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Coloring hair at home Anonymous 4948

Hey /hb/, does anyone here have experience dying their own hair to avoid spending insane amounts of money at the salon every few weeks?

I'm trying to get my hair this color (my natural color is currently a 2-3 shades darker). I got it done at a salon last year and they didn't use bleach, just dye. I've seen some decent tutorials on how to lighten hair without bleach but the color always seem to come out as this unnatural yellow color instead of natural dirty blonde which is obviously not what I'm looking for.

So yeah, if anyone has any expertise or questions of their own, post it here!

Anonymous 4954

I would dye my hair at home a lot in high school. The brand matters, make sure you do research into the dyes and just follow the directions well. Wash your hair and stuff before hand so it's not oily. It's mostly trial and error really but definitely do research

Anonymous 4956

You can't put dye on dark hair to make it lighter. A lightening agent has to be used.

I'm betting they actually did use bleach

Anonymous 4967

My mother dyed lighter steaks in my hair last year or maybe even 2 years ago I forgot, my hair is dark brown and the streaks were sort of gold. She didn't use any bleach, just dye, so I know it is possible, but it was an unnatural color like you said you don't want. But the color stayed on my hair for a long time, I think it's still a little visible.

Anonymous 4969

>I'm betting they actually did use bleach
Don’t talk about things you don’t know anything about, anon.

I have dark hair and have had it dyed lighter numerous times, everything from red to light brown. The first time I expressed concern to my stylist about damaging my hair from bleaching and he told me those colors didn’t need bleach.

You only need bleach if you’re going a drastically lighter shade.

Anonymous 5021

Can you really recreate salon quality using things from the shop? I really can’t afford to get my hair done this semester, I have so much to pay for, so I’ve been considering DIYing. I always see hairdresser stacys posting memes about people using box dyes etc though so it makes me think like ehhhh… are they right that it’s shite or is it just to make them get more business?

I want to use a blonde shampoo to lighten my hair basically (I’m blonde but I never go outside so it’s more golden kind of darker blonde) because the bottom part is light blonde and the top is darker which looks cool until it grows out past a certain point and then I’m like nerhhhh?

Anonymous 5023

NTA but those dyes have bleach already in them, there's no way to lighten hair without bleaching. Sorry. The only thing you're saving yourself is the extra step of bleaching first, then coloring.

Anonymous 5026

You can lighten it a few shades with honey and cinnamon powder but it takes a long ass time

Anonymous 5029

I think they're just taught that all box dyes are crap and parrot it. They genuinely believe it because in the West that's how the industry works.
In my home country (Eastern Europe) you go to a hairdresser for a haircut, highlights etc that you can't do by yourself or they come to your house if they're a friend. However, where I'm from you can find professional dyes in local drugstores and dye the hair yourself if you know how, hairdressers here use a mix of box dyes and pro dyes themselves and will even recommend good ones for your hair based on their experience. Basically they get business anyway because many people don't want to dye their own hair for fear of making it look patchy, they don't give a shit what dye you'll use since they know you'll bring it to them anyway and here anyone can buy "salon brands" so they don't bother shilling anything.
I've never heard any of them say box dyes are crap, just that certain ones are too harsh and poor quality.

Anonymous 6206

I found video related, it seems like it may be worth a shot.

Anonymous 6209

>Can you really recreate salon quality using things from the shop?
I’ve seen some amazing results from Lush’s henna blocks but they only come in red and brunette shades.

Try looking up tutorials for lightening hair with hydrogen peroxide or honey. Since you’re already blonde it should be really easy to get good results.

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