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Who here is Januhairy? Anonymous 4933

A month-long campaign encouraging women to grow out their body hair is happening for the first time

Januhairy wants ladies to "love and accept" their natural hair while raising money for charity


Anonymous 4934

I haven't shaved any of my body hair in over 2 years, but it's very light and fine and even my pits don't really show it. I just have a little bush going, which I sometimes shave when I feel like being smooth.

Anonymous 4935

I'm a legbeard because I am a stinky NEET but I suddenly feel motivated to shave daily now.

Anonymous 4937

well i stopped shaving the only area i shaved 3 months ago so now im all natural i guess, still too paranoid to wear anything that shows it so not sure if theres a point. my hairs dark so its not like i could get away with it. i hate society and the expectations put upon women i wish i was born a man, no one complains about those hairy fuckers lmao

Anonymous 4943

I only shave my armpits in the summer when im going to wear tanktops, i also barely shave my legs except the parts around my knee because my hairs look alot darker there. I wish i had the guts to not shave at all tbh.

Anonymous 4950

I don't need a month dedicated to this. I'm a femcel who fucking gave up and haven't shaved my pits, legs or pubes in over a year.

Anonymous 4953

If only being hairy was more socially acceptable. I want "Allyearhairy". It's not just men who mock hairiness on women, some women also look down on you if you don't shave or wax religiously.

>I wish i had the guts to not shave at all tbh.
Same. But only because every time I remove my hair, something goes wrong. Each summer I get at least two painful shaving pimples on my armpits. My trimmed pubic hair prickles when it grows. My soft leg hair is the only low-maintenance part. But shaving is generally annoying, time-consuming and useless. Humans naturally have hair other than on their heads, so what? Fuck judgemental people.

Anonymous 4955

It's overwhelmingly women in my experience. They get butthurt if it turns out that all the work they've been doing wasn't necessary, so they make sure it is by bullying you if you don't do it.

Most men don't care or think it's hot.

Anonymous 4958

I haven't shaved in years. I'm not NEET and I'm definitely not femcel (I'm a bit of a slag tbh)

No one's ever really cared that I have hair. No guy has ever said anything

Anonymous 4959

>i hate society and the expectations put upon women i wish i was born a man, no one complains about those hairy fuckers lmao
^ Actually sheltered.

You need to remember that the beauty industry is like a 90% woman-oriented market, with the men at the top being homosexuals, who unsurprisingly don't always have the healthiest views when it comes to women. The average heterosexual guy (no, closet cases larping as heteros don't count, neither do pedos) finds hair on a girl hot, especially around the pubic area. Body hair shame/bullying/whatever you want to call it usually comes from women who have spent lots of time and money on products, and it annoys them other girls might be able to skip that and still get dick.

The cases like in OP are literally attacking a safe female-world thing while relishing any male support (attention) they get along the way.

You'll notice in the article they're all drama students. Yikes lol. Says everything you need to know about them.

Anonymous 4960

Most guys don't mind but I wouldn't go as far as saying the average guy finds it hot, at least in western cultures. Especially if they've never been with a hairier girl, men these days are mainly exposed to girls with no body hair through porn and actual girls who feel like they have to shave everything. Social norms are a powerful thing.

Anonymous 4961


I've slept with a lot of guys that girls here would consider "Chads" and all of them have been cool with my body hair. I've dated several guys like that too and all of them were cool with my body hair.

You just have to make sure it fits your asthetic. If you are a tan, bikini girl with lil fillers and bleach blonde hair who shops at pink regularly , body hair probably doesn't fit with your look.

Anonymous 4963

Girls here consider all guys Chads

Anonymous 4964

I’m half german and half greek, so my hair is pretty dark. My body hair isn’t extremely thick or anything, just dark. I always felt ashamed for it, started shaving not only the typical areas of my body but also my arms, face, butt cheeks, because I envied all these blonde girls with super thin, golden hairs that never looked hairy or ‚manly‘. Although I started to get into feminism and slowly started to change my fucked up body image, i still stuck to my shaving routine. My fiancé was the one who said to me, that he doesn’t mind body hair on women at all, a completely shaved body is a little weird and child-like to him and he also asked if it isn’t extremely annoying to shave every second day. That really blew my mind and made me realize that the whole shaving bullshit is something I never did for myself but for gross dudes/society and because I wanted to look like other girls. I slowly started to shave less and started to feel very comfortable with my body hair. Same thing happened with not wearing bras/thongs and even make up. These days I only trim my pubic hair and only shave my armpits and legs when I’m in the mood. (mostly in summer) I don’t give a fuck, my fiancé doesn’t give a fuck and I love the comfy, carefree life. I’m beautiful anyway!

Anonymous 4966

I only shave a few times a year for special occasions. I do keep everything trimmed but I'll have visible hair under my arms or on my legs. I actually think it looks really sexy on other women because it's a sign of maturity. I also just think that women with visible hair are probably more friendly and laid back and in my experience, it's true.

To the anons that think it isn't socially accepted, you should just try growing your hair out some time. I actually get compliments from other women who don't shave. Some other women dye their armpit hair and it looks pretty cool, that was a big trend recently and might make you feel a bit less weird about the whole thing. My bf is fine with my hair too as long as I keep my pubes short (he trims too and he doesn't expect me to do anything he doesn't do which is great). Anyone who judges you for having your natural hair shouldn't be in your life anyway.

Anonymous 4972

>all of them have been cool with my body hair
>My bf is fine with my hair too as long as I keep my pubes short
Where do you anons live and how do I move there?

Anonymous 4973

I really like how pubes and armpit hair look on me and other women. But somehow I still can't get over leg hair. It just seems so masculine, I don't really know why, I can't help it.

Maybe because smooth legs are such a hallmark of femininity.

Anonymous 4977

I feel the same even though I don't shave my legs. I feel self conscious about it and always keep them covered.

Anonymous 4987


Lol I'm in Ireland. Are you in the US because I feel like the US puts way more pressure on women to shave? But even saying that, there's been a trend lately of American celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga showing off armpit hair, even on the red carpet. I think they look really cool!

Anonymous 5019

I'm in France where it's non-existent, but nobody is going to bully you for it. However I've seen it much more often in Germany, Spain, and Italy.

Anonymous 5027

That's what my arms look like after I shave
>tfw Med genes

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