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OOTD / recent purchases thread Anonymous 5339

There was a thread for this at one point, but idk what happened to it.

>Outfit pics

>Recent buys
>Advice on how to style pieces
>Store recs
>Outfit inspo/aesthetic posting
>Have fun!

Pic related, bought these trousers recently. I like them! They mix up my wardrobe which I feel is full of dresses atm.

Anonymous 5340


Oh, I love those pants. Nice pick. And I'm glad you made this thread again.
I got these boots online, and I love them even though the quality is mediocre. But I mostly wear them without the wings, which is such a waste. I don't have many ideas about how to wear them with the wings since they look goth-y and I don't have many black clothes…
Does anyone have any ideas or pics of goth outfits that arent all black?

Anonymous 5341

where did you get them? They are amazing. I love clothes with wings on them

Anonymous 5342

I got them online, from Wish. I'm sure you can find better quality ones on ebay. Just search for "bat wing shoes".
There are also some similar boots but with a high heel from a brand called Bat Royalty. They seem better in quality.

Anonymous 5343


Got this dress from Shein, it didn't have that big of a discount but I'd been looking for a dress of this style since forever. I thought its quality would be worse but it looks nice with some cute shoes and the right accessories.

Anonymous 5344

It's really pretty and casual~ I think today women don't wear enough dresses casually, when you wear a dress everyone thinks you're "dressing up" for some reason or going somewhere. I think that's too bad.

Anonymous 5345

Ty anon! Your boots are v cute. Are you looking to try more goth fashion or did you just like the shoes?

I love that dress! How did you find ordering from Shein? They have nice things but obviously the pics are ripped from other websites. I've always wondered how the quality would be.

Anonymous 5346


I'm the person with the boots, I would love to try more goth fashion but I am not sure I know what goth is. It seems to me that just about any outfit can be goth if you have the right accessories; pic related.
This board is so dead though. I'd love to see more items people have bought or maybe reccomendations for online shops or something… Or just items you love

Anonymous 5347

Off topic but i really want a haircolor like this(i have thick dark brown hair) anyone experienced with dyeing hair here?also i dont really wanna burn my hair trying to achieve platinum blonde,any alternative suggestions?

Anonymous 5348



Get a wig, much cheaper and less damaging, it's not worth ruining your hair, since with this you'll have to retouch about every 2-3 weeks. Plus if you decide that it doesn't suit you it's much simplier to just not wear wig, instead of redying and conditioning your hair.

Anonymous 5349

You are right actually,it's not worth damaging my hair.I could get a really good wig cheaper than the bleaching process i guess.thanks!

Anonymous 5350


I want a dreamy fae/witchy aesthetic but i'm not super body confident right now so I haven't been wearing much of it right now.
rn i've just been building up a wardrobe featuring
- no pants, just skirts + dresses
- irregular or hankerchief hemlines
- chiffon, velvet and satin fabrics
- about 50% black, 50% 'natural colors' or florals
- distressed pieces
- occult-ish jewelry and rosaries

any recommendations for stuff I haven't thought of yet?

Anonymous 5351


Hi, I'm the dress anon! Pics are ripped off but people can post their own pics on products so you can use those as reference, they are legit. The dress itself didn't have any client pics so it was a wild guess but the quality is not bad. My only other order was an skirt (pic related) but it did have good reviews from other users.

Anonymous 5352

The lady in the photo is wearing a wig too, I think getting your hair that color would take a lot of money and it wouldnt stay like that for long anyway.
That sounds super wonderful. Maybe you could add lace to your fabrics list.

Anonymous 5353

Not the same poster, but would you (or any other anons) be able to recommend where to get good wigs? Or what to look for in a first wig?

I've always wanted to have a short blonde bob, but that would mean having it cut and dyed all the time, so I think a wig would be a good solution. I've never really worn them before though, so I'm not sure where to look.

Anonymous 5354


Recent purchase - these jeans. They are so fun, I love leopard print and I needed some more statement bottom pieces to pair with simpler tops.

Anonymous 5355

P1080119 (2).JPG

I've just dyed this old cotton dress my grandmother gave me (I don't know if she or one of my aunts wore it). It was pale blue and white with little flowers but since I have a very fair skin, pale colours don't suit me.

I'm thinking of adding a colourfull bias at the neck and the armholes, maybe raspberry pink, esmerald green or even neon pink, what do you think? Of course I would match the buttons.

Anonymous 5356


I just ordered this shirt. It's so inconsequential, but I feel like I'm very hesitant to wear white.
Currently I think my style aspirations are minimal/simple. I want to be able to easily get dressed without thinking too much about whether an outfit "works." Most of what the internet offers in that way is having a lot of neutrals that are easy to pair. I want to be able to rock the simple white (maybe pocket) tee, but for some reason I'm scared of white. It's probably because of the potential to get dirty.
In the mean time, I got this since the design is cute and it supports a creator that I enjoy.

Anonymous 5357

hey thats catcreatures! i love it

Anonymous 7626


New stuff I'm getting from Uniqlo.
Mostly basics, but I'm excited about the pajamas.

Anonymous 7627

Are you the compulsive shopper from /feels/ lmao?
That skirt's cute ngl.

Anonymous 7644

I like that burnt orange color. The long skirt is probably comfy but the model's legs make me lol for some reason.

Anonymous 7681

It's the socks, they make her legs look like they belong to a guy who just got home from the office and took off his work slacks.

Anonymous 7758


Good ole doc martens. I used my old sneakers rough and thorugh till the finally gave way. Then i got those bad boys. Oh man do they look good.

Anonymous 8525


Fucking bought these on a whim/impulse and for good fun as I haven't bought anything fashion related for myself in many months and I'm excited to rock them. I'm a little disappointed as one boot came with a black smudge on it, but it was the last item left in their inventory. It doesn't diminish the look enough to where I'd return them. I think these will look great with all the casual skirts I own and shorts.

Anonymous 8543

original (5).jpg

Just bought this dress from reformation as a weight loss motivation thing

Anonymous 8565


I’ve started wearing long skirts and I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback about it. I’m in my 30s so maybe it was time to step away from body-con miniskirts all the time anyway lol. Love how feminine I look and how comfortable and loose long skirts feel. I recently bought this skirt (I think, or one similar. I don’t want to spend all day looking for a pic) from Uniqlo. The color is really pretty irl.

Anonymous 8566

Now that I’ve looked at the full sized image, this isn’t the skirt I bought at all. I’ve been buying more cottony skirts so I can wear them in my private life and to work. The skirt I recently bought is a pretty pastel blue.

Anonymous 8573


I recently got this from Spencers. It's really cool but I feel like I'm not cool enough to wear it out in public haha. Also does anyone have any idea what the text says? I've tried looking it up in kanji translators and such but can't find a match.

Anonymous 8575

top: “six” 六
bottom: “lover(s)” 恋人

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