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Model Thread Anonymous 4559

Have you ever dreamed of being a model?
Is there anybody here who has experience in this field?
Who are your favourites?
Model diet and beauty secrets?

Anonymous 4564

No, but one time when I was in my teens, my dad told me there was a model casting call next door to his business. I'm not really attractive or tall, but my mom talked me into it. I couldn't find anything about it online. My mom drives me over because I don't have my license yet. I open the door, walk in, and see all mid-20s male models. I immediately walk out and my mom is confused, so she walks in and starts chatting up the director. Then when she walks out she sees another man about to go in and starts talking to him too. At this point I've been staring at handsome man face for a few minutes and realize how far I am to ever be eligible for modeling.

Anonymous 4572

i modeled for abercrombie and fitch a few years ago
it was actually pretty fun and modeling pays well, i think i got like $500 for about an hour and a half of working. it was for some kind of ad campaign. i sort of wish i'd asked them to send me the photos afterwards because i don't really buy magazines or shop there so the likelihood i'd see it out in the wild was pretty low. I did see one of my pictures on their instagram feed a while back.
the worst part was getting up at like 6a.m. and staring into the sun the whole time they were taking pictures.

Anonymous 4580

That's so cool anon! Would you be willing to share your height/weight and how you stay fit/pretty? How old were you back then?

Anonymous 4669

Yeah when i was younger i definitely had that cute alien face going on so i had hope
but then i turned out stocky and 5'2"
kill me

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