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Nail biting thread Anonymous 4646

>Who else here is a nail biter?
If so
>how many years have you've been biting them.
>Have you've ever tried to quit.

my whole life basically
Yes haven't bitten them in two months

Anonymous 4647

I was one and now I can't even imagine doing it, it feels gross. I remember biting my nails to the max to the point they'd bleed.

I managed to quit by looking at pictures of japanese nails lol. I decided to wanted to get long nails. I was 14 or 15 at the time. I didn't use any special topcoat or anything, just plain old willpower. I think that setting a goal for your nails (will grow my nails to X mm/cm, will get X nailpolish, will get a $ manicure as a reward) really helps.

Anonymous 4650


>Who else here is a nail biter?

Sadly, me

>how many years have you've been biting them.

All my life pretty much

>Have you've ever tried to quit.

Yes, I managed to grow out my right hand's nails for like the first 6 months this year.
Seriously felt nice to have nails for a bit, for once mythe tip of fingers didn't hurt whenever they were pressed to something.
But I eventually went back to biting them after because of stress.

My tip is taking care of them whenever there is the urge to bite them. I would file my nails or push the skin back around the nail and eventually after all that work I just didn't feel like biting anymore.
Also limiting my time sitting around really helped me out because I only bite my nails whenever I'm at my desk.

Anonymous 4651

My inspo was a nail youtuber
I've also been filing my nails back of I get the urge to bite them and it seems to be working.

Anonymous 4657

Keeping your hands busy also seemed to work for me, like randomly just holding something like a pen helps distract you and keeps your hands away from your mouth

Anonymous 4659

I used to do it out of nerves since elementary school, but now it's incorporated into my routine as grooming. Probably gross, but whatever.

I could stop if I wanted to. I only get the automatic urge when shit's really going down.

Anonymous 4661

I don't bite my nails, I rip them off. I make a notch near where I want the cut-off point to be, then I pull .

Anonymous 4662

same here anon. For me it's either all or nothing, once I get started there's this overwhelming urge to destroy every last one of them.

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