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Unpopular opinions Anonymous 551

Let's have a thread for unpopular beauty trends or features that you like, or 'unattractive' people you think are beautiful.

I for one think tall women are super hot and I'd love a strong femme amazonian gf.

Anonymous 552


omggg that kid's getting a face full of muff I'm going to cry

I love aquiline or hooked noses on women. They make my heart flutter lol

Anonymous 553

I was just about to post this! Hooked noses can look badass and fierce! It sounds a bit of an oxymoron, but they can also look very elegant.

Small lips can look cute or elegant depending on their shape. Not everyone is meant to have big, full lips and many times it detracts from a person's appearance (I mean in the case of it being when a person who clearly is meant to have small lips. They may be small, but they often are a more correct proportion to the person's face they are affixed to than plumped up fish lips).

Anonymous 554


I LOVE Erin O'Connor.
And yes, I totally agree that aquiline noses can appear very striking and elegant on the right women.

Anonymous 555


I actually thought that megvnmvrie was kind of hot, even if she was a complete dumbass.

Anonymous 556


me too.

Anonymous 557


this isn't the greatest pic of it, but I love an M-shaped mouth with exposed front teeth. Sexy af.

Anonymous 558


Do you two have hooked noses?
Obviously you're allowed to have an opinion either way, but personally for me I always find it so hard to believe when people speak positively about them. I guess it might be because none of my friends/classmates have hooked noses, only me. I'm so envious of people who are born with "regular" noses. It's not like I'd look perfect without a hooked nose, but at least I'd look normal.

Anyways my unpopular opinions is that I really hate cut creases. Whenever I watch a makeup tutorial and the person starts out with a perfectly fine eye-look and then just SMEARS concealer all over it I cringe so hard.

Anonymous 559


I'm >>554 and I don't. I used to have a Roman-style nose like picture related, which is pretty similar, but then I needed surgery and I ended coming out of the operating room with a regular old straight, upturned nose. Although I'm confident that my overall appearance has improved dramatically after the change, I still think my old nose was very elegant and striking. Something about the lines of the silhouette just seemed…powerful? Even my boyfriend agreed that it made me look more domineering which was something he preferred.

Either way I still think they look amazing, but you kind of need to have a specific facial setup to make it work, i.e. high cheekbones, defined jaw, almond eyes etc.

Anonymous 560

I don't have a hooked nose, mine is upturned and slanted, but I always get heart eyes around girls with cute hooked noses. Guys are cute with them too, but especially girls to me.

I've been made fun of for my nose (because it is sharp looking, people have compared it to a knife),though.

Anonymous 561

My unpopular opinion is that I dislike blue eyes. I guess it's because I just dislike blue in general. Green eyes with "earthy" and yellow tones are the prettiest imho, but I think that brown and black eyes are also pretty cute.

Anonymous 562

Brown and hazel eyes are my favorite. In general, I dislike light colored eyes. They are overrated and my eyes roll far back in my head when people compliment the eyes of anyone who has blue eyes. They can be dull as fuck and on the face of every bleh blonde white person. The only blue eyes I can tolerate are dark, sapphire blue eyes.

Anonymous 563

Anonymous 564


I'm not even sure if this is an unpopular opinion, but I don't think petite black girls get enough love.

Unlike OP, I think really short girls are super qt. I'm short myself, but think girls who are SUPER short are adorable (say 4'7" i.e. 139 cm).

I'm straight, but if I ever went gay pic related would be the kind of girl I'd go for

Anonymous 565

marry me anon

Anonymous 566

This isn't strictly a response to this thread, but whenever I see people (men) talking shit about black women's looks I always feel like they're way off base. Like, they say they look masculine but I feel like black girls have some of the most feminine facial features? They never have man jaws or tall noses or small eyes, they have soft and round faces which are really girly.

Anyway I find black people attractive in general. I'm not American so my experience is with African immigrants, but they're basically all tall, thin (but with curves for girls or muscles for the boys), with really bright white teeth and eyes and good skin. I can't relate to any negative stereotypes I've heard on the internet.

Anonymous 567


Black Americans look different than most black Africans. At least for me, I can spot the difference very easily (I am an American living in Europe). Black Americans tend to be mixed with white, so it's not as common for them to have the "cuter" features like round faces/flat noses etc. Anyway, I personally prefer the look of Africans, but there are some very cute black Americans too. The negative stereotypes you heard are stereotypes for a reason. Anyyyyyway back on topic: qt black girls ftw <3

Anonymous 568


I find brown or hazel (the green/brown kind) the most beautiful color but as far as eyes generally go, its really the lids that I find most striking. heavy lids, creaseless lids, foldy lids, wide lids. Any color can be nice, but the shape is what can elevate an entire face.
i'm a black american, and yeah the racial mixing with amerindians and white europeans and americans does sometimes make us paler in tone than black africans, but every woman in my family has a short face, little nub noses, smaller but still full lips, and a round jawline. i have the sharpest cheekbones, full big lips, and an oval face because i'm really long and thin, but most of us do still have somewhat african features.

Anonymous 1970

Honestly I feel like green eyes are a little underrated. Dark green, light green, and any green inbetween. They're not as ~striking~ and popular as blue eyes and they're not as common/accepted as brown eyes. I just wish they would get a little more appreciation not because my eyes are green or my fav color is green or anything heh

Anonymous 1972

? Everyone makes such a big deal about how rare green eyes are. Everyone who has barely green eyes makes a big deal about their unique green eyes. They are pretty overrated if anything.

Anonymous 1988

>>567 girls this dark skinned are so striking looking. I wish they were used more for couture jewellery modelling. It's ethereal looking to say the least.

Anonymous 1991

I agree with everything you said. My country has lot of mixed blacks too but, in general, they're not as striking as fully black people. With that said, some of the best looking people I've ever seen are mixed.

Anonymous 1993



I got her super secret sextape

Anonymous 1996

How about we stop being bitter about people's preferences and just let people fuck whoever they want

Anonymous 1997

I'm short and I've often read men online say they prefer tall women. I've also seen a lot of same or similar-height couples, so I wouldn't say preferring tall women is actually that unpopular now except if she's like OP's pic and literally taller than basically everyone around.

Anonymous 1999

Yeah, no shit, who cares. I like this thread, it's interesting to see what others think is unpopular.
Hmmm idk; even among men, it is considered hot and modelesque to be tall if you're a woman, yet a lot of guys are scared of being shorter than their potential by girlfriend, so then they practically desire a short girl (particularly if they are on the shorter side themselves)

I see it as how it can be when a guy is depicted as "settling" for a fat chick when he really would like a skinny chick (which is messed up), but switch fat with short and skinny with tall.

Anonymous 2009


As someone with sparse, wispy eyebrows I've always been incredibly envious of girls who have naturally thick eyebrows. I haaate having to fill them in because I feel like they look so artificial, if that makes sense. I've tried biotin and black castor oil and it's done jack shit for me lol.

Anonymous 2014

This made me lol so hard. No hate though. My unpopular opinion is that I don't like super thick brows. At least not on most people. It's irritating. I remember when back in the day eyebrows were super thin… That wasn't my thing either.

I have sparse, light brown thin brows and I fix them a little with brow gel and that brow powder that comes with it. I love them and I think they do match my face. But everyone wants me to grow HUGE eyebrows now. I was very rude to a very rude woman yesterday who basically said I needed monkey eyebrows like hers to be beautiful.
No. Thanks.

Anonymous 2015

I love teeny weeny, thin as fuck eyebrows. I always have.

Anonymous 2016

Lol, nah no offense taken at all. And it's really gross of some random nobody to try and enforce their own opinion of what's "attractive" onto you. Idk, I guess I just wish it was easier to groom my own eyebrows with as little hassle as possible. Mine are also incredibly asymmetrical on top of being thin so trying to get them to look okay is a pain in the ass.

Anonymous 2027

i guess to counter both of these opinions..
i love both! i actually switch between shaving mine off to make them super goth thin (don't worry, shaving doesn't affect hair growth as it cuts the hair as opposed to pulling it out) and growing them out.

that being said, my eyebrows aren't thin or thick, but they are very light. for a natural brow i use a brow pencil, brush it out using a brow brush/spooly (to get rid of harsh lines and blend it al together) and use a brow 'mascara'/gel on top! glossier and benefit make great ones.

Anonymous 2031

I always liked thicker eyebrows even back when the thin ones were in style. I'm glad thick ones are back in style, though they obviously were not meant for everyone and filling them in too much looks awful.

Regarding men, I like short guys. I never cared about height too much. I get why, I just never cared and there's something really intimate about being the same height as a man (or taller, possibly, but I'm not tall myself).

While they are nice in themselves, certain idealized features (blonde hair comes to mind, same with green eyes) are kind of overrated. I think people tend to like it because it's rare more than anything.

Anonymous 2059

My eyebrows are pale and on the thick side. I've given up trying to fill them in at all because I look ridiculous when I try, even if it's a light colour. Defined eyebrows are a trend that doesn't suit me, so I just pluck them a bit and leave them be.

IMO I think that there are women out there who look genuinely a lot better with light/virtually no makeup at all. Again speaking from my own experience I look masculine (and not in a cute butch way) when I wear more than a light base, mascara and a subdued lip. When my skin is better I'm going to go without foundation completely. Some women can pull off a full face, but my features just don't agree with it. There must be others like me out there.

Anonymous 2060

> There must be others like me out there.

I think I'm one! For me it's not so much that I feel like it makes me look more masculine though, it's that my face is so ugly that I actually feel as though putting on makeup makes it worse somehow. It takes me from being just an ugly girl to being an ugly girl that tried hard and still failed. I'm always reminded of that saying "you can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig".

I usually wear a tinted moisturizer just to even my skintone a bit, mascara, tinted lip balm, and a bit of brow fiber gel. I wish I could do all of the really intensive and intricate eyeshadow looks that are all over instagram and such, but it just looks…wrong on me.

Anonymous 2061

>>2060 I feel you. Especially when I was in high school! I have an odd face (largeish nose with a bump, small mouth, high forehead, squareish defined jawline, sticky-out chin) so I always felt ugly because the other girls had, like, normal faces haha. When I tried to make myself pretty with makeup or doing my hair I always felt I was just making myself a laughing stock. I won't have surgery though so I've learnt to live with it.

I take it as a blessing though. Makeup looks fun (ofc I sometimes wish I could transform into something exciting and new) but like this I don't have to spend the money or time. And I figure, even if I was supermodel-beautiful, not everyone in the world would find me attractive anyway!

Anonymous 2062

I think heavy makeup simultaneously makes women look prettier and older, so it's kind of a toss up as to whether it's 'better' depending on the person. Personally I'll sacrifice hiding my acne fully to look a bit younger, especially because I don't like the texture of heavy makeup or the nagging feeling that I'm 'faking' my looks.

Anonymous 2063

God, same. Disgusting. I guess I think that because I like weird faces.

Anonymous 2100


>whenever I see people (men) talking shit about black women's looks I always feel like they're way off base. Like, they say they look masculine but I feel like black girls have some of the most feminine facial features?
Holy fuck this. I have no idea what these men are talking about when they call black women ugly or masculine looking. Well, most of the time they're just referring to cherry-picked photos, but they do this even with obviously attractive black women.
The combination of their full, rounded lips and face shape paired with their cute almond eyes looks really unique and feminine to me.

Anonymous 2101

There's more genetic variation within Africa than there is outside it. Black people are by no means a homogenous group. Whether you think they look masculine or feminine, there's another group of black people out there who look extremely different from the ones you were just commenting on.

Anonymous 2118

Nasolabial folds can look mature and attractive. No one will believe me, but I'm dead serious.

Anonymous 2120


I literally never even realised they were supposed to be a 'bad' thing until I joined crystal.cafe.
I really don't think they're anything to worry about.

Anonymous 2121


I also feel the same way, except i think they can also look cute (pic related).

I think a lot of farmers and miners like to make generalized statements.

Anonymous 2122

i've got a soft spot for cute girls with armpit hair

Anonymous 2383


I love brown eyes. Green and blue are overrated and hazel is ok but brown eyes are truly gorgeous

Anonymous 2384

Wholeheartedly agree with you

Anonymous 2387

Ugh same! Blue eyes (and sometimes green eyes) are really boring for me as well.
Brown eyes have a beautiful depth that's unappreciated… yum yum yum. Especially if they're framed in beautifully shaped eye(lid)s!

Anonymous 2390


I really like thick and shapely legs. I just can't find very thin legs beautiful…
I really like finding pics like these because they're so naturally cute. I don't like porno-ish pics, nor muscley legs. Just plain normal girl thighs.

Anonymous 2397

There's no way those stockings would stay up more than 20 minutes on thighs like that, unfortunately.

Anonymous 2399

I love thighs like those too. I think they're cute and sexy.

Anonymous 2407

it's called sock glue, anon, and it works.

Anonymous 2413

S-same. Very sexy!

Anonymous 2567

Same. Brown eyes are best.
t. green eyed girl

Anonymous 2569

I think big hips+ small waists are gross. Like "in your face-sex" gross. I like small hips, kind of squarish torso but with a nice waist too.

Anonymous 3299

thank you. my eyes are quite dark brown and i get complimented on them occasionally, but not nearly as much as my blue or green-eyed friends.

Anonymous 3302

Idk how you guys don't get sick of looking at brown eyes which almost everybody in the world has. Just sounds like half of you are upset that blue eyes get complimented so much saying they're "overrated" or "dull" despite fetching high value and prices because of their uncommon-ness. Blue or green eyes get compliments from people with brown eyes because they're seen as exotic.

>inb4 someone rees at me for using exotic even though that's exactly what it is for non-white europeans and non-white north americans

>inb4 or maybe we genuinely don't like blue eyes
Not according to how most of these posts are typed up. I'm ready for the butthurt.

Anonymous 3303

It isn't that I dislike blue eyes. I think that a lot of ugly or dull blue eyes get complimented on when they are unremarkable or ugly. I also don't prefer how they look on darker skin tones. I like brown eyes better because they look more soulful or sweet

Anonymous 3305

>>inb4 or maybe we genuinely don't like blue eyes
You really need to open your mind if you think that way.
This is my first post on the topic. I genuinely don't like blue eyes and prefer hazel and brown.

Anonymous 3323

>getting this buttmad over an "Unpopular opinions" thread.

I mean, they posted for a reason right? Two posts out of however many people who love colored eyes doesn't mean much.

Anonymous 3335

My unpopular opinion is that I think tall women's legs look disgusting and dorky especially when they're long; it just looks mutated and disproportionate, there's nothing sexy about too much legginess this applies to both skinny, fat, and average weighted women. I do enjoy looking at long legs on a short girl though and average height (around 5'2") can be nice too.

On the runway, tall bodies look good for the occasion combined with the models' unique faces and custom clothing but irl tall women wearing shorts, pants, and dresses with your average joe face looks so gangly, alien-esque, and idk how to describe it, it just looks stupid and bad.

Anonymous 3336

>despite fetching high value and prices because of their uncommon-ness
What the fuck are you on about, are people literally buying and selling eyeballs where you're from?

Anonymous 3337

My unpopular opinion is that fixating on looks in general is boring and a waste of time. I do basic hygiene, and take the time to make sure my hair looks nice and I picked out a good outfit for myself, but beyond that. I don't get how you can spend time looking at inspiration photos of your "ideal body", or obsess about random facial flaws all the time, or have these long skin routines with a bunch of different products. I don't feel that great about my appearance all the time but I can't see why it would become such a priority to look good beyond being presentable enough to not be shunned (ie clean and professional).

Anonymous 3341

My unpopular opinion is that /fit/, tight bodies don't look nice if you're a woman. Skinny fat or chubby look way better. I don't know why, I just think it looks kind of unnatural and less feminine. I understand that is the body the majority wants nowadays but I pass. No.

Anonymous 3342

Amy Wilson Hardy R…

Somewhat agree, but I think athletic girls who don't have ridiculously low body fat percentage also look cute in a tough way. Especially if they're naturally pear/hourglass shaped.

But I'm biased because pic related is basically my goal body.

For my own unpopular opinion, I like how violin hips look although I'm insecure about my own. And like some of the other anons earlier itt I think girls with interesting noses can be very beautiful, whether they're long/hooked/wide/etc.

Anonymous 3344

I think it looks good but not attractive, if that makes sense? Like, it looks like you're healthy and strong, and that's good, I respect it. But I find muscular shoulders/arms, abs and thick thighs are not very feminine/pretty so they don't suit my taste. I think being fit and capable of your athletic pursuits is more important than fitting my taste or anyone else's taste in beauty so any fit women should absolutely not give a shit about anyone who judges.

Anonymous 3349

I don't even know where to post this but I just casually saw a video of a Victoria's Secret model showing her workout routine and that made me feel so disgusted. She looked like a sick stick, there was nothing sexy about her figure.

I'm not saying all skinny women are horrible and that they have no sex appeal whatsoever. Heck I am always trying to lose some weight myself, I've suffered from disordered eating for a long time. But seeing that really disturbed me. Wtf who'd want to look like that? If asked to suck in her tummy she could be in a "bonespo" picture. I can't grasp the concept of wanting to look like you just escaped from a Nazi camp. Have some food, please.

Anonymous 3350

Not the the body type I'd choose to have but anyway I still really love her body. Way better looking than the lean mega /fit/ body most women are trying to achieve imo.

Anonymous 3371

yes i hate those exaggerations.
they look gross because they look skinny and "toned" but still lack fat padding and actual muscle mass. it's like they don't build muscle or strength but have little fat. it's a completely different look from an actually athletic person which is sexy and healthy.
vid related skinny woman but curvy and still looks strong and fit

Anonymous 3388

it looks a lot more graceful to be skinny.


25 BMI is pretty big, I'd put the cap at 22

Anonymous 3391

I don't know if it's your intention, but this post makes it sound like you came from MPA. BMI 18-25 is the healthy range.

Anonymous 3395

BMI doesn't mean shit when it comes to looks unless you're talking about extremes.
It can help doctors, but it doesn't say much about your appearance because people have different body types, so a person can look better if they're a BMI 25 instead of when they're a BMI 22 or 21.

Anonymous 3396

that's because americans are fat and they have to redefine "healthy" lol

Anonymous 3398

Not that anon but the BMI range they mentioned IS the healthy range, in and outside the US. Fuck off with your anachanny bait.

Anonymous 3399

>in and outside the US
lolnope. are you even trying?

Anonymous 3400


(ignore the medical terms, pretty sure they're incorrect)

I'd rather have legs like ones of the rightmost figure (albeit slightly less exaggerated) than normal, straight legs.

Anonymous 3405

She clearly meant eurocentric countries. Asians have higher body fat percentage and lower bmi. What you speak of is ethnic variations and is not country based at all..

Anonymous 4341


I want to own Birkenstocks, but I also do not want to spend $100 on one pair of shoes so I have ordered some lookalikes that aren't complete dupes but will fill the "not very stylish but comfy" sandal vibe.

Anonymous 4346


My unpopular opinion is that I think scars are very pretty.
No self made scars, they look odd for me. I don't know how to descripe it, but they always look so sterile
It is not that I want people to get hurt or something like that.
I always just though they were kind of cool and badass.

Anonymous 4348

I agree with you, they look really cool and make me want to know how the person got them, even if it's not an interesting story

Anonymous 4354

Actually, my unpopular opinion is that I really don't like sandals/flip flops. I always thought that it looks cheap and tacky and I overall think that feet is gross (Even when I go to the beach, I bring my tennis shoes). Now that I'm in college and every Sorority girl is wearing it, I just became sick of it. Though I am not attacking you >>4341, I'm just saying my own opinion.

Anonymous 4355


I'm pretty tall myself so there are quite a couple guys who are shorter than me. I find it incredibly attractive when a guy is shorter than me. Not just like "uwu so kawaii smol boi" but like being dominated by a shorter guy is also really attractive for me. I wish shorter guys liked tall girls, but most men just want girls shorter than them.

Anonymous 4356

You will be surprise. There are a lot of guys that I know that have an "amazon" fetish. I wouldn't call them handsome (baby face, high-pitch voice, really young looking for their age), but they do exist

Anonymous 4357

Don't expect imageboard people to be familiar with basic findings of human population genetics. They're too busy reading 19th century racial anthropology

Anonymous 4358

That's fine, I also generally don't like sandals (currently do not own any), but something about the perception of comfort makes me want them.

Anonymous 4366

I really like long pointy noses, and if someone has a nose like that they are 5 times prettier to me. You know how they say "I could just lose myself in your eyes", I could probably lose myself in a pretty nose lol
But ironically I have a pointy nose too and it clashes with the rest of my childish face…

Anonymous 4496

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