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Normie J-fashion Lovers UNITE! Anonymous 5963

Am I the only one who loves NORMIE J-fashion?

>>Even though it was a few years ago, I was one of the many anons who studied abroad in Japan for 1 year.

My boyfriend had a car and worked between two top universities, so I had the advantage of traveling throughout Japan and seeing tons of different cities/towns. One thing I noticed was a similar style among my friends, classmates, and strangers all throughout the country.

Alt-fashion stood out just as much as it would outside Japan ime, but normie J-fashion is also really cute. I really enjoy it.

>>Let's discuss the popular fashion trends in Japan among late teen-early 40's women~ask questions, share advice, post PHOTOS!

Anonymous 5964


Anonymous 5965


Anonymous 5966


Anonymous 5967


Anonymous 5968

街コンでモテる服装女編 かわいい.p…

Anonymous 5969


normie male j-fashion

Anonymous 5970

Depends what you mean by normie. Last few times I've been to Japan I definitely haven't liked their normie trends (eg most recently it was weird penis shaped beanies and super baggy pants, overall a really masculine look) but in general I love the feminine styles that are easy to find there. In the west it's stuff you can only find when it's in style, but in Japan they seem to have more varied, less trend-dependent stuff and it definitely leans towards my girly preferences.

Anonymous 5971


I love those shorts on the right. Anyone have any idea what brand they are or where to get them?

Anonymous 5972

I've never been to Japan but Universal Doll does a fantastic job summarizing the history and evolution of normie j-fashion. I think it's important to understand the basic foundations of normie Japanese pop culture and fashion to have a well-rounded appreciation of alternative street fashions.


Anonymous 5973

those faces in the 90s magazine are so beautiful. i love how natural they look and not like ghost children.

Anonymous 5974

That's a really cool resource, thanks for the link!

Anonymous 5975


Ahhh yes Japanese normie fashion is so cute. It's so feminine and chic

Anonymous 5976

this looks like something westerners wear tbh

Anonymous 5977

Oh my god how did I skip this thread? These are all beautiful and simple

Anonymous 5978


Dresses like this

Anonymous 5979

is this normie jfash? it doesn't look normie or even jfash. the online ship is one of those cringy 'all alt fashion in japan is harajookoo' aliexpress overpriced soft sister crap.

>shop is in new york

>site is just full of stolen stock images

oh, it's exactly that


Anonymous 5980


Anonymous 5981


Anonymous 5982


Anonymous 5983


Anonymous 5984


I really want the right girl's legs, holy

I love this so much!

Anonymous 5985

ffs guys alot pf stuff itt is gyaru or gyaru inspired and not normie shit.

Anonymous 5986

I was in japan recently and pretty much every girl was dressed like varations of outfits posted here, maybe not normie by western standards but commonplace enough to not stand out at all. >>5978 Is the only thing hat dosent fit itt

Anonymous 5987


Cancam and vivi have so many pretty feminine outfits. I like that stuff so much better than lolita and stuff tbh but specific styles have a much bigger presence oversees than just general soft femmy jfash normie (mote kei?) clothing does.

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