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Nail biting thread Anonymous 4646

>Who else here is a nail biter?
If so
>how many years have you've been biting them.
>Have you've ever tried to quit.

my whole life basically
Yes haven't bitten them in two months

Anonymous 4647

I was one and now I can't even imagine doing it, it feels gross. I remember biting my nails to the max to the point they'd bleed.

I managed to quit by looking at pictures of japanese nails lol. I decided to wanted to get long nails. I was 14 or 15 at the time. I didn't use any special topcoat or anything, just plain old willpower. I think that setting a goal for your nails (will grow my nails to X mm/cm, will get X nailpolish, will get a $ manicure as a reward) really helps.

Anonymous 4650


>Who else here is a nail biter?

Sadly, me

>how many years have you've been biting them.

All my life pretty much

>Have you've ever tried to quit.

Yes, I managed to grow out my right hand's nails for like the first 6 months this year.
Seriously felt nice to have nails for a bit, for once mythe tip of fingers didn't hurt whenever they were pressed to something.
But I eventually went back to biting them after because of stress.

My tip is taking care of them whenever there is the urge to bite them. I would file my nails or push the skin back around the nail and eventually after all that work I just didn't feel like biting anymore.
Also limiting my time sitting around really helped me out because I only bite my nails whenever I'm at my desk.

Anonymous 4651

My inspo was a nail youtuber
I've also been filing my nails back of I get the urge to bite them and it seems to be working.

Anonymous 4657

Keeping your hands busy also seemed to work for me, like randomly just holding something like a pen helps distract you and keeps your hands away from your mouth

Anonymous 4659

I used to do it out of nerves since elementary school, but now it's incorporated into my routine as grooming. Probably gross, but whatever.

I could stop if I wanted to. I only get the automatic urge when shit's really going down.

Anonymous 4661

I don't bite my nails, I rip them off. I make a notch near where I want the cut-off point to be, then I pull .

Anonymous 4662

same here anon. For me it's either all or nothing, once I get started there's this overwhelming urge to destroy every last one of them.

Anonymous 4909


I'm an unreformed nail biter, no one can stop me.

But yeah, I've been biting them since I was 10. I started nibbling at my cuticles as a nervous habit, and my mum used to scold me for biting my nails and I used to get annoyed because I wasn't actually biting my nails but she wouldn't listen to me. So to show her I started biting my nails. Now I'm 22, and I just can't stop.

I quit once for prom (I was 16), put the anti-nail biting stuff on that makes your nails taste bad, let my nails grow. Then they broke when I was trying to change my bedsheets and I got so annoyed that I bit them all off again.

And yes, sometimes I go too far and make my fingers bleed. Ouchie.

Anonymous 4910

I did it for all my teenage life (pulled off my toenails too) and finally managed to stop when I found a good job and wanted to take care of myself. I'm extremely fidgety and prone to dermatillomania and pica so it's extremely hard and I go back to it when I'm stressed. What helped me was to buy nail polish and apply it religiously, at one point I got a DIY peel-off gel nail kit and did my nails with it once a week. When I get the urge to pick or bite, I chip off my nail polish instead.

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