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Aliexpress thread Anonymous 5500

Post your latest buys, your wishlist items and your favorite stores for clothing, accessories and more!

Anonymous 5501


Part 1 of my “fall is coming” order. Going to order more stuff later probs.

Anonymous 5502

Do you usually find that sizing is okay when ordering shoes from AE? And is the quality on par with the pricing?

Anonymous 5503

Literally all my shoes are from ali express besides like 3 pair .. and I have a lot of shoes . The sizing is good. I’ve only had issues like 2 times with them being too skinny. I wear a size 8 and sometimes get 8.5 depending on the measurements. The quality is beyond the price for a lot of the shoes. And the ones that did eventually fall apart , they did after a lot of wear and I just buy the same ones again lol. Worth 25$ ether way.

Anonymous 6577


Recently got this for $4 due to coupons. Decently well-made and cute!
I want to get shoes for AE but nervous about the sizing.

Anonymous 6879

I ordered some clothes from there before, but the quality was pretty bad. Is there anything to look out for?

Anonymous 8412


Lots of reviews with pictures. Trend towards things that can be more forgiving in sizing vs. fitted.

And I guess don't order right now since you likely won't receive it until next year.

Anonymous 8414


I only ever ordered this dress from Aliexpress but I really recommend it. It looks just like the picture, the mesh layer has little star glitter on it and they look much shinier and colorful in person. I admit I'm not fussy about clothing so I don't know if it will be impressive for everyone, but it really impressed me. The only fault I can find is the bottom part of the middle lace panel always rolls up (like in this photo too)
I definitely also recommend not to buy anything without photo reviews no matter how nice it seems

Anonymous 8651



Anonymous 8654

Do you wear outside normally? i really love it and want to order but people tend to comment or stare when i wear doll-like clothes like that

Anonymous 8669

I don't wear it normally, I ordered it to wear for prom (kinda cringe when I think back on it), I feel bad about it just hanging in my closet, but I really have no occasion to wear it to, I only leave my house to go to college. I wanted to wear it to the zoo but it could get ruined there, my friend suggested wearing it to concerts, but I only go to black metal concerts… I think if you want to wear it out and about it's better to get the short version like in the pic (I have an ankle length version) because it has a layer of tulle that could catch on things and get ruined.
Also if you buy it, this is maybe just my experience but I got both the shirt and the dress in size M and the shirt is a bit too small and the dress is a bit too big.

Anonymous 8705

Why do people spend money on this plastic garbage?

Anonymous 8713

If you're into victorian/lolita etc fashion, there are SUPER cute blouses there for crazy prices (if you buy during the right time + using coupons).I got a couple of black lolita blouses that way and they're very good quality.Other than that, in my experience ali express is a mixed bag and you should comb thru reviews carefully before making a purchase.If there are few or no reviews, avoid.

Anonymous 8720

>and think they are being smart

They know what AE wants, anon. They also know that they got scammed and there's fuckall they can do about it, so they're expressing their frustration in the best way that they know how.

Anonymous 8767

I bought a lot of sexy underwear & outfits on AE, the prizes are absurd.

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