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Anonymous 4838

Why are there so many threads and posts about being overweight, but every post that references being skinny (aside from a few on /hb/ get deleted)? Fat girls have it easier because they can always change when you’re skinny you’re in your endgame and you know there’s no way it’s going to get better and thisis what you have to work with. Also, I’d really like to inspire and help all the fat girls here to lose weight and become the skinny queens they want to be, but it’s not allowed which is dumb: why disallow self-improvement?

Who /skinny/ here?

Anonymous 4839

Skinny here but it's mostly due to high metabolism, entire family is like this.

I can eat an entire box of Krispy Kreme and not gain weight. It may sound good but it's actually a downside when your dream is to be an aircraft cabin crew. Got denied several times because "underweight"

Anonymous 4840

I'm skinny but flabby. I only look okay when I'm wearing clothes, otherwise my torso looks like it's given up on life. It's been like that all my life, I've never had a flat stomach, even when I was underweight as a kid.

Anonymous 4841

>skinny queens
Were you the same person in the vent thread who persuaded me losing weight even though I had a healthy bmi?

Anonymous 4842

It’s just tumblrspeak
healthy BMI =/= skinny

Anonymous 4843

Skinny here. I remember going through a brief "Fuck fat people" phase after an uncle died of kidney failure from Type 2 Diabetes. I still think stuff like HAES is dangerous bullshit, but I don't hate fat people anymore.

Anonymous 4844

I'm skinny, always have been, but sadly I do tend to discriminate against obese people.

I feel we should have more threads focused around self improvement in general, including weightloss. I'm not saying post spoopy ana chan shit, but more so slender figures that look healthy/you can tell they actually work out and eat well.

Health over everything really.

Anonymous 4845

I think you missed the point.

Anonymous 4846

Always had an underweight bmi, but I suspect I've always had disordered eating subconsciously through my middle school and high school years. Now I'm really anorexic, but it sucks because I feel like I'm not on the same playing field as everyone else. A 15 bmi doesn't look as thin on me as other girls and I look average to fat at my starting bmi in the 17s/16s.

Anonymous 4847

Personally I have a strange combination of eating disorder behaviors. I am skinny-ish right now but I am always in a yearly cycle of be skinny->binge for a while and gain 50 lbs->lose weight and be skinny again->repeat
My metabolism and general health is really fucked because of this but I actually really like losing weight. It's the easiest way I know to feel like I'm accomplishing something. I feel really lost if I have no weight to lose. I will probably lose the last of this weight to make skinny-ish into skinny and then gain weight again.

Anonymous Admin 4848

FYI, we don't delete anything that references being skinny (unless it was part of a man's post history). Please continue.

Anonymous 4851

I used to be pretty chubby but now I'm skinny to the point where I get regular comments about it. There is no possible way that fat girls have it better. They're generally treated pretty poorly by everyone

Anonymous 4853

I think the OP meant fat girls have it better in terms of self-improvement stuff. When you are fat you can make yourself look twice as good simply by losing weight, when you are skinny you are more limited. Makeup, clothes, and exercise only does so much after a certain point.
Of course fat people are treated more poorly though.

Anonymous 4854


no, this is wrong. skinny girls can do a lot to make their bodies more attractive. it's super hard work though.

Anonymous 4858

I'm not a skinny girl but I say never fully trust what you think of yourself. You might perceive differently to other people without realizing it. I always used to be a chubby girl but I thought I was monstrous. Now I'm fatter and I look at old photos of me and see that I was just a little chubby. I probably had a BMI of 24 at the time those photos were taken. Even though my BMI is much higher now I literally feel the same about my body and I realized this when I actually looked at older photos and reflected.

Anonymous 4894

How long have you been lifting? I'm curious because my pecs too are my weakest muscles (but I'm "novice" all over otherwise)

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