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Thrift shopping Anonymous 5635

Are you on a tight budget? Do you like antique stuff? Do you want to help the environment? Try thrift shopping!
Contrary to popular belief, thrift stores are not dirty and for poor people only. You can find some cool items for cheap, and you help the environment in doing so by cutting down the costs for manufacturing another item. And it's fun!
Post items you found while buying second-hand or stories you want to share here.

Anonymous 5636

I would post some things I found right away, but they are being washed. In my city there's a second-hand store selling used clothing from all over Europe, and at the end of the week they have amazing discounts where they set the price for each item as less than a dollar!
I like thrift shopping because I don't have much money and I don't feel right spending so much on just a piece of clothing. Also it inspires me: since the clothes are so cheap I don't mind remodeling them so when I look at the clothing I don't only look at what it is right now but also what it could become. Wow that sounded real philosophical.

Anonymous 5637


Second-hand is the best! The only things I buy new are undies and very basic stuff such as tshirts and tank tops, everything else comes from second-hand shops.

I find old clothes more colourfull, more joyfull, and the quality is often much better since they're not made in Asia. The only disadvantage is that synthetic materials were more commonly used before the 90's, so you can feel like wearing a tin can suit.

The women in my familly know about my tastes and give me all the things they want to get rid of. Most of the dresses I own belonged to my grandmother.

Anonymous 5638


Wow, seeing all those colors and patterns is so awesome!I like the red thingy with the flowers. I also get most of my clothes from family members, although mostly I get stuff that doesn't suit me but ok…
Also I still haven't posted the clothes I bought, I make a thread and then I don't even contribute… but they're still in the laundry… Well anyhow I bought these leopard jeans from h&m for 1$, I have mostly blue jeans so this is nice and I thought they were so cool. Also I bought a very pretty red laceup dress, a long sleeveless dress from France (that I made into a medieval costume lol), jeans (and since they're worn already they're soft!), everything for a dollar.
It's true there are some old, worn out clothes at the stores but there are some really very nice things too. I'm gonna get my friend to come shopping with me next time there's a sale~

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