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Skincare General Anonymous 431

Post your skincare questions, routines, recommendations, rants, raves, product recs, etc.

I'll start with my routine that's finally working for me:

Thayer's unscented witch hazel (as a toner)
COSRX Oil-Free Ultra Moisturizing Lotion
CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion

Pond's cold cream cleanser
Thayer's witch hazel toner
Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid (leave on for 15 minutes)
Oil cleanse with mineral oil
Remove with Pond's cold cream cleanser
COSRX Oil-Free Ultra Moisturizing Lotion
CeraVe Moisturizing Cream
A big ol' slab of vaseline all over my face

Anonymous 432

>Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid
Have you tried the Paula's Choice 2%? I'm looking for an opinion on how they compare because I'm considering switching.

I'm also curious about how doing your oil cleanser after your normal cleanser is working out for you. Is there a reason you do it this way? I always thought an oil cleanser came first in a double cleanse because the oil soluble stuff can block your normal cleanser from actually cleansing the skin surface, but water soluble bits don't affect the oil cleanser from doing it's job.

Anonymous 433

I haven't tried the paula's choice but my understanding is that it's gentle but the texture isn't as pleasant as the COSRX.

I basically just use the pond's first to remove makeup, not really "cleanse", then I use the BHA before oil cleansing because it helps me to be able to massage the gunk out of my sebaceous filaments, then I use the pond's again to remove the mineral oil. An alternative would be to use an emulsifying oil cleanser so it can be rinsed off with just water (mixing a bit of Cromollient SCE in with your oil with allow it to be emulsified with water, cheaper than buying a commercial oil cleanser).

Anonymous 434


Ah, that makes sense.

In other news I've been trying to up my sun protection game and just bought a watermelon sunbum lip balm and damn is it sweet like candy. It's bastically what I wanted smakckers lip balms to taste and smell like when I was younger and they never fully deliviered. I quite like the smell, I may get sick of the sweet taste though. I don't even lick my licks or anything, it's just prominent. If you miss sweet childrens cosmetics but want something more low key and sun concious to carry in your day to day, definetly try this.

Anonymous 435

What do you think of Tonymoly skincare products? Especially the Eggpore and Panda Dream products? There are more and more of them available on Sephora, it's pretty tempting.

Anonymous 436

I haven't tried those specific products but I've tried the mushroom pact, the fruit hand cream and lip balms, and some of their sheet masks. Overall they're average at best formulation wise, I mostly bought the non-face mask stuff for the packaging and I got what I expected. I'd say buy it if you're into inexpensive cute things and aren't looking for a major fix. I don't think any of it is so garbage that I wouldn't try it, but I don't think any of it will be holy grail.

Anonymous 437


I've tried most of their primary line (Appletox, Panda Dream, Eggpore etc.)
My overall verdict is that the packaging is adorable and the scents are heavenly, but they're definitely the kind of products you use to feel pampered and feminine, not necessarily because they actually work.
imo they're worth a purchase for the packaging alone though. I keep hair ties, clips and pins in the red and green Appletox and the peach hand cream containers. Oh and the Eggpore containers you can use as little plant pots after you're done - you push the little plastic yolk out of the top.

Anonymous 438

>>For anons who use Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid or Cosrx BHA Whitehead Power Liquid…

Is it normal for it to make your face itchy?

Anonymous 439

>I'd say buy it if you're into inexpensive cute things and aren't looking for a major fix.
I'm mostly looking for products that aren't too expensive, the kind of things I've seen so far are either way too expensive for me (I'm a broke student so it doesn't help) or it's affordable but doesn't work whatsoever. I'm not looking for a major fix, just trying to get good habits and making my face slightly less oily and "tired" than it would be otherwise. I'm young (23), I heard it's better to look for more effective stuff while growing older, because then the skin will be different.

I already tried some of the Eggpore products and I'd say the blackhead steam balm works but I'm not sure for the one that tighten pores because I never used other products that do the same thing before.

>but they're definitely the kind of products you use to feel pampered and feminine, not necessarily because they actually work.
I'm confused, does that mean that they don't work in general, or that they do work, but not as well as expected? Also I agree about the packaging, it's adorable.

Anonymous 440

>mushroom pact
My boyfriend gives me one of those every night AAAAAYYYYYYYY

Anonymous 441


>Panda dream
I've got a few samples of their white magic cream and good lord it smells. I can't quite recall it, but it reminded me of wispy farts. It does leave a white cast (the "whitening" effect). You could get the same effect using sunscreen.

Anonymous 442

Product rave:
CosRX AHA whitehead power liquid

I have non-problematic skin, but since a while I got a dry patch on the outer most layer (horniest layer?) of my skin. Whenever I smiled I got crepe-y fine lines and moisturizing and sheetmasking didn't seem to help. I've only used the AHA 3 times (once a week) now and the lines pretty much don't exist anymore. I've used a sheetmask since and this time it actually penetrated, I'm super happy.

Anonymous 443


How can I keep up with my 10-step routine in the summer? I feel like I sweat my products off my face before I even get to work. Should I do a quick double cleanse+moisturize on my lunch break?

Anonymous 444

Don't force yourself. If it's not working, it's okay to reduce.

Anonymous 445

anyone got cruelty-free and vegan recs for oily, acne-prone skin w acne scars? total bummer that all k-skincare isn't cruelty-free or vegan. i hear people rave about their skincare all the time!

Anonymous 446

If you're in the UK, all of Superdrug's own brand stuff is vegan/cruelty-free, even the makeup and shampoo.

Anonymous 447

I'd say Alverde, if you're from Europe. Not all of their products are vegan, tho. It's all natural stuff and I'd honestly recommend it, especially because it's not very expensive.

Anonymous 448

unfortunately i'm from asia ;_; but thank you!!

Anonymous 449

Oh bugger that's going to be nigh impossible for you living in Asia then given that everything sold within China requires mandatory animal testing before commercial sale.

Anonymous 450


>>448 a lot of K-beauty big houses don't test on animals. AmorePacific voluntarily suspended animal testing in 2008 (they own Etude House, IOPE etc)

Innesfree have some vegan products and it's organic. Beyond and Aromatics are a couple of good companies too. If you check Belifs site I'm pretty sure they're 100% and don't use anything nasty~

Photo related is good for problem skin!

Anonymous 451

precisely.. it's so hard to get my hands on good cruelty-free/vegan skincare here. some of the local stuff are vegan but they don't exactly work. kek
doesn't innesfree animal test though?

Anonymous 452

>>451 I think if you're buying within China it comes from their China factory that has to use animal testing re; the law there. But the company otherwise is cruelty free I.E the Korean factory and HQ won't run any tests on animals.

Ideally you'd think companies would try and put pressure on China more instead of just being like "ok fine we will have this one place test on animals just to keep China happy"


Anonymous 453


I just wash my face with this and that's it

Anonymous 454

Dermalogica is really good!! I'm supposed to use one of the products twice a day, but I usually just do it in the shower. Still works like a charm. Would definitely recommend.

Anonymous 455


Have any of you tried products to lighten/eve out your skin tone?

My skin tone is really uneven (almost a shade darker around the mouth, which bugs me the most), even though I do have a routine (moisturizer, exfoliating etc) so I thought I'd might give pic related a try and hopefully get at least minimal results.

Also is anyone using aloe vera? Like, the plant? Is it good as other moisturizers? Does it take long to grow? lol

Anonymous 456

anyone have any tips for dry areas? my nose and the cheek area around it have been getting flaky lately, which has caused me to exfoliate more,but i don't think that's helping. my regular toner/moisturizer is working just the same on the rest of my face.

Anonymous 457


Have you tried a gel moisturizer? Clinique moisture surge works great, but pic related is my fave.

Anonymous 458

Public reminder/warning:

I've always had clear skin but recently I had a lot of candy for a long period of time, and my skin is turning into shit. My entire face is breaking out so much and I'm sure it's the sugar… I stopped eating it for the last couple days, thank god

Anonymous 459

you really need more than one aloe if u want to use it regularly - they also need loads of sunlight

Anonymous 460

I'll look a bit more into it, thank you anon (:

Anonymous 461

Does anyone know some good products for dry lips. I have constantly dry lips, it doesn't matter what kind of weather it is, my lips are alwayd dry. I also sometime have flakes on my lips.

Anonymous 462

Exfoliate them and use lipbalm whenever they start feeling a bit dry

Mine are dry too, despite drinking enough water and having a healthy diet.

Anonymous 463


Are you using any kind of lipbalm or lipstick? If you are, try not using it for a week or two. I forget what it is exactly, but there's an ingredient in a lot of lip products that in some people dries their lips out. I had this problem and when I stopped my lips got worse the first three days but after a week they were back to normal and I haven't had a problem since.

Anonymous 464

Help!!! My skin is usually pretty decent (maybe a couple of bumps and a bit of unevenness but it's nothing I worry about and it isn't noticeable) but recently my skin has turned into a complete shitshow!

I have full on pimples all over my cheeks (if I do get pimples they're on my T-zone), also on and around my nose. My forehead is covered in hundreds of those pseudo pimples which are like mini cysts? Like it never really forms into a pimple but they're bumps everywhere and I have patchy redness all over my skin too.

It happened around the time I moved a week ago, and the environment change has been more humidity, different water quality (harder water), and I'm staying in a house full of smokers. Oh and I JUST started my period which didn't help.

I usually do some sort of pimple cream/face wash combo every other day and moisturizer every day. But that clearly hasn't stopped anything.

Does anyone have any creams or washes I could buy to help stop this outbreak? I'm assuming the smoke is causing the worst of it but I have no idea.

Anonymous 465

Anyone here use retinoids in conjunction with vitamin c? Experiences? I want to try it, briefly looked into it and it seems like they should be safe to use together but I'm paranoid.

Anonymous 466

The smoke is a definite irritant, and it's probably getting into your hair and then getting onto your skin.

Start cleansing twice a day. Switch to a gel cleanser rather than foam (foam is drying, which leads to excess oil production, and thus acne). Keep your hair out of your face if it's dirty/oily.

AHA/BHA cleansers and creams may help, but make sure you use sun protection with those.

Anonymous 467

r8 my routine

I have never had skin this clear in my entire life :D and it only costs like $50 a month.

>wipe face w/ Vichy Purete Thermale 3-in-1 micellar water
>spray with Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel
>Clean and Clear dual-action moisturizer
>Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Dry-touch SPF 55/60
>lip balm (I like the Eucerin one in the tube) or Smith's Rosebud Salve
>makeup (I don't need a lot these days, just concealer on some scars and eyeliner/clear mascara)

Evening/after I get home
>clean off makeup/sunscreen with micellar water
>spray with witch hazel
>C&C moisturizer
>lip balm

Before bed
>cleanse with CeraVe hydrating (I usually do this in the shower)
>witch hazel again, this time wiping my face with it on a cotton round
>The Ordinary Zinc/Niacinamide serum
>The Face Shop rice ceramide emulsion
>vaseline on lips and sometimes around eyes, if they're dry

I haven't gotten an actual pimple in a really long time, but I would usually just spot treat with tea tree oil, then use either the rosebud salve or some queen helene mint julep masque on it overnight. the nexcare hydrocolloid patches are also really good.

once a month (usually the weekend after my period, just because I take that weekend as a spa weekend lol), I'll use the Real Nature rice brightening sheet mask

And of course I drink a shitton of water, avoid dairy and processed sugar, eat lots of fruits/veggies, homecooked meals, etc.

I think the biggest difference was made by the witch hazel. I also used to have folliculitis/dermatitis which I mistook for acne on my forehead. Using a dandruff shampoo as my regular shampoo solved that problem though, along with the zinc in the serum I use

Anonymous 468

Boss-ass routine.

Does anyone know what the benefits of snail mucin is? I'm using CosRX snail 96 and I'm not really sure I'm seeing a difference.

Anonymous 469

Ugh, my skin is the worse it has ever been I feel like I might have have a breakdown because of it :( I finally decided to stop wearing makeup because of it, I feel like crap! I have all these bumps all over my cheeks now and that never ever happened to me until I started wearing makeup everyday. I'm done! I only wore makeup to cover up my terrible discolored skin but I think I need to embrace the fact I'm "ugly", and just focus on skincare to help me get better. Wearing makeup in addition to taking care of my skin felt like a waste of time since all the effort I put into my skincare was diminished by the layers n' layers of foundation I piled on afterwards.

I have basically wore makeup everyday the last few months after being makeup free majority of my life…The only skin problem I had prior were discoloration and a few pimples on a forehead now I have acne scars in addition to my bumpy lumpy skin ;(.

Here's NEW routine, I'll probably start it next week.
I would appreciate critique :)


// Cetaphil cleanser
// Citrus Humphrey's Witch Hazel Facial Toner
// Amore Pacific enzyme exfoliant
// Clindamycin lotion
// Biore UV Aqua Rich SPF 50+
**As for makeup I'm just applying a concealer instead of foundation/powder.


// Cetaphil cleanser
// Citrus Humphrey's Witch Hazel Facial Toner
// Retin A 0.5
// Hydroquinone

**I'll probably alternate between a mask and sheet mask, making sure to apply it once a week.

Oh I'm gonna cut out all meat unless it's fish, no more fast food, more water and less coffee. :) I'll keep yall updated once a month! Wish me luck guys~

Anonymous 470

I use to be into korean skin care until It fuqqed up my skin, lol. I avoid it like the plaque now, it seems like a gimmick tbh. Fancy shamcy labels for shit tier products, filled with frou frou ingredients.

Anonymous 471

how'd it fuck up your skin?

Anonymous 472

Basically gave me a bunch of acne, and brought back most of the skin problems my standard bha/aha routine helped get rid of. I bought a lot of things recommended to me by r/asianbeauty, it made my skin much worse. The only thing I didn't give up was the masks, they work. That's it, everything else is garbage and there are much better western equivalents.


I agree with everything this girl said^^

I also used that korean layers technique, that didn't work for me either. I don't know if it's because I have dry/combination skin and not the oily skin that's common with east asian people, I'm not sure…

Anonymous 473

Anonymous 474

I had the same experience. I totally bought into it when it first began to become popular in the West, the whole 8,10, 12, however many fucking step routines it was. Went online and bought the whole lot. Couple of months down the line and my skin was in the worst condition its ever been. The women on /r/AsianBeauty who consistently endorse this shit and downvote anybody that goes against the grain en masse are rabid Koreaboos blinded by their K-pop obsession and not to be listened to.
These days I just stick to a gentle twice-weekly facial shower scrub, vitamin E moisturiser, general SPF, hot lemon slice water, fancy teas and basic-ass water. It's nice to think that your skin is an oasis that can drink up all the friendly little compounds in the products you're slathering on your face, but the reality is that you're just choking/suffocating it. Less really is more when it comes to skincare.

Anonymous 475

I think I've had success following a simplified Korean skincare routine because I focus on what is essential (cleansing, toning, exfoliating and moisturizing) and I don't buy into any of the gimmicky $75 essences or magic serums loaded with scented chemicals or rubber masks shaped like Rilakkuma.

If you stick to the basics without overdoing it, it works just as well as any other routine.

Anonymous 476

This. Asian moisturisers have a lovely texture and consistency and there's nothing wrong with them. The issue is how they're aggressively marketed to Westerners as "crazy vain Koreans and their 10 step routine!" and how companies sell people stories of Korean women and their magical skin. They're just like any other cream out there, there's good and there's bad.

Anonymous 477

I got into Korean skincare because of all the hype and the hype is silly but at the end of it I have much better skin because:
1. I'm doing the ritual everyday so I don't skip washing my face like I used to
2. The products are so CHEAP compared to western products for the same ingredients (eg. cosrx, ladykin even mizon) so I've got no problem stocking up.
3. I'm super allergic to everything so being able to choose products with only a few ingredients so I can narrow down triggers is great.

Basically, the 10 step and other Korean superstitions/rituals are just marketing shit but getting into the fad really taught me a lot about skincare in the process and I'm not going to stop buying Korean and Japanese products any time soon because they're simple, effective, cheap and pleasantly quirky.

Anonymous 478

where do you get your products from? like, do you have to go to korean shopping sites?

Anonymous 479

I'm in Australia to the best I can do money-wise is ebay but if you live in America you might find roseroseshop or jolse cheaper. Shop around though, it took me ages to find the best bang for my buck (I'm cheap lol)

Anonymous 480

if you are in the US, Amazon has a ton of Kbeauty products for affordable prices. Sephora and Ulta do carry some things, but they are stupidly overpriced ($7 for a single sheet mask wtf). Target and Walmart online have some sheet masks and a few brands (Laneige and My Beauty Diary, which is actually a Taiwanese brand).

Roseroseshop is cheap but you have to keep an eye on the shipping, and I haven't used Jolse myself but have heard good reviews and that they give lots of freebies. W2Beauty and Soko Glam are some other online shops but haven't used them either.

Anonymous 481

Since some months ago, I got some acne in my neck. My face looks and feels soft so I don't know the cause! it's not severe but I'm fair skinned so it looks super red. This is what I have been doing to lessen the problem:

- I don't wear makeup on that area, - I avoid using makeup every day
- I wash my make-up brushes often.
- I make sure my hair doesn't touch my neck or back when I use hair conditioner.
-I have been using a dermatological soap at night and before going to work and it definitely helped but the problem doesn't go away.
-I drink green tea and lots of water
-I eat well. I don't eat junk food often.

I'm really trying to improve my skin but what else should I do? Is it a bacteria?? Help me miners.

Anonymous 482

Masksheets is the best k-beauty online retailer. They have daily deals and sales every day and free shipping if you spend $40. You can get sheetmasks as cheap as $1 so it's great to stock up. They also offer free samples at checkout.

I've ordered from them and the products were legit, not black market knockoffs or anything like that. Highly recommend.

Anonymous 483

Does any anon here uses apple cider vinegar? I started using today and I am hopeful. I use other products too, I follow an adapted version with some products I've found here in my country. But I still have cystic hormonal acne. I am going to the doctor, but nothing have worked yet, so I do try everything.

Anonymous 484

So…konjac sponges anyone? To they do anything or?

Anonymous 485

I use the Missha one, purchased both the white and black. Only used the black so far.

In my opinion, it doesn't really do anything special. It does leave my skin a little bit smoother and with a more "clean feel", but not enough for me and go buy one immediately if my current ones get destroyed. However, some people on the internet swear for it being the best thing ever for your skin so maybe it depends on the type of skin or wether you use soap or not. It personally did nothing for my blackheads or under the skin pimples, while some people says it helped them reduce them.
I use it mostly in combination with the Avene Cleansing gel, since with only water i feel it does nothing, and it does leaves it a lot more foam-y (it doesn't really foam up that much with hands), so it could be a good thing if you got a product you wanna extend the life of.
I'd say that for the price (it's around 4 eurs for both the white and black Missha ones on ebay from korea, or even on local stores from other brands, you'll find it for less than 5 $/€) to try it yourself and see if you like it, since it's a bit of divided opinion.

Anonymous 486

>falling for meme myth skincare

Honey, please do not use that. It won't help with your pH balance, the acid-base balance is regulated by multiple mechanisms, among them kidneys and respiratory functions. Even mild changes in the pH would be potentially deadly.

There is no magical cure for acne, using acetic acid is not going to help. protip, acetic acid is also used as paint stripper. You will quite literally burn your face. Especially with cystic acne, burning it off won't help.

A topical cure is not a permanent solution, clean your diet, drink water, clean your pillows daily, stop touching your face, sleep enough, fucking moisturize to hell and back, get on birth control and pickup sports.

ACV is not natural.

Anonymous 487


Okay, thank you.

I do all of that you mentioned (I actually think is surreal that "drink water" is an actual tip, the idea of people not drinking water is just so weird to me) already -I've had PCOS since I am 14, so yeah.

Also, birth control sucks; not only it didn't help me at all, but made my so nauseous on a daily bases that I couldn't even take the bus without feeling my breakfast on the back of my throat. I think that's an even worse recommendation tbh, whenever people tell me to take bc I shudder. (nothing personal, just in general)

Anonymous 488

hey gorls
my face/hand skin is SO dry, partly because of the socal climate issues, but also by only drinking coffee lmao. I use dove beauty bar, exfoliate with coffee/sugar/oil and a rough sponge thrice a week, and moisturize with plain vegetable oil before bed.

does anyone know any really deep moisturizers that stay on the skin, instead of just sinking right into the pores?? last week, i tried the ultra triple amlactin like a sleep masque, which gave me supple baby skin and also peeled up some dead cells, but the acid STINGS when it touches my eyes or any exfoliated/shaved skin areas. i can spend $70, i dont have any problems except for the dryness, so anything goes.

Anonymous 489

>physical exfoliation
Stop that shit, what the fuck. Chemical peel or get the fuck out of here. That shit destroys your skin, your skin stings because you are rubbing the protective layers off and then irritating them, you probably are missing your corneum at this point. Do not, please, exfoliate your skin three times a week LET ALONE with a physical exfoliate. Your skin is dry because you are quite literally, abusing it.

Anonymous 490

>10 step routine
You what?
What and why, do not wash your face too often. While it is good to have a routine for your skin, too much is too much. Most people's skin can not take twice a daily cleaning even, let alone "quick double cleanse + moisturize" randomly at lunch break.

You are stripping your skin of natural oils, which is just as bad as not cleaning it ever. Your skin can handle itself just fine without that, if your skin is trying to remove a product actively, it means you've passed the "too much" mark long ago.

Moderation, you people.

Anonymous 491

10 step routine as in a Korean 10-step routine, which involves lots of random gimmicky shit like essence, facial mists, sheet masks, and snail ooze.

Anonymous 492

Is it bad that I use cleanser twice a day? I use it once in the AM and again in the PM, before I apply my products. My skin seems fine so far…

Anonymous 493


You don't follow the 10~9 steps everyday, though.

Anonymous 494

Can someone with actually great, clear skin recommend us products please?

Anonymous 495

If it's gentle enough it's fine.

Anonymous 496

I literally haven't had a pimple in months

>>467 is my routine

Anonymous 497

I really need some advice, I know 0 about skincare my routine is just wash my face with tea trea face wash then put on moisturiser. I do that in the morning and in the afternoon after using a wipe to take of makeup. Its all just cheap drugstore own brand products (Im in the UK, our main chain superdrug is known for having good own brand stuff) My skin is covered in tiny pimples mainly my forehead and chin. They either go away the next day or get worse. Do I need any thing else like toner or something?

Anonymous 498

are they actual pimples or just closed comedones? i'm hesitant to rec acids in the case that they are closed comedones because it's so easy for people who are new to skincare to overexfoliate and seriously fuck up their skin. if you'd like, you can drop a throwaway or your discord and i can give you some resources and personalized recs (after figuring out your skin type and any skin concerns you may have). i offered to talk to you one on one because i have to ask a lot of questions to figure out what's best for someone's skin, and i don't want to clog up the thread with a series of short posts. i won't be offended if you'd rather not, i'm just obsessed with skincare and love helping people figure out a routine

Anonymous 499

Eurgh, I've just discovered that the daily vitamin B12 spray I've been taking may be what's responsible for the 4 month long breakout that has so far refused to calm down.

I was told that as a vegan I really should be supplementing B12 as I'm at high risk of developing a deficiency. I was sure I knew better, since I know you can acquire more than adequate amounts of B12 from organic fruit and vegetables, but I decided to play it safe anyway and began supplementing. Now I've just found out that my dietary intake of B12 has been fine all along, I've been overdosing on B12 with this damn spray and it's been showing through my skin.


Anonymous 500

What's your skin type?

Anonymous 501

Hey, thanks! I dont really know how discords work honestly haha Ive rather just stick to this thread if thats ok. I looked up closed comedones vs pimples and it seems i have a mix of both? My skin type is combo (oily t zone and dry-normal cheeks)

Also, just some extra info im studying on a makeup course right now and whilst ive only just started we are using brands of skincare ive never used alongside very heavy theatre makeup. Is there a way I can ready my skin for this? Ive not recated badly yet but I feel like the products im using constantly changing is not going to be good

Anonymous 502

I'm a vegan (of 6 years) too. B12 is seriously important for your body and can't be obtained through plant food. Herbivorous animals get B12 through the soil on plants and that's why meat and milk has B12 in it, we on the other hand don't eat dirt with our fruits and veggies so we need to rely on synthetic B12.
I'm not sure if you meant it or not but you can't overdose on B12. Even with injections it's impossible. It can however mess up your skin bacteria and cause inflammation in high doses although this only seems to happens to some people. Luck of the draw I guess :(
Don't give up on the supplements though, B12 is soooo important for your brain and blood. You just need 2.8 micrograms a day, you shouldn't have a reaction on that little a dose.

Anonymous 503

Are physical exfoliators just a meme? I currently use a (supposedly) gentle sugar scrub every 1.5 weeks and I like the results, but am I actually fucking up my skin long term?

Anonymous 504

Yes, it tears your skin up with micro abrasions and leads to acne, inflammation and eventually, long-term skin damage. Stick to gentle washing with a a ph neutral cleanser (ph of 5.5) and a soft washcloth. Every once and a while a gentle aha treatment to remove dry skin.
Use moisturizers and hydrators regularly and you shouldn't have to worry about rough patches or anything.

Anonymous 505

Does anyone have a routine for their feet? My feet have taken a beating over the years so I've started applying heel balm but I was wondering if anyone had any product recs or whatever? I've started painting the toenails too…. lmao

Anonymous 506

I use a pumice stone, moisturize and exfoliate them maybe twice per week, helps a bit.

Anonymous 507

Might sound weird but do you guys have any recommendations for improving the skin texture on breasts? I recently lost weight and my chest now has visible stretch marks and feels like wrinkly skin.

Anonymous 508



These are what I use and they have helped with reducing the boobie wrinkles and firming them. I do it once every other day. I'd also rec sleeping on your back because the boobs stretch while on the side. Although I sleep on my front and seem okay.

Anonymous 509

Thank you anon! I'll try this out. And I think I've seen that product at the local drug store but it was for butts lol. Not sure if it makes much of a difference since it's used for the same purpose but I'm gonna double check and look for the bust one.

Anonymous 510

yeah i guess i was kinda heavy handed with stripping dead cells lol. i took your advice and swapped out coffee scrub for aha with kojic acid, (but still 3 times a week, its a force of habit) and the dryness has stopped. it was probably just the harsh summer
anon, skin doesnt shrink back tightly after it was stretched. :( you would have to have the excess taken off surgically.

Anonymous 2007


Does any anon here also uses clay masks?

I've bought 2kg of clay powder recently, one of green clay and the other of white clay.

I've been loving it so far! I guess especially the white one, plus points for the fact that it's less messy than the green one. It really soothes my skin, clears it up a bit and hydrates it. I love using it after a long day or workout and have some "me time" with it.

>inb4 "le skincare maymay"

Anonymous 2038



I do. I used to use picture related as a teen and saw it at Walmart so I picked it up on a whim. I used it the other day after using my stridex pads and my face looks excellent. I couldn't be happier. I have really prominent sebaceous filaments and this shrunk them to be nearly nonexistent. It's magical.

Anonymous 2040

Do estee lauder skincare products even work? They're expensive as fuck (which of course usually equates to the product being better "u get what
u pay for") but I'm skeptical about big companies and their products.
I was previously using korean tea tree skincare products but recently switched over to estee lauder only because it was gifted to me and i noticed a lot more breaking out, probably the most in my entire life ever since i've been using their shit. The korean skincare was a bit of a mixed bag, some weeks I would have breakouts, some weeks my skin was clear as day, but this estee lauder stuff is just the worst.

I'm soon switching to natural etsy products since neither of the previous swayed me much. I've got pretty high hopes for homemade, natural skin care and am excited tbh

Anonymous 2048

are they that expensive anon? i spend about $60 on products generally. also, i went to check their site and good lord i hate sites that have all those offer overlays like that.

Anonymous 2049

80 bucks for a small tube of estee lauder cleansing foam is way overpriced for sure. fuck, 60 is also a lot but maybe thats just me because i like to save my money and i never spend it on anything except necessities and im not rich to begin with.

Anonymous 2052


These are liquid gold.★彡
I also use ( from the same brand)
the vitamin c boosters for freckles and sunspots
Shower mask
Pore tightener

It works miracles on my very hormonal PCOS skin

Anonymous 2111


I've had pretty clear skin for most of my life luckily, but now that I'm getting into my mid-20s, I'm noticing more dryness, bigger pores, lines around my mouth and small colorless bumps in my forehead area.

I moisturize in the morning and usually cleanse/use retinol in the evening, but I feel like I'm not doing enough. I know this is suuuper vague, but if anyone has advice about how to figure out a skincare routine it would be appreciated.

Anonymous 2116

I have extremely sensitive skin and Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer is the only thing I've found that doesn't irritate my skin and make me break out, but I am kind of concerned about the parabens.

Anonymous 2117

I recently turned 25 and I see -gasp- very fine nasolabial folds on my skin now. However they disappear when I apply moisturizer. Anyone around my age or older who has them too? Around what age won't they disappear anymore?

Anonymous 2119


i'm in the same boat anons! early-mid 20's and i've gone most of my life with very clear soft skin, super rare breakouts and my only issues were evening my complexion out between my yellow and pink undertones. my skin was one of the few things i liked about myself physically, and even at my dumpiest i'd still at least get compliments on my 'porcelain' complexion. i have kinda gone my whole life wearing little to no face makeup and as a result now i have no idea how to properly apply it and usually at the most go out with bb cream, under eye concealer and maaaybe powder. (my problem with sticking to a foundation or face makeup was that i'm mixed race and go from extremely pale in the winter to tan in the summer and so i would have times where my makeup didn't match me anymore lol)

but i have noticed since turning 22 that my pores are getting bigger, especially on my nose, i've either got clogged pores/ sebacious filaments there or blackheads (no idea which one cause i'm super inexperienced with blemishes that aren't like basic whiteheads), and depending on how much sleep i'm getting i notice the presence of more prominent eye bags, crows feet and nasolabial folds. of course these are all pretty small, aren't yet permanent and i'm the only one looking at my face closely enough to even notice them, but STILL! getting older sucks and i'm not even that old relatively.

my skin type has always been combination and turns dry or oily with the seasons. since it's fall i'm normal-oily everywhere but super dry/flaky on the nose/brow/forehead. i've been removing makeup with micellar water, cleansing with a foaming pore minimizing cleanser, toning with witch hazel and moisturizing only my dry areas. any more skin-routine experienced miners have advice? i have lots of face masks, from a drying clay mask to glossier's moon mask that's supposedly a heavy moisturizer, but i rarely use them.

also sorry for rambling, and idk if this is just a personal/ latina issue but i think i'm getting even hairier than i've always been, which is great for my eyebrows but mortifying when i look close up at my fucking borderline beard that i have to bleach and trim

Anonymous 2137

Is the SK-II essence supposed to be whitening? Because Ive noticed for a while that my face looks "less-tanned" than the rest of my body and I haaaaaate that. Did I just dun-goof'd myself?

Anonymous 2189

Since this is a general skincare thread - does anyone have any tips for fading stretch marks?

Anonymous 2191

I'm sort of a skincare noob so I wondered if any of you could maybe help me

Have any of experienced post inflammatory erythema/red marks and what helped you fade/prevent them? There doesn't seem to be much information about it online so I wondered if maybe some of you have some helps or know of any products that may help it.

Also, does anyone know how to get of those tiny blackheads on the nose (I think they're called sebaceous filaments)? I tried many many things but they either don't work or they end up reappearing after a few days.

Lastly (sorry for so many questions), any recommendations on starting a proper skincare routine? Any brands that have good skincare but isn't too expensive? What products do you recommend? (I'm in skin is overall normal overall but I experience some occasional dryness in winter and oiliness in summer, I wanted say my skin is too sensitive and I experience some hormonal acne along my jaw/cheeks but nothing extremely major but in general I don't have anything major that bothers me apart from my p.i.e and nose blackheads, I just want to take care of my skin while I'm young and help prevent any damage to make sure my skin looks good as I get older)

Anonymous 2223

Which one do you have? Anything that says it helps to even skintone, brighten, or remove dark spots is going to be whitening.

Anonymous 2226

What are you guys' favourite japanese skincare products? I'm going on a trip to Japan soon and I would like to know what goodies to purchase.

Anonymous 2229


I… I am entirely new to skincare or routines or any sort of ointments… and I'm 30.

Since I have 0 female friends I can never get any real advice on these things? Most online blogs are too god damn skewed or assume you understand the lingo. Do you have any simple advice? Especially on how to get smoothness and plumpness to your skin? Or how to encourage stronger hair growth? Small super important tips would suffice, like… I just recently got told body lotion doesn't go on the face… it's that bad…

Anonymous 2230

I don't know much about the things you asked, but I'm willing to try to give some help. Do you have fine lines or acne, or any specific problem you need help with? Also do you know your skin type? I know not many people know what type they are, but knowing yours will help us to know what you need.

Anonymous 2231

I sadly don't know much about my skin type, but I can at least share some details: I get some adult acne, but I think that comes from me occasionally picking at my skin, not sure. I have slight dark circles around my eyes, always did, but except a more pronounced nasal line, I don't wrinkle too much, I just look tired af.
When I strenuously wash or apply makeup to my face it gets sensitive and redish.
And finally I get more of those little calcium "bumps" than others, they aren't huge, but I can spot them around my eyes when I look closely.

Thank you for wanting to help me.

Anonymous 2247

/r/skincareaddiction and /r/asianbeauty are both very beginner-friendly.

>how to get smoothness and plumpness to your skin

- good diet, and plenty of water
- at least semi-regular exercise
- never touching your face when it's not necessary, especially not with hands that have not been washed
- never picking at your skin, or at any spots that you may have.
- wearing at least SPF 50 broad-spectrum sunscreen every day (I started doing this two years ago and I'm 22, so you should definitely start wearing it if you want to minimize the effects of aging.

- chemical exfoliants work wonders for smoothing out the skin. I recommend glycolic acid and salicylic acid. (make sure that you wear sunscreen with it, though)
- moisturizers: these can be humectants, which attract moisture, or occlusives, which prevent moisture from escaping. I don't know how dry your skin is, but the drier it is, the thicker your facial lotion should be. (and never ever use body lotion on your face)
- sheet masks: these are good for special occasions or something you do once or twice a month. they're soaked in essence, which is full of ingredients that will make your skin appear plumper.
- cleanser: you shouldn't be scrubbing your face that hard and expect it not to get sensitive and reddish. get a non-foaming cleanser (I use CeraVe hydrating).

My routine is >>467 if you're interested.

Anonymous 2251


Thank you for taking the time to write all that, will try to apply as much of the advice as possible. But it's difficult not to pick, I sadly seem to be soothed by doing it due to trauma.
I have one question regarding the witch hazel product you use, what brand is it and how does one apply it?
Also, your routine is almost like reading a chemistry formula. For someone who never used any sort of face cleaner other than handsoap morning and evening, it's quite daunting.

It'll be fun bringing this as a shopping list though, thank you again. <3

Anonymous 2254

Oops, anon. Sorry for the delay, I only noticed your reply now. Anon >>2247 pretty much explained things better than I could ever do tho lol. I hope your skin gets even better soon!

Anonymous 2255

No worries! I'm pretty autistic about skincare so I love talking about it.
Check out https://www.reddit.com/r/CompulsiveSkinPicking/
for some advice that might be helpful. I tend to pick at the skin around my fingernails, and I've gotten over that habit by finding something else to do when I'm stressed out that involves my hands, like embroidery.

>witch hazel

I use the Thayers rose petal witch hazel. The important thing is that it's alcohol-free; alcohol has a drying effect and you should avoid it in any skincare products. I usually either put some of it onto a cotton pad and wipe my face with the pad, or spray it on my face (I decant some of it into one of those cheap travel spray bottles). It doubles as a way to keep your makeup looking dewy if you spray it on top :)

>It's quite daunting

Don't go for the entire routine at once! a lot of people have opinions on what you absolutely NEED, but in my opinion you (as a beginner) need nothing but a gentle cleanser, a moisturizer, and sunscreen. toner would be the next-most important thing.
especially if you're introducing acids into your routine – take things slow. if you have a bad reaction to a product, then you want to be able to pinpoint exactly which product it was.

I spend an inordinate amount of time on this board so feel free to keep asking more questions about my routine or about skincare in general :)

I have a

Anonymous 2256

lol, ignore the last three words, not sure what happened there

Anonymous 2388

Any other anons here in their early to mid twenties who have nasolabial folds? Mine aren't even bad, they are fine and usually disappear when I apply a bit of moisturizer. But after 1 or 2 hours they reappear again.
I bought pic related this week and started applying it last night. Will reapply again before going to bed. Any products recommendations? And if anyone has used this product, is it any good? I love the smell and I'm so glad it isn't greasy, but it's too soon to say it works (almost every review I have read is positive though).

Anonymous 2389


Oops, I forgot to attach the screenshot

Anonymous 2412

Can anyone recommend a good benzoyl peroxide treatment? All the ones I've seen recommended online seem to be US only.

Anonymous 2431

I've dun goof'd my friends.

Got the SK-II essence because I read so many good things about it…. well I didnt know it was WHITENING so now my face looks pale as FUCK and I hate it. And if I try to get a good tan I will for sure get more freckles. This is a no win situation.

Anonymous 2448

I've never been to a dermatologist, but might give it a try. I'm not sure what to expect but could they possibly prescribe me something to even out my skin tone or similar? I'm a complete noob when it comes to these things

Anonymous 2495

>>2448 Incorporate a AHA into your evening skincare routine, after cleansing and before moisturising. AHA's even out your skin tone, reduce any sun damage, etc etc.

I use Pixi glow peel pads. They're 20% glycolic acid which to some people is pretty intense, but you only leave it on for 2-3 minutes before neutralising it with water.
I'd suggest at the start using that every 3 days just to see how your skin reacts, you will go through a purging process where little spots will appear but eventually this will go. You can increase how often you do it but just pay attention to how your skin reacts etc.
You can also get 2% glycolic acid products that a lot of people use but they usually don't wash these off. It's really your choice so meh but I don't really like that aha. Just be warned AHA's will increase your skins photosensitivity, so please wear sunscreen every single day. You should be doing this anyway but if you don't, especially start to with AHAs. This is also why you use them at night.
Hope this was helpful anon!

>>2431 could you wear a lil bronzer? Eep!

Anonymous 2496

anyone got natural diy skincare recipes that actually work?

i've made my own toner w acv, lemon juice, green tea, cucumber and water. it worked really well on my oily acne prone skin but the smell is pretty strong.
i've also tried the banana + oatmeal mask and it made my skin v supple and soft.

Anonymous 2499

Please take the lemon juice out, the ph is too strongly acidic for your skin!

Try a DIY rose water recipe! It smells lush and when you're making it it can get really aesthetic.

Anonymous 2511


I’ve been meaning to try these products (pic related) for a while because a celebrity I am a fan of used them, but i’ve put off buying them for that same reason. Has anyone used this set, or any of the products in it, and liked it? Is it worth the money? I have oily, acne prone skin and I don’t really take care of my skin so I have no idea what kind of skincare is right for me personally

Anonymous 2518


I am not sure if this is the right thread, but I can't think of a better one..

I was prescribed Isotretinoin, and will probably start taking it around February next year, since I need to have some other exams in order to take it.

Has anyone here ever taken it? How is it? Is it too bad? Does the skin hurt? After how much time does it actually start to clear up my skin?

I've done some research and I feel like I'll be too miserable for the first few months. My skin is already pretty bad as it is. Maybe I'll use masks to cover the awful acne.

One of my sisters actually took it for more than one year, but she's living overseas and I was never really close to her so I have no one else to ask. I am also trying to lose some weight to shorten the prescription time.

Anonymous 2519

Thank you. I'll try to find something. Most of the stuff that I've seen in stores are actually PHA, never really seen an AHA product, unless they're only sold in pharmacies, which would explain it.

Guess I now know what to research, thank you (:

Anonymous 2525

Strange question, but is there a way of "resetting" your skin?

I have so many problems with my skin that I don't know where to start. I get hormonal acne which doesn't last long but takes forever to heal. My skin is both oily and dry at the same time. Makeup just doesn't go on my skin very well. I'd love to have nice moisturised, healthy skin like some beauty gurus I see online, where the makeup just glides onto their skin and looks like porcelain. I feel like a lot of my problems could probably be solved naturally.

I drink at least 2l of water a day, I take vitamins (C, B and Zinc) every morning, I use a gentle face wash and scrub from Simple daily, I always wipe my makeup off when I get home and I eat fairly well. Is there anything else I can do to improve the quality of my skin? Or is there some kind of face mask or supplement I can take?

Anonymous 2530

Stop using the Scrub every day. Physical exfoliation is too harsh IMO for daily exfoliation. That may be why your skin is oily too.
Switch to chemical exfoliation, AHAs to brighten skin and remove acne scars etc and BHAs to clear acne from the skin. Obviously use sunscreen when doing this too.

What facewash do you use? And what do you use to take your makeup off? Micellar water is the best way IMO to remove makeup, AND cleanse the skin, although I do use a gentle wash in the evening too after removing makeup.

Do you use any moisturiser? It may seem weird adding more moisture to oily skin but if you're not getting enough hydration on the surface of the skin, whilst aggressively exfoliating, your skin is gonna be like ARGH and producing more oil.

To reset basically, you need to change your routine and stick it out for a month or two for things to start turning themselves around. When adding a new product, only add one new thing at a time, so you can check if your skin reacts badly to it (you may get small spots but this is your skin "purging" usually. Anything else is usually a sign of irritation, although light tingling when using chemical exf. is okay (not like BURNING though lol)).

Also use sunscreen, all of you. Thanks.

Anonymous 2533


2 words: anal bleaching.

Just because I'm curious, I'm not actively thinking about getting it, and most likely never will because I don't worry about my asshole like that. But what do you girls think of anal bleaching?
I remember when I first started browsing lc years ago and one of the most popular threads was about applying bleaching chemicals on and in your anus. It made me lol so hard.
I really don't get it, is bleaching your asshole so important unless you film it being gaped?
What do miners think? I don't want to create a thread just for that, so I think this thread would be appropriate to ask this question.

Anonymous 2535

Dumb. And probably has some health risks? Unless you're a sex worker you shouldn't bother, I think. Even then, still dumb.
I also can't believe some people are actually insecure about that.

Anonymous 2536

>>2533 I don't understand it or why someone would get it. It doesn't make sense to me?

Anonymous 2546

The fact that women think this is at all necessary only goes to show how porn obsessed our culture is.

Anonymous 2550

there are natural and organic bleaching/whitening products on the market rn. i'm pretty down w it! i think pale pink buttholes are cute and i wouldn't mind having one especially if the product itself is affordable. it's not a must but i think it depends on the person's preference or image they like/want for themselves.
it's also really popular to whiten your skin where i'm from. (armpits,groin,butt,knees,elbows,etc~)

Anonymous 2551

True, anon. It's depressing. Not the thread for this but since we're on this topic, y'know, porn and assholes… Nowadays if you don't wanna get fucked in the ass, you will be considered a prude by many. The root cause is porn, also. This should be taken to /nsfw/ if anyone in interested in discussing it though.

Discoloration can be a problem on certain body parts, so I get it. But your butthole? You do you though. Just make sure you don't apply harsh chemicals, anon. Be safe!

Anonymous 2566

Seconding hoping for product recs for this issue!

Anonymous 2570

I actually wish I could do this, vulva bleaching would be nice too. I'm too scared of chemicals and health risks and I don't trust people and ads enough to put any products on my genitals, though, so it'll probably stay a "yeah that'd be nice but no thanks" until something that really seems safe comes along.

I "bleached" my nipples recently with my regular facial "bleaching" cream (anti-hyperpigmentation is the right name I believe) and got good results. They used to be a pretty pink until a few years ago, and I already put moisturizer on them regularly anyway (while moisturizing my boobs) so I figured it would be safe.

It worked, they're a cute powder pink now, lighter than they used to be even. No rash, no dryness, no redness, no sensitivity, nothing. Crotch area probably wouldn't make such a huge difference because I don't see it as often, but seeing my cuter nipples every time I take my clothes off really helped with my self esteem.

Anonymous 2571

I've got to say this anon, but your post just changed my life.
For years I've been kicking my own ass for having pink nipples rather than really dark ones. I had no idea pink nipples were desirable!

Both my parents have dark nipples and olive-y skin with black hair (my father's "black" Irish/Hungarian( https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Irish ) and my mother's similar but Irish/German) and I turned out a strawberry-blonde with skin like a ginger kid, so everything's pink and if I get cold enough my feet turn blue because they're so pale, so I'm not super attractive in a beach setting.

I had no idea my phenotype was so desirable! Thank you for really brightening my life! <3 <3 <3

Anonymous 2572


You sound like you have a super pretty phenotype, anon, I'm glad you feel better. I'm sure you're adorable!

Anonymous 2576

Wow this is interesting, what was your initial color? My nipples are pretty light in color, but it's more like a very light brown than pink, so I don't know if they would change or not. I'm very white so I think pink nipples would look cuter though.

Anonymous 2577


I honestly hate having dark nipples and vulva so much!
I tried bleaching cream but i have a few skin issues that make me prone to discoloration so it just made things worse ;-;

It is considered very ugly where i live and ive been trying to find a way to make things more "attractive"

Anonymous 2581

I don't mind nipples and vulva but I have a bit of discoloration between my thighs even though I'm not really super overweight and I hate it because I'm very light so it's a horrible contrast…no idea how to fix that.

Anonymous 2583


Excuse the shitty pic, it was very hard to find a non-porn nipple gallery. Keeping only the color in mind, this is a pretty accurate before/after. If they're already light I doubt it'll make much of a difference, I don't think you can make them pinker exactly…
But I think they can be lightened no matter what, because mine definitely used to be darker than my current result even when I was younger and they were lighter than first pic.

It was some truly miraculous stuff, I can look for the product name next time I'm home if you guys are interested. It completely removed my facial "emo tan" (forehead light colored because of bangs, rest of the face slightly tanned) as well. I'd bathe in the stuff daily if it wasn't so expensive.

It's considered ugly where I live too, but I really think you shouldn't worry so much that it bothers you like that, anon. :(

Anonymous 2584

Spoiler that shit next time pls

Anonymous 2588

That's pretty much my color (before)! Thanks, anon. If you find the name of the product, please tell us.

Anonymous 2593


Fuck, sorry, anon, the context was so innocent I didn't even think twice before posting. Thanks for the spoiler, mods

It's la roche posay's pigmentclar, this specific one! Just found out amazon has it for $40, which is $20 cheaper than what I paid lol…

Anonymous 2599


I love this mask so much! I also have their mud masque and the smell is so soothing.

Rosehip oil is something I like to add to my moisturizer for lighting acne marks and preventing wrinkles.

Anonymous 2633

Hey, /sg/ what is a good aha/bha for oily skin?

Anonymous 2636


hi anon, I would try Skin Naturals 8% AHA toner. They also sell a BHA toner, however I've never tried it.

If you have some money to spare, try out Dr. Dennis Gross alpha beta universal pads.

Anonymous 2638

Ahh, I already own this product but I haven't started using it yet! Tysm!

Anonymous 2689

Am I actually supposed to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours? What if I wear makeup and have to reapply? Would a spray be easiest?

Anonymous 2690

i use a japanese spray sunscreen "uv water" made for using on the face with makeup. it's by dariya but i can't find a place that sells it at the moment. something like that is probably best.

Anonymous 2691

It's supposed to be reapply after 2 hours of sun exposure. More often if you're doing something active or in the water because you are sweating and washing it off.

For everyday commuting, I don't reapply. I am interested in trying out a sunscreen spray, maybe I will include one in my next sunscreen order.

Anonymous 2692

Sprays tend to break me out and I have dry skin. Any other suggestions would be nice because I also don't reapply after I apply on sunscreen (though in general I try to stay out of the sun and limit its exposure on my face) because I'm busy and i hate to think of having to apply my foundation.

Anonymous 2694

I've found everything I've tried with spf in general breaks me out really badly, even foundations with small amounts. I can't imagine wearing it on my face every day.

Anonymous 2702


I just wanted to recommend this great product. I couldn't afford the strata liquid gold for my acne scars so I bought this instead and I've been pleased.

I started using this after breaking out all over because of overexfoliation, this honey stuff is full of good ceramides

Anonymous 2703


40% urea cream can be used to make caluses and feet softer I'd use some after going at it with a pumice stone

Anonymous 2706

I'm tempted to call troll but then again people put mayonnaise and eggs in their hair for realsies so who knows man.

Anonymous 2707

anything for back acne or body acne in general?

Anonymous 2709

not that anon but honey has proven effects on the skin. i can't tell if you're trolling or genuinely a little dumb.

Anonymous 2710


I still suffer from this, but I noticed my long hair greatly contributes to back acne. Try putting your hair up more often.

Buy an exfoliating cloth (they have some on Amazon) and use it each time you shower. It has helped reduce the acne for me.

Make sure every time you are sweating, you shower afterwards.

Anonymous 2711

I would probably say that anon is not well-versed in skincare that features food or other "uncommon" ingredients.

Same with the eggs and mayo example, there are proven diy/"natural" treatments for skin and hair, but sometimes people do actual stupid shit like using toothpaste for pimples or lemon juice for toner.

Anonymous 2714

Stuff like head and shoulders and mosturizer really help, cleaned up most of my bacne, like 95%

Also don't forget to change clothing often

Anonymous 2716

Agreed. People seem unaware that medical grade honey exists and is still used in hospitals to this day as well as lavender oil.

Anonymous 2722

My friend works in a lab and it has antibacterial properties as well(they tested Manuka honey specifically). Quite interesting!

Anonymous 2726

Have you tried looking into body washes for acne? I don't have bacne so I can't really say if they work but I know someone who uses acne body washes (they're sort of like an acne face cleanser but for your whole body) and it seems to work

Anonymous 2737

I really appreciate this recommendation. I suffered from over exfoliation as well, it caused my skin to become super dry and inflamed. It was a horrible feeling. This past October I did a 180 in my skin care routine and started focussing on hydration instead of surface exfoliation. I also cut the habit of touching my face and change my bedsheets as often as possible now. I've seen great results so far and I feel much more confident, I'm still sensitive to breaking out from time to time on my cheeks and chin though. I think it's from unwanted oil and debris getting caught in my pores from sharing the bed with my partner, and hormonal acne from my period. But thankfully it's easier to monitor and control now that my regiment is all about hydrating the skin, treating it as gently as possible, instead of applying friction and drying it out. African black soap, rose water, witch hazel and tamanu oil have become my choice favorites. I occasionally use the radiance tonic by Lancôme for some very light chemical exfoliation.

Anonymous 2761

Damn, I need to order this. I hope its on Amazon or Yesstyle.

Anonymous 2778

should I put on the sunscreen after i use regular moisturizing cream or before? i guess after, but i know basically nothing about skincare so i better ask

Anonymous 2779

I put it on after.

Anonymous 2905

so, i had the worst break-out ever (really painful zits on chin and cheeks) which obviously left the worst scars. I googled around for some natural remedies and discovered MY SAVIOUR:

Apple Cider Vinegar Toner

I mixed 1 tablespoon vinegar with two tablespoons of water, added 3 drops of tea tree oil and voilà!

The scars almost cleared up completely and my skin has calmed down a lot! I have really acne-prone skin which is both dry and oily and honestly, every product i've used that wasn't natural just made it worse

I only use this toner and a few drops of argain oil to treat my skin. Less is more for me.

Anonymous 2906

>>2905 noooooo don't use vinegar on your skin!!!! Omg please don't. Stop immediately and switch to using an AHA!

Anonymous 2907


i tried AHAs, made my skin really dry and flaky :/ The vinegar is diluted but can I ask why it's so bad?

Anonymous 2911


Does anyone here feel like her skin breaks out a lot because of dairy? Especially milk. Whenever I drink milk I get acne on the next day. Is it just me? Currently I have some red pimples on my cheeks from eating crap/period.
Pic unrelated

Anonymous 2913

My friends also get it, not too sure why but you're not alone!

Anonymous 2914

Thanks, anon. I guess I'll try to stop taking dairy every week… My skin is getting horrible.

Anonymous 2922

Nta but you don't know what you're talking about.

Acv is a safe toner so long as it is diluted properly. It is a very old skin care practice.



As with any other diet or skin care product, for some people it works and for others it does not. Something not working for you or others doesn't mean that it doesn't work for some of us.

So, please fuck off. Like seriously I hate when bitches like you come to skin care chats and try to diagnose people over the internet.

Anonymous 2925


>>2922 did you even read the links before your little sperg out or are you just choosing to ignore the fact the first one talks about it used as a supplement not a toner, and the fact the second one is filled with;

>It completely threw my skin through a loop. I turned red like an apple and my skin felt extremely sensitive the day after (I did dilute it btw). It was unlike anything I've experienced from an exfoliating Acid or retinoid and not in a good way…

>Yes i personally feel diy toners/mist etc are not safe…i used this diluted apple cider toner for few months in 2015 and it ruined my skin .

>I was using ACV for about 3 weeks previously, and it made the skin ever so slightly redder.

Skin has a PH that shouldn't be altered, SCA Reddit is full of people trying to advise/warn others against putting household items on your face so do you even lurk? Or were you just googling to reassure yourself that your totes not ruining your skin? Generally if people are trying to advise others on not destroying their actual faces, it's not them being a bitch and Nobody is diagnosing (wtf?). This is based on science.

Anonymous 2929


whoops sorry i didn't want to start some kind of fight in here… i've started researching using apple cider vinegar a bit more and honestly, it seems like it works differently for each person and everyone seems to have a different opinion on this topic

i was planning to use it just to clear up all the shitty scars on my face since this is the only thing that's helped me so far.

Anonymous 2930

I did read the links, you cunt. The point was that it works for some people and for others it doesn't.

Anonymous 2931

>>2930 u ok Hun?

Anonymous 2932


>swearing at somebody on the internet MUST mean something extreme!

This is why most people went back to lc.

Anonymous 2933

Are you the one who posted that?

You must be trolling…

Anonymous 2934

nta but even admin said in /meta/ that were actively growing, even if we're still small. if some people prefer LC it's fine but don't spread lies. You took that "most people" out of your ass and you probably should see the thread about where the new users come from.

also I'm totally fine with cuss words here. it's just a cuss word, it's not like we don't hear them everyday outside in our daily lives.

Anonymous 2940

>>2932 it's not the swearing, it's how vexed you're getting over this lmao.

Anonymous 2948

>somebody disagreeing with me is a troll

Nobody is "spreading lies" you retard. I'm in several servers with farmers and many of them have left for this exact reason.

And yet you're still replying when you could have chalked the post up to somebody not agreeing with you and went about your day. Shit works both ways, faggot.

Anonymous 2951

images (16).jpeg

>mfw "This is why people went back to lolcow!!1"
That is fine imo because you can't compare chans anymore at this point, cc has grown into its own in terms of userbase personality and ~most~ anons seem to dislike when people act ""rudely"".

I will say this again: I personally don't mind harshness and cuss words here and I know many others don't either. I'm one of the anons who was "harsh" to someone in /feels/ a few days ago and everyone agreed with me but one person who kept whining saying I was mean. Did that stop me from posting? No, as if I would care. I wasn't going against rules or baiting, so that whiny anon can fuck off.

But if people not liking "harshness" and calling you out on it bothers you so fucking much then just stay on lolcow? This is just as dumb and pointless as farmers complaining about PULL. It gets old fast and just makes you sound like an asshole.

Also your "friends" were/are a fraction of the anons here and they don't determine what's happening in the site as a whole. If you want proper answers/facts on who's posting and how they found c.c go to the thread I mentioned previously. Now let's stop derailing this thread for God's sake. I know I just did this myself, but this is absolutely retarded because you're the one creating your own problem: if you don't like how people act towards you in a fucking imageboard then quit, adjust to it or don't give a fuck when people criticize your views.

Anonymous 2952

So fucking leave already then and stop derailing the thread ya dumb cow

Anonymous 2953

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
Maybe, like, don't sperg like a moron and instead ask somebody about their skin care routine next time.

Anonymous 2955

Let's just ignore this troll everyone. :)

With that said, anyone know if most Koreans and/or Koreaboos use micellar water? Last I heard was people were using cleansing oils. Just curious if its a trend in that part of the world since I used to follow the 10-step beauty routine (it didn't do much ime except when I used an expensive set I can't afford atm).

Anonymous 2956

I used to follow kbeauty more closely, but now just do my own thing based on what I had learned when I was very into reading skincare forums/groups consistently.
From what I had seen, it trended from cleansing oils to cleansing balms, and now cleansing water/micellar water seem en vogue, but I can't say of most of those people use it. It might be dependent on if they are following new products a lot or stick to what works, or use both on different occasions (oil/balm for heavier makeup, micellar for light first cleanse).
It seems like overall the market is very cleanser-saturated, so I'm wondering if there will be a "new" (not new, but trending, because all of these types have existed before, but the range and variety available was smaller) type emerging in the future.

Anonymous 2974

I wish I knew. I've wanted to try their oils but I feel like my skin will inevitably break out?

Anonymous 2975

Lol go die faggot

Anonymous Moderator 2976

It's been 4 days, please stop infighting/derailing. This goes for everyone else in this thread, too. I won't issue any bans now, it's just a warning.

Anonymous 2989

So I pretty much have mild cystic acne with oily skin.
Mom has cystic acne plus rosacea, formally diagnosed.

It's not as bad as it should be on my face because I do comedone extractions a lot and have a pretty good hygiene routine. It's not perfect, but it's all I can do.
The only things that ever helped are antibiotics, and I can't get coverage for accutane. I feel a lot of it is hormonal.

A huge problem for me is my back. I have horrible scars and at least three new zits everyday.
The other night my bf popped a cyst on my side. I've just about had it!

I'm thinking of taking this routine >>2905 and applying it to my back with bf's help. I'd be happy to review the results after a week or two.

Anonymous 2995

What sunscreen does everyone use on their face? The one I was using was fine but then recently it's been making my skin super oily? I know it's this product because it doesn't happen if I don't use it (days I stay inside)

Anonymous 2998


Right now I have 3 open, I don't have a HG or #1 yet so I'll just share general opinions. For reference my skin in combo-oily but becoming more normal as I age and moisturize properly, and I am not sensitive to alcohol in my sunscreens.

Pic related from left to right:
SkinAqua Sarafit Essence - I like this one alright. It's a watery cream gel type texture and feels nice, but gives me more of a dewy finish than I would like. What is nice is that for the price, the bottle size is relatively bigger compared to other Japanese sunscreens.

Biore UV Aqua Rich Essence - Even though the Asian Beauty world cried that this new formulation doesn't live up the to 2015 one, I still wanted to try it for myself. It feels thicker than the previous formula, but works fine? Compared to the SkinAqua, it's more gel-like and less watery.

Biore Perfect Milk - White with runny (milky) texture. Good for makeup days because it's a little powdery in finish and priming. It's too drying to use atm during the winter though so I'm just holding onto it until it gets warmer to use.

Anonymous 3052

What's a good hand moisturizer? I want to keep my hands nice and soft and possibly wrinkle-free as long as I can.

Anonymous 3056

Can anyone recommend a good 'repairing' skin product or regime? I've recently been trying to break myself out of my alcoholic lifestyle and the entire reason is because of how it has changed my face (yes, I should be more worried about my liver, but I'm vain). I have these constant dark hollows under my eyes and my nasolabial folds have become more pronounced. I'm twenty-six so I know that my skin might not bounce back as well, but my sister offered to get me some products from Sephora as a late Christmas present and I didn't want to waste an opportunity to get something that actually works. Acne isn't a problem as long as I'm not on my period but the lines in my face really bother me. My skin is sensitive but not really either dry or oily unless I've been drinking.

Anonymous 3057

Do you have an existing skincare routine?

If not, start with having a basic routine: cleansing, moisturizing, sun protection. Consistently taking care of your skin is better in the long run than hoping for a miracle product. Not sure if you want to look for any of those steps from Sephora though since staple products are things you use regularly and will need to replace so starting with lower-end stuff unless you have the budget for it is perhaps better.
Maybe an extra boost step like an essence or serum (since it sounds like your skin is lacking in hydration or plumpness that causes visible lines) would be worth the treat, but I wouldn't recommend adding a bunch of things to your face without a solid routine to start with.

Anonymous 3065

I use O'Keefe's working hands, it's by far the best one I've ever used.

Anonymous 3067

A second for >>3065. I also like the Gold Bond intensive healing cream because it lasts through hand washing if you do that a lot.

Anonymous 3074

Screen Shot 2018-0…

Did I screw up

Anonymous 3076

Not sure what you're referring to or what your goal is, so can't say if you screwed up or not.
If you're trying to put together a routine, I only warn against using all of that at once.

Anonymous 3077

Haha. I'm just worried if the products or sellers aren't genuine or good since my cart totaled ~$100 USD. I know I need to introduce the products slowly, especially the AHA and the vitamin C.

Anonymous 3078

Thank you, I'll look into both of them! My job requires me to wash my hands a lot they're always dry hahaha

Anonymous 3079

I have bought things from ryushindojapan, roseroseshop, and koreacosmall without problems. If you stick with sellers that have many reviews and a high % rating you should be fine. There are still times when things don't go well in terms of shipping, but that is how online shopping works. Also these items are not the most counterfeited if that helps.

I'm also interested in trying the Melano CC as a vit C in my routine, but I haven't gotten around to purchasing.

Anonymous 3080

Yeah you did screw up. Should've gotten Biore's UV watery essence sunscreen instead of Nivea's bs products that don't even work anymore.

Anonymous 3082

The new Biore watery essence is not as good compared to the 2015 formula. Can you elaborate on why Nivea's products don't work anymore? I think I have that sunscreen for trying, but I'm waiting to open it after I finish one first.

Anonymous 3083

>Nivea's bs products that don't even work anymore
Explain. And I've used biore's watery essence and gel before. I went with nivea because it reportedly has the added benefits of being sweat/water/sebum proof and not chock full of alcohol that makes my skin flakey.

Cheers anon. There's no immediate way of telling if the sunscreens are performing up to scratch so I'm always a bit worried.

Anonymous 3143

Has anyone with sensitive skin here tried Biore's watery essence sunscreen and it broke them out? I used it last summer and, while I love the lemony scent of it, I couldn't put any on my face or it'd break me out pretty badly.

Anonymous 3158

Idk what skin type I have.

I like my skin feeling drenched in liquids because when I was in high school I was intimidated by all those beauty guru skincare routines, so I followed my mom's advice and just slathered on vaseline every night. While still in high school, I learned that this practice was fucked, so I used lotion. However, I was so used to the feeling of constant wetness I'd put on as much as possible so my skin looked crazy (at home). I don't get acne, just some occasional boils on my chin area that are probably hormonal related. My current routine looks like this:

Eucerin Advanced Repair Cream at night
Regular lotion during the day (I know, I should use facial lotion, but idk, I have never had a bad experience with regular so far)
Sunscreen every day
Remove makeup using garnier makeup wipes dupe

What should I change in my routine? Is it okay? I don't like being high-maintenance, but I'm scared I'm not doing enough for my skin. I suspect it's combination type, maybe dry, but I'm not sure.

Anonymous 3159

I'm at this weird point there i still break out, but also already start getting fine lines…
I don't have a proper skin care routine at all, what should i do?

Anonymous 3165

Start with a basic routine of wash, moisturize, sunscreen.

Without knowing anything else about you or your skin type, that is the most that can be said for now.

Anonymous 3171

MFW I realise a product has been breaking me out (a primer) but it was so expensive and I'm so poor, I just feel stupid.

Anonymous 3177

iktf anon
I have a mascara that makes my eyes itch a bit, nothing bat just annoying and I paid a lot for it so I don't want to stop using it

Anonymous 3180

Yeah…I really, really know this feel. Bought 3 containers of this one liquid makeup because the shade suited me so well and I liked the coverage.

Pretty sure it contains an ingredient that I'm allergic to. Can't bring myself to toss, but hardly use because I'm scared of it fucking up my skin ;_;

Anonymous 3203


honestly… my acne is killing me. everything i do, nothing seems to work for me. i use oil-free moisturizer, clean my face thoroughly but nothing. my dermatologist even gave me antibiotics and a cream, but it hasn't really helped. i'll probably have to go on isotretinoin which will suck. honestly fuck my fucking skin, it really kills my self-esteem everytime i look at myself in the morning

Anonymous 3204

I hate to ask because you probably already tried it but it can't hurt I guess :/

Do you change your pillowcase often?
Drink enough water?
Maybe it's a reaction to certain foods? (ex. pastries fuck up my face but chips etc don't)
Could be hormonal?
Could be the products?
And how often you use them?

Anonymous 3205


oh no worries…
yeah i do everything on that list, i exercise at least 3-4 times a week and change my pillowcase like every 5-6 days…
idk what it could be, it just randomly started going crazy as soon as i hit my 20ies. horrible. i guess it's hormonal. the worst thing is that every pimpe no matter how small it is leaves a bright red scar and i rarely touch them. aghhhhh

Anonymous 3216



Hey anon, are you me a couple of months a go?

Right now I am using these medicines twice a week and my skin cleared up so much. It is insane. I've never had skin this clear since I was a child (of course, it's not korean idol clear, but it's clear enough for my PCOS ass)

One is Benzoyl peroxide gel, I use the 5% one
And the other is a tretinoin gel. I think I have the 0,5%, I'll check later.

Anyway, the bezoyl peroxide is the trickiest one imho, because your skin starts to peel off and it itches a lot, but you can't scratch it (I did it once and it looked like I had burnt myself for a while).

I was supposed to take isotretinoin as well, but those gels are working so well so far that I really think I will drop it.

The acne is def. clearing up, however I still have gigantic pores, and because of that I am ordering pic related. The amazon reviews are super promising, you should check it out! https://www.amazon.com/Cosrx-Advanced-Snail-Mucin-Essence/dp/B00PBX3L7K/ref=sr_1_1_s_it?s=beauty&ie=UTF8&qid=1521049163&sr=1-1&keywords=snail+essence+cosrx

But anyway, please look up those two products!

Anonymous 3217

I get up, wash my face with a mild cleanser and then put on moisturizer. that's literally it for the day haha.

in the evening, i cleanse my fash thoroughly and then put on my acne-cream before going to sleep.
i tried a lot of stuff from skincare addiction but nothing really worked and it demotivated me even more ;_;

ooh i tired benoyl peroxide! it did help at first (been having acne since i was 13 lol) but after some time it just… stopped working.
changed my derma because my old one kept suscribing me the benzoyl peroxide even tho my face looked like shit lol
will check out the amazon link tho!

honestly thank you for your advice but at this point i'm like…??? wellfuckit i'll just take the meds. kills me everytime i see girls who just splash their face with water and don't have to struggle with pimples, hope i'll be able to get close to that one day :(

Anonymous 3219



Oh, I see. Considering it's supposed to kill bacteria (the benzoyl), it's possible that the bacteria evolves and then it stops working. If you haven't tried it in a while, think what you should do is: getting a bigger % (like the 8 or 10, preferrably 8 cause it's less abrasive. Or if you used the 2,5%, getting the 5%) and combining it with the tretinoin gel. Also, I know this is kinda obvious, but anyway, only apply it on the skin where the pimples are (for me, it's about 70% my face anyway lmao).

The tretinoin gel is an acid, and it makes your skin thinner, so after a while, I believe the BP is going to be no longer needed.

I also struggle with acne since I am 12 lol PCOS sucks, but I am living. If you can, please try this for at least 6 weeks before going through the meds. If you want it, I can post my whole routine!

>kills me everytime i see girls who just splash their face with water and don't have to struggle with pimples, hope i'll be able to get close to that one day

Word. I look at other girls at college and their perfect bumpless scarless plump looking skin and I am like pic related

Anonymous 3223

thank you for your tips kind anonette! <3 i will talk to my derma the next time i see since he has to prescribe benzoyl peroxide to me or else i'm not able to get it where i live. will also talk to him about the tretinoin gel.

if it won't work, i guess my ass will have to go through meds :'^)

Anonymous 3232


I have really good skin, not to brag or anything, but I am pretty loyal to my skincare routine.

rinse with water
sunscreen with SPF
I don't wear makeup.

Hada Labo Gokyjyun foaming face wash - i have been using this for years now and will never change. my SO is even hooked.

the rest of my routine i change up… i like to try new products but the one moisturizer i always come back to is clinique DDML (NOT gel). I have very dry skin so it helps.

Currently I'm using:
- Perricone MD vit c (shit is NOT cheap and not that good, will not repurchase)
- OBAGI retinol 1% which is also expensive but my skin likes it
- Exfolikate which is medicore, too expensive, will not repurchase
- Estee Lauder ANR which makes my skin look fucking shit and I'm mad because it was like $150 so I'm just using it on my arms and shit
-Perricone MD night cream which was like $300 but my skin really likes it lol
-sheet masks

I used to use a lot of K/J-beauty but never really stuck with them besides the hada labo face wash. i think western stuff just works better for me personally, but i have taken the concept of layering many different products, so there's that.

Anonymous 3243

Do vitamin pills for hair and nails work or are they just a waste of money?

Anonymous 3244

Waste of money. Get your vitamin A from food, the body absorbs it better.

Anonymous 3245

Thanks, anon

Anonymous 3270

I've been using BHA for a few months now, currently do it around 2 times a week or less since my skin is quite sensitive.

Recently i bought AHA (for the first time) and i'm wondering how should i space it with the BHA?
For example, if i use BHA do i need to wait a 3-4 days to use the AHA and then wait some more to use BHA for a second time? Should i only do 1 of each a week so i don't over exfoliate?

Anonymous 3276

I personally use both every night and my skin looks great. I do use the CosRX BHA and AHA, which I understand are both milder than a lot of other brands.

Anonymous 3277


Is there anything I can do for old stretch marks like mine? I read a lot about the alternatives, oils, creams and other treatments, but idk anyone who has made theirs get a bit better… Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance

Anonymous 3278

Spain anons, what products do you use?

Anonymous 3291


I also use the corsx one!
How do you space them when using them both? 30 minutes between each one?
I've heard that actives like this need to have a time margin to work best but i'm not sure how much since opinions differ and i don't wanna start getting flaky and over-exfoliated.

I'm a spainanon and if you mean "spanish" products per se, i personally use bella aurora creams and love them so far. They are really inexpensive and my grandma used them when she was young ans swears by them, they are really trusted and swore by by the older population.
If you mean all products:
>bella aurora night balm, day cream hydrafluid with spf 25, and eye countour cream.
>occasionally clarins eclat du jours but i prefer the bella aurora one since it's more moisturizing
>lancaster iris(iirc) tonic
>corsx BHA and (soon) AHA, corsx snail mucin essence
>Avene deep cleanse for makeup and corsx good morning cleanser for normal cleanse
>La roche posay spf 50 athelios XL and la roche posay micellar water (it's the best i've tried) and sometimes i use their tube creams as primer and use their eye cream since it's very lightweight
>Hyalomiel hand cream (adore it but it's very difficult to find), sometimes avene cicalfate hand cream
>Avene thermal water and occasional treatments for pigmentation, mostly cicalfate (really helped with my marks from picking on my legs)
>holika holika aloe vera 99% until my aloe grows enough to use
>missha time revolution serum
>saludvital roseship oil
>diadermine desmaquillante de ojos
>some vitamin c from korea, i think it's called Co2 or something like that lol
>letibalm lip balm (tastes like literal ass but it's super good)
>occasionally bio oil for marks and stuff
>nivea blue tin cream mixed with some drops of lavander essential oil for moisturizing the body
>currently looking for a spray spf 50 to use on top of my makeup but most sprays seem to be spf 25 so idk

I buy most of my products except from the korean ones from primor, french pharmacies and andorra (i get most of my french stuff from there since it's dirt cheap compared to spain, mostly go to Juliá and IF/Douglas + pharmacies), and the korean ones from ebay.

Anonymous 3293

I don't space between the two more than ~5 minutes, but after applying AHA I wait 20 minutes to apply serum/moisturizer

Anonymous 3294

What does being susceptible to facial boils/carbuncles and cellulitis mean about my skincare? I don't get acne or pimples. Only chin boils/carbuncles or cellulitis between my eyebrows or deep within my nose.

Anonymous 3306

acne anon here again

my doc put me on isotretinoin yesterday (20mg). talked to him about other solutions but he said with all the things i've already tried this is the only way :'^)

if anyone's interested, i can post progress pics, any side-effects, etc.

Anonymous 3307

please do

Anonymous 3313

I get a lot of sebum buildup in my nose and it's spreading to my cheeks and chin crease. I've heard clay masks are the best way of dealing with this problem. Assuming money is no issue, what mask should I get?

Anonymous 3314



I am >>3216 and this

>but he said with all the things i've already tried this is the only way

always sound kinda fishy to me, considering I've also heard it a lot (my sister even took it btw, we all have hormonal problems in the family), and well, my face is coming closer each day to being clear without it. It's being a while since I've got (tmi) super pussy and big pimples; they are mostly small and almost bumpless now.
Extra sus considering how expensive isotretinoin is!

But I really really hope it works for you, anon! It worked very well for my sister. Her case was, admitedly, way worse than mine, she was like level 4 acne, I swear to god this pic could be her after the treatment (I think she got laser peeling afterwards too so it wouldn't look as bad), and I am between level 2 and 3 in some areas.

I too am interested in the before and after pics, by the way! I also took some of my own, I could also post if anyone is interested.

Anonymous 3317


yeaj he said he could put me on other stuff that i've already tried (aka. antibiotics) again but he said if i really wanna just get rid of it once and for all isotretinoin is the way to go lmao . AND I'M JUST SO TIRED I WANT THIS TO END

oooh wow! glad that it helped your sis! i hope my scarring won't be too bad when all is cleared up :^)

and yes! pls post your pics, always excited to see them for inspiration!

current routine

> wash face with a mild face cleanser from the drugstore
>aloe vera toner from Body Shop
>vitamin c spray from Bodyshop
>aloe vera gel to treat red spots, moisturize
>neutrogena oil free moisturizer (if face still feels dry)
>sometimes a bit make up but i pretty much never wear it nowadays

>garnier oil-infused micellar water
>wash face with mild cleanser
>aloe vera gel
>tea tree oil for spot-treating
>vaseline for lips

interested to see if i'll have to up my moisturizing game since istretinoin is so drying but i'm a firm believer that less is more. i remember when i was trying out each and every product at once //shudder

Anonymous 3334

Less is absolutely not more when it comes to moisturizing on accutane. You need a heavy duty facial moisturizer and lip balm, and your body could dry out in certain areas too (eg my upper arms and my scalp - which was actually awesome, I could go weeks without washing my hair and no grease).

Anyway, your derm is right. It is 100% the way to go, and even with all the side effects my only regret is not going on it sooner because of all the fear mongering that surrounds it. And not moisturizing my forehead enough, it gave me lines. But it gave me clear skin with zero effort for years, it didn't last forever once it was entirely out of my system but my skin is manageable now.

Anonymous 3340


isotretinoin-anon checking back

1.5 week later and my lips are the drier than the sahara. honestly, i've been carrying vaseline with me EVERYWHERE lmao

my skin hasn't really dried up that much, but it's very oily anyway so the added dryness is actually kinda nice (only got some dry spots around my mouth which i can handle) -> upped my moisturizing and sunscreen game tho

my skin has also cleared up a bit but i don't think i can blame it on the tretinoin (only got around 2-3 active new pimples which were really small and manageable)

pic related has been my skin like 85% of the time since last september (i realize it's not as bad as it could be but really painful anyways) will post progress pictures!

Anonymous 3353

I was prescribed isotretinoin years ago for recalcitrant moderate acne, as due to migraines with aura, effective oestrogen-containing hormonal therapy was contraindicated. I took quite a low dose in the end, 20mg/day for 3 months. It was a few weeks before I say any noticeable positive change, so be warned - there can be a "purging" period while deeper comedonal and inflammatory lesions are forced out. Stick with it if this happens as things do improve vastly from there on out. Isotretinoin is the ONLY treatment that profoundly regulates sebum production and composition and normalises follicle activity - most of the time, the benefits persist well beyond the end of the treatment course. I personally suffered with dry lips and angular cheilitis but my skin was absolutely flawless for the most part and I'd do it again in a heartbeat if I had to.

Nowadays nearly 10 years later, I do still have oily skin in general and pre-menstrual acne flares, but far milder than in the past.

Anonymous 3501


month 2 of isotretinoin and honestly, guys, i could cry when i look at pic related

same side-effects as last month. basically just very dry lips but vasline helps a lot! scalp is drier too, which means i have to wash my hair less which is fucking awesome. skin isn't as oily anymore

and most importantly, i can go out without make up. like… i just put on moisturizer and that's all! im so happy

routine as of now:

wash face with mild cleanser (balea)
put on Aqua serum (balea)
put on nivea day moisturizer with spf
vaseline on lips!!

wipe face with micellar water
put on nivea nightcream (it's reaaally rich and feels so good on my skin)

Anonymous 3506

Congrats anon! Hope your skin stays like this and you're happy!

Anonymous 4430

How exactly do I tell what type of skin I have? And what's a cheap way to keep my skin looking good?
I don't want to exceed 50 bucks for half a year on this stuff.

Anonymous 4431

flaky patches = dry
lots of oil production = oily
flaky + oily = dehydrated or combo

But it also depends because after having a routine your skin can chill out and your "type" seems to change (mostly because you treated the conditions that made it out of balance, or age).

Cheap stuff for decent skin:
(Maybe a hydrating toner if dealing with dehydration)

Anonymous 4442


Can anyone recommed a routine for someone with combo sensitive skin?

Anonymous 4561

So I started adding this peel gel to my skincare routine that I use 2x a week on Friday and Tuesday. I've started getting boils in weird places - my cheekbones, the area where nasolabial folds form on some people (I don't have the fold… yet). I used to only get boils and carbuncles on my chin area. Is this phase temporary? Will it go away? Or should I stop using this peeling gel?

This is gross but even though I always remove makeup at night, I rarely wash my face… I know, disgusting, but I hate how dry it feels when I wash it so I always just slather eucerin night cream on it or coconut oil. I guess the only other thing I do is I always wear sunscreen.

I'm scared to use a toner on my skin because this experience is making me freak out that I'll just get more boils and carbuncles.

Anonymous 4562

You could test your theory by taking the new product out and then reintroducing it.

Also consider the basics: cleanse, (maybe tone if you want/need it) moisturize, sunscreen so that you have a decent base for your routine and can determine if it's the peeling gel or other factors.

(Get a less stripping cleanser)

Anonymous 4704

What helps you guys control an oily t-zone? The climate here is perennially humid and hot. To somewhat mitigate the problem when exposed to sunlight I apply less product on that area in the morning. My skin isn't the healthiest due to PCOS and a sedentary NEET lifestyle. However it's been looking more dewy and moisturized at its best.

>Skinfood Egg White Perfect Pore Cleansing Water
>Kikumasamune High Moist Lotion
>Shiseido White Lucent Eye Cream
>Ishizawa Lab Urea Face Moisture Cream
>Skinfood Aloe Watery Sunblock

>Muji Sensitive Skin Oil Cleanser (spread across face, emulsify, wash off)
>Skinfood Cleansing Water
>Innisfree Green Tea Serum
>sometimes a face mask
>Nature Republic The First Emulsion
>Shiseido Eye Cream
>Urea Cream

Just introduced the Kiku and urea cream to my routine as replacements for finished products. I'm breaking out a bit more because of Kiku. Some people have reported the same and claimed their skin improved after a month, so I'll wait it out since it's really hydrating.

Anonymous 4705


Kind of a weird question, but can someone help me with this?
I'm very slim but I've always had a bit of excess fat around my torso (skinnyfat), even when I was fairly underweight, it's just always there even when my ribs show. It doesn't look bad when I'm standing up so I just did nothing about it and didn't worry.
I've had these purplish red marks under my chest must be lines from working out and on my sides on and off since I was a girl (pic related is where they are), but thought nothing of it since they would be there one day and go away the next depending on how I've been sitting. Even when I stand up, even if I wear nothing, they would show.

Well, recently I noticed that the skin around that area started looking sort of lizard-like and those lines seem to be permanent wrinkles now. Before I just told myself it's from sitting down for a long time and it'll go away by tomorrow but now it always looks like I've got sagging skin under my breasts even though I don't, it's just that line/wrinkle. I've only recently figured out I've got dry skin, if that helps.

Are these stretch marks? Will they go away? Can I make them go away? They make me look like a granny.

Anonymous 4706

I don't have that even though I am overweight and was overweight for a big part of my life. Maybe it's an allergic reaction? I know you've said you've had them for a long time but it's my only idea. I got a similar lizard skin feel where you draw the first line due to a sportsbra.

Anonymous 4707

Yeah, I was thinking it's from wearing a badly fitting bra over the years. I don't think it's an allergic reaction since it happens even when I wear loose cotton shirts for a longer period of time, it looks like those marks you get from underwear digging into your hips except it's between the folds of my skin when I hunch down. Thanks for sharing your experience though anon! I was afraid it was because I was skinnyfat.

Anonymous 4834


bought this at Marshalls n it really helped clear up my acne..
Now, I just wish I had something to help me with fine lines and wrinkles.

Anonymous 4862


I think I have dry skin and I starting using this 2x a week. I thought it might be too strong so I lowered the amount to 1x a week because I developed more pimples (I usually only get one nasty hormonal boils on my chin and no other pimples or acne). Well, I am now getting boils and little pimples on different parts of my face so I think it's too strong on my skin? How do I know for sure? Is it just part of some cleansing phase and after that it'll help my skin? I've been doing everything else normally.

I shaved my face with one of those eyebrow razors because my hair was growing black on my face and I think it's getting me acne as well. Wish I could somehow remove facial hair without consequences.

Anonymous 4885

Any update on this post?
I'm in the same situation and I'm beginning to think the only solution to age marks like this is surgery or shit like fillers

Anonymous 4920

I'm not sure if I put my routine up yet. I'm still going to a derm every few months to help get my skin together.

>garnier micellar water
>cosrx low ph good morning cleanser
>the ordinary HA 2% + B5
>clindamycin (prescription)
>vanicream moisturizer
>cerave pm
>evian facial spray
>biore aqua rich watery essence

>micellar water
>cosrx good morning foaming cleanser
>the ordinary HA
>sheet mask (every week)
>cerave pm

Vanicream is definitely helping me through these cold months since my skin was peeling from the dryness of the weather and the differin making my skin more sensitive.

Anonymous 4921

What can I do to prevent getting wrinkles? I have some light nasolabial wrinkles and i hate them and want to make sure they don't get any worse.

I've seen some solutions online but they all seem to be kinda expensive

Anonymous 6204

sleep on your back

Anonymous 6249


Anonymous 6291

I found out I have rosacea (the pustule kind) which is why everything I've tried other than Cetaphil and Aveeno irritate my skin, any product recommendations?

Anonymous 6292

what brand/dosage of retinol are you guys using? prescription or no?

Anonymous 6307

Why not just keep using Cetaphil/Aveeno if that's what works? What else are you trying to incorporate?

Wear sunscreen, stay hydrated, and most importantly, give up the need to be wrinkle-free because you'll only lose that battle.

Anonymous 6510

Finally found a way to fix my melasma! Getting 3 vi peel precision plus peels done, I’m so ugly due to my discoloration. I can finally look normal ;-; It’s hella expensive though but so worth it!

Anonymous 6534

I just bought one a couple of weeks ago for acne scars. I feel like it has helped to some extent,the scars have faded a little bit. Although the one I bought was a 1 mm one.

Anonymous 6536

I'm curious about these too. I have thin skin though and one of the reviews said it isn't good for that.

Anonymous 6578

Scratch that I'm getting cosmelan done, the results are insane! I'd recommend anyone who has melasma or any other skin pigment issues to look into it. It's quite pricey so I don't plan on getting it done a lot, I also plan on getting Groots forumla #3 to use as a deterrent to keep it from returning. I already use 0.25 tretinoin and 4% hydroquinone but it's a better alternative since it contains 12% - 8% hydroquinone, kojic acid, tretinoin, hydrocortison along with other helpful ingredients all concocted into one. Groot forumla #3 is significantly cheaper as well only costing 50 dollars, the downside is that it's meant to be used only for a single month however given the high dosage of hydroquinone that's understandable.

I currently use biore watery essence 50 spf as a sunscreen but apparently it doesn't protect against UV-A rays which are responsible for tanning and melanin product, it only works against UV-B rays. So I'll be looking into getting a new sunscreen that counteracts this.

Anonymous 6579

I'm trying to start being more consistent with skincare, but can someone tell me the point of toner and why I need to use it twice a day?

I get cleanser (for removing makeup/excess oil) and moisturizer (making your skin soft/some spf) but why is toner a part of most basic skincare routines :thinking emoji:

Anonymous 6580


The explanation that has made the most sense to me is: imagine your skin is a sponge. will a dry sponge or a wet sponge absorb more moisturizer/exfoliant/etc.?

It also is supposed to get rid of any cleanser residue on your face, I think

Anonymous 6595

My skin finally got so nice and then I fucked it up again, reeeeeeeEEEE. I think it’s because I started using a makeup brush again and I haven’t really cleaned it yikes, thoughts?

Anonymous 6635

Might as well try cleaning it.

Anonymous 6639

This is probably a dumb question but is there any way to make your leg hair stop growing in so long, thick and dark? After I started shaving for a few years I began to look like a fucking sasquatch if I don't shave despite having thin blonde hair everywhere else. I want to go back to having short feminine hairs that I can bleach if they don't turn blonde again.

Apologize in advance if I sound like an idiot.

Anonymous 6640

From what I recall it's supposed to help get rid of leftover crap (dirt, oil, makeup, sunscreen, etc.) in your pores that face wash doesn't pick up and shrink them. At least that's what my friend told me.

I personally can't use toner, even hypoallergenic or ones for sensitive skin because it turns my skin bright red and stings. Apple cider vinegar did the same thing. Is there anything I can use in place of toner that has the same effect?

Anonymous 6647


I use rose water as a ''toner'' and i love it>>6640

Anonymous 6707

I realized that I have a lot of makeup buildup on my face because just using oil remover and a moisturizer was leaving residue on my face. Eugghhhh. I tried just using miscellar water and had the same problem.

Right now my routine is:
> oil makeup remover
> micellar water facewash (remove w/cotton pad)
> midcellar water toner (remove with cotton pad)

But when I wash my face lightly in the morning, it seems like there's still foundation being picked up??

I don't wear heavy makeup, just anti-uv face cream, light foundation cream, blush, eyeliner, mascara, and eyebrow pencil/powder.

Anonymous 6711

Does your oil based cleanser emulsify when mixed with water?
Also, try using a regular foaming cleanser to clear off any remaining gunk that is left over from the oil cleanse. And then follow up with a toner if you feel there is any left over residue.

Anonymous 6712

cold water rinse
the ordinary plant-derived squalene

clinique take the day off cleansing balm
dr jart cerimidin liquid
the ordinary rose hip seed oil

Anonymous 6719

If you have leftover dirt and makeup after cleansing you're not doing it right or using the right cleanser. Toners in the West do fuck all but are heavily marketed as part of the 1-2-3 step routine.
You might not even need a hydrating toner AND a moisturiser if your skin isn't dry or dehydrated.

Anonymous 6928

I think so, the packaging says to wash it off with regular or warm water.

I did some searching about the proper way to wash your face (Yes, hello, I'm ten years old) and switched up the order a bit. The past few days I've gone facial cleanser -> oil-based makeup remover -> moisturizing cleanser/toner. There seems to be no residue the next day, I'm not sure if this method makes sense at all but it seems to be working.

Anonymous 6938

So I have been getting dark hair growing on my chin. I tweeze it out when i find it, but what if one is there and I don't find it? how do i stop this? can those home hair remover lasers work?

Anonymous 6940

I think you should probably get your hormones checked.

Anonymous 6941

I can't afford a doctor and it's not a full damned beard or anything. Just a few dark ones mixed into peachfuzz. Are there at-home tests? I did an at-home bloodtype test.

Anonymous 6943

Peach fuzz? Jesus, anom. Lay off the onions and red meat. Consume more legumes, seeds. A dietary change is what I can recommend to you the most. Also if you're from where I think you're from, with that excuse, I think there might be something in the fast food.

Anonymous 6946

You're telling me you don't have peach fuzz? Do you know what peach fuzz even is? Everyone in the world has it. And I don't eat fastfood.

You know what, nevermind. Take your attitude problem and go to hell with it.

Anonymous 6965

I get few hairs on my chin that are darker and thicker than my normal peach fuzz. When I pluck them, they give more resistance and I've noticed the root is darker as well. I've never had my hormones checked, but to contrast that other anob's comment, I have a good diet and I still get the hairs. I've thought maybe it's the hair dna getting mixed up. Like how men's beard hair can beverage different from their scalp hair?

Anonymous 7051

Any swimmers here? How do you protect your skin against the chlorine?

Anonymous 7059

>give up the need to be wrinkle free

Hard truth.

Anonymous 7096


Already see a couple of posts about acne but I've been getting it on my chest and back, like… really bad. For a while now. My doc prescribed benzoyl peroxide like a few others mentioned but it's still significant.

Does anyone have any experience with chemical peels/laser? The amount of scarring makes it hurt to look in a mirror when I don't have my clothes on. And forget about wearing a swimsuit.

Anonymous 7098

Me too, my chest started back up for me after some antibiotics. But fungal treatment and a safe routine is helping a good bit. Maybe look into that if your breaking out is "still significant" after peroxide. I always stuck with benzoyl peroxide gel during my teen acne, but it just fed the fungus and made it worse.

As for bacne help, it may be worth it to either change conditioner/shampoo or just wash hair in a way that doesn't touch your back. I also ignored this one for years because I love milk, but giving it up reduced the bacne dramatically. Even if I just eat some cheese I get a back cyst. So maybe give that a try!

No experience with scar removal yet since I'm still fighting the good fight (and winning thank goodness). I hear lasers are best for keloids though.

Anonymous 7101

Hey, thanks for the advice! I’ve been making sure to keep my hair away from my back while showering/bathing. I might need to give up on dairy, which is honestly going to be hard because I love it to death. I’m hoping someone will have info on laser/chemical peels because it scares me but the back/chest acne scars are so severe that I’ll need to do it once I get a chance to talk to my dermatologist.

Anonymous 7125


How do you get rid of bags under your eyes? Mine are around this bad. Is it beyond hope to get rid of them?

Anonymous 7128

I’ve been trying a lot of things (namely sleep) to no avail so if you find out, let me know.

Anonymous 7148

ya'll really don't need to be using so many products…

AM: rinse face with water, apply cerave moisturiser and eucerin spf gel

PM: avene extremely gentle cleanser, the ordinary salicylic acid or niacinamide , cerave moisturiser

Anonymous 7155

CeraVe is great. When I worked at a drug store we had so many people cone in buying it on the recommendation of their dermatologist or doctor that I started using it myself.

I haven't thought about it in years since I moved.

Anonymous 7183

what's a good starter skincare routine for someone with dry skin and not a lot of money to spend? Other than wanting to help my skin be more moist, I have a lot of problems with my pores, my nose has these really gross blackheads or sebacaeous filamen or whatever all over it, I tried nose strips and they're just complete garbage and don't really help. I also have some minor pitting on my cheeks from when I used to have acne as a tween and while I can conceal it easily I honestly feel kind of shitty about it and was wondering if there's anyway I can reduce the size of them? All I do atm is use some Neutrogena "deep moisture norwegian formula comfort balm" that I slap on my face every night before bed.

Anonymous 7184

oh I forgot to say, a few times a week I also use a cheap mask called Glorious MUD that I get for a pound a bottle from semichem. I live in the UK.

Anonymous 7185

Is start one product every two weeks so you can watch for improvement and if you have a reaction you’ll know which product caused it. Cerave in the tub is good for dry skin and so is the pond dry skin moisturizer IMO

Anonymous 7186


thanks a bunch! when you say cerave in the tub are you just talking about this stuff?

Anonymous 7187

Yeah, the mostrizing cream is good for dry skin

Anonymous 7429

what are some good homemade products that are good for oily&rough skin? also, how important is sunscreen? how much do i have to pay for it?

Anonymous 7430

I can’t tell you any homemade products but
>also, how important is sunscreen?
if you live in a place with high UV rays like I do, it’s extremely important
> how much do i have to pay for it?
Decent sunscreen can be as cheap as $10 (ex sun bum) but I like using Coola setting spray because I usually wear makeup daily, which is about $40.

Anonymous 7431


hey I wondered if anyone could help me with closed comedones on my cheeks and around my mouth? (it's like the pic but far more of it)

my skincare routine is really basic. I use the oil cleanse method which I really like and have been using for years, so

- grapeseed oil cleanse
- trilogy cream cleanser (which I remove using a scrubby to gently exfoliate)
- the ordinary natural moisturising factors + HA
- other times I will use pai rosehip oil instead of the ordinary moisturiser

am I missing out on a huge component of skincare here? I really don't have a lot of idea! I've used chemical exfoliant in the past but even then the closed comedones remained. I just want to stop these closed comedones. any recommendations appreciated! especially those that are cruelty free

Anonymous 7433

What do you guys think of using honey? What are your favorite products/diy with it? I plan to have it be a major part of my routine, but am i making a mistake (have oily skin)?
Just did a simple honey cleanse today (warm water, honey, warm water), i got surprised by how much softer my skin felt!

Anonymous 7647

Any thoughts on LED therapy, with different color lights?

Anonymous 7761

I posted some time ago in this thread about yellow residue after washing my face. I changed cleansers and still had the residue… I stopped wearing makeup and it's still there. I realized it's probably just sebum. Even when I wipe my face with micellar water in the morning there's some yellow. In the evening there's more and some dirt yuck.

I'm just wondering if anyone has a similar problem? I can also literally see sebum/something sticking out of my pores on my nose. Eugghhhh.

Anonymous 7762

Honey is great for calming down skin. And if you make coffee and then mix the coffee grounds with the honey, you can make a lip scrub.

Anonymous 7763

It is just sebum. It's perfectly normal, nothing to worry about.

Anonymous 7764

Well, yeah. Thanks for the sensible reply.

Anonymous 7768

Thank you for the answer!

Anonymous 7769

My skin was very damaged by decades of going out under tropical sun without any kind of protection. What can i do to reverse or minimise the damage?

Anonymous 7772


Sunscreen going into the future.
Retinoids, but only after a solid sunscreen habit. Vitamin C.

Anonymous 7829


Heya I am here for anons with acne, I have to tell you what worked for me, it might not work for you but you can try.
I put aspirin dissolved in water on my face in the morning and evening and it's the only thing I've tried that helped me. Aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid and salicylic acid is helpful against acne. I've bought a salicylic acid solution before but it didn't help me so I'm sticking to aspirin.
It also helps fade scars faster. Although I have to admit I still get a few spots if I don't exercise but they don't hurt half as much and they go away in a couple of days.
I don't use any other products, just the plain old nivea cream. I don't even wash my face anymore with face cleanser/soap/whatever it's called, just water.
Pic related is my forehead right now and from last year. The texture of the skin is still a bit wonky but I have bangs anyway

Anonymous 7848

I used to dissolve an aspirin in honey and mix it with honey to use as an exfoliant! I really liked it. I stopped because I had a roommate then and it made a mess.

I've been washing my face with baby soap lately. It's really cleaning out the gunk from my face, and completely annihilated a whitehead I got within one day.

Anonymous 7860

I have been using red and green light. Love it.

Anonymous 7874

Anonymous 8029


I have a lot of random spots on my body (back,legs) .How can I get rid of them?

Anonymous 8032

use a japanese salux washcloth in the shower every other day or every three days. it's crazy how much dead skin will come off at first. if you have pigmentation from the acne try using the washcloth in combination with Kojic acid soap. moisturize after showering, and make sure you always wear clean clothes and sleep on clean sheets.

i used to have horrible body acne as a teen, and it flares up when stressed, eating badly, lacking in exercise

Anonymous 8155


I have some skin discolouration on my forehead which, I think, was caused by my acne- how do I get rid of 'em?

Anonymous 8157


What should I do to my diet to get a better completion (softer, less oily skin), aside from limiting my sugar consumption?

Anonymous 8179

Cutting dairy does more to improve my face than avoiding sugar. It might just be me though.

Anonymous 8180

Milk is usually high in sugar. Around 13g per cup

Anonymous 8181

I find no caffeine+low salt+lots of water helps with softness! Also regular chemical exfoliation and two moisturizers layered on top of each other in my routine.
Still a greaseball after a few hours though. If anyone has topical suggestions lmk since I've tested diet elimination of so many things over the past year and none helped with that.

Just goes to show how different bodies can be: I cut milk out for MONTHS since I thought it was a culprit, but I think it may regulate my hormones in some way and things are improving again. Cheese breaks out my back though, maybe something about the yeast or bacteria? Idk.

It's tragic that there is no right answer.

Anonymous 9948

Anyone here use differin?

My skin is acne prone but extremely finicky. The current best routine I have found that both keeps my acne at a minimum and keeps it from getting irritated is to wash with water only, moisturize with shea butter, then use differin on top. (Differin is pretty heavy stuff which is why it's best to use over moisturizer.)

HOWEVER I'm scared my lack of a proper moisturizer has started giving me wrinkles. I have two on my forehead now. I tried to use actual moisturizer in the past but they all broke me out or irritated my skin.

I've been thinking of trying dermarolling. Will that do?

Anonymous 9951

dermarolling really works. better than dermarolling though is the dermapen, it's much more precise and the attachments are great bc they're specialized for your needs (ones for wrinkles, ones for deep acne scars, ones for lip plumping, hair regrowth, etc) you dispose of them when you're done so there's no risking having improperly sanitized, plus you can very precisely control the needle penetration. i have the dr. pen (the real one not the crap from Wish) and i really like it but if you don't want to spend the 70-90 dollars, you can just do the dermaroller. retinoids definitely dry out the top layer of skin so you might be seeing wrinkles from dehydration of the top skin layer. drink more water and maybe incorporate a water based moisturizer into your routine too. i have experienced the fine lines from dehydration but it goes away for me when i rehydrate my skin and drink water. the top layer of skin is purposely being dried out and turned over by the retinoid so this is what happens.

Anonymous 9955

i forgot to say that i break out with a lot of moisturizers too, and as far as a water based moisturizer goes, i've found that basically none of them break me out IF they don't have silicone.

the problem for me is that a lot of moisturizers have silicones or oils that aren't high in linoleic acid. silicones are allegedly supposed to be non-comedogenic and everyone sings their praises, but i've found they are often so difficult to get off of my face and they trap oils underneath them, so they're not great for people prone to moisturizer break outs, and unfortunately silicones are in like, 9 out of 10 moisturizers, even a lot of water based ones, so check the ingredients list before buying

Anonymous 9956

Thank you so much! My mom has one of the clinique moisturizers that apparently don't have silicone. I'll try hers for a few weeks and see if it breaks me out.

Anonymous 9959

Different anon but I'm going to check our the dermapen now. I'm 30 and noticing soft wrinkles on my forehead and it's freaking me the fucking out.

Anonymous 10016

does anyone have any products for blackheads and good exfoliating body scrubs?

Anonymous 10017


the ordinary aha 30% bha 2% helps my blackheads in conjunction with a retinoid (not at the same time or near the same time obviously)

Anonymous 10421

sad frog.png

I tried TO niacinamide to improve my skin but it gave me the worst breakout of my life and like two months later I still have little red dots all over my face from it. Tried it again to get rid of the hyperpigmentation but it just gave me more spots. Don't wanna use any of these supposed miracle chemical mixtures anymore, anyone got some advice? Really despairing over here

Anonymous 10422

TO’s niacinamide used to work wonders for me years ago but I stopped wearing it mid 2020 after it gave me breakouts too. Apparently on 2019 the owner and brand behind TO died a mysterious death so whoever’s in charge now is sabotaging the products. It’s a pity though bcs those little bottles worth $8 each gave me the best complexion I’ve ever had. Big corporations with expensive skincare lines were shaking in their boots.

Anonymous 10426

Anonymous 10427

Salicylic acid. Get a cheapo bottle of about 10% acid and paint it on your face every few days. Don't wash off.

Anonymous 10428

Would that help really? I'm starting Isotretinoin in a few weeks (I hope, if I'm not pregnant)because I'm tired.

Anonymous 10429

You can increase the strength after a while.

Anonymous 10472


TO Niacinamide gave me the worst breakout of my life and I'm still dealing with the red scarring months later. Got some pixi glow tonic to help but now I hear some people saying it's shitty n worthless. Any opinions? I wanted to get vitamin C serum but all the stuff local to me has people on plebbit saying it's not actually effective

Anonymous 10473

Ah fuck I forgot I already posted about it here kinda oh well pls help

Anonymous 10474

You're better just getting 5% glycolic acid and using that. All the extra stuff just irritates your skin.

Anonymous 10476

not true. vitamin c has been extremely effective for me in combatting discoloration. (i use melano cc by the way.)

Anonymous 10654

Rei Ryugazaki Lock…

I'm too lazy to lurk through this thread that could possibly give me answers for my question so I'm going to ask anyway. How do you guys prevent dark spots from acne? I used to not get any at all when I would breakout in high school. Now it seems they come and go in my 20's. It's annoying me so bad. Also does anyone have any cheap remedies that make them quickly fade? I have combination skin, more on dry and sensitive if that helps.

Anonymous 10684

>2 years after quitting isotretionin
>skin getting worse
I'd never undergo it again bc of the side effects
but I really miss the clean, silky smooth skin

Anonymous 10695


aloe vera gel. helps them fade waaaay faster than they normally would. i apply every night

Anonymous 10707

Thank you!

Anonymous 10976

does anyone else get a ton of blackheads/sebaceous filaments on their breasts? how do i get rid of this?

Anonymous 10992

Use an acid to exfoliate. Don't be tempted to squeeze them as it will just make the pores bigger and they will reappear worse.

Anonymous 11129


Do these work? I was gifted a few for Xmas and just tried the first one, I think my skin under my eyes looks less tired but I can't tell. I plan to use the remaining 4 pairs each following day, cause I've heard that's the best way to do it to get the most effect.

Can anyone who uses these tell me what exactly they do, how often I should use them and maybe suggest the best one to buy? I have dark circles under my eyes and want to brighten up the skin a bit to look less tired.

Anonymous 11130

I think they would be bad by pulling at your delicate under eye skin when you take them off

Anonymous 11189


Do dermarollers really work? I have moderate acne scarring and I really want to give dermarolling a go. Does anyone have any experience or tips?

Anonymous 11191

Get a professional to do it, don’t DIY as it can make scars worse.

Anonymous 11223

Don’t do professional or DIY. Both of them cause additional scarring.

Anonymous 11224

The Ordinary Niancinimide + Zinc
Cerave Cream
Gokujyun UV White Gel SPF 50+

Stridex Red Box
The Ordinary Niancinimide + Zinc
Cerave Cream

Spot Treatment: Persa-gel
Acne Meds: Doxycycline 100mg

Normally use The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors in the morning instead of Cerave but I'm mixing up my routine to accommodate the meds.

Anonymous 11225

My routine looks a lot like yours except I also use Cezanne toner and no medical treatments. My skin is looking pretty great but I do want to get on tretinoin this summer so I'll keep you guys updated.

Anonymous 11299

What's Witch Hazel? Been seeing people rave about it in this thread and noticed it's an ingredient in one of my cleansers. What is it?

Anonymous 11311

It's an herb that's often sold in pharmacies as an extract in alcohol. I believe it's intended to clean small wounds and stuff. Some people use it as a toner for acne.

Anonymous 11312

>Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser
>rinse with cold water
>Thayers witch hazel toner
>vitamin C serum
>Cetaphil oil free moisteriser
>Vasaline on lips and carmex through the day

>Neutragena oil free acne wash cleanser
>Cetaphil moisteriser
>heavy ammount of vasaline on lips
I'm currently looking for a very light spf 30-60 moisteriser to use in the mornings but most sunscreen is too greasy/oily for my skin. I also want to start using retinoids a couple times a week at night and vitamin C serum at night on the days I'm not using retinoids but I'm currently seeing how sensitive my skin is to vit-C.

Anonymous 11316

It's a natural astringent. I use it for toner.

Anonymous 11317

get sunscreens made with zinc oxide as the active. They are much less greasy, and are also anti-inflammatory and offer broad-spectrum protection. Get a tinted one if you have darker skin.
I have super oily and sensitive skin and personally like the myChelle brand. It's oil-free and has a very smooth finish.

Anonymous 11357

seems like a gimmick. just buy brightening serum. they put the tiniest amounts of product on items like these when realistically you could just be applying it yourself. this is about the "spa experience" rather than efficacy

Anonymous 11361

First, there is no point in starting skincare in your mid-20’s, right?
Second, how to do skincare in a place with both very little water and no running water? Dust and anything greasy/sticky gets everywhere. Grew up in this place, and I’m going back there for a few months.

Anonymous 11362

How is there no point? Wtf ageist retardation are you internalizing

Anonymous 11363

I mean I often get mistaken for someone much older, despite healthy lifestyle and not smoking. Not sure if it can improve at this point.

Anonymous 11364

I'm in my mid 20s and regularly get mistaken for someone much younger, despite shit skincare until age 23ish. idk how that proves that skincare is useless in your 20s.

Anonymous 11365

You’re not gonna reverse the clock but you can at least do something. If you’re a true beginner, I recommend starting with a good daily sunscreen (even if you’re dark) and taking off any makeup at night.

Anonymous 11380

Well, guess that’s possible as well. Just got myself shit genetics then.
Is day cream with sunscreen good, or do I need actual SPF in it (this face cream has 15 SPF which is basically nothing, right (and I’m ginger-tier pale))?
Also bought a toner and a cleanser.

Anonymous 12721


I’ve been using this sunscreen for years. I’ve noticed I still get freckles on my face. I don’t mind how they look, but I know they’re a sign on sun damage. Does this mean the sunscreen isn’t working? Any recs?

Anonymous 12722

Freckles aren't sun damage, they're just a genetic trait and are actually a little bit of melanin that protect your skin from the sun.

It's probably not an issue with the sunscreen, more likely your application isn't perfect (which is to be expected). You can't rely on sunscreen alone, you've gotta avoid exposure entirely or make use of shade, covering your skin, etc.

Anonymous 12723

Oh, I had no idea that freckles were a good thing! Thank you anon.

Anonymous 12752

My sister had bought this for me a while ago but randomly told me to stop using it because it was giving her breakouts. It could just be because of our skin type but I'm not sure. Anyhow, freckles are cute, Anon.

Anonymous 12753

>giving her breakouts
Oh no. It does have fragrance and alcohol so it could cause irritation. I’ve been looking for a new Japanese sunscreen (all American ones burn my skin or have a white tint) but so many of them have random oils/extracts.

Anonymous 13074


Should I get rid of one of my moisturizers? I feel like I’m overdoing it

Anonymous 13338

whats the point of two creams at night?

Anonymous 13339

Anons in the EU, what's a decent affordable moisturizer I can use around my eyes? I don't normally use moisturizer because it doesn't make a difference in my skin either way but lately the skin around my eyes has been a bit dry/uncomfortable feeling, so I'd like to use something like. But everything's so fucking expensive, I don't really want to pay 15 euro for a small jar of moisturizer I'll go through in a month.

Anonymous 13340

jojoba oil. like food grade, not the fake shit. they come in relatively small containers sometimes but a little of it goes a long way.

Anonymous 13342

maybe I'm really stupid but oils can be moisturising? Don't oils repel moisture?

Anonymous 13343

idfk i just know when i put it on my face it nourished my skin

Anonymous 13344

I use an SA cleanser so I guess I try to be “extra” moisturized? But I know that’s dumb and I want to get rid of one of my moisturizers but I don’t know which.

Anonymous 13348

Use one for two weeks, use another for two weeks and see which one you like better? Or just use them up and only buy one after that.

Anonymous 13440

A rare sight of Ma…

My face is going through a slow 9/11. I wore glasses for a few years in a row and it left my nose very oily and filled with blackheads. I never had any problems before that and hence water was enough to do with occasional pimples, but this shit is persistent. No micellar water, scrub, or masque can get rid of the oil and blackheads, there’s so much of both it’s gonna be invaded by America soon. This grease kamikaze never gives in and only grows in power by spreading its territory. I swear to god if my skin doesn’t return to normal I’ll cannonball dive in acid.

An tips for random breakouts? 13441


I’ve been using retinol almost every day of the week for about 5 months and it’s been the only thing that works so far. But recently I’ve been quite stressed and its caused me to break out like really bad, I have a pretty big event soon so I need to get rid of it, or at the very least make it discreet. Would really appreciate any advice.

Anonymous 13445

I'd say to try hydrocolloid patches to heal it quickly.
Also maybe zinc oxide supplements and a cream with madecassoside. These are all to try and heal the skin and reduce inflammation.
How much time do you have before the event?

An tips for random breakouts? 13447

I’ve got like a few days…
But I’ve been using patches and they seem to have a mild effect so that’s good. I’m not sure if the topical creams you mentioned are available over the counter in my country but I’ll look into it.

An tips for random breakouts? 13448

Looked it up, they’re available!

Anonymous 13463


What is your current routine anon? Have you tried using chemical exfoliants like salicylic acid?

Anonymous 13464

pokemon or whateve…

I do a quick water wash every time I look in the mirror in a desperate attempt to remove the grease. Sometimes (0-2 times a month), I apply a masque/gel/that sticky thing that you leave for 10 minutes and after taking it off the inside has tiny sebum balls that give an illusion of cleansing. Also, don’t know how bad it is, but I have a habit of scraping scales off with my nail.

>Have you tried using chemical exfoliants like salicylic acid?

I tap pimples with a q-tip covered in salicylic acid, didn’t suspect it had other purposes.

Anonymous 13483

Try using a cleanser with an AHA or BHA in it. Or some sort of “all over the face” treatment like a cream or toner.They can help smooth out your face. Look into “BHA” and “AHA” acids and maybe try to find one that works for you. This article is helpful! https://www.healthline.com/health/aha-vs-bha
I use a 2% salicylic acid cleanser for my cystic acne. my pores have been less noticeable and my skin feels smoother. Make sure to use sunscreen and moisturizer too anon!

Anonymous 13499

Like this.JPG

Thanks sis. I don’t have acne or large pores though, just gross localized oiliness.

Anonymous 13717

real talk…is some people's skin just bad?

I've been realizing that in a lot of lighting I look completely chewed up like the collagen of my skin is super bad. It looked like a goddamned orange peel. Shiny, rough yet flaky. I thought I was just being crazy and BDD or something but then I saw myself next to my friend, who literally has never once used any skincare in her life and eats McDonalds, Coke Cola, and Doritos everyday. I looked fucked up and hollow while she looked plump and angelic under the bathroom's harsh lighting–and I know for sure she's been complimented on her skin.

I have acne-prone, dry, dehydrated, and sensitive skin, sure but before I thought I just needed to ~take care of it.~

note: I'm nonwhite/mixed and my friend is lilywhite and older than me and never has used sunscreen. Me? I have used hats and sunscreen since I was 13. So the "white people age worse" thing doesn't apply here.

Anonymous 13718


My boyfriend basically lives on dairy (known to cause acne in some people) and his only skincare is washing his face with a soap bar. Meanwhile, I’ve been on accutane 2x, don’t eat dairy, wash my face twice a day, use acne treatments, moisturize, wear sunscreen, and am on Spiro and BC because my acne is so severe. Some people just won the genetic lottery. That’s why I hate normies who have perfect skin and just say shit like “just drink lots of water!!11!” or “just wash your face nasty.” Like oh my god I have tried everything and I still get deep painful cysts every day.

Anonymous 13720

Stridex BHA (red box) worked to keep my oiliness down. If your skin is dry or sensitive then COSRX Blackhead Power Liquid is more gentle. It sounds counter-intuitive, but make sure you moisturize properly afterwards. Sometimes your skin is so dehydrated it produces sebum in excess, and that's why you get so oily. Plus sebaceous filaments are way less visible when your skin is plump and hydrated. Also, oil cleansing has worked well for me. I don't even wear makeup but I use the Banila Co balm cleanser every other day and my sebaceous filaments look better now. I can even feel and see little "plugs" of sebum come out when I rub it in sometimes.

Anonymous 13722

Lol I don't have to do anything to my face. I'm 35 and look like im 19. I've never done a single thing besides wash my face. Most of all though I refuse to have children. Holy shit my sisters have aged .. part of me thinks its because they had children. My aunt who never had children looked like she was 25 when she was 55. I think I'm following in her path lol

The best skincare routine is to just be genuinely happy and stressfree. Enjoy your life. :v

Anonymous 13723

Honestly sometimes I don't even wash my face, I wipe it down with an aveeno towlette. My skin is kind of oily and naturally hydrates itself. I do NOT bathe daily, to avoid oilyness and itchy skin. Thats the only thing if I bathe regularly I itch like mad. It is so freaking unnatural to strip your skin of its natural biome and oils.

Anonymous 13724

Also I never go out into the sun much unless I'm on vacation. I work at night. Go to work when its dark and go home when its dark. I don't smoke accept weed once in a while.

Anonymous 13725

I hate how you mention you have bad skin and the validation vultures swoop in and try bragging and then pretending it's just their lifestyle.
Disingenuous, two-faced shit.

Anonymous 13726

Might have to much estrogen in your foods.
Also avoid any foods or products with graphine byproducts.

Anonymous 13783

I'm very happy and stress-free but my skin looks like shit if I don't pamper it. I drink plenty of water and I eat quite clean, too. So a lot of it just comes down to genetics, and perhaps environmental factors you don't have much control over.

Anonymous 13784

but im not skinny so you can feel happy i guess anonn yaaaaay :)))

Anonymous 13874

I have completely clear skin and have washed my face with handsoap only for most of my life, when I felt like it. Can confirm it's bullshitty virtue-signalling.

Anonymous 13958

Any advice on how to minimize/heal stretchmarks?

Anonymous 13968

Are there any Japanese body sunscreens that come in big bottles? Asian sunscreens are the only ones that don’t irritate my skin, but they all come in such small bottles.

I’ve been wondering about this too. I wonder if a retinoid could help.

Anonymous 14042


omg I remember writing this, I feel bad that I did. other anon was annoying but I really shouldn't have been so mean. >>13784 lolll I used to be fat so it balances out.

anyway, it might be really dumb and pseudoscience-y but I've been looking into improving my gut health (simpleskincarescience has a great post exploring the research on different strains) for my skin.

I found a probiotic and a kefir that's pretty cheap that has most of the best skin benefits. My gut health has been a lot better and it's been over a week since I got my last pimple (I get all around my mouth, jaw, and chin). I don't know if it's because I simplified my skincare or that.

I already cut out the usual acne-causing stuff out of my diet many, many months ago so at least I know it isn't that. I still don't buy into the gut/skin connection but I'll see.

Anonymous 14043

pray for me anons.

also yeah I spent 1000$s on derms, accutane, tret, etc., so I already tried everything else.

Anonymous 14138

I need some help…

I have persistent whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples on my chin and forehead. I've tried using the red stridex in combination with a twice daily cleanser and moisturizer. I must've used it for a couple months and the acne didnt go away. Lately(last couple months) I haven't been using any products on my skin, and have just let water run over it. It seems my skin is the same, but more dry. How do I get rid of this acne if stridex didn't help? Could it be my diet?

Anonymous 14139

hm, tbh aquaphor has been the kindest to me. it might not draw water into the skin but it's still a good protectent and honestly the only thing that doesn't burn me or break me out. also employing a humidifier helps. also make sure if you aren't wearing sunscreen you wear lots of hats outside. I have a visor, sun hat, and baseball hat.

otherwise I think optimizing your diet will help a bit. I'm the anon that started taking probiotics and found most of my acne went away (I also like the Lifeway kefir brand that's available at my store, it has a lot of supposedly good bacteria strains in it). I have always had horrible GI health since I was a baby.
red/orange veggies also will help your skin just look better. exercise SUPPOSEDLY helps too.

I'm not really sure how it's all interconnected but it's worth looking into.

Anonymous 14140

I recommend Vanicream Moisturizing Cream for a thick moisturizer. I like Aquaphore for my lips, but it’s too thick and shiny to go outside wearing.

Anonymous 14141

unfortunately that's one of the many, many lotions that burned my face.

Anonymous 14190


question, do some people just have amazing skin? are you doomed if you don' have the right genes? honestly, there's something ragged about my skin. my forehead looks like a chewed up orange peel for example…even looks very shiny despite my skin being very dry. otherwise, I look quite haggard oftentimes. I can't tell if it's because I had an unhealthy lifestyle as a teen and the damage is permanent.

for the record tho, I've worn hats, used sunscreen, etc, most of my life.

other people seem to have this plump, cherubic skin and I know someone that does despite never having used any products in her life (not even sunscreen–and mind you, she's white, paler, and older than me).

Anonymous 14192

Yes, it's genetic. My sister had terrible acne growing up but has no visible pores. I have no acne but some larger pores. She paid more attention to her skin than me.

I think diet can affect your skin a lot and make you look less haggard. Get enough vegetables and see what foods make you break out and avoid those. Using moisturiser too as that can help with haggardness.

Anonymous 14194


/hb/ please help me dear god
>been breaking out frequently for about two years now
>t-zone is very oily but every where else is dry and sensitive
>birth control dont werk
>have tried cerave, dermologica (clear start & ultracalming), benzoyl peroxide wash, salicylic acid (irritates my skin)
>increased water intake x3
>still have problems with eating sugar and picking at skin

any advice for me? im at a loss and my face is in pain a lot

Anonymous 14199

Only use products from this list:

Consider that you might have ADHD/autism if skinpicking is a big problem for you.

Drinking water for skincare is a meme. You need to just moisturise your skin more, even if it is oily (your skin can be trying to compensate).

Consider keeping a food diary to see if breakout are affected by your diet. Watch out for things like oranges, eggs, peanuts, soy. Doctors will tell you skin is not diet related but that’s because of a stupid chocolate study done years ago.

Anonymous 14209


Has anyone been on birth control long term for acne (besides me)? I’m on spironolactone and birth control. I don’t like the idea of being on so many meds (even though I have no negative effects). But topical treatments never work and if I go off the pill, my severe acne comes back. I’ve been on the pill + spiro for ~4 years now. I looked it up and there aren’t any notable adverse effects for long-term use and I don’t want any kids. I don’t know why it bugs me so much.

Anonymous 14214


I totally get why it bugs you, I'm the same way. The idea of putting unnatural things into my body for so long makes me uncomfortable. Have you looked into other ways to regulate your hormones besides medication?

Anonymous 14215


i had never made the connection between skin picking and mental illness, but this all makes sense now, I have OCD. i got a stim toy and started fidgeting with it instead of picking and my skin has already started to improve :)

Anonymous 14219

I find covering any pickable part of my face with those tiny acne patches helps. Or sitting somewhere like a cafe where you wouldn't pick because others can see you.

Anonymous 14220


The price we pay for living in a modern society is to endure all the mental and physical trauma by throwing medications. There is no escape, no comfort. Take the route less painful. Listen to your dying corpse: it will tell you what to do.

Anonymous 14221

unfortunately with my OCD i do it even when people are around because it's compulsive. i got acne patches and those are helping too

Anonymous 14222

Stop eating anything made with rye, wheat, barley or oats.
Don't use oil to cook, not even vegetable oil. Use a bit butter, real butter, instead.
Drink only water and plenty of it.

Anonymous 14228

maybe try wearing cotton gloves?

Anonymous 14229

>The idea of putting unnatural things into my body for so long makes me uncomfortable.
Exactly!! I don’t know of other ways to regulate my hormones, but I’ve been avoiding dairy since finding out I’m lactose intolerant. But it seems like that has made 0 difference. I just got my dosage upped for the spiro (estrogen). If it doesn’t do anything, i might just go cold turkey on my meds. But then my acne would probably get severe again. Oh well ugh.

Anonymous 14304


I started randomly getting rashes in the cold air. My cheeks get red and raised and dry, and somewhat itchy - looks like pic related. This has never happened before. It first happened in August of this year and I've noticed it every time I'm outside in cold weather since. The only thing I can think of that has changed is that I started doing skincare in early 2021, after never having done it before. I started moisturizing in the morning and at night, and using SPF daily. Around July I started using an over-the-counter retinol that irritates me sometimes. Could starting a skincare routine make my skin more sensitive and cause me to start getting these rashes?

Anonymous 14305

isn't coconut oil ok-ish? what about other types of animal fats besides butter?

Anonymous 14309

Retinol made my skin look red too, except it was prescription (Retin-A). What moisturizers do you use? I use CeraVe moisturizing cream with Vanicream Moisturizing Cream on top.

Anonymous 14342

I use the Neutrogena water-based one or Cetaphil. I did get the redness from the retinol when I first started as my skin was adjusting to it, but this seems to be something different. I'm wondering if it's something other type of side effect caused by the retinol

Anonymous 14347

The Neutrogena hydroboost gel was never moisturizing enough for me. I recommend getting one with petrolatum/petroleum.

Anonymous 14372

I had a similar experience with a product containing retinol, a body wash which caused similar looking patches of red and sensitive skin. I started using the retinol less frequently (2-3 times a week vs every day) and my skin has calmed down. this was my arms mainly though, i think the skin of the face is more sensitive.

Anonymous 14380

La roche posay effaclar cleanser
Body shop sleeping mask
Bioré spf 60 (only in summer or if I have to spend time in the sun, ie not shopping)
Makeup if I feel like it

Night :
Makeup remover (If needed)
Same cleanser
Same sleeping mask

After shower :
Same cleanser
Missha Super aqua peeling gel
Clay mask (DIY mix clay/water)
Same sleeping mask

I have a pretty normal skin, it used to be oily, then it became a bit dry and now it's m, pretty normal. I use a tiny amount of the sleeping mask as day to day moisturiser because I discovered it works wonders for me. It's really hydrating so I only need a tiny tiny amount,if I feel too dry, I'll more. Since I buy big tubes and it's sold in 100ml format, it last me a really long time and is hella cheaper.

I have a pretty lax routine, since I don't go out much, I mainly take care of my skin after my shower of I know I'm gonna wear makeup.

Anonymous 14381

Here’s mine:

Peel last night’s acne stickers off my skin. Or not, sometimes I forget and wear them all day. Squeeze any new spots. Wash my face with some foam thing from Avenue if I can bothered.

Wash my face with the foam thing again if I take shower. Nothing if I don’t. Put on some glycolic or lactic acid if my skin has too many black heads recently.

Occasionally I will put on some Hado Labo hydrating toner and moisuriser if my skin is dry and I have the motivation to do something about it. Maybe even some vitamin C from The Ordinary before that if I’m feeling fancy.

I’m really picky about products but way too lazy to use them regularly. My skin looks good though due to genetics/diet/never going outside in the sun.

Anonymous 14384

Wouldn't it work better to apply your serum after moisturising? That way the serum can sit on your skin without being messed up when applying the moisturiser

Anonymous 14385

What do you mean by big format? Last sunscreen I bought was a Japanese one (that I bought in Japan but I'm sure you can find it on amazon) and it was 50 ml which is pretty big. Do you mean bigger than that?

Anonymous 14388

Then I have to wait for the moisuriser to sink in and I like to use a thick layer.

Anonymous 14397

Yeah, it is quite light, but I wanted to reduce the risk of acne since I have acne prone skin.

Anonymous 14398

That's also why I have the other Cetaphil one

Anonymous 14399

Yeah I think maybe I'll try to use the retinol only once every 2 days

Anonymous 14403


honestly anons, I'm tired. I'm almost 30 and I still get pretty bad acne on my lower half of my face. I have tried fixing my diet, simple skincare, etc.

…and in recent weeks I've just…stopped. Despite having extremely dry and dehydrated skin (feels like paper, flakes, etc., but despite that looks extremely shiny and rough), I don't even use lotion anymore because I'm so afraid of not knowing what it is that's breaking me out. And I go days without putting anything on my face, yet I still break out.
Tretinoin? I tried for probably 6 months and I ended up chickening out because I heard some stories about it negatively affecting the skin.

I don't want to go on some sort of pill to fix my acne but I look so genuinely disgusting that I'm now genuinely getting afraid. The only thing keeping me comfortable is that now I have an excuse to literally ONLY wear a mask around other people and never take it off.

Anonymous 14404

What products do you use? How did you change your diet?

Anonymous 14416

I only have a mattifying toner and a standard face wash to go with it.
OPs routine seems a lot, am I doing it wrong?

Anonymous 14419

Less is more in my experience.

Anonymous 16211

The skin on my breasts is very thin and somewhat saggy. Has anyone had any success with reducing sagging skin? I’ve heard derma rolling helps and then adding a serum on top helps with sagging skin. However I’ve also heard derma rolling can destroy collagen bonds and make skin even saggier.

Anonymous 16250

I'm worried about this, too. The only thing I've done is I've start aoplying my facial moisturizer down to my nipples lol. derma rolling scares me.

Anonymous 16398

do you actually need any skincare products aside from cerave lotion, sunscreen, and micellar water

I honestly feel like using anything more than those three is going way overboard, aside from maybe tretinoin.

Anonymous 16401


I have one Japanese all in one sticky thin watery essence (whitening, anti wrinkle, hydrating, toning)
Then I use a slightly thicker Korean jelly serum that has added moisture. If my skin is very dry, I’ll use a Korean sheet mask.

I have naturally dry skin, but unfortunately I cannot use any kind of thick creams, serums, ampoules, oils or anything with silicone as it breaks me out the next day (and when I break out I get big, deep under the skin red pimples that are painful and swollen and ugly)
So watery Japanese and Korean essences and gels have been a life saver for me.

If I go outside, which is rarely, then I use a Korean sunscreen.

I’m 30 now and I still don’t have any wrinkles, so it must be working. I attribute this to wearing sunscreen daily since I was 14 (and my koreaboo phase and interest in Korean skincare began, some idol I liked mentioned he liked girls with pale skin so I pathetically would try to keep my skin as pale as I could with sunblock in case I ever ‘met’ him kek. In hindsight this was actually smart because I was practicing skin protection even by 14.

Back then I was obsessed and bought a massive bunch of Korean skincare. I realized most of the products were kind of meh and I only really liked 3-4 of them by the end of it, so I kept rebuying those.

Now I find I don’t need more than 2 products a day. I still like to buy random Japanese products for their cute packaging but their performance is usually meh.

I really liked pic rel and used it daily for 3 months. It didn’t have any lasting effects or improve my skins condition overall, but it was great as an oil free daily hydrator.

Anonymous 16407

not really. i only use 3 products too. but it's nice to add in extra things every now and then. a lot of skincare is just pseudoscience tho.

Anonymous 16434

Screen Shot 2022-0…

Started this skin cycling routine coined by this dermatologist on youtube which is basically a four day cycle that goes like this
day 1 exfoliation
day 2 retinoid
day 3 and 4 recover (moisturize&slug)

>wash face with cold water
>moisturize while face damp
>wait 5 mins then sunscreen

>foaming cleanser
>tret or exfoliator depending on the day or complete skip to slug with aquaphor
> moisturize

Anonymous 16435

forgot to say this has completely changed my skin, I never had acne to begin with but I had these under surface blemishes and darkness around my eyes and my skin has never looked better can't say whether its the cycle or the products though

Anonymous 16436

My skin is incredibly thin, so I find skincare doesn’t do much. I’m constantly flushed and red because the blood vessels in my face. I have larger broken capillaries that clearly show on my cheeks and under my nose. I have a bit of rosacea. I have dark circles under my eyes that are the blood vessels showing through, not a case of pigmentation. And if I get a pimple, it leaves an angry red patch on my face that stays there for years. I’ve tried most skincare products and the only thing they can do is keep my thin skin moisturised. My skin will never be clear because it is so thin. I can’t go out barefaced, because my skin will never be one normal color. It’s always red with purplish bits under the eyes.

Anonymous 16443

I would suggest a retinol product for sagging skin or other age related issues. They can be expensive, but a found a cheaper one that works great for me. You usually don't start to see results until after a few months with a retinol, but they really work if you keep at it.

Anonymous 16446

Thanks a lot nona I will heed your suggestion

Anonymous 16506


Anons–wtf is this skin texture? I've always had pretty bad skin texture but this is just next level.

I know I have acne, I've had it for 10+ years and have seen many derms, used tret, cut out all dairy and sugar, etc. I can handle the obvious acne, but I feel as if my skin just looks incredibly fucked up otherwise.

Also I've constantly worn a wide-brimmed hat outside my whole life. It's probably been years since I exposed my scalp/hair under the sun. Yes. I know. That sounds terrible, but that's me.

Anonymous 16513

could the hat be causing the acne/texture? it kind of looks like fungal acne, which a hat would exacerbate.

Anonymous 16521

I don't think it's the hat necessarily bc there's much more acne on my lower face.

Is it still possible to have fungal acne even if I barely get any whiteheads and most of it just looks like congested bumps? That's the pictures I usually see online of it.

Anonymous 16527


looks like you need to exfoliate, treat the acne, and moisturize. for acne like that i recommend this paula’s choice product, i’ve heard from some women that it can be a bit too strong for their whole face but if anything it makes a great spot treatment. for skin texture like that you definitely want to exfoliate. wishing you good luck!

Anonymous 16535

I'm probably gonna go lightly over time bc my skin is acting like it was damaged, even if you're right and it is what my skin needs. I guess using tretinoin 2x a week fucked it up.

This week got some aloe vera gel as a fungal friendly alternative and it burned my face like crazy. I tried it on my arms, and they felt ok. I can't believe my entire face is acting like an open wound right now.

Anonymous 16536


And it's beyond retarded to say this, but the burn the aloe vera left on my face at least looks like a nice blush. This is me trying to find the silver lining in the fact I am seemingly allergic to most "basic" things.

Anonymous 16540

Is that a new zoomer word?

Anonymous 16582

Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that your attempt to treat your skin ended up hurting you. I fully understand wanting to take it slow. At the very least washing your face daily will help a lot, if you don’t already. Sounds like you would benefit from a soothing moisturizer, maybe purchasing one specifically for sensitive skin. I just want to encourage you because your issue seems so treatable and I believe that you can easily solve the problem. I’m rooting for you anon! Good luck

Anonymous 16660

You need to take away the yellow part of aloe vera, it's toxic. Just use the transparent gel.

Anonymous 16718

Has anyone else had really bad experiences with vitamins? I’ve always had pretty clear skin. A pimple here or there, nothing that bad. I started taking a regular multivitamin and I started getting really bad breakouts and my hair started coming out. Not super bad but it was noticeable. Well I found out that if you take too much b12 that’ll happen. So I stopped and my skin and hair went back to normal.

Anonymous 16833

I changed my routine about a week ago and I think I'm already seeing improvement in clogged pores/overall appearance.

Hado Labo SP50 all-in-one am gel
Eyeliner and mascara

Senka oil makeup remover (really message it into my face)
Hado Labo gokujyun anti-aging moisturizer

Simple is best.

Anonymous 17533

For dry skin anons with cracks and smile lines.
Vaseline saved my life.
Thank you for coming to my ted talk

Anonymous 17535

i hate nasolabial folds so much. they are the bane of my existence and i feel like im too young to even have them so deep at my age. anyone else feel this way? also thanks for the potential tip.

Anonymous 17549

Try to sleep on your back. Leaning on one side of your face for 8h a night can set lines and form nasolabial folds

Anonymous 17550

I thought Vaseline produces a layer on your skin where it doesn’t let moisture from the air in. Doesn’t it make your skin drier as a result?

Anonymous 17551

61jog dpSgL._SL100…

I use differin for my acne scarring and it seems to help!I have been using consistently since like june

Anonymous 18826


i LOVE this and how it makes my skin look shiny/sweaty (in a hot way). i want like a big tub of this, and also i want something that makes my face shiny for longer (this only lasts like 15 minutes or so and then it soaks in). any recs? im new to moisturizing bc i used to have acne lol but now my acne is gone now and im ready to experiment

Anonymous 18945

You can put face cream beforehand and then lock it in with vaseline

Anonymous 19105

Are jade rollers helpful at all? How do you clean them? I got one as a gift and I'm not sure whether it's worth using or not.

Anonymous 19106

idk but if any anons here use derma rollers dont they destroyed my skin and made me age 10x faster

Anonymous 19108

It’s a massage tool that will help blood flow and lymph nodes if you do it in certain areas. You can achieve the same effect with your fingers or a spoon but if you got one might as well use it. I personally hold a lot of tension in my neck and forehead and massaging with my fingers during nighttime skincare feels very relaxing and helps with puffiness, I guess it would be similar with a roller.

Anonymous 19109

I feel like cleansing with mineral oil is overkill bc the cold cream is already mostly mineral oil anyway.

Anonymous 19236

best sunscreen?

I dont like Neutrogena. The tatcha silk sunscreen was nice and didnt burn my eyes but the slight tint made my skin look grey. I was considering using biore UV but am open to suggestions for something light weight to use daily

Anonymous 19242

i use shiseido's annessa. pretty lightweight. i found that ombrelle also has a light matte finish compared to lrp antihelios that everyone recommends but feels a bit greasy for me

Anonymous 19252

check out la roche posay's sunscreens.

Anonymous 19253

Does anyone here use/used tretinoin? Has it helped?

Anonymous 19260

I use the popular biore watery essence one and have no complaints. It really does feel watery

Anonymous 19282

oniisama E.jpg

>fine wrinkles are showing up on the side of my mouth and my skin is starting to feel like sandpaper
is this normal for a 24 yo or do I just have shit genetics? And is there anything I can do other than using retinol and sunscreen?

Anonymous 19357

I started using it in September but without a prescription. So far it makes my skin look more plump and smooth in certain areas but my jaw is covered in what I think are sebaceous filaments. I have some on my cheeks as well. It sucks because I’ve never had any acne on my cheeks or jaw before trying tretinoin. I’ve just been hoping it’ll be worth it in a couple more months

Anonymous 19380


Is there anything I can do to make my feet look pretty?
My feet looks quite old, a bit loose and wrinkled when compared to my hand or other parts right now. I've tried applying moisturizer hoping it was just dry skin, and a bit of aloe vera gel for a week but no use.

Anonymous 19381

i dont kno if its th same for feet but i wipe my legs and the ball of my feet with some glycolic acide before moisturizing and they feel softer and less rough

Anonymous 19384

>glycolic acid
Hmm… I'll give it a try.

My feet looks like wrinkled plastic bag I feel so old when I look at it.

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