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You guys have no idea how lucky you are to not be black Anonymous 4495

It is hell on earth.

Anyway, discuss minority beauty tips if you have them.

Anonymous 4497


It's dumb to say white people don't ever have curly hair, or that racial minority = curly hair, but as far as beauty tips go I just started doing this Curly Girl method.

I read a guide that has a list of approved products based on ingredients, and found out there are other problem ingredients for certain hair types than simply avoiding sulfate shampoos and conditioners. The fucked up part was I was using a sulfate free product that had silicones in the ingredients, which only sulfate can remove! I was having build up for years and was so clueless, why would a company make a product like that and not warn you? I followed everything a stylist told me to do, read countless tips but eventually decided I must just have shitty hair.

Anyway, I've struggled with my hair for years but switching to the CG method really helped. It hasn't been that long but I'm already seeing dramatic reduction in frizz and coarseness. I enjoy the irony that the products I use now are also less expensive. I think it would probably be really beneficial for a black girl to try if she struggles with dry hair, it would probably benefit you guys more than anyone.

I can post the guide if you want. There is also a curly hair section on reddit where people post before and after pics using this method.

I have nothing else to contribute.

Anonymous 4502

kinda sounds like a shill and most likely won't work for me since im not mixed.

Anonymous 4503

but thank you for contributing! Just bumping if it helps anyone else

Anonymous 4505


To be fair it did read like a shill now that I read it again. But I'm just happy about my hair today, on day 4 currently.

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