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Exercising in the winter Anonymous 4583

For those who like exercising, what plans are you making for staying in shape during the wintertime?

Anonymous 4588


Anonymous 4589

i plan to gorge myself on nuts and berries and then hibernate for the next four months

Anonymous 4590

Planning on starting a powerlifting program then bulk for winter (then cut in summer?)
inb4 my left knee gives out though…

Anonymous 4591


What kind of program? Something like Starting Strength?

Anonymous 4592

No, I "graduated" from that. I did StrongLifts for about 3 months then moved onto a program that my friend wrote.
This January, I plan on running nSuns' 4day program and add in some glute accessories.

Anonymous 4611


>She doesn't bloatmaxx in the winter for tone

Anonymous 6242

Jogging just like during the rest of the year

Anonymous 6266


Any tips/resources for starting jogging? I tried c25k last year but hurt myself in the third week. I think because my form is bad and I heel strike.

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