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Con season Anonymous 5839

Which conventions are you headed to this summer? Which ones have you already attended? Any exciting cosplay plans etc?

>tfw so far this year i'm only going to a single comic con

Anonymous 5840

I'm going to Gen Con this year. Not sure what I'll cosplay as or if I'll do it at all but as long as I go and have fun I'm set. I wanted to go to other cons but one is all I can afford this year.

Anonymous 5841

I'm going to the Calgary Comic Expo here in Canada if I can swing it this year. I chose to move out a month ago and it's been more than I anticipated so idk if I'll really have the money to go. I don't want to go unless I have at least one new cosplay.

I almost exclusively cosplay from DC Comics so I'm hoping to do a Duela Dent or Harley's Revenge - it'll take a miracle for me to pull one of those out of my ass this year but I've made it work before. Here's hoping!

Anonymous 5842

there are a bunch of up-coming cons and i think 2 fujoshi ones. KEK
i honestly didn't know those existed until recently.

do you girls think it's okay to go to a con to showcase your cos? i can't splurge much when i go to cons and i don't have any cosplayer friends.

Anonymous 5843


>finally have and can save money for cons this year
>local con is going to be even more boring than usual, is barely about anime and japanese pop culture anymore
>I won't be able to go to the biggest con in the country again, this time because I can't get paid holidays specifically the week of the con
>a fujoshi con that used to be in my city takes place now in another city, probably won't be able to go because work, and definitely won't be able to go with friends because they'll be busy with work or college or they'll be abroad
Am I cursed?

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