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Nail Art Thread Anonymous 592

Anyone into nail art?

I've recently gotten into free-handing/painting on my nails. It's really hard but the results are quite pretty when they come out good.

Also if anyone is wanting to try out nail art but don't want to drop lots of money on products and kits, I really recommend the Makeup brand Essence! It's a teen girl/starting makeup company but they're very trend focused and usually have all the nail art stuff that is big right now for really affordable prices like stamping sets for $5 (last week I saw them carry that glitter dust that you can rub on your nails for half the price online)

Anonymous 593


I love doing my nails and it has saved me from my relentless biting. Holo polish is my jam. Are those chrome powders easy to use if you have two left hands?

Anonymous 594

tbh I've never used chrome powders. It feels really messy? Also I think you're supposed to use gel with it and I don't have the patience to invest in gel polishes.

I'd rather just use my holo polishes and be done with it. They're basically better chrome nails anyways.

Anonymous 595

I had a cheap home gel kit that worked fine, I imagine chrome powder would work with that. But it was a real hassle, took forever, and nowadays I'd rather find a really good top coat.

Anonymous 596


Just got my sterling silver accent nails in the mail! They're by a company called BOHEM and they have some cheaper lines on Amazon

Anonymous 597

can you report back with a review, anon? i can't imagine wearing these and not being constantly anxious about losing them

Anonymous 598

Same, I'd be interested in silver nails but would be scared of losing them.

Anonymous 599


I do hard gel extensions and have a tech come to my house. I've been buying a lot of stuff online to put on them and it's been working great. pic related.

Anonymous 600

Whoa I've never seen this. This looks so cool but as >>597 said, how do you keep it on? Also was it custom made to fit? Since people's nail widths are always different.

Anonymous 601

Different anon, but it comes with sticky tabs and in different sizes and lengths.

Anonymous 602

I want your nails so bad, those are beautiful. How are your nail beds? I've heard gels make them soft and horrible, which is why I've stayed away.

Anonymous 603

they aren't too much worse than normal afaik, i have pretty soft nails naturally, and i don't think the gel is really affecting them that much, plus my tech is really good.

if you're curious about gel, just get gel polish at first. make sure the tech doesn't file too much and you should be good. i believe it's the filing that causes the damage, you don't have to do it too much with regular polish or even the hard gel.

if you've done acrylics, hard gel extensions are much better, they're lighter feeling and adhere better so they're not as breakable. i still get tips but you can also do gels with a form, but they may break easier.

i'm actually getting them refilled and redone tonite so i can post a pic of my new design later!

Anonymous 604


here's the pic as promised. it's simple but i really like how it turned out. we came up with the design together and she's using it as advertising.

Anonymous 605

I really enjoyed it! It wasn't heavy but it was noticeable. Adhesive was pretty strong and I had to peel the tab of with a fair amount of consistent, directed force. I don't think it would come off accidentally. That said, it doesn't lie flat with your cuticle because the adhesive tabs are quite thick, and my hair got slightly caught under the back of it a few times (whilst styling hair etc.). I wrapped my finger in masking tape and put a peg over the top to keep it still whilst it set.

I've already lost one of them as I was opening the box :| luckily I wasn't going to wear them as a matched set. And for sterling silver they're cheap.

I think they would be perfect for an event but not every day. It really is more like jewelry you stick on than a fake nail with any degree of practicality. I haven't tried with real nail glue, I think I remember reading that you can use it, but I do know they recommend against using acetone remover as it tarnishes the silver. I would ask a nail tech and/or a jeweller.

I also didn't like how they put the hallmarks on the top of the nail. I know they are making a point about it being Real Silver Jewelry but rings don't have their hallmarks on the outside, they specifically hide them on the inside of the band, because they're ugly.

Anonymous 606

Thanks for the pic anon. I'm in love with your nails, they are so cute and princess-y! :)

I can't afford to get my nails professionally done on the regular (I'm pretty rough on my nails too), so am teaching myself how to do gel and acrylic powder nail forms. There are a lot of Youtube videos that explain how to do these if any other anons are interested in learning to do their nails too. I'm still literally just learning, but it's quite fun and relaxing.

Anonymous 607

pickle winkle litt…

>>I do know they recommend against using acetone remover as it tarnishes the silver.

>>I would ask a nail tech and/or a jeweller.

Jeweler here.

If the silver nail is difficult to remove and might damage your nails, you can always keep some pickling compound around the house. It's pretty affordable, used in silver/metal jewelry production, and will remove tarnish if you decide to use acetone to remove from your nail. Just make sure you don't mix metals in the pickle (pic related) and you'll want to brush the ring (you an probably just use a toothbrush) afterward to return the shine.

There are also tarnish removing cloths, formulas, etc. you can use as well. If there aren't many indentations in the silver, you could just use some light sandpaper to remove the tarnish too.

Anonymous 608

i really wish i could do my own. i don't have good control over my non dominant hand though. i'm pretty helpful to my tech though. she's obviously good but i've been to japanese salons and watched japanese techs alot so i know a bunch more things than she was taught. i'd suggest trying to find japanese nail tutorials since their techs have a really high standard.

Anonymous 609

Thank you anon! So the nail glue itself wouldn't damage the silver? I collect silver and I've got a lot of products to look after it, but I wasn't sure about these particular chemical reactions.
If the only problem with using glue and acetone rather than their sticky pads is a bit of tarnish I can deal with that.

Anonymous 610

Any advice for how to keep nail sets on all day? I'd love to be able to make and wear my own sets since I can't do my own extensions, but they always pop off. Is there a secret I'm missing?

Anonymous 611

The glue shouldn't damage the silver. If it does, then you've just discovered something huge in jewelry production. With that said, acetone shouldn't tarnish silver to begin with either. If anything it should help keep the silver from tarnishing. Just make sure to use pure acetone and not a strange mixture. Have fun with your silver nails anon. Love the look!

Anonymous 612

I tried push on nails for a long time, but they literally would fall off after a few hours or if I used any pressure from my nails (ie. opening a soda). Maybe I was doing something wrong idk I tried both cheap and expensive brands and never had any luck.

Is there a reason you can't do extensions anon? There are tips and forms, and with forms you don't have to worry about sizing. Gel and acrylic extensions are pretty strong, so if anything your nails will break like natural nails rather than fall off.

Anonymous 613

How do people keep their nail polish from chipping? I always do fun and intricate designs but they end up chipping less than a day after I paint them!

Anonymous 614

Do you use a topcoat?

Anonymous 615

The biggest thing for me is a good top coat, a good base coat, and wrapping the base coat and top coat (painting around the edge and a little under the end of the nail). Body chemistry will factor into how well a base coat works for you.

Even with that though you still need to touching your nails to stuff and minimizing the time they spend wet. You can also use a cuticle remover and make sure to throughly clean your nail beds before hand to so you don't have dead skin cells or oils or dust between the nail and your polish.

There's also the option of using a gel base and topcoat, and you can use normal or gel for the color. That will be much more heavy duty, but personally I don't want to deal uv lamps and soaking off.

Anonymous 616

yellow nails after…

So Im always painting my nails with different colors, but mostly in the reds or blacks/grays.
When I take the color off my nails are soooo yellow, its terrible! Ive read a lot of online suggestions, most if not all of them say to "let them breathe". Sure, if I didnt look like I came from a zombie movie! I cant be walking around with these yellow nails, they look awful! SO does anyone has any method to like un-yellow them asap?

pic related, but not mine

Anonymous 617

Not sure, but do you smoke? That usually causes yellow fingers or nails.

It could also be fungus or your missing something in your diet.

Anonymous 618


Use 2 coats of clear base coat to protect the nails from being discoloured and use a lighter polish but layering it 2 or 3 times so it disguises the yellowing and then a clear top coat. Ive just let the yellow grow out on my nails before so I can't rec any methods ive tried to get rid of the yellowing.

Nails cant breathe so you're okay, you can apply what you want. they are a protein (like hair) and their condition are a result of the body's nutrition, health and level of exercise. One of the reasons manicurists massage the hands too is because it increases blood flow to the hands and nails (and matrix which forms the nail plate itself, which is tucked under the skin fold of the nail) and helps them grow faster and healthier.

A full nail will grow at the rate of 6 months & judging from your pic it might take less, maybe 3-4 :O i hope this was helpful xxx

Anonymous 619

>I cant be walking around with these yellow nails, they look awful!
Just repaint them?

Anonymous 620

Red nail polish does this, it's the base in it, dyes the proteins. Happens to me all the time. Sadly your only options are grow them out, cut them off or re-paint.

Anonymous 621

>>616 this sounds mega weird but try scrubbing them with a toothbrush and some bicarbonate of soda every day. I've seen people do similar stuff

Anonymous 622

I dont smoke and def not a fungus.

Thanks for your detailed reply! the nails in the pic arent mine but the color and length is very similar.

Yeah but sometimes I let them rest for some hours/a day or so between paint jobs and they look baaad.

That's true :(

Ill try this.

Thank you all ladies!

Anonymous 623


Summer is around the corner here in the southern hemisphere (and Spring feels like a slightly milder Summer anyway) and I loooove Nail Art decorated with fruit fimo. It's so summery and cute. (Yes I know I am tacky, don't bother)

I am looking forward to get my nails done with pic related kinda style when something special calls for it, I guess. Also my nails are always super strong and big, so I don't need to get it on fake nails.

I also love coral, orange and holo nail polish. Yes yes yes

Anonymous 624


Anonymous 625


Anonymous 626


And maybe I'll get some flake for this, but I love aquarium nails. They are super fun.

Anonymous 627

ive never seen these before. this looks pretty cool and tacky at the same time lol

Anonymous 628

super cool! too bad my nails are too long for this, i'd be so worried they'd break…

Anonymous 629



I've seen it on big nails as well, personally not my style, but it's doable, anon!

Anonymous 630


This one is so pretty nngg and perfect for Halloween!

Anonymous 631


Anonymous 632

>>630 HOW IS THIS EVEN DONE? This is gorgeous

Anonymous 633


they look so pretty, but looking up how it's done they look very thin…i know it's double layered but i'd be worried. man, baby oil and glitter huh. some are gorgeous. (love this design but hate coffin shape)

Anonymous 634

lime crime oyster.…

Do you guys reuse pop-on nails? I bought pic related but I can't wear nails to work, so I was considering buying adhesive tabs and just wearing them during the weekends and removing them Sunday evening.

Anonymous 2293


Do people still buy stick on nail sets? I'm considering trying to sell on etsy. Nail art is a hobby of mine, but I have no interest in trying to do it professionally, especially since the stuff I really like is fancier than most people like. I thought it'd be fun to make stick on sets and sell them. Pic related is the type of thing I'd be making. I'd love opinions!

Anonymous 2294


Oh anon, I would buy the shit out of it if there was any stuff like that in my country :( I remember a girl that used to sell it, but it was almost 10 years a go, and I never got to buy it, boo.
But anyway, do what you like, but also be ready for people asking a multitude of things, don't limit yourself! Good luck!

Anonymous 2748

Bump! One of my gel nails fell off, but I won't be able to get them redone after the 31st. How can I clean off the remaining gel? I read online I can do it with acetone but won't it damage my nail? Thanks if anyone knows.

Anonymous 2749

acetone is more likely to damage your skin than your nail. filing will damage it and trying to scrape it off will if you don't know how. you just need to soak it in acetone until it pops off. how'd it fall off btw? make sure your stylist is using ph bonder before base coat, not just alcohol.

Anonymous 2752

Ty, will do. Honestly I have no idea, I woke up this morning and one of them was gone, i found it on the floor. I got them done a week or so ago if I remember correctly. I'm bummed.

Anonymous 2754

Is it just polish or are they extensions. It sounds like the tech didn't use the bonder. Gel is made from resin and just slides off your nailso it needs the bonder which adheres to your nail and then adheres to the polish. Just be careful with the acetone. It may make your nail a bit softer, the worst it does is mess up the outer layer of oils, but it will not damage the bed.

Anonymous 2757

How else are you supposed to remove gel polish beside acetone?

I do my own nails and rely on acetone. Not sure if there are any other alternatives except for filing (I feel like the acetone is a bit less damaging but not sure).

Can you please share if there is a better method because i would be nice if there were something less damaging. Thanks!

Anonymous 2760


I love cute nails!! but lesbian lifestyle doesn't allow me ;-; i try to do cute things with my nails like simple desings (something like this pic i found or simple stripes of two colors). most of the time i just cut them as short as possible and fill them with glitter polishes.

any other shortgirls who still love nail art here? tips?

Anonymous 2762



(2/2) i also found this design and i'll def try it out soon

Anonymous 2774


Anonymous 2775


The japanese nails trends is shorter and rounder nails with cute gems on. I prefer it to the super long and pointy nails we see in the west. I follow so many Japanese nail salons on Instagram for inspo.

Anonymous 2776


dropped pic

Anonymous 10106


i like simple, elegant, and cute designs so i really admire japanese nail artists and things like picrel. i usually go through the # ネイル hashtag on insta to get inspiration. i want to actually start painting my nails and doing nail art since i usually just leave mine completely bare

Anonymous 10107


same anon, just another cute picture of nails i saw while scrolling through the tag

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