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Anonymous 5988

What cosplay are you working on?
Your favourite cons?
Positive/horror stories?
Why is cosplay so messy?

Anonymous 5989


that's a lot of questions, OP. ;;
i plan on cosplaying tsuyu asui (froppy) as my first legitimate and proper cos.
i have no idea how to get her wig right though.. the bow made out of her own hair is pretty tricky to pull off. also, the tutorials i've seen online are so bad and i'm not sure what color her eyes really are. sometimes they look black, dark brown or even dark green.

Anonymous 5990

If there's no definite official depiction of her eye color, I think it's fine to go with your preference. I think a dark green would be cute.

Anonymous 5991


Tsuyu fanatic here. Tsuyu's eyes are black, pitch black. They don't even reflect light.

Anonymous 5992

hehe same!
thanks, anon. my cos is almost done. about to cop a wig and the lenses.
it's sad not much miners cosplay though or at least share theirs.

Anonymous 5993

same anon but anyone know how to go about tsu's makeup without going overboard?

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