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Is lolita fashion still alive ? Anonymous 5908

Anonymous 5909

Yes it is anon. It just seems dead because LiveJournal is dead. Most communities have moved to Facebook and of course we still have 4chan's cgl. It feels kind of discouraging because GLB isn't in print anymore but print media is dying and the fashion itself is evolving. I get somewhat irked when I see people complaining the fashion is dying. It could've died off anytime now but it's persisted for a couple of decades now so I'd doubt it would die so easily. Yeah physical shops are closing up but it is easier to just order online and Japan has taobao shops to compete with now as well.

Also you have to remember not everyone is able to wear Lolita as often as they like due to work or other life circumstances. I meet people who are just getting into the fashion regularly or I run into girls who happen to be lolitas on the street every now and then. I think if we could have somewhere like LiveJournal again the community wouldn't feel so barren. Also, it'll only die if we let it so I'm honestly glad to see newbie itas at times even if they look horrible. Always encourage and help newbies to keep it going.

Anonymous 5910

I've been dying to try lolita but I'm not sure how to start

Most posts about how to and rules of lolita are from 2013…

Anonymous 5911

Those are still considered good places to start so go ahead and read through them. I'd say ask around on 4chan but you'd be btfo'd for being a total newfag. Iirc there's a blog on tumblr that has a lot of info and is still active but I can't recall the name of it right now. I think it's called Lolita tips or Lolita FAQs or something along the lines of that.

Most of the blogs are dead because well…the death of LJ and many of the blog writers have gone private, moved on, or their life has changed and they can't post anymore. I've been thinking of starting up a blog but I wouldn't know how to get readers. Rainedragon is still somewhat active. I can send out links later if you'd like.

Anonymous 5912

>I've been thinking of starting up a blog but I wouldn't know how to get readers.
What about a youtube channel? Those get views a bit more easily. Might even make a bit of ad revenue after a while (especially if you abuse makeup and say slightly controversial stuff but don't overdo it).

Anonymous 5913

I've thought about that but I don't want to seem like one of those e-fame hungry attention whores. I wouldn't mind it since I would just need basic editing skills and a decent camera/mic but yeah I feel like it's somewhat hard to not come off as e-fame hungry nowadays.

Anonymous 5914

I also don't think the fashion is dead. We have so many bigger meetups in europe now. But some of the smaller comms don't seem to be doing so well.

The fashion and the culture definitely changed. I really miss how it used to be sometimes.

I wouldn't worry about that. A few people assume that every time when somebody gets a decent amount of followers, even if that person is simply posting pictures. As long as you don't use clickbait or something stupid like that most won't care.

Anonymous 5915

I'm actually really interested to know how it used to be back in the day.

Anonymous 5916

It seems that you're worried people might think you're worried about what people think to the point of thinking too much about it.
Nothing wrong with liking attention.

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