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ishoku-hada trend Anonymous 5177

thoughts on this?
personally i think it's amazing and i hope it becomes a norm. it got me really inspired too~!

Anonymous 5178

i'm not into miyako akane though 'cause she kinda looks like a potato/down syndrome but this alien look really works on her

Anonymous 5179


Looks super cool honestly. Wanna try it.

Anonymous 5180

same! probably my favorite trend right now. i'm worried that body/face paint might break me out though since i have sensitive acne-prone skin. and how does one evenly cover the whole body?

Anonymous 5181

You could probably do like an armsock or lycra suit type deal for the rest of your body. It seems like a pain in the ass to get paint on your clothes or have it constantly rub off on other shit.

Anonymous 5182


I never heard of this until this thread, but think it's really cute! Unfortunately I can't imagine it becoming popular because it's a hassle to paint your body, and probably rubs off on clothing. Def. cute tho!

Can't find many pics online for it, so will spam some here that I found for anyone interested~

Anonymous 5183


Anonymous 5184


Anonymous 5185


Anonymous 5186


Anonymous 5187


Anonymous 5188


Anonymous 5189

there are sealants specifically for body paint though. i really wouldn't mind doing this normally but i'll be called out for being retarded for sure. it's such a good look!

Anonymous 5190

Woah this is super cool. Kinda reminds me of blue/alien people on the sims lol

Anonymous 5191


Necroing this thread with a lil dump

Anonymous 5192


Anonymous 5193


Anonymous 5194



I do want my own Isshoku Hada group now, ngl lol

Anonymous 5195


Anonymous 5196


Anonymous 5197

same ;-;

Anonymous 5198

Yeah, I love it.

Used to have an IG where Id post 'looks' I had done but I deleted it and all social media because its too much for my mental state.

Bit of a shame, I still have facepaints and wigs and shit that are going to waste nearly.

Anonymous 5199

they remind me of the kids in those old sunblock ads, the one that would turn you purple, blue, pink lol

Anonymous 5200

wtf that's so cool

Anonymous 5201

that actually seems like a great idea because then you could make sure you had full coverage/tell when the sunscreen was washing off and you needed to reapply. where do i buy this

Anonymous 5202

not sure if they still make it since it was more of a thing when I was a kid in the late 90s/early 2000s, but there is probably something similar to it out there

Anonymous 5203

this thread is amazing. I hope this become more popular

Anonymous 5204

i was actually really disappointed by trying to research it because it seems like a very niche trend. it's mostly the same group of girls meeting up and taking photos of themselves and/or one another. seems like a flash in the pan, to me. if you're doing it with a group of friends, it's probably really fun, but i can't imagine going out like that alone. that likely discourages a lot of people from trying it…also, getting the brightly colored makeup all tf over your clothes.

Anonymous 5205


also does anyone get the idea that they're catering to or inspired by hentai in some way? the really skimpy clothing, literally wearing underwear as an outfit, that assless dress, even the ahegao in OP

Anonymous 5206

damn anon don't ruin it! you're probably right

Anonymous 5207


I love this style, I did a few looks last year

Anonymous 5208


Anonymous 5209


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