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Anonymous 4777

Sup miners,
So, how does one develop their own fashion style? This includes hair, makeup etc.. I don‘t want to dress like a basic bitch. Images are encouraged.

Anonymous 4778


Woops i posted it in the wrong board.

Anonymous 4780

larme (1).jpeg

Just over a year ago I used to always dress in jeans, tshirts and zip up jackets, because that was all I had really. I did want to dress pretty but I didn't have any clothes I liked. Then one day I got tired of being hot wearing tshirts in the summer and bought some pretty flowy blouses and that's where it all started.

What made me really care about fashion was finding a style I really liked. I really like the style featured in Larme magazine, and I love clothes from Liz Lisa. I don't have the money to buy them but just knowing what you like is good so you can get inspiration from it and buy similar clothes in local stores.
Also a good way to get more clothes is to buy used clothing (I do it a lot, there are lots of nice clothes there, it's not all rags) and/or ask family members to show you old clothing they don't wear anymore or have stashed away in some wardrobe. I found a really amazing skirt in a wardrobe at home and I get lots of compliments for it now.
For hair you don't have to cut/color it to be original, you can just try looking up some hair tutorials online, I can post some if you want as well, and try them. If you especially like a particular style you can make it your "signature style" and wear it often as your trademark, I think that is super cool and shows confidence.
I think I dress fairly nice now. You should check out some fashion magazines, I really prefer eastern fashion magazines but it all depends on your personality and looks.

What kind of style would you like to have? Some alternative style or just to look more interesting/elegant? What kind of music do you like? You can also reflect that in your fashion.
Also, I'm sorry for such a long reply.

Anonymous 4782

I like basic bitch lofi music like billie eilish, doja cat and other unpopular soundcloud artists and shit.
Also, I don‘t know what kind of dressing style I want lmao, that‘s why I‘m asking how one does develop it.
Pls do post hair tutorials.
And no problem, I actually appreciate this long reply.

Anonymous 4783


I followed a girl called Titi Alli on youtube who has a really nice colourful style. She buys lots of her clothes second-hand and sells some on depop if your interested

Anonymous 4784


Hmm, sorry I don't know a lot about that kind of music so I don't know how you could incorporate that into your style.
I think the trick to developing your style is to first just spend lots of time on the internet looking at photos to see what interests you and what you certainly don't like. Google terms like "street fashion" or "Japanese street fashion" (which is a little crazier than western fashion) or vintage fashion (pic related I found when googling vintage fashion lol). You can't decide what you like if you haven't seen it all right?
I'm going to post some hair tutorials I found but they're mostly from Larme magazine, I know, I am a weeb, sorry lol

Anonymous 4785


Oh, also I just remembered this site where people share their outfits, there are lots of ordinary looks but lots of cool looks too: https://lookbook.nu/

Anonymous 4786


Anonymous 4789

Hory shit, she does! Thanks for letting me know!
Holy fuck pic related is amazing. Is it real vintage?
Rip lookbook. I downloaded the vogue app and runaway vogue app, so maybe I‘ll find some fun styles there. But I‘ll definitely give it a try.
Damn I have really thin hair though. But I‘ll order some rogaine. Thanks for the pics, I really appreciate it.

Anonymous 4790

I found the source, it's an etsy store, I don't know if it's real vintage: https://www.etsy.com/shop/JUNKKYARD/items?ref=pagination&page=3
(I dunno if the link will work but if it doesn't just google junkkyard)
If you liked that you can also check the site of Dolls Kill, although it's pricey.

Anonymous 4791

I'd suggest going on Pinterest so you'll have a little dashboard of stuff you like that you can look over to determine any patterns/recurring themes. Also there's nothing wrong with being a "basic bitch". Dressing like an IG art hoe or a tumblr girl or a goth gf are also very basic and formulaic, even though people try to adopt these styles to be "original".

Anonymous 4815

Holy shit thanks! I think I found my style.
Well that’s what I meant with basic bitch. What did you have in mind? Pls post pics.

Anonymous 4852

I don't have anything in mind for you because I don't know you, but it appears you've found an aesthetic (internet girl) so that's good! Just wear what you like – I suggest going thrifting at first so you don't invest too much money into a wardrobe that you're just testing out.

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