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Weight loss: things you didn't expect Anonymous 4878

Share some experiences you've had after weight loss that you didn't expect. How did you feel afterwards? Did people treat you differently? Were there changes to your body that you didn't anticipate?

I lost around 15kg / 33lbs recently and I just notice how strangers happen to be a little nicer to me than before. Females as well as males. Unfortunately i've been catcalled on the street more often. I also noticed a lot more changes in my face than anywhere else and sex has become a LOT better.

Anonymous 4881

5’7” here, about 5 years ago I went from 150 lbs down to 118. Tons of guys (even some super hot ones) were hitting on me, buying me drinks in bars, flirting with me online. I could actually go shopping and have everything look good on me. But for some reason I was still unhappy and thought I should be smaller.

I’m a fat piece of shit again after developinf a serious drinking problem so all of that went away.

Anonymous 4883

Sorry to hear that anon, everyone should try to love/accept themselves before starting to lose weight or trying to change their body

Anonymous 4884

I lost about 30 lbs and still losing. I lost it all during the summer so when I went back to school no one questioned nor said anything about it. I did not say anything about it unless someone asks. The only person who said something was my best girl friend. I'll probably show off my weight loss on fb once the new year hits just to show off for once and then delete it.

Nothing really changed all that much in my life except that now I feel justified to say that I won't date fat guys, my options for finding cute clothes has expanded, and the confidence to take more tease pics and buy sexy things for myself.

Anonymous 4890

Honestly, nothing changed socially. No one got nicer and I haven't got more attention. I sometimes get comments about my body (wether it's nice or not, I hate it tbh, why do you need to comment on my body ?) but that's it.

I just have an even harder time to find clothes that fit me correctly, and I lost a lot of my cleavage. Oh, and my knees hurt when I sleep on my side and they're on top of each other.

Anonymous 4901

i lost a lot of weight last year, and i feel like it was such a waste because of the fact that i still hate my body. im built like a man, and getting fit only made that seem exaggerated. im working on building a bigger ass right now to balance out my broad shoulders. its a bad feel.

Anonymous 4902

Lost 30 lbs in 2018.
I thought because I had big hips when I was fatter I had pear fat distribution but when losing weight I lost on both my waist and hips. Which is fine, it's just not a dramatic difference between the two which is disappointing (only 10 inches). My legs are still comparatively wide though and I have broad shoulders, so idk. I guess I just have no idea what my body type is now.
And same as OP happy with face changes, glad to have a nice jawline.

People I knew while losing weight commented, but strangers haven't treated me differently.

Anonymous 18565

I posted back in summer about wanting to lose weight for health reasons and I wanted to update, but it looks like they deleted the thread… So I will do it here.

I'm still fat, but I have managed to lose weight slowly but steadily. I'm avoiding scales because I know myself and if I start thinking in numbers I will turn into an anachan, so I have no idea of how much I have lost, but at the very least enough to make all my trousers stop fitting me and to make people around me notice I weigh less now.

Looks aside, I'm now able to be active for long periods of time, which makes me so excited because before simply climbing stairs would asphyxiate me. Right now the exercise I do is just running and the bit of arm work I do at my workplace, but I'm considering hitting the gym just to see how far I can go.

I'm also eating a bit better now, I ration my meals depending on the energy I will need for that day and while I’m still a terrible picky eater, I have tried a few new meals I ended up liking and I endure some others I dislike but that are good for my health.

Anonymous 18566

My BMI used to be at ~27, now it's 19.
Walking is easy. Walking feels great. I can run up 8 flights of stairs without dying. Most clothes look good on me. In fact, I can wear basically anything. People treat me better. I like what I see in the mirror. 10/10 would recommend.

Anonymous 18567

Happy for you

Anonymous 18569

I've found myself in a cycle where I will eat pretty well during the week, but on weekends where I go visit my family I eat just as much as I've always used to and gain back all the weight I'd lost over the week, lmao

I don't dare tell my family to please not buy all the tasty things and please not cook all the lavish meals because 1. my sister has had an eating disorder before, and she'd probably wouldn't do well if she heard that I'm trying to lose weight, as I'm still skinnier than she is.
and 2. because of my sister my mother has become really tip toey about losing weight in general
and 3. I'd be somewhat embarrassed to do so. I've always been the one of us sisters to "not care" about my appearance and just wear and style myself without much care. and admitting to them that I have become unhappy with the way I look would embarrass me a little.

so yes, I keep trying to hold back on eating when visiting my parents, but it just hasn't been working super well.

that sounds really good anon, congrats! do you live alone?

Anonymous 18577

Track your calories and eat at a slight deficit during the week to make up for the weekends. Or do some extra cardio during the week.

Anonymous 18580


Went from 250 to 186, was fat my whole life. I’m still shocked by how skinny my face looks when I look in the mirror. People haven’t treated me any differently, but in general I’m not constantly miserable like I used to be.

Anonymous 18611

I already am in a deficit during the week

Anonymous 18623

Thanks you! I still live with my family due to being single, if I want to start living alone I will have to share with strangers and I don't want that (a single income can't pay any kind of housing over here)

Anonymous 18629


Been chubby my whole life. Dieted for a year and became a skinny cute girl. Developed bulimia, anorexia and now binge eating disorder so have gained a good chunk back. I want to calorie count and restrict again but it feels impossible without binging massively as a panic response from my body. I can't eat normally at all anymore.

Anonymous 18631

how did you communicate calorie counts with your family?

Anonymous 18632

I didn't…? I couldn't care less what my parents think of my meals nor they can control me, I'm an adult and pay for my own food.
I don't count calories though, like I said if I start thinking in numbers I will turn into an anachan. What I do is think in rations & kinds of foods (for example, smaller rations of veggies and light fish if I'm just gonna lazy around home all day ot fuller rations of meat or carbohydrates if I'm gonna work out).

If you're the family anon, you can serve the meals yourself, tell them you simply don't want to put on weight (wanting to lose weight & wanting to maintain your current one sound very different, I think they will be more ok with the later) or ask them to take a scroll outside together if the weather is nice. Though I think you should be sincere even if it hurts them, you're all adults and they should accept your decisions. Maybe you can look up healthier versions of what your family usually cooks & prepare it together with them.

Anonymous 18633

might seem a bit dumb but I lost 30 kg last year and while I expected buying new clothes, I didn't expect that my rings are too loose now. I don't know my ring size either

Anonymous 18636

I lost 50 lb in my early twenties and honestly felt so much better about myself. I gained it back tho.

Anonymous 18643

I'm not sure if I've lost weight but I've definitely gained muscle/recomped and my belly button looks different now.

Anonymous 18645


Gaining muscle is better in the long run. Good job!

Anonymous 18646

I've lost 28 lbs (130 → 102) and I didn't expect to lose my hips. I went from a spoon shape to a slight inverted triangle. Also, my boobs are so small now.

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