly if you want to look half decent why don't you just take anavar and lift heavy 3x a week and eat more healthy it's not that time consuming.

Anonymous 4339

anavar can cause hair loss in some individuals

Anonymous 4367

>Make up
>Selfie at the right angle
Becoming a stacy is really easy if you have some discipline.You should be asking why do you want to become one?

Anonymous 4435

I'm far from Stacey but I just dropped 15 pounds (I'm still fat, i weigh 157 now) and got contacts and literally the change in my life is dramatic. Guys now ask me out and stare at me everywhere I go including white and Asian guys who barely used to before (I'm black jsyk).

Literally just like in one of those horrible films where all the girl has to do is take her glasses off and get a new haircut and BAM! Stacey. So my advice would be to get contacts if you wear glasses and just lose weight.

Anonymous 4437

Great job anon!! It's crazy that as little as 15 lbs can make such a difference.

>Literally just like in one of those horrible films where all the girl has to do is take her glasses off and get a new haircut and BAM! Stacey.

Lol, this. Reminds me of Lisa from Ned's declassified when she got rid of her glasses and braces and she was suddenly popular with guys who would ignore/avoid her before. Kind of fucked up.

Anonymous 4439


The same happened to me actually, I couldn't believe it. I was neither ugly nor fat before, but now I actually get hit on which used to NEVER happen to me. People just treat me better overall. I also started wearing slightly more feminine clothes and even women are nicer to me than they used to be. Salesladies and waitresses used to look at me like "yeah, whatever, what do you want" but now all of a sudden they've become so sugary sweet and nicey nice. Not every single one I approach ofc, but a LOT more compared to before, and I go to all the same shops I used to.

I'm still the same bitter sperg on the inside but I can totally see why good looking people find it easier to be all chipper and happy. It just leaves me wondering what's going to happen once I grow older, I'm 25 so I know this won't last for long.

Anonymous 4609

Can you be fat and be a Stacy?

Anonymous 4610

Yes if you hang out with guys who are attracted to your type and have a Stacyish personality. Bitter frogs from 4chun will say otherwise, but don't listen to them.

Anonymous 4618

There’s no such thing as a subjective Stacy. There’s only a true Stacy and she isn’t fat.

Anonymous 4620

This. Having sex with beta orbiters does not a Stacy make.

Anonymous 4622


>during middle school



Anonymous 4623


whoops sorry anon im not a native speaker so i kinda just used this word bc i've seen it being used a lot to describe shut-in people lol

Anonymous 4649

that's understandable, a lot of people seem to use it in that way

I too also thought that was meaning behind it tbh

Anonymous 4957

That's not a Stacy, that's a grotesque bimbo.

sara 6729

"Not in Education, Employment, or Training"

Anonymous 6730

Not Stacy. More like Stacy's wholesome friend.
Wavy blonde hair, minimal makeup, and pastel colors.

Basically I lost some weight and starting doing skincare/exercise.

Anonymous 6761

Just become an art-hoe tbh

Anonymous 6835

Was she a virgin?

Anonymous 6886


Anonymous 6897


I was a Stacey for a while when I was a teenager and figured out how to be charming and make friends with everyone and look nice. I found out that I didn't actually want to be friends with everyone, and it was tiring and unrewarding to be cheerful all the time.

Basically went from Elphaba to Glinda back to Elphaba again, lol. I can switch to stacey mode if I'm in a situation that requires it but I'd rather be a bookish loner. The only real upside to stacey-ing out is that other women are much nicer to you. I miss having a large group of female friends.

Anonymous 6899

Please explain, is it behavior or looks? I want other women to be nicer to me ;_; WHat do?

Anonymous 6901


Number one is to be clean and tidy with your appearance - no dirt under your fingernails, no unibrow, no bad breath, no greasy or tangled hair, etc. Number two is a little bit of makeup - eyeliner, bb cream, just enough to show you put effort into making yourself prettier. Third is to be outgoing and fake total confidence in yourself - be the person who invites others out for coffee, or organizes a movie night, etc.

Basically, imagine the attractive alpha stacey you wish would scoop you up and introduce you to her friends and welcome you to the group, the kind of girl you wish you were friends with, and try to become her. I'm a weeb, so I tried to become more like a genki character, lol.

Anonymous 6930

>other women are much nicer to you
I've noticed this too and I don't get it. When I was younger I was pretty ugly and awkward and girls either made fun of me or avoided me as much as possible. I wasn't even super cringy, I was just quiet. Guys didn't know I existed but I didn't care about them anyways.
Now all the saleswomen, classmates, acquaintances actually treat me like a normal human being and it's sad because back when I was an awkward teen all I wanted was female friends and now the only ones I care about are those who saw past my looks and stuck around. I would've been so much better adjusted to life in general, and so much more confident.

Anonymous 6935

I think other women judge you more for not visibly making an effort to "follow the rules". When I was working retail I never wore makeup and female customers were usually cold to me, if not outright rude, but for the one and only day I wore makeup to work I was shocked by how nice and friendly and kind all the female customers were. The male customers either didn't seem to notice or just went "hey! you're wearing makeup! :D can I get my usual cigs" and so on. A couple of them told me I should wear makeup to work more often, but that was it.

I think women socially punish nonconformity much more than men do. The experience was eye-opening.

Anonymous 6936

They're probably just mad you aren't poisoning your face with industrial chemicals. Crabs-in-a-bucket.

Anonymous 6939

I get your feels. I'm attractive enough to be treated as a stacy and I've done stints of it, but it's just not rewarding enough. I'm an introvert, I don't even like socializing. Rather curl up at home with a book and a cute bf. I'll be very cute, and very cute only for him.

Anonymous 6971

I never got the make-up thing. I don't wear make-up and it shows since I have pretty visible pores and whiteheads. Never had women treat me cold specifically and the ones that did were cold to everyone. Maybe you unconsciously act uncomfortable when you don't wear makeup and it makes them feel more uncomfortable as well.

That being said I have no idea why anyone wants to be a shallow whore, you bet the same people encouraging this would be disgusted at incels trying to become chads.

Anonymous 6977

Are women who look airbrushed irl (no pores) just wearing good makeup?

Anonymous 6979

Are you being sarcastic? If not then yes. They will have no visible pores and their skin tone will be completely uniform. There are obviously people who have naturally good skin and take care of it, but even then some pores will be visible and there will be some discoloration. Even if someone is not wearing heavy mascara/eyeliner/lipstick, the airbrushed look is a dead giveaway someone is wearing makeup.>>6977

Anonymous 6980

Not being sarcastic, sorry if it came off that way.
I just don't wear makeup because I fear fucking up the balance and triggering acne again, so I've never witnessed makeup application irl lol. In makeup vids they look smooth already because of the lighting.
I questioned it, but always leaned towards these airbrushed girls having good genes. Damn.

Anonymous 6981

My bad, sometimes I have trouble detecting sarcasm online. Also usually in those videos they have already applied at least light foundation. Those women aren't confident to appear on camera without any makeup. Anyway makeup is cancer, so many women think they have to wear it or else they are an ugly troll or a slob. So what if you have acne, eye bags, big pores, etc. So what if your skin isn't flawless. It's called being human. Not worth spending all that money either, basic skin care > makeup anyway.

Anonymous 7104

what does having fake boobs feel like
what does having fake lips feel like

Anonymous 7127

i read somewhere you can feel fake boobs inside you all the time, and they hold temperature differently which is strange if you get in a warm bath or something

Anonymous 7137

Fucking kek, good one anon

Anonymous 7141

what was it?

Anonymous 7147

what does it really mean to be a stacy? to wear fake tan and look like an insta thot?

Anonymous 7149

Jesus christ how horrifying. I wonder if that's the case for all implants or just the squishy ones.

Anonymous 7151

I have saline implants and I barely notice them and they feel natural, the only give away is the unnatural roundness around the bottom and sides

Anonymous 7152

Holy Fuck no no no

Anonymous 7153

a-are you a Stacy?

Anonymous 7224


I would love to be a coastal elite fine art Stacy, ie what Anna Delvey tried to pull off.

Anonymous 7246


How does knowing you will never look like this make you feel?
>me: like shit

I'm a hopeless weeb and kboo so for years I've tried to reach asian beauty standards - which caused me to look like a hopeless and depressed mess.
I'm very tall and naturally athletic, I will never look small and dainty, so I decided that trying to reach stacy looks is more realistic for me.
Problem, I'm very pale and also don't like insta baddie makeup. I'd still love to look cute and youthful (which I'm not).
Is there a way to look beautiful without being a short, cute, babyfaced asian or being a curvy, tanned american blonde?
I don't fit any category, I just look so ugly and boring, people constantly tell me I'm invisible. I'm also a former ana, so accepting that I have boobs and hips, and showing cleavage is extremely difficult for me…

Has anybody of you come closer to your dream of finally being a pretty and popular girl?
Are there any tall thin and pale (brunette) stacies without extreme makeup whom I could look up to, does that exist?

Anonymous 7248

It only looks good because they're filthy rich and constantly slathered in products and filters. I'm sure you already know that, but I still had to repeat it. Someone like us will never look like this even with the same amount of plastic surgery. You also picked two terrible examples because both of them look really botched. If you've seen Ariana's new lips as of recent, you'll see what I mean - and Dove doesn't even has a nose bridge. She looks freakish.

My advice is top stop spending all your time looking at facetuned, thrice made over, modified like hell celebrities and check out who's considered cute or hot in real life, not the internet.

TL;DR Stacy looks aren't realistic, you're setting yourself up for disappointment

I loved this girl's story, what a wild ride. Wonder what she's up to now.

Anonymous 7251

Are these girls Stacy enough for you? It's hard recommend someone without knowing how exactly you look like.


Anonymous 7259

Tbh now I'm going to have more money coming in, I wouldn't say I want to stacyify myself, but more just improve my overall facial aesthetics.

To start, I will get my eyebrows shaped and then microbladed into a straight, wider brow. This suits me more and makes me look cuter. Then I will get a non-invasive rhinoplasty to balance out my slightly broken, and thus asymmetrical nose; they do this using fillers.

Also considering spray tans, regular facials and tear trough fillers.
But again tbh the end goal isn't to become stacy, I just want to feel ok without makeup on. I feel like I look very masculine without makeup, and even sometimes with makeup on I feel like I look like a tranny or an old porno star, idk it freaks me.

I want to be like a soft stacy maybe? I guess the anons posting art hoe kinda people is the ideal really. Stacy is too… bimbo 2010. It looks passe.

Anonymous 8590


Does anyone else hate natural Stacy's? I can't help but feel jealous of people who are naturally perfect.

Anonymous 8591

>art hoe

Patrician goals, art hoe best hoe

Anonymous 8594

No. I'm glad I don't look like a Stacy. Imagine being seen primarily for your looks. Everyone would assume you're a dumb npc bitch too.

Anonymous 8595

Very salty indeed

Anonymous 8597

>Imagine being seen primarily for your looks.
Literally everyone of every second forever.
The maymay that personality, confidence, attitude comes first is a lie. What you look like is always the first thing that starts to affect someone's brain regarding you.

University studies have proven that 'gay face' and 'pedo face' are not only real, but very accurate. People can very accurately, without any information other than looks, guess a criminal or a sexuality.

I'd rather be pretty than ugly because people are going to immediately judge you for your looks either way. At least when you're pretty people are shallow in a helpful way, like giving you more money or holding doors and stuff. When you're ugly, people are still shallow but just even more openly cruel or dismissive.

Anonymous 11333

Joke's on you, women are always seen primarily for their looks. And people actually judge you as more intelligent if you're attractive. If you aren't they see you as subhuman if you're a woman.

Anonymous 11335

I've never seen a perfect person so I can't say I have.

If you're asking whether or not I hate women who are more attractive then me, the answer is no. They're useful.

Anonymous 11336

If pedo face was "very accurate" there wouldn't be so many sexual predators who get caught and then everyone goes
>oh but he seemed so normal! He's such a nice great guy it can't possibly be true
It's just a skewed correlation with "ugly loser face"

Anonymous 11338

I've never felt jealous about other people's appearances. Not that I think I look great or don't feel insecure about myself but I don't get the point of wanting to look like someone else. If I was gonna look better I'd rather look like a better version of me. Also no one is perfect everyone can look ugly depending on lighting, angles, expressions etc, even super pretty people.

Anonymous 11343


Anonymous 11346

But when they find out that you're not a dumb NPC bitch, they'll be even more impressed.

You sound a little bitter, anon.

Anonymous 11347

It's really not difficult to look better than 90% of people if you stick to a lower BMI, take good care of your skin, hair, and oral hygiene, and groom yourself regularly. There's no reason to be jealous.

Anonymous 11383

It's not actually "hate" but if I know a person (especially a woman) was naturally attractive in their formative years through college I am inherently distrustful of them. I've seen what a person can do when they have the social capital to weaponize other people and it's unpleasant.
This is also true. Sometimes I feel like my fitness/skincare routine saved my life.

Anonymous 11595

Grew up as an ugly fat kid with a lazy eye and crooked teeth. I’ve always had friends because I’m smart and witty. Basically by the end of middle school I had lost some weight and grew tits and learned how to do my makeup…also finished braces and got corrective eye surgery.

It’s fucking dehumanizing. People just see you as your appearance and guys especially literally could care less about your brain.

I prefer now to just wear hoodies and jeans so people will listen to me in discussions.

Anonymous 11601

I bit the bullet a month ago and did Japanese hair straightening. Before my hair always looked kind of rat-like because I didn't take care of it (too much effort). Now I look much better, people are nicer to me and I've received some male attention. It's nice because my confidence has gone up so I'm less anxious in public but it's also a bit depressing that there's such a huge difference in the way I'm treated.

Anonymous 11657

Never met, heard of, saw a stacy that had anything other than a piece of poo in her head. Pretty sure you just cant grow up normal if people treat you as a stacy/chad your whole childhood.

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