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Anonymous 6012

Anyone here like twee fashion? I like that it's cute but still fairly normie. Favorite stores? I like lindybopusa.

Anonymous 6013

I don't think this is a jfashion anon. Try /hb/ or /b/ since /cgl/ is meant to be jfashion and cosplay specific. If twee is a jfash now, boy do I feel old.

Anonymous 6014

Oh sorry. (This board might get more traffic if it were open to any kind of fashion though…)

Anonymous 6015


>>This board might get more traffic if it were open to any kind of fashion though…

I agree. I've never heard of twee fashion before though. OP, do you have any more pics?

I looked on Google image and found this pic of some girl in China. Is this considered twee? I really like this style because it's somewhat cute and innocent, but not too young looking.

Anonymous 6016


It's a western fashion style with a cute, girly aesthetic using vintage and vintage-style clothes and kitschy accessories (like the red randoseru in the OP pic.) Zooey Deschannel's personal style and how she dresses in 500 Days of Summer and New Girl is probably the most well-known example of the style. The most popular retailer for twee clothes is modcloth, but they get all their clothes from other stores and if you do some digging you can find what they're selling for cheaper elsewhere.

Anonymous 6017


twee is basically what some people were trying to call "otome kei", right? I guess what would differ twee from otome kei would be the latter using burando, but even that isn't mandatory. I don't know, they look virtually the same to me.

I really like it, tbh.

Anonymous 6018

My favorite. It's not over the top, or very expensive, but still absolutely cute.

Anonymous 6019

no anon, the styling is very different…

Anonymous 6020

It’s different because the cuts of the blouses and dresses are not as unflattering on westerners as japanese brands tend to be. It’s a lot more vintage inspired as well.

Anonymous 6021

I feel like this is the style my bf wants me to wear but I'd feel really plain in.

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