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Types of clothes that you hoard Anonymous 5917

Do any of you semi-hoard clothing items that you don't use enough to justify buying them? Or do you hoard clothing items you do use all the time anyway because you don't like washing your clothes?

Stuff I'm guilty of:
Lingerie (particularly those bustier tanks that I always say I'm going to wear outside the house but rarely ending up doing so)
Hoodies (I do wear these a lot, but I own far more of these than I need to)
Outerwear in general (I love how they can spice up a boring outfit)
Bikinis (I live near a beach but I don't go enough to justify the amount I own)
Joggers/Sweatpants, especially the ones with words on the butt (they are so comfy, but I really don't need the amount I own)

I still don't own a lot of clothing compared to other girls I know, but I still feel like I own a lot of types of clothing that I don't need.

Anonymous 5918

Stockings. Even if they're not quite long enough, or they're a pattern I can't match to any clothes, I keep them 'just in case'. And collared blouses, I have so fucking many with the tiniest differences in collars or sleeve lengths. They're mostly just plain white and probably indistinguishable to most people but somehow they make a big difference to me.

Anonymous 5919

A lot of the stuff I buy off depop I don't really end up wearing, so I guess I horde clothes off depop. I've bought 3 things that I almost never wear because
1) It looked better on the model than me
2) I could never imagine myself wearing it because it looked better on the model/it's not really my type
3) I'm afraid people will judge my purchases
I wish I could get a lot more wear out of my purchases but I'm just kinda insecure and will probably just continue hoarding from now on.

Anonymous 5920

I wear almost exclusively dresses but keep buying T-shirts like an idiot. I'll never wear an anime or commemorative vacation t-shirt but good god if I don't have like thirty to choose from.

Anonymous 5921

I also hoard t-shirts like an idiot. They're all generic cotton tees and generally too large for me and too itchy for me to ever want to wear, but I still buy them.

That and lolita socks.

Anonymous 5922

I hoard jsks. I have about 50 now. I really want to sell about half of them, but I keep avoiding it because I'm worried that they won't be in perfect or sellable condition because I wear a lot of them as everyday wear or they arrived with signs of use.

Anonymous 5923

I hoard the boxes that makeup comes in. It’s my secret shame. Even skincare boxes, like boxes for face lotions and face washes.

I also hoard bras, I was cleaning out my room the other day and I had AA cups from when I was 11. I’m 19 now, and those things do not fit lol.

Anonymous 5924

I do it with perfume bottles and makes up packagings too

Anonymous 5925

me too, sis

Why? Do you have a secret stash? Is it like as a record that you bought it?

I hoard graphic tees, too. I hate wearing them and only wear them around the house. I need to get rid of them! My SO gets me a lot and I feel obliged to wear them even though they aren't to my taste….fortunately they have stopped, but I still buy too many.

Anonymous 5926

Undies, socks and coats. To an excessive extent.

At least if civilisation collapses I can dress like a….. street flasher… OH GOD.

Anonymous 5927

all. i got into gyaru/himegyaru recently and have been buying tons and tons of stuff for mad cheap. i have atleast 30 skirts(just skirts, not even jumpers or skirt/parka sets) that i wear frequently and a few tops in every color they made. it's crazy and i've been struggling to organize clothes, with more on the way…

i just love all of it i can't toss or donate anything, and i wear it enough.


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