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Anonymous 5210

Aaaaah help /cgl/, I want to be cute and fashionable but I feel like my height makes everything look bad on me (5'10) any tips on how to be cute and tall?
I don't really wear skirts and dressed because it's quite rare to find a woman actually wearing them here.

Anonymous 5211

You're already cute. Just dress modestly like you want to, and be yourself.

Anonymous 5212

Anon-chan, you should wear skirts and dresses even if people there don't. There are so many beautiful tall women out there. I am sure you're beautiful the way you are. How would you like to dress? Do you have a favorite style? I'm not serious about fashion, but I want to help.

Anonymous 5213


Anon, i'm sure you are already cute, just work with what you got, wear whatever you want and don't focus on what other people are wearing. If you like it and feel good about yourself in it, wear it.
There's nothing like having your personal style and not following what everyone else is doing just for fear of standing out.
If you like them, get yourself some skirts and dresses. If you don't know how to pair them at first maybe search and pin some outfits on pinterest to guide you a little bit and help you see what you like.

Don't let your height dictate what you can or cannot wear.

Anonymous 5214

Stop being a self pitying retard, models (the definition of looking fashionable) are tall af.

Anonymous 5215


I'm 6', anon. Just wear things that show off your legs. I avoid pants mostly since they never fit right, so tights and skirts/dresses are my best friend. And just give up on sleeves ever fitting, embrace that everything will be 3/4 length.

Remember that even if you hate your height sometimes, most girls are probably jealous.

Anonymous 5216

Lose a bunch of weight and you will be cute. Aim for a 16 BMI

Anonymous 5217

Tall girls are naturally super beautiful I am always in awe. Show off your long legs and you're fine really. Sub 5' reporting in ;-;

Anonymous 5218


Yes you can be really cute being tall! Those korean models are pretty tall, you can inspire yourself with those simple and beautiful looks from chuu or stylenanda



Anonymous 5219

No one should be following this advice. Girls with that BMI might look great in photos but end up looking a little too spoopy in real life. It’s better to aim for a healthy BMI on the lower end of the spectrum and wear pieces that fit your body type.

Anonymous 5220

they look like recolors or the same character

Anonymous 5221

Anonymous 5222

Oh also I've been seeing tall ladies around town wearing those trapezoid/flare pants or however you call them and I think it looks super nice on them, doesn't look as nice on shorter ladies.

Anonymous 5223

Torrid has tall stuff instead of just plus sized. I like their jeans.

Nobody wears skirts or dresses where I live either outside of clubbing.



Gurl, just wear the damn skirt or dress. Who cares about being taller? I'm getting fucking leg-lengthening surgery just to get taller. Kawaii is a state of mind, not an image.

Anonymous 5225


>I'm getting fucking leg-lengthening surgery just to get taller.
I've been considering this too. Please report back with your results. I've heard there can be complications with brittle bones for years afterward.

Anonymous 5226

Please don't do that, broken bones ache when you're older. Breaking your own bones is not a good idea at all.

Don't ruin your bodies.

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