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Cellulite Anonymous 4499

Anyone else suffer? I am not even overweight but the back of my thighs look like shit.

It was at it's worse as I lived this insane hermit hikki lifestyle which is when most of it happened. Since being more active it reduced but can never go away.

What are some advices to minimize it as much as possible. What exercises would you do for the upper back thigh? My biggest fear is that all the exercise I am doing won't fix anything.

I hate that I feel confident looking at myself front on but seeing myself from behind it all falls apart.

Anonymous 4500

Screen Shot 2018-1…

I have cellulite too but I don't really care because I don't swim and no one sees me naked besides my mother.

Anonymous 4506

Just because you exercise you thighs doesn't mean you they will burn the nearest fat, so you can tone up everything you want, you'll have cellulite on toned muscles which is, of course, nicer than cellulite on a shapeless body.
What works best for me is massage, either with my hands or a suction cup (hands work better but it's much much tiring for the hand muscles), and a nice oil every day to nourish the skin.

Efforts and acceptance, 50/50.

Anonymous 4529

I suffer from cellulite too but I've learned to be fine with it. I think having a good body (through working out or whatever) mitigates most of the damage done to your self esteem by having cellulite in the first place!

Anonymous 4542


This is something I've suffered with since I was in middle school. I'm still pretty skinny, but I accumulate most of my weight to my butt and thighs, and when I was going through puberty my weight would fluctuate so much that I got intense stretch marks and cellulite.

The stretch marks I've come to just accept since its nothing I can change but I just can't seem to get rid of cellulite with just exercise. I think I'll start trying anon's (>>4506) advice so wish me luck

Anonymous 4545

If you have strech marks I'm not sure wether you can use a cup. Some women had skin damage from it, some damaged their veins and gave their skin a reddish colour that stayed.
I would recommend hand massage.

Good luck anon!

Anonymous 6420

cellulite is literally just how women store fat. it's a female thing. you literally can't avoid it, almost all women have it. It's completely normal and natural and unless you reduce your body fat a fuckton, it's not gonna go away. sorry.

Anonymous 6518

I've heard that fasting will cause autophagy, which will "tighten" the skin. Otherwise I'd look into asking a dermatologist about what can be done.

Anonymous 6855

Congrats, you’re a unicorn.

Anonymous 6856

there are women with no periods, no ovaries, no uterus and no breasts. are you trying to make a point or are you just trying to humblebrag?

Anonymous 6858

Stop making up words.

Anonymous 6859


Anonymous 6860

They just added the word "snowflake". Stop it! I don't want "Zluh!" to be a thing.

Anonymous 6861


I'm looking forward to YEET

Anonymous 6863

Humblebrag or not, trying to claim cellulite is something like what some cultures and people symbolize as being a woman is a joke and just makes you sound insecure, plenty of women don't have cellulite, by your own logic not having cellulite is the equivalent of missing a literal body part, it's ridiculous

Anonymous 6865

>A review gives a prevalence of 85 to 98% of women, indicating that it is physiologic rather than pathologic.

Anonymous 6868

Nobody was even claiming that "real womyn must have cellulite" you can drop the strawman. It was simply pointed out that having it is perfectly normal and virtually all women have it. Which is a fact.

Anonymous 6870


Yes, cellulite is a sexually dimorphic feature, which is both supported by peer-reviewed evidence and also leaving your room and going to the nearest beach.

>Anon compared an anon saying she doesn't have cellulite to a women who don't have breasts, ovaries, uteruses, etc

Because you threw us your strawman trying to distort the post you were responding to. The point was that not having a sexually dimorphic feature doesn't make you any less of a woman.
Fucking brainlets, I swear.

Anonymous 6874

>very small groups and only included those in white countries
no, it has been proven in women of all races, all over the world. It's even stated in the link you provided yourself. You should read things before you use them to back up your wrong arguments.


Seriously? Why are you playing dumb? That's not the point anyone is making, and you know it.

>it just depends on the person, nothing to do with gender

But you are wrong. Men have cellulite, but it's a lot more rare than in women, where virtually all women get it at some point. There definitely is a sexually dimorphism component in this feature. It doesn't have to be exclusive to be a dimorphic. Females are on average shorter and smaller than men, but not all women will be shorter than all men. You're just grasping at straws at this point, when the argument you had an issue with doesn't even exist in the first place. You will not get a medal for being part of the 2% of women with no cellulite.

Anonymous 6876

i thought men weren't allowed on here

Anonymous 6880

it's literally a scientific fact, but you do you boo


everything I said is written clearly on the pubmed articles I linked, as well as on the links you provided and any other review article you could randomly choose from. I'm not going to keep spoonfeeding you. No one is making fun of women for not having cellulite, that doesn't happen anywhere except inside your tiny, empty head. You are just mad because you're not getting the validation you think you deserve for lacking a feature that has been deemed unattractive but people are giving progressively less shits about. Anyway, I'm out.

Anonymous 6883

Women have cellulite but it isn't sexual dimorphism, if it was people would look for it if they were trying to differentiate the genders between bodies, but most importantly if your first response to a woman saying she doesn't have cellulite is to start talking about women without breasts, uteruses, periods, etc it tells me everything I need to know, and if that didn't confirm it calling me a man because I was skeptical of this "scientific facts" with questionable studies

All I did was ask for the quote that said women everywhere all around the world from my link had cellulite with a legitimate study, because when I went back nowhere did it say all women all over had it, why are you getting so defensive if you don't care?

Anonymous 6884


I started getting cellulite on my thighs and butt when I got into my 20s. It made me self conscious, until I saw all the girls around me had cellulite too.

Anonymous 6985

most women have cellulite. however, of course working out, cardio, and losing fat can reduce it significantly. it's perfectly normal though, and I'm sure no one else cares or notices except for you.

I'm a hypocrite though, b/c I hate mine too.

Anonymous 6987

Every time I scroll by this it bothers me that whoever labeled this didn't point out that her entire body was also edited to look thinner.

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