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Cgl Anonymous 6044

Why is jfashion and cosplay in the same place? I can't take this seriously

Anonymous 6045

It's how /cgl/ is on 4chan, too.

Anonymous 6046

did you even read the sticky?

Anonymous 6047

Because we're not big enough to separate into dedicated boards yet.

Anonymous 6048

probably because jfash looks like cosplay to anyone wearing normal clothes, you weeb.

Anonymous 6049


Why you make me cry like this

Anonymous 6050

It's okay, right now the jfashion threads outnumber the cosplay threads on this board.

Anonymous 6051

This is the same argument we had on 4chan /cgl/ to exhaustion more than five years ago. It is what it is, stop complaining

>this is bait

Anonymous 6052

it doesn't need to have the same mistakes as 4chan

Anonymous 6053

Normally I'd agree with you because I'm a regular on /cgl/, but there's barely any cosplay threads on this board at all and I somehow doubt that cosplay having its own board would improve the cosplay content on a forum with such small traffic to begin with.

Maybe if people were actually posting more about cosplay on this board we could justify asking for a separate board.

Anonymous 6054

Well why shouldn't cosplay be on a diy board or something else? I hate cosplay, I just want a fashion board. I care if every thread gets deleted to change boards.

Anonymous 6055

DON'T care*

Anonymous 6056

I think we might need a poll for that.

Anonymous 6057

I really hate jfashion. I prefer Kfashion, but honestly who can afford it.

Anonymous 6058

just because you hate cosplay, doesn't mean we should get rid of it.
what's there to hate though? they're all so different and kfash is so normie/thotty/stacy wear. it's not ugly, but it sure is basic as fuck.

i really wish more cosers posted about cosplay here so it wouldn't be a problem.
are cos miners too shy to post?

Anonymous 6059

>who can afford it.

but…kfashion is the most accessible fast fashion available.

Anonymous 6060


K-fashion brands are actually really expensive. Dupes and knock-offs for it are among the cheapest though.

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