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When did you get your first period? Anonymous 4796

As the title says.
I have a friend that has an 8yo daughter and she already has hairs under her arms. My friend is a little bit freaked out because she doesn't want her 8yo to get her period yet. I mean, who would want that?
I got mine when I was 11 or 12, and so did my friend. Do you guys think this is genetic? We've read stuff online about it but we want to hear your opinion. Also she has gone to the doc before and even though her daughter is not showing any "puberty signs", the doctor said that nowadays is normal to get their period earlier than before.

Anonymous 4797

I got mine when I was 12 or 13, can't remember if it was before or after my birthday that year. I think kids nowadays have periods sooner because of all the shit we have in our food, even if you feed them right and try to use more natural and hormone free shit, it's still hard to avoid them completely. My mother told me she got hers at 14 and that some girls got theirs at 15 and that was normal just 30 or 40 years ago. I used to work with children and some little girls who were 9 or 10 told me they had had their first periods. Insane.

Anonymous 4799

FML, I got mine when I was 9yo. My mom got me these huge adult chunky pads to wear and they were so uncomfortable and noisy, I hated it. Not my mom's fault really, there weren't many different products to choose from back then.

Anonymous 4800

9 year old, holy shit. Did you even know what a period was at that age? Or did it take you by surprise?

Anonymous 4801

I got mines at 8 too, it happened in public. Thought I was dying. Early puberty is really an awful thing though

Anonymous 4802

I was 14-15, I'm fairly sure it's at least partially genetic since my mom and I both matured very slowly (I've only now developed a more "feminine" figure at 25). Most girls in my class made fun of me for not yet wearing a bra and not having gotten my period. When I did get it they wouldn't believe me and would pull some neckbeard-tier gatekeeping shit by quizzing me on what my period is like.

Anonymous 4803

Are you asian? I've heard that asian women get their periods later than non-asian.

There was a girl in my school that got her period when she was around 15 too but that's because she was anorexic

Anonymous 4804

I didn't know, just saw a huge stain on my panties one day, called my mom immediately and she showed me how to use pads. I don't remember her explaining anything about periods, but she did provide me with some books aimed at children and early teens that were specifically dealing with this subject. I practically got my sex ed from those books years before my school even tried to touch the topic and fail.

Anonymous 4805

I got mine late compared to my classmates. But I was also small and really underdeveloped until high school.I was in my second or third year of middle school. I used toilet paper as pads because I didn't know how /want to bring it up to my mom. The second time I was like "uhhh I think I started my period." and my mom gave me some pads and a book about your body and sefl-grooming that probably was helpful but I didn't really really read it.

Anonymous 4817

Do you girls think that the earlier you get the period, the less you grow in height? Can the anons that answered that said they got theirs when they were 8-9, tell me their heights? (pls, ofc)

Anonymous 4819


I was sooo scared to tell my mom too. I think I was 11–12? And I knew what periods were, but since my first few were so dark, I thought I was just… constantly shitting myself for a week at a time, hahah. It wasn't until I'd had quite a few periods that the color lightened and I was like, ohhhhh. Then I finally told my mom and she gave me some of her pads. These giant, noisy diaper-y things. Ugh.

Anonymous 4821


OH MY GOD that's the book my mom gave me, probably because when I was younger I was into American Girl Dolls. Holy Fuck.

Anonymous 4826

Nope, white Slav/Hungarian

Anonymous 4829

Got it on the Saturday of the week of my 14th Birthday. I used to feel self-conscious about being a "late bloomer", but now I realize how lucky I was. Periods fucking suck.

Anonymous 4830

I got mine when I was 10. I was already about 5'3" and I grew to 5'8".

Anonymous 4831

Also my reading comprehension sucks, sorry. I just now saw where you said
Hopefully 10 is close enough for a comparison.

Anonymous 4849

What the fuck, I got mine at a similar age though I was growing boobs for a long while beforehand and I didn't grow taller at all. I'm insanely jealous. I've been 5'4'' since I was 12.

Anonymous 4860

I knew someone here would recognize it! I found a few scanned pages when I googled to find the cover, and it made me so nostalgic.

Anonymous 4863

I got mine on the first day of school in the 5th grade. Whichever age that is lol. According to google that's 10-11. So I'd guess and say 10 1/2 (since school starts around August and my birthday is September).

Anonymous 4866

I hated that book so much. I remember my friends tried to get me to look at it/read it at a sleepover and I refused. I didn't wanna know about how my body would soon become a bloody shit show, it made me really anxious.

I got my period at 12, at a theme park with my friend and her dad. I knew what was happening but didn't really register it until the next day when I was at home and told my mom.
I have friends who got their periods around 16/17, which is crazy to me. I also knew girls who were 10 and had their period which also shocked me. I didn't tell my friends about my period for about a year, because I was the first in the group to get it and felt embarrassed.

Anonymous 5032


I was about 10-11. That was pretty early compared to the other girls at school, but about right for my family. We all had periods young and all bleed a lot. Turns out it's due to a rare blood condition that we all basically have. Got me some of that haemochromatosis.

Anonymous 5033

I think I was 13 or so. It happened after I went to the hairdresser.

Anonymous 5036

My mom didn’t even start developing breasts until she was 15. Mine started budding at 11 and my period came at 12. I remember my first pubic hairs sprouting when I was about 8 or 9, but it took a long time after that for the period to come.

If she gets her period early, it is what it is. No use in whining about it because it’s not as if there’s any way to prevent it.

Anonymous 6237

Fat kids have contributed to earlier puberty. I had mine around 5th grade but also had a red ball of really veiny something fall out at 9. My boobs didn't grow all huge like my friend who had precious puberty, ended up with like double d boobs and had "grown men" hitting on her at like 11.

Anonymous 6319

I was a few weeks past my 14th birthday, my mother was 16. I don;t know why it is, but it seems like it comes earlier and earlier with every generation. I wonder why? i'm glad I wasn't 8 or 9.

Anonymous 6320

I did pretty early, in fact, I was the first one between my colleages. I was 9.
I remember it was quite traumatic, because my mom told the mom of a colleage because she was a doctor. I think she was worried since it was a bit early.
The next day everybody knew. The girls would ask me about it and I hated that day so much. Puberty hit hard and I developed boobs earlier than everybody else. Boys would stare. I was bitter when I bought my first bra.

Now I have been taking birth control for a while, and look like any other 20 something, so all that did not make much difference in my life.

Anonymous 6369

10 y/o

No I didn't know what a period was. Yes I was overweight (as I am rn) but not obese or anything. I started developing breasts at age 8 but they were never that big (I was a B in 6th grade, I am a D 10 years later).
Personally it didn't affect me too much. I basically kept it to myself at the time and became the expert 2 years later when I would reveal to my classmates that I had been having regular periods for a while and that's why I always brought my pencil case to the bathroom. I didn't have to deal with harassment because I much looked like a really ugly middle schooler until I was ~20 and learned how to do make up.
Besides the genetic factor, I think early puberty is caused by 1) stressful/unstable home environments 2) childhood obesity and 3) GMOs. All 3 are much more common now than they were back then.

Anonymous 6763

When I was in 5th grade. Wasn't great. There were no trash cans in bathroom stalls at my elementary school, so I had to sneak out all of my pad wrappers to the trash can by the sink.

Anonymous 6789

I got mine at 16 because anorexic, when I had gained enough weight it started.

I'm 5' (above at 16). It may not be relevant because different circumstances. I assume my growth was stunted, 4 years older and ~4" shorter than my sister. Hers, a year later at 13.

Anonymous 6866


I got mine at 12, and I wish it would've happened later. I wasn't ready at all.

Anonymous 6907

I got mine when I was 13, I remember feeling insecure cause all my friends had started ages before me, my sister had also first got hers at like 12 years old. I felt so relieved and happy when I started, now I goddamn hate them. My mum said she started when she was 16/nearly turned 17 which was crazy late.

Anonymous 6966

On my first day of the school year when I was 14. Only a day of bleeding too. My hormones are not functioning well and I still have a really childish body, despite being an adult now.

Anonymous 6967

me too except a bit younger

i was mistaken for 12 years old the other day

Anonymous 7012

Now that i think about it i dont even fucking remember my first period wtf

Anonymous 7013

I got mine at 9, way too soon. I also grew boobs way too early.

Nobody in my family got it so early, but then again my mother was almost 40 when she got me and my body is all sorts of messed up.

Anonymous 7145

I was 12 and luckily my mum had explained all about periods already so it wasn't a big deal. I remember it was one evening after school and I just saw a lil blood in my underwear after I'd got changed so I told my mum who got me some pads. I think 12 was about the age my friends started their periods too.

like other anons have said, I think girls getting their periods younger is to do with the food they eat, people's diets are getting more processed and full of crap so it's bound to fuck with our bodies. just look at cow's milk and all the hormones there are in that and milk is in everything. that's why I'm vegan, don't want that shit in my body that's meant to turn a baby calf into a huge ass cow - growth hormones. could also be genetics though.

Anonymous 7146

I got hairs in 3rd grade though, I'm just a hairy fucker but my puberty was normal or even late compared to others

Anonymous 7156

I had super hairy legs by 10 and I'm hairy as fuck now. I do have a hormone imbalance though

Anonymous 7157

I got mine in the summer between 5th and 6th grade. I think that's 12 or 11 I can't remember honestly. I had my breasts growing way before that though, since I was 9 or so. Also I got my hairs early too. Breasts stopped developing when I was 10 and I remained a sad flatty ever since, watching everyone around me develop big tiddies. It was pretty depressing for the dumb young me.

Anonymous 7158

Scratch that it was between 4th and 5th grade, I was 11.

Anonymous 7163

11 maybe? She can take her to an endocrinologist if she's concerned.

Anonymous 7173

I got mine when I was 14. Horrible fucking experience. I was on vacation and woke up to very heavy flow. I survived on the few pads I'd stashed in my suitcase "just in case" but it was cutting it very close. The second one, I just stole from my older sister's supplies. I was too scared to tell my mom. I developed a lot of shame about it and was petrified about bringing it up. I didn't tell her until I got my third period, and it took a couple years for me to be able to pick out pads at the store without feeling deeply ashamed, or to open one in a public restroom.

Whenever it starts, I think the best way to go about things is make sure she's comfortable. It's a traumatizing enough experience without any added pressure from family.

Anonymous 7238


I was 9.5 yo. I had a wonderful mother so I was not scared or confused when it happened. BUT NOW I'M LIKE WTF I WAS NOT EVEN 10.

Anonymous 7292

Around 6 months before I turned 13. I didn't get any boobs at all until at least a year later, and I got armpit hair first, just before I turned 12.

Anonymous 7299

Had them when I was 14 years and a half which is somewhat late. I have cousins that live in the middle of vineyards in rural France and they got theirs way younger than my sister and me. I read that pesticides, fertilizers and all the crop protection products they grew up in the middle of were endocrine disrupters that could cause early puberty amongst females. But I think it mostly comes down to genetics.

Also I have noticed that girls who have early period tend to be plumpier and more curvy than other girls.

Anonymous 7300

>Also I have noticed that girls who have early period tend to be plumpier and more curvy than other girls.

That's just your wishful thinking.
Periods usually end your growth so if anything the girls who get them later should be bigger.

Anonymous 7304

I got terrible "stomach" pains days before my period came for the first time. My parents took me to the doctor and got me all sorts of tests and an endoscopy. Then my period dropped and we understood that the stomach pains were actually cramps. Now as an adult I have terribly painful cramps and constantly fuck up my stomach from taking too much ibuprofen. Fuck periods.

Anonymous 7327

Is this true? I grew another 5 inches after I started having periods. I could be an outlier though.

Anonymous 7409

12 years old, in a hotel in Orlando visiting Disney world with my family. Got up In the middle of the night to go pee and noticed blood in the stool. Didn’t really surprise me, I knew my period would’ve come eventually sooner or later. I didn’t feel any pain the first few times they happened. Regarding age, I have a 8 year old god-sister who has already started her period.

Anonymous 7426

i was 10, it was a night and i had to pee. i felt something thick sliding down and when i looked down it was what i now know to be a muscle lump. i freaked out bc we never had conversations about it and shouted for my mom. she came in and told me to shut up bc dad was sleeping (walls were made of cardboard), then just helped me put on a pad and said "this means youre a grown up girl now!", telling me how hers went and yada yada. in retrospect telling me to shut up about it wasnt the best thing to do but in general it was an okay experience. my next one was ~6 months after that when i was 11.
my mom and aunts all had their periods at 12-14, so my mom went crazy going to endocrinologists etc. with me about it. it paid off in a way that we found out early that i had pcos and could then treat it.
after this, my sister got assessed early on and now she gets hormone blockers.

>the docs also told me basically what says pesticides, fertilizers and all the crop protection products they grew up in the middle of were endocrine disrupters that could cause early puberty amongst females."
the docs also told me the same thing fam, but the twist was that meat these days has a lot more endocrine hormones (so that it grows faster), which causes the girls who eat it develop faster than in the past.

>girls who have early period tend to be plumpier and more curvy than other girls.


Anonymous 7794


i was 9 years old, a few months before my birthday in thetoilet when i realized, i knew what it was already for some reason. when i got home i said i needed a plastic bag and my grandma asked why, "i.. i think im on my period". at that point i freaked out because she had hugged me and said i was a woman

a woman at 9 years old?
10 years later im still 4'11 though lol

Anonymous 8152


I got mine when I was 10. I knew what a period was when I was that age, so I wasn't that shocked-I was ,in fact, rather excited at the time

Anonymous 8154

I was 12, almost 13. I hid it from my mum for the first few days and just used toilet paper (do not recommend). She was pretty emotionally abusive so I guess I didn't feel confident confiding in her. I knew about periods already but didn't feel ready for it and used to cry lots whenever it came.

Anonymous 8156

I was 9 when I got my first period. I got my very first zit picture day of second grade, and I took such terrible care of it that it faded into a permanent raised scar on my chin that looks like a pink mole now. I remember asking a friend in 3rd or 4th grade if she was starting to get pubic hair too (she didn't know what I was talking about) but I don't exactly remember when it started growing. Yay puberty

Anonymous 8158

I started growing breasts and pubic hair when I was 8 and had my first period two months after turning 10, at which point my breasts were already 34B. Oddly, my armpit hair didn't begin growing until I was 13, and I'm currently 19 with no facial hair whatsoever. I'd never heard of a "period" at the time of having it, just woke up one morning feeling some stomach pain and when I went to pee I noticed there was blood. I told my mother about it and she basically explained it all, though quite vaguely, to me. She gave me the choice between tampons and pads, but due to her not explaining how to correctly insert a tampon, my attempt was painful and I chose the pad. To this day, I've never worn a tampon, not even correctly. Lol.

At one point I was having a discussion online with a moid about development during puberty and mentioned that I had my period at 10, since he said reports claiming that early puberty was becoming more common were false. He insisted that I was lying, that it was biologically impossible for that to happen, that no girls had ever had their period at 10… their failure to understand female anatomy never ceases to amaze me.

In my case, that's correct. I grew steadily throughout my childhood until topping at 5'2" when I was 11. I'm still 5'2" today. That being said, my doctors have suspected for years that I may have ovarian cysts or PCOS, and rapid growth during childhood ending in an overall short height is often reported in women with PCOS. What >>6237 said, that overweight girls tend to have periods earlier, is true, though I've never had a BMI higher than 22.

Anonymous 8167

My family used to say that girls that start early don't grow as much. They don't know anything about science or biology though.
I started my period at 9 and was 159cm until the age of 16. My mom then made some folk medicine with 5kg beets and 1-2 liters of milk and I grew a few cm from that. Basically she boiled all those beets overnight in milk and I had to drink that milk every morning for a few days. Didn't take long since I was drinking from a big cup. It's not that effective.
In my country it's average height but in other countries people say it's short. I was a picky eater as a child so I'm sure that's the reason why I didn't grow tall, not because of my period.

Anonymous 8235

Such a tale, coming from an American school system and a family that shamed all things relating to sex or even genitalia, when i drew first blood one summer day as an 11 year old, I thought I shit my pants. It continued for only one day longer I believe, and I thought I shit myself AGAIN. I was like why do I keep shitting and not even realizing.
Then it came again the next month and I put it together that I had began menstrating, and fearfully informed my mother, anticipating punishment for starting my period

Anonymous 8245

It was one morning, I went to the bathroom, and there was blood. I was 11 then.

Anonymous 8264

I hit puberty earlier than most. Maybe as a result of being hourglass-shaped. I've started becoming "shapely" and growing hair at 8. Because I was so young, I didn't learn how to use deodorant yet, because people assumed I was too young to be showing puberty signs, and ugh… you can imagine.

Anonymous 8265


12, april fools day at school.. i knew it was going to happen so i didn't rly panic, just quietly walked to the principles office and she was very cooperative and nice, my mom felt bad so she took me home, thankfully there was no visible leakage.

Anonymous 8267

got mine when i was 10, didn't know what a period was, thought i'd pissed blood and that i was on the brink of death

Anonymous 8271

It was in the middle of school. thankfully my mom worked at the school on the staff and she was able to get me home without anyone noticing.

Anonymous 10092


All you mutant women getting your periods at 11 or 12.
The normal age to get your period should be 14. End of discussion.
My doctor has told me that women who get earlier periods are ones more likely to suffer women-related health issues i.e. cervical cancer and thyroid problems,

Anonymous 10093

It can start at any time during puberty and it's not weird. 12 is as normal as 14. A quick search says it's women "before" 11, so yeah 11 and 12 is perfectly normal. Sure it's concerning if it starts at 6 years old but you're being weird about nothing. It's not like it's something people can control anyway.

Personally I got mine at 13.

Anonymous 10094

13, i remember getting it on the day of my birthday

Anonymous 10096

Lol ok because it's something you can control and assign an arbitrary number you feel comfortable with.

Anonymous 10099

I got mine at 14 but I was about 20 lbs underweight at the time.

Anonymous 10108

I think I was 11? I just realized how odd it is that I don't remember the age, but I have a clear memory of telling my mom. My cramps were horrible for the first ~3 years or so but now I hardly get any, also I'm on birth control so my periods are super sparse

I HAD THIS BOOK and would freak out about the tampon page, I knew what a period was beforehand but I thought if you just put a tampon in your panties it would.. repel it? Somehow? So once I realized the tampon goes IN the vagina I couldn't handle it.

Anonymous 10316

13, almost 14

Anonymous 10317

I was also similarly underweight and I got mine at 12

Anonymous 10337

i got my first period right after i turned 12. because if hormones in foods girls are maturing faster. i heard that normally girls get their period within a year that their mothers got their first period,so if mother got her period at 13 then her daughter would get it between 12-14

Anonymous 10338

>red ball of veiny something fell out of me
wtf? do you know what it was? i heard a story from a relative of mine that one day a little glob of tissue fell out of her and she didnt know what it was. she said she thought it was a miscarriage and that she was in early stages of pregnancy. ofc, she was in her 20s,not 9 years old.

Anonymous 10342

I started my period in 5th grade. I didn't really feel like a sexual being until I was like 17 though. Just because you start getting your period doesn't automatically mean she's gonna immediately start dating boys,

It's really easy to point the finger at food, but I read in Time Magazine years ago that scientists believe it's something about florescent lights that's causing earlier periods. Think about it, we spend all day drenched In fake light , it's tricking our bodies and our hormones.

Anonymous 10343

I started at 11, 5th grade. My mom was getting ready to head off to the airport for something job related and all I could do was call out for my mom. According to mom, the way I sounded was just so specific that she knew it must've happened.
I was educated about puberty and what to expect, as much as I didn't expect it at the same time. I'm honestly shocked/saddened at women like this >>10092, there's no need for hostilities like that lmao.

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