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Korean/K-pop Fashion Anonymous 5768

To all sides of K-fashion!

I guess it's kinda similar to a lot of J-fashion, but at least in my experience, it's sometimes a bit edgier and more risqué. It can also be pretty feminine and cute and as well, but I like that even so, it usually has a sexier side to it.

I guess this can be a discussion thread, also for recomendations, OOTD, and inspo pic dump.

Anonymous 5769


Anonymous 5770


Anonymous 5771


Anonymous 5772


I’m more into men’s kfashion (i’m female) because it’s quite simple and I like those pieces that are seen often in the photos, along with that the cuts flatter my body more. Does anyone know any sites to pick up some men’s kfashion? Most of the sites online are carered to feminine stuff.

pic related

Anonymous 5773



Sorry anon, all I can think about is Aliexpress and maaybe Yesstyle. I don't know any sites with stuff directly from Korea.

Anonymous 5774


Anonymous 5775

05_esther_jp (12).…

If you want to buy Korean fashion right from the source, here are some recommended sites.
They carry brands like Chuu, Dabagirl, Icecream12. Very fast shipping and great customer service.
Pretty much the same as above, only just the brand Chuu. Greater clothing selection.
Carries both Stylenanda brand clothing and 3CE makeup.
Carries brands like Heart Club and 365Basic

Anonymous 5776

Don't buy from yesstyle
Don't buy from yesstyle

Anonymous 5777


OT, but is Yesstyle a Scam? I've bought from them before reading such warnings (small make up items) and everything was ok.
Is the clothing the problem?

Anonymous 5778

The clothing is crappy. They try to make it look like cute designer asian brands but it's just taobao sweatshop quality jacked up. Some of their stuff is okay, but not worth the price. Much of their stuff is god awful and not worth $5.

Anonymous 5779


Oh, I see. That's pretty common with those chinese retailers, I reckon.

Anonymous 5780


Does anyone have any idea of wtf are those -5kg jeans that I keep seeing on these sites? Are they just like jeggings with a gimmicky name?

Anonymous 5781

No, yesstyle is like asos. A lot of the stuff there is shitty but they do stock Korean, Japanese and some Hong Kong brands that are actually decent albeit overpriced for the quality (which is on par with H&M). But you're buying the stuff for the design anyways and it's impossible to find clothes like that in the West without an expensive shopping service, and if you're in Europe you have to pay customs if you order too much so it doesn't pay off.

In cases like those yesstyle is a good option, I get a huge markdown through their loyalty program even though I still mostly use it for makeup. I've gotten some nice accessories and skirts from there that were really nice.

Anonymous 5782

They are skinny jeans that are still easy to move in. They aren't like jeggings. It is just a gimmick to make them more appealing. Here is a youtube review.

Anonymous 5783

lol no it's not, please don't tell anons to buy from them. you can get japanese/korean/chinese clothing elsewhere.

Anonymous 5784

To all anons considering buying from Yesstyle, don't. I used to buy from there religiously from 1012 to 2015 (or around those years), probably spent well over 1000€ or more total in there but stopped because
1. they started to mark their prices so you had to pay taxes for europe
2. i was getting tired of receiving different stuff that what i ordered

I have some pieces from there that i adore and love and wear constantly, but the amount of different/supbar shit that i received doesn't make up for it imo.
>Most dresses and skirts will not fit you well if you have average/big tits and/or are tall, doesn't matter what the measurements say since they are mostly incorrect (even in korean or japanese "good" (overpriced as fuck) brands).
>Bought dresses that "supposedly" had a 100 cm bust only to find they barely passed my 95 cm one. Or that had a 100 cm length only to find they barely covered my ass (i'm 170 cm, for reference).
>Most white sweaters i bought ended up being a very ugly yellow-ish color because they edit the pictures to hell and back to make them look white and cute on the model.
>Some tshirts i ordered for summer came to my home, and surprise they were longsleeve and a different color (contacted them only to tell me they were randomized (which was not stated in the web at the time) and they could do nothing about it. Then, they proceeded to change the item description to say that it may come longsleeve or shortsleeve (shady as fuck tbh).
>Most stuff came with loose threads or broken buttons i had to sew tight.
>The skirts that i ordered sometimes were 10 cm shorter than what was stated on the web. Also, the waist sizes are wrong in a lot of them. I bought a skirt for a friend and i had to keep to use for myself because instead of being 70cm to 75 cm waist like stated on the web they were around 65 with max stretch.
>Bought pants that according to sizing were a quite bigger than my normal size (since expected them to be tiny) only for them to come and barely fit regardless.

I can post some pictures of the stuff i have from them if anyone is interested for comparison sake (if i can find the original on the site, since most pieces are between 12 and 15 like i said above).
Most of the stuff i still wear is only from the korean stores since they were mostly okay and average quality. But all the other stuff was kinda oof.

Also to all anons purchasing make up from there, it's not worth it. They overprice it to hell and back. Buy it from ebay from reputable sellers (i buy all my japanese and korean cosmetics on two sellers i trust and never had a problem and pay probably 70% less than what i would pay if i bout it from yesstyle).

Anonymous 5785

Do you mind posting some comparison pics? I've lusted after so many things on Yesstyle but always held off for some reason. Seems like i had some sort of instinct about it. Have you ever purchased jewelry from there? There are so many that look so cute but now I'm worried about the quality of that too.

Anonymous 5786

Will go through my old mails and see if the items are still listed on the web so i can compare sizing and quality accurately!

And yeah, i've bought jewelery.
I bought a cat ring that was pretty cute and just like the pic but started making my finger green only after 2 or 3 wears and no water near it. It was super sturdy, but the green shit made me never want to puechase any more jewelry from there.

Oh, and once i got gifted a "leather" belt for buying a skirt, that when it came it was literal cardboard material, so that was nice lmao

Anonymous 5787



>Also to all anons purchasing make up from there, it's not worth it. They overprice it to hell and back. Buy it from ebay from reputable sellers (i buy all my japanese and korean cosmetics on two sellers i trust and never had a problem and pay probably 70% less than what i would pay if i bout it from yesstyle).

Could you please link some sellers, if that's not too much work for you?

I love love love PeriPera's lip tints, and I looked everywhere, but the cheapest option for me was always YesStyle. When I looked for it on ebay, the shipping was way costier (I don't live in the US).

I just wish I had all their colors, it's so pretty. Pic related, this packaging is so adorable! (Even though I wouldn't buy it solely for the packaging lol)

Anonymous 5788

It's no bother at all!

For korean cosmetics i personally swear by https://www.ebay.com/usr/iamlove-shop?rt=nc
They are absolutely fantastic and i trust them 100%, 99% of my purchases are there.
Free shipping, basically the same price as if you bought it in Korea physically, they mark down the prices in the box (normally to a max amount of 5 euros) and send your products in small ass boxes so you don't have to pay extra taxes or import fees for Europe, all items are 100% real and never expired, they add a SHITTON of frebies (received multiple Italian towels, up to 4 really good facemasks per order, sponges, socks, a bunch of small makeup/creams, hand creams, etc for free.)
It's the seller i trust the most for Korean stuff and my "hidden gem" if you will. Also their customer service is top notch.

If for some reason iamlove doesn't have a product i want, i will go to https://www.ebay.com/usr/koreacosmeticmall
They basically offer exactly the same services, although they have slightly less products listed and don't give as many freebies, but they are 100% trust-able and a fantastic shop as well.

Anonymous 5789


I've been really digging this kinda bomber jacket recently. I really wish I could get one but they're on the pricey side.

Anonymous 5790


Anonymous 5791



Last one.

Anonymous 5792


Thank you so much! I think the prices of the lip tints are a bit similar to YesStyle, like with shipping is about 1 dollar difference or something like that. However, for masks, essences, serums, etc.. I think it's worthy it! Thank you so much, anon! <3

Anonymous 5793


>Be me
>Be almost 6ft tall and just shy of having to wear plus sizes

Is there any hope of finding cute K-fashion that would fit me, or should I give up now?

Anonymous 5794

Maybe try asos tall at least as a foundation. I know they're not korean but they have some similar pieces you could layer to make outfits on here. I'm 5'11 and they're one of the only places I can depend on to cover my ass AND THEN SOME and they go up to a US 16. Also looks like they're having a decent sale right now

Anonymous 5795

>have long torso
>does anything mini length even exist

Anonymous 5796



I was the one who originally asked about this and I think I am kinda obsessed now lmao
Okay, not really, but after doing some research, these jeans fit so nicely! I wish I could have one, but not even at my lowest weight I would ever fit in one of them.
Once I bought a pair of jeans that I think fit probably fit similarly, they were so nice. They "hugged" my legs and indeed complimented the figure. Too bad the store I bought them is gone and I got fat.

Anonymous 5797

giphy (2).gif

I really like this outfit. I know it's totally impractial IRL (and I do not have the body type for this), but it's so nice hnng
Hani is also super hot so it helps selling it for me.

Anonymous 5798

How is this specifically kpop?

Anonymous 5799


I don't know what to tell you cause it's literally a k-idol dancing, so I don't know how this is not k-pop lol

Anonymous 5800


Nhakholiti storesnaps give me life, tbh. It's always so cute. And I love how they always match.

Anonymous 5801


Anonymous 5802


I know they are not Korean but the K-fashion influence is pretty clear, and I love it.

Anonymous 5803



I really love these, femnon! Their website doesn't work for me here in the U.K. though. Gonna have to try to find pieces like these and fit them together. ;_;

Anonymous 5804

Here's a video on korean street wear and Seoul fashion week if any of you are interested. It focuses a lot on knockoff culture but also mentions a lot of korean brands I hadn't heard of before.

Anonymous 5805


Any dupes for these? My waist fits but my ass don't.

Anonymous 5806


I am a bit late, but have you tried doing your own clothes? Some are simple enough to do, and it could be a fun hobbie.

Anonymous 5807


this outfit is super cute. and it's one i think i could pull off since we have similar body types.
also, soobin is adorable

Anonymous 5808

OT but anon, if you really have her body type, would you be willing to share how you achieved it, like your diet…? Please

Anonymous 5809



could be just that anon's fast metabolism, not necessarily a diet or exercising.

Anonymous 5810


Anonymous 5811

Majority of this stuff is British fashion but Asian girls are dressed in it. Topshop and Other stories has everything like this

Anonymous 5812


I really like K-fashion because it's very cute without going overboard and to the point of nauseating and having too many things going on at once (like a lot of japanese styles) while still looking casual, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to look at. Basically, it's the perfect style for me. Like in the pic I posted - cute and dressy without trying too hard.

Anonymous 5813

all this shit is mad corny looking

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