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Cosplay Self-Post Thread Anonymous 5358

Post your cosplans, cosplays, WIP, costest, cosplay makeup, etc~
I wanna see what the C.C cosplay community is like

Anonymous 5359


These are my main cosplans for this year. I don't believe I will be able to do it, even though they are fairly simple lol And I am still self concious about my weight tbh

Anonymous 5360

i think you should still do it, anon! don't give in to those cosplay elitists if you're just trying to have a good time.

Anonymous 5361


sharing my favorite photo of me in my froppy/tsuyu asui cosplay

Anonymous 5362

>>5361 froggy waifu <3

Anonymous 5363

a fellow froppy lover!

Anonymous 5364


Haven't cosplayed since my schools crappy halloween+cosplay party.waaaah

Anonymous 5365

To the girl cosplaying as Tsuyu: Do you have a fan page or something similar? You look very cute and I would like to see more of your work as a cosplayer. :)

Anonymous 5366

thank you so much! i just opened up my facebook cosplay page so here you go~ https://www.facebook.com/lolimtgcosplay

Anonymous 5367

Is it ok if I resurrect this thread?
I saw that a videogame convention in my country is holding a cosplay contest with amazing prizes, so I would like to enter next year, but I would like to know if anyone has experience with this kind of contests, what kind of costumes win most frequently? Does it just have to be well constructed and true to the character, or do I get "bonus points" if it's a full set of armor and I have prop weapons?
I remember a few years ago a lady in Nightingale armor from Skyrim won first place, but I don't know many female characters who wear impressive armor, maybe Lighting in FFXII-2 and XII-3, that's all I can remember.

Anonymous 5368


hey what do you guys think of this? It's not an amazing suit of armor but I think it looks elaborate enough to stand out, if I go all out with lace and beads like this lady. Also sorry if I am annoying. I just wanted to try cosplaying for so long but I never had money or the opportunity so I am excitednow

Anonymous 5369

I don't cosplay myself so sadly i dont think i will be able to give very good advice. I do think that it doesn't really matter if you choose to cosplay a character with armor, they mostly judge on the craft and the amount of details. If you can make an cosplay of Terra with such amount of beautiful details in the pic im sure you will rank high!

Anonymous 5370

Thank you for your reply c: I was torn between Terra Branford and Lightning but I think I will choose Terra now (also my mom told me not to choose Lightning because her outfit is too revealing lol)
I have lots of time, adequate skill and I think enough money, I think I will be able to make it really fancy! I'll post here if I manage it! (but that will be in like a year.)

Anonymous 15003


I'm planning on cosplaying Yukako Yamagishi this summer! My city is holding a convention in late May and me and some friends decided to go. I'm a bit torn because I think it'd be fun to make the costume myself. I don't really have any experience sewing, but it has been something I've been interested to learn. On the other hand, I have a pretty busy schedule and will be finishing my grad program in May so I don't know if I'll have time to properly learn and make a costume. Decisions… (sorry for necroing the thread, I didn't see another cosplay thread in the catalog)

Anonymous 15004

How will you do your hair?

Anonymous 15005

My hair is pretty long and the same color, so I'm thinking of just curling it and giving it a lot of volume. I don't know how well it'll work because I have a lot of hair (and I also don't know much about hair shit), but I think it'd be fun to try to style my actual hair rather than a wig!

Anonymous 15008

you'd probably feel a lot more proud wearing something you made yourself but if you're busy with school, buying an already made cosplay might be the smarter choice
the hard part for making costumes in my opinion is more so the pattern drafting/altering than the actual sewing so that'd cause you a lot of frustration as a beginner

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