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Gothic/Alternative Thread Anonymous 5731

It says that general fashion is permitted here, so how about a gothic/alternative fashion thread? Western, not gothic lolita.

Gothic rock started in the UK in the 1980s and is an offshoot of post-punk. The subculture that was based on the music survived through the decade and to this very day still has many "followers". Many fashion styles have been connected to goth, and they will be discussed here.

A list of some goth bands (NOTE: There are way more bands than I listed. I just posted the more popular ones):
Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, Alien Sex Fiend, Christian Death, 45 Grave
Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Love Spirals Downwards, etc.

Such styles include 1980s goth, deathrock, victorian, cybergoth, etc.

Some shops:

Obviously, those listed above are not the only stores! Feel free to link shops you like, post photos for ootd or outfits you enjoy, stories, etc.

Anonymous 5732

I've been really hankering for some accessories from Bloodmilk and Purevile lately
unfortunately i am broke after all this christmas shopping. not that i'd be able to buy purevile's stuff unless i caught his pop-up shop, now that their etsy is closed down. but it's still nice to dream.

Anonymous 5733

Is it okay to only dress "gothy" sometimes? I've honestly always loved the style but I don't think I could change my entire wardrobe, because I love all sorts of fashion.

Anonymous 5734

>these are my the types of people drawn to goth subculture

Anonymous 5735

yes? that's normal imo. you would be severely limiting the kind of jobs you could work at and the events you could attend otherwise.
the nice thing about goth fashion though is that black is versatile. tone it down and you can still reuse some of your wardrobe pieces to give off a 'professional/business-casual' vibe instead of, say, lurking graveyard hag.
as opposed to, say, lolita, which is the other fashion style i go for and is almost impossible to use outside of a full coordinate. not that i haven't tried.

Anonymous 5736


Anonymous 5737


Any tips or inspo for corp goth outfits?

I've been keeping it really basic + some jewellery. But I find it a bit difficult to find outfit inspo that doesn't look like it's from the 50s. Nothing wrong with that and I actually like it, but I feel like I'm a bit too young for that. So more like…business casual I guess?

Anonymous 5738

I really like to accessorize with items that have more of a Victorian flair to them, since I don't really care for 50's style, either. I'll dress down a 'gothic' blouse by pairing it with something that's comparatively simple, though, like a long chiffon skirt.
I guess if I had to write a recipe, it would be something like:
One or two 'goth' statement piece (jewelry or another accessory–right now my purse has corset lacing on the front, for example, and most of my work shoes are vintage-inspired styles)
A black/jewel tone color scheme (dark green, teal, crimson or wine-purples are my favorites) or, a grey and black color scheme.
Modern young professional hairstyle–pulled back into a bun, curled, or in a braid.
Lowkey makeup–I usually just put on foundation, a bit of eyeshadow (not black, but I really like this one reddish-purple color that, with my complexion, makes me look a bit sickly), and a lip tint that's just a shade darker than my natural lip color.
Professionally done nails. Especially if you're in an office environment where they can be kept in good shape, there's no reason not to. I like a short stiletto shape in either black or dark red.

Don't forget to play around with texture in your outfits, too. Velvet and chiffon are my go-tos, but I won't make an entire outfit out of either, they have to be used in moderation.

Anonymous 5739

That's solid advice, thanks anon!

Anonymous 5740


This is old as heck but I think you and others in your position should try out Marigold Shadows, they have some interesting items that can be used by themselves if you are a more casual modern goff and certain items are simplistic enough to be used in business wear. Places like COS and Uniqlo might also help out since they should have quite a bit in black. Id say their very affordable, and since some of the clothes are a big baggy or loose if you are a big bigger in size they all have lots of options. Photo from Marigold Shadows's website!

Anonymous 5741


maybe more punk than goth, but Lisbeth Salander is eternal.

Anonymous 5742

i love the idea of haute-couture goth but i gotta say that marigold shadows just looks like all-black normie outfits to me rather than 'gothic' outfits? maybe i'm just a picky edgelord, idk.

Anonymous 5743

I get what you mean and tbh I agree, but I personally dont know of any other shops like it, since a lot of goth shops arent usually just "normal" clothes. Some of their stuff seems neat though.

Anonymous 5744

Screen Shot 2018-0…

this skirt was created by applying paint to it and apparently it's falling apart now but i really want a long hip/leg bone skirt now

Anonymous 5745

that's so… Cool? Disgusting? Both I guess. In my opinion these skeleton tops/bottoms look odd if you only have either the top or bottom on but not both, if you know what I mean. It's like you're only half skeleton.

I saw a cute goth girl and a cute goth boy strolling around a few days ago and now I have an immense desire to be just like them. But at the same time I don't want to waste money on clothes right now.
So… does anyone have any goth diy ideas? I can only think of embroidering something…

Anonymous 5746

what kind of goth are you talking about?
i really like finding normie stuff at thrift stores and then dying/distressing it to make it look spooky. you can do a lot with a tub of black RIT dye and/or some bleach. you could also try making some headdresses/hair accessories. i made a pair of horns at one point that i just carved out of foam from the dollar store and then sealed with mod podge and painted.

Anonymous 15616


Anonymous 15617


Anonymous 15618

Sinisterdarling is my only crush

Anonymous 16247


Does anyone know what this sort of style is called?

I saw someone wearing this a few days ago. Is it considered alternative fashion? It's not goth, emo or really e-girl but it's definitely not normie fashion either.

Anonymous 16248


Anonymous 16258

Thank you! I just looked up dollskill and some of the outfits do come pretty close to the one I posted.

Anonymous 16265

This just looks like stuff from Hot Topic. It's e-girl at best, also sort of like a modern version of mall goth.

Anonymous 16287

pastel goth?

Anonymous 16292


Pic is peak pastel goth. What the other anon posted is not that. I'd just consider it generic alt fashion rooted in what dolls kill sells like >>16248 said.

Anonymous 18245


>tfw I missed out on my emo/alt/edgy phase in my teenage years and cope by making collages of vaguely alt outfits I see when I take the public transport every day to work

Anonymous 18276

you can take the plunge and have an edgy phase as an adult anon, i believe in you

Anonymous 18300


i've been searching for this dress for a while now but all the places it sells at just reuse this photo and I don't trust them :c

Anonymous 18301

Anonymous 18422

Cute! Nona, if you live in an area where so many girls dress alt I think you should just take thd plunge!

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