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Cat 415

i really wanna do my hair but idk what to do with it, post cute short haircuts(preferably curly and IRL)

not as short as pic related, but like below ear height

Anonymous 416


This thread is kinda weird, but since I am also in need of a short hair inspo, I'm gonna do a small dump.

Anonymous 417


Anonymous 418


Anonymous 419


Anonymous 420


Anonymous 421


Anonymous 422

This style is so cute, but I literally never see anyone irl rocking it.

Anonymous 423


I have a friend that has this haircut, but she's a cute haafu girl with a small face, so I guess you need to be cute/petit for it to be flattering

Anonymous 424


I accidentaly over cut my hair and know I am looking like pic related but without Winona's cute face, I don't know what I feel about this lol

Anonymous 425

looks like a cute style, I'm sure it'll grow on you - and it if doesn't, it'll still grow on you.

I'll see myself out

Anonymous 426

Sort of ot but in my totally honest and very lesbo opinion, girls with curly short hair always look amazing. idk what is so mesmerizing about it, but it's a beautiful look for most girls. Shoulder length is my fav. It's delicate, feminine, and looks great on tons of gals. Sadly not many have the courage to have that length, myself included.

Anonymous 427

…… /cuts it again

Anonymous 428

Feel this 100%
I love the look of short hair and I've wanted to cut mine for about two years now but never had the courage since my mom always told me my hair would curl up and get short if I cut it

Anonymous 429



Hahaha, thanks. I still prefer how it was before I overcut it (it was still short, but not as short nor "puffy"), but I got a lot of unexpected compliments on it the other day so it made me feel a bit better about it. Still want it to grow out a bit, though.


To be honest I love long luscious hair, but short hair has really grown on me (no pun intended)
Most girls look really really cute with short(er) hair and they look more approachable? Like, long hair can literally be a "curtain" sometimes, when a girl has short hair I feel like she's more easy-going, I don't know why. I've seen other people say the same thing (I remember the first time I cut my hair short after years of having it long, a friend of mine literally said that I looked "happier" and "lighter")

Pic related. Maybe not the beeeest comparision, but still.

Anonymous 430


same! i think short hair is amazingly cute on girls, so ive had a pixie since highschool, but the problem is when the back gets so mullet-y, like >>419. it can be cute, but too much work to style everyday, so i'm finally growing it out to a bob like this.

Anonymous 2237


assuming this is a general short hair thread..
does anyone else know of hair like this? i like this length but wispy almost like ilya kuvshinov style. will post more for ref

Anonymous 2238


Anonymous 2239


and how do i style my hair to look this way exactly? sorry for being pleb ;;

Anonymous 2244

Don't know if you live in a place with a lot of Asian immigrants, but what I do is go to a hairdresser who lived in Japan and worked there in a salon. The techniques they use in Japan (and Asia in general) are different and regular hairdressers might not be able to reproduce that hair or even think this is not a desirable style.
Not related, but I am really tired of hairdressers who only do "fashionable" cuts and don't believe in personal style.

Anonymous 2250

i'm currently in asia but japanese hair stylists are hard to find here.. there are a lot of koreans though and i was planning on having them cut and style my hair this way but i'm not sure if they'd get it right since it is a japanese hairstyle.

Anonymous 2259


That's a pretty basic haircut and I believe any hairdresser would be able to do it, anon. Heck, if you have straight hair you can probably do it yourself.

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