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Anonymous 4914

I always hated my tiny boobs but lately it started to bother me way too much. They are super small, when I lay on my back I'm completely flat. On top of that I'm really tall (taller than a lot of guys) and skinny and I think it makes them look even smaller

how do I deal with it? Seriously are there any tricks to make them seem at least a bit bigger? I tried gaining weight but even when I had 15kg more they didn't grow a bit

it's such a shitty reason to not like myself :|

Anonymous 4915

First of all, tiny boobs are fine!! You're saving yourself a lot of back ache, can get all the cute lingerie, and this is secondary to your own self esteem of course but lots of men (and women) think small breasts are sexy.

You can't change your fat distribution, but there's lots of tricks to enhance your cleavage. Video attached is something I remember being passed around a lot in cosplay circles.

Anonymous 4916


Image version

Anonymous 4918

OT but anyone have source for OP GIF?

Anonymous 4923

Small boobs are so cute. My cupsize is 34D, which is average here I think. I feel like my size makes my broad shoulders more obvious.
You actually sound model tier

Anonymous 6425

If it makes you feel any better anon, i have medium-largeish saggy boobs which look gross and I wish I could have your breasts instead (is that a weird thing to say?)

Anonymous 6454

im so flat chested and i dont mind it for the most part, i dont need to wear bras, i can sleep on my tummy, men dont stare at me or notice me at all, but occasionally id like to borrow some boobs to fill out a nice dress, or look sexy for an evening. and then give them back when im done bc i like my tiny boobs

Anonymous 6487

You could just use a padded bra.

Anonymous 6522

depends on how flat we're talking. pushup bras are great, but if anon is literally boy chest mode, not much padding or push up can help if she doesn't want to be totally obvious.

Anonymous 6530

that's not true. anon should buy japanese/chinese bras. those things are magical!

Anonymous 6728


I know this board is pretty dead but thought I'd ask anyway.

My boobs are small which I'm alright with but does anyone else's sternum (breast bones) stand out a lot even though you have a normal BMI? Coupled with my small boobs, it just looks unattractive imo, like I'm a bony teenage kid.

Anonymous 7028

I have this, anon. I'm not underweight, either. My boobs are super small and far apart, and I'm tall. I don't like how it looks 100%, but I'm trying to learn to accept it.

Anonymous 7077

small boobs are chic af, embrace the high fashion model look

Anonymous 7333

Just get pec tiddies

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