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Anonymous 5227

Liz Lisa discussion anyone?

>what do you think of the eBay store vs shopping services?


Anonymous 5228

I've only ever bought Liz Lisa when I lived in Japan, so I'll leave a little tip here: if you ever have the chance to go there, browse the used clothing stores. It's a popular brand that's easy to find and old releases specially will be super cheap.

Anonymous 5229

I get all my brand stuff LL included from fril.jp right now. Even with shopping services and shipping I spend on average $25 per item.

Anonymous 5230

I only have one dress by them and a cute hat that I haven't opened yet, but I'm dying for a basket purse.


I bought one of their my melody suitcases two years ago. Cute as hell but materials aren't that good quality One of the stands broke off first trip…

They have an eBay store now! But it's quite pricey. I used to always buy mine from Tokyo Otaku Mode.

Anonymous 5232


I bought my first liz lisa dress last year and I loved it but didn't make that many liz lisa purchases (I was more into lolita at the time)
This year when the latest my melody collab came out I fell in love! I started slowly buying more secondhand liz lisa and I'm now slowly making the switch from lolita to himekaji/larme styles
this is all the stuff I bought so far
My dream is to have a liz lisa wardrobe as big as xsakisaki or emiiichan but it'll probably take a while til I can get there!
Would love to see what recent liz lisa purchases anyone else has made lately! And what are your favorites from liz lisa (florals aside I love the sailor collar items they have, my melody collabs and anything with strawberries!)

Anonymous 5233

big liz lisa collector, if you don't care for used goods just go on rakuten or yahoo auction jp. Most people sell huge lots of older styles for 30-100$. Example:

Anyone want to talk a bout how liz lisa isn't doing a fukubukuro this year? I worry they might be suffering on sales. As much as I love lizlisa i think the style is dying in japan…

Anonymous 5234


I love buying on fril because it’s easier to find more older pieces that are in good condition , I’ve been wanting to try yahoo auctions
And yeah it seems like general cute fashion is dying in Japan the latest trends seem to be more vintage, « mature » styles (I think Liz Lisa can be mature though) They’ll either reinvent themselves in a way to keep up with trends, or maybe cute fashion will have a comeback? Also Liz Lisa was established in 1999 right? Do you think they’ll do anything for their 20th anniversary? I feel like that could be a reason they aren’t going to release a fukubukuro this year


I just buy Liz Lisa from Depop and Poshmark. Some brand new with tags. Also try Rakuten Global.

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