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Undies General Anonymous 5236

Where do you guys shop for undies? It's so hard to find cute girly styles in the west, but I'm wary about buying from random taobao sellers.

Anonymous 5237

Victoria's Secret usually. They can have some pretty cute stuff if u look hard enough. What kinda of styles are you looking for anon?

Anonymous 5238


I tried VS but online it looked like most of their cutest undies were thongs. I like cotton briefs like in the OP. I'm super tempted to buy some on ebay because I found some really cute ones but I'm not sure how worried I should be about what the undies are made of if the listing says it's 100% cotton. Has anyone bought undies from ebay sellers before?

Anonymous 5239

American Eagle/Aerie underwear is on sale all the time. I just got 8 for $3.50 each and they're all cute and comfy.

Anonymous 5240

Aimer feel makes the OP style in a set usually. It’s from Japan but they’re expanding to america recently.

Anonymous 5241

I bought some undies on aliexpress that I really liked, OP. If you want more asian style underwear that could work.

Anonymous 5242


Do you like bloomers? If not, why not?

Anonymous 5243

>>5242 CC Victorian woman meme or legit question?

Anonymous 5244

I think they're cute

Anonymous 5245

unnamed (17).gif

I think they're lovely, my dear. Also, I dig the CC Victorian meme.

Anonymous 5246

What does CC Victorian mean?

Anonymous 5247


A butthurt anon said we all expected people to talk like Victorian women here, that's where it came from

Anonymous 5248

Woah you responded so fast.

Victorian? I thought we were all Rococo

Anonymous 5249

Yes, just like a good polite lady I don't let my friends waiting!!
sorry if I scared you, your post was the first one I saw

Reposted because I fucked up the spoiler.

Anonymous 5250


Anonymous 5251

unnamed (1).png

What's your type? I'm personally a tanga/boyshorts type of girl. And if I'm on my period I only feel like wearing huge panties.

Anonymous 5252

Briefs for periods
And thongs, and smaller panties for sexy times.

Anonymous 5253

Sorry for necro but does anyone have links to cute undies in Ali or similar websites?

Anything goes except thongs

Anonymous 5254

Boyshorts and bikini for being comfy, tanga when I want to dress up a bit for my boyfriend.

Anonymous 5255

Uchimada ever since VS's quality got so much worse over the last decade plus the sets are cuter than anything VS could ever come up with.

I will forever want Intimissi and Agent Provacateur lingerie but for some reason they don't sell A cup. Does anyone know the reason for this? I noticed most high end companies that sell exclusively lingerie don't cater at all to people with A or AA cup.

Anonymous 5256

anyone else regularly wear boys' underwear? It's soo comfy and makes me feel kinda excited too

Anonymous 5257

Yup, sometimes
I like how much room there is lol

Anonymous 5258

Meee! They're comfy around the house

Anonymous 5259

I used to but threw them all away. The extra length that droops down around the crotch area is kind of annoying, extremely unflattering and makes me feel unsexy.

Anonymous 5260

Last pairs have been from family dollar. Lol. Before that marilyn monroe intimates. They are sold in discount stores but they are comfortable high quality shapewear. Express-owned by the limited. I have ordered from one hanes place–its their outlet catalogue.

Anonymous 5261

I buy mine from La Vie En Rose, they're really cute but not cheap-looking

Anonymous 5262

I don't shop there, but I love browsing HQ underwear sites like Agent Provocateur, Bordelle, etc.

There's this one store in New Orleans called Trashy Diva which has a separate lingerie location and god some of the stuff they sell there makes me want to throw my bank account out the window. I love wearing cute underwear even when nobody except for me gets to find out about it.

Anonymous 5263

I like hipster or boyshort but it depends on the cut. I have some boys briefs that I wear on my period because they are kind of thick but they are old and I'm thinking of upgrading - I love having black underwear for periods but I was thinking of being sassy and getting a few blood red ones.

Anonymous 5264


I don't know what I have for a potato butt form but I can't wear the most undies that stores sell, because my butt will make sure that it will be stuck between my cheeks in no time.
Sorry for the blunt words but I have no idea how to write it better.
I guess I need classic briefs or hipsters or something like that.
Am I the only one with that problem?

Anonymous 5265

Lol no i have the same thing that's why i wear hipsters now. Almost every other underwear will just be stuck between my cheeks. It als maybe could be that you have to get a size bigger? If that doesn't work hipsters are the best option for you.

Anonymous 5266

God thanks. I am so glad i am not the only one.
I will try the hipsters.
Well as far as i always tough that my underwear was my size. Or is it complicated like bras nowadays?

Potato but team unite!

Anonymous 5267

Some stores like h&m have really weird sizing. Sometimes there you will be able to fit an s but when you try a different one you will have to go a size larger. Also sometimes going a size larger helps because it won't suck in my crack that much but the problem is that the underwear is to loosely in other areas like at your hips.
having a potato but is a blessing and curse, I'm happy to see that there are other potato buts here

Anonymous 5268

It's not you, I have it too. Everything that doesn't cover my butt completely gives me a wedgie, and everything low-rise just rolls down, so hipsters are out as well. It's pretty much just granny panties (full coverage briefs) for me. Fortunately they come in fun colors.

Anonymous 5269

Granny panties are the best!
They are so comfortable. I don't care if they aren't that sexy, I always make jokes that I never need to buy new panties if I am older because I already have them.

Anonymous 5270


Bikini and tangas all the way!

Anonymous 5271


Bikini, boyshorts, or tanga for day to day, some kind of brief for periods, thong or g-string when I'm trying to dress to impress :)

Anonymous 5272


Same reason most high fashion brands don't seem to make clothing above size "waif." They have a body type they want to sell to. I suspect many lingerie brands don't care about small boob girls.

Anonymous 5273

I think it might be because they sell out fast

Anonymous 5274

You think so? I've gone to stores and can't find much in my size(36a) or sometimes have outright seen absolute 0 in that size. Yet rows and rows and rows and rows of larger sizes. It's frustrating.

Every single one except control-brief and g-string.

Anonymous 5275


I like high cut!! Also thong for when I want to feel sexy throughout the day. I have a few g-strings, but they're fir those rare occasions when I've shaved/waxed and want to be sexy. When I'm on my period, I just go for granny panties or briefs (I have a few that are made for periods so they have extra coverage.)


I literally don't care. I buy Victoria's Secret and Hanes.

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