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Anonymous 4446

i've been using vibrators for the past 4 years or so, and i've noticed i've become desensitized.
i slowly worked my way up to a hitachi, but even now it takes a lot of ~finesse~ to cum with it.
additionally, i lost my virginity after using a vibrator. oral has never really felt like much, and rubbing my clit during sex doesn't do much either.

has anyone else had this problem? and do you have any advice on how to regain sensitivity?

the only thing i can think of is just laying off the vibrator/masturbating for a few months.

Anonymous 4447


Some medicines can desensitize you tbh but also I think maybe laying off it would be helpful. Let yourself build back up to it.

Anonymous 4448

There are some creams that can be applied to the genitals to supposedly increase sensitivity. It may just be sudden sexual dysfunction, and perhaps you just need to lay off masturbation.. or participate in more foreplay while masturbating, instead of trying to force it out of yourself. If its always been like this, I'd suggest seeing a doctor about it.

Anonymous 4530

Just switch to shower fapping until your tolerance for the magic wand returns lol, that's what I do

Anonymous 4541

I almost never orgasm, it takes me forever and rubbing my clit doesn't always do it for me either. I can get there from penetration, but it takes a long time too. I don't think there's anything wrong with you. Sadly some women have a hard time getting there as far as I know :(

Anonymous 4574


Desensitization is pretty common with lots of use of high powered vibes. I started right in with a rabbit and then a girl I was experimenting with got me hooked on the hitachi. Within a very short period of time I couldn't orgasm without it. I had to basically put myself on lockdown for a few months, no sex, no masturbating, until sensitivity returned. Kegels helped too.

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