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Closet setup thread Anonymous 5371

What is your method for building the perfect closet?

Here's what has worked best for me:
>Sort clothes in groups by activities (work, daily life, evenings…)
>Pick 3 main tones or colors that match together and 3 secondary colors for each group
>Pick 2 base bottom items for each group, 1 base pair of shoes, and 3 base tops for each group (you can have as much as you want in the same group)

Anonymous 5372

>not just wearing one single outfit at all times
Are you even the MC?

Anonymous 5373

I wanted the bookcase looking closet but its too expensive. So I have bought plastic shevels from homedepot/kmart wash me luck.

Anonymous 5374


I want to try experimenting with a capsule wardrobe to pare down the amount of clothes I have to things I really like to wear and make me feel good.

I'm somewhat torn between having good basics and really fun/cute stuff that I don't wear very often. I want to transition my wardrobe into something more mature with smart casuals I can wear for work, but I also dread that because dressing my age sounds boring.

Anonymous 5375

larme (1).jpg

Oh, I just remembered this blog that had posts of 8 outfits from 8 pieces of clothing: https://abeautifulmess.com/2013/06/fashion-mixology.html I think it shows well that if you have a capsule wardrobe you don't have to make all your items bland in order to make them all look good together. They have colorful, patterned clothes and they look great together. Although of course not everyone will like that style, I wouldn't wear it personally either but I think it looks very cool. I also think Larme magazine had various outfits made out of 12 or so clothing items but I could never find an entire article, only 1 page (pic related) or even 1 look from each issue. Sigh

Anonymous 5376


I'm actually quite drawn to the simple/minimal capsule wardrobe, mostly because it's different from how I have shopped for clothes up 'til now.
I previously just bought single items that I liked without thinking through how they fit into my overall closet, or I would really like a particular type of item (button up shirts), and get way too many of them.

Now I want to focus on basics and having things to I can build coherent outfits out of. Currently going by the template of having 1 statement/fun, 1 in between, and 1 smart/basic for each item type.

I found this capsule and want to have something that incorporates some masculine touches, but maybe in a menswear rather than casual way.

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