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Anonymous 5994

Putumayo is closing.


Anonymous 5995

Kind of sad to see it happen but I was never really into them or bought anything from them so I can't really say this is devestating to me. Taobao is a thing so even if more Japanese brands close it isn't the end of the world. I don't think btssb or AP will close anytime soon anyway. That will be the day I actually start to worry.

Anyway, does anyone know what how Putumayo has been doing financially? Like have they been selling decently or have they been bombing more often than not? It's been around for 30+ years so it's actually had a decent run so maybe it's time for it to move on.

Inb4 lolita is dying hysteria

Anonymous 5996

I never really liked Putumayo's style, because in comparison to other brands, their materials feel really cheap for the price, and their designs were very gaudy. Most of them reminded me of a Hot Topic that was hit by a hurricane. So I'm not surprised that they decided to close.
That being said, one of my first real 'lolita' pieces was from Putumayo, and the fact that they're closing now makes me a little sad.

Anonymous 5997

putumayo was lolita punk anyways (which usually was mistranslated as punk lolita) it wasn't technically lolita, think lolita gyaru, just a girly lolita-esque version of japanese punk. i personally never bought anything but my fiance has a lot of t-shirts from them. it's kinda sad tbh.

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