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Anonymous 5439

Does any of you gulls have a girl crush or just admire a certain lolita? For me, it's skullita. She lives all the way in California and I really want to meet her one day but I also don't want to be seen as a creep ;_;

Anonymous 5440


I'm not a lolita, but I used to love looking at Opaline Rose's coords, she had such an interesting figure and a good eye for coordination, but sadly she passed away in 2016.

She has a (now defunct, obviously) blog here:

I'm gonna post a few of my favourites.

Anonymous 5441


Anonymous 5442


Anonymous 5443


Anonymous 5444

>>5440 What did she pass of, anon?

Anonymous 5445

Her family chose not to disclose the cause.

Anonymous 5446

Understandably so. Either way, I feel for you ;_;

Anonymous 5447

oh wow she was really cute! i love her coords especially this one. so sad…

Anonymous 5448


Yeah, it was actually her wa-lolita coords that she was most well known for.

Anonymous 5449

yeah i've think ive seen a picture of her before on cgl back in the day maybe circa 2014. Rest in peace!

Anonymous 5450


Anonymous 5451


Anonymous 5452


Anonymous 5453

her IG handle is skullitagram. really sweet girl

Anonymous 5454


My, it sure smells like self-post up in here

Anonymous 5455


I dig it

Anonymous 5456

No? I just admire her.

Anonymous 5457

Besides, if I were as famous as Skullita I don't think I'd need to self post.

Anonymous 5458



>has to tell us their name
>only 7k followers

Anonymous 5459

I don't understand why you're so salty anon

Anonymous 5460

what the fuck? these are bordering deserving to be posted in the cringe threads.

Anonymous 5461

>>5459 coz idk why people can't just be like hey these are my coords check me out instead of acting like ~a mysterious anon idolizes a random nobody~

Anonymous 5462

Even if it was an anon selfposting I'm pretty sure nobody gives a fuck. If people want to subtly self-promote they're welcome to do it imo, so long as they don't shove it in people's faces. This girl is cute and I'm quite content to look at her coords.

Sage for OT.

Anonymous 5463

But these aren't my coords. I don't even dress in Lolita.

Anonymous 5464


>I'm pretty sure nobody gives a fuck.

I'm not the only one being like "wait…"

>so long as they don't shove it in people's faces

OP literally ignored other posts about lolitas, continued to post randomly about some ita nobody responded too, even giving an insta handle?? Who would do that if it isn't self posting? Nobody is that much of a loser lmao.

If people want to self-post I'm fine but don't pretend you're not, nobody gets this defensive if they genuinely haven't self-posted.

Sage because this thread is past deserving bumping.

Anonymous 5465

Not her but if there's a figure I like enough I do that all the time (Youtubers, Instagrammers etc.). There's nothing wrong with promoting somebody you enjoy and there's no need for you to be this salty over it.

Anonymous 5466

I responded to >>5440
I literally don't understand why everyone is getting angry, I just like the girl
This is a disaster.

Anonymous 5467

It's literally just one Anon, I don't think anybody else gives a shit. Just carry on.

Anonymous 5468


Anonymous 5469

I have a crush on Aletheia Nocturne/Amy. Although I believe she's left lolita now, her home, lifestyle, everything is goals.

Anonymous 5470

Suicide since the family never talked about it and people who seemed close would get irritated when people would ask.

Anonymous 5471

That's depressing especially when you see her in Lolita…damn. Rip if that's the case.

Anonymous 5472

I'm not into lolita, but I would love to talk to Lovely Lor. I love how down to earth and humble she is.

Anonymous 5473


I adore Fanny Rosie, her style and way of wearing it while looking effortless is everything I want mine to be. Her outfits are always on point but not over the top. They're very wearable for daily life and still I feel like most people couldn't pull something like that off. Fanny just oozes elegance, it's her face and posture complementing her style.

Anonymous 5474


Anonymous 5475


Anonymous 5476


I loved her coords so much, specially her kitsuke. I will always admire her.

Anonymous 5477


>>5473 Jesus christ she is ethereal AF. I'm in love.

But also MFW "Fanny just oozes elegance"

Anonymous 5478

>tfw you a broke bitch with expensive taste

Anonymous 5479


I love her old school coords


Anonymous 5480


I forget her name, but this girl.

Anonymous 5481


this girl always has fun and quirky hair accessories. she looks like an art piece in some of her coordinates, i love it.

Anonymous 5482


this one is one of my faves even though it's not strictly lolita

Anonymous 5483


also this person does great ouji coordinates

Anonymous 5484


i think this person's handle was baka souseiji or something like that?

Anonymous 5485


and these girls used to be famous for their coordinating (plus the fact that they twinned a lot and lived in japan as roommates iirc and had the $$ to buy brand before it was could be ordered overseas)

Anonymous 5486


lizchenr is one of my top lolitas if just because she's so damn talented, i can't believe she makes her own dresses.

Anonymous 5487


i also think kiyohari is very cute but iirc there are rumors that it's all either photoshop or plastic surgery.

Anonymous 5488

I always loved her walolita coords, I think I saw them on Alice holic, I find it so creative and beautiful but I had no clue that she passed away…now I'm sad. ;_;

Anonymous 5489

Omg!! I loved her coords so much but totally forgot her nickname so I couldn't search for her anymore, thanks anon!

Anonymous 5490

Speaking of her, where is she now? Does she post anything new on another platform nowadays?

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