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Lolita Dream Dresses and Accessories Shopping Thread! Anonymous 6061

What's your dream dress, accessory, bag, shoes, or decorating item?
Are you having trouble finding it? Let's help each other find the things we dream of!

Post topic ideas:
Where do you like to shop online?
Are you looking for a certain item?
Where are the best Japanese sites to buy from?
Who sells the best shoes, bags, accessories?
What's your opinion of a specific shop? Good, bad, meh?
Post your unboxing and critique!
Critiques, criticisms, and reviews of stores/sellers/sites welcome!

Anonymous 6062


>Where do you like to shop online?
Angelic Pretty can be hit or miss in terms of designs, but I always feel the most excited about ordering from them (either the Japanese site or AP USA). I also get stuff from various Taobao sites (Diamond Honey, Little Dipper, Haruhi Clover). Lolita Collective is sometimes good, but I feel like their selection is pretty limited online.

>Where are the best Japanese sites to buy from?

I've only ordered from Angelic Pretty using Tenso to ship overseas. It was a little intimidating at first, but it is actually super easy. I haven't tried any secondhand shops yet (Wunderwelt, ClosetChild).

>Who sells the best shoes, bags, accessories?

Sosic Shop has a limited selection of shoes, but they are so comfy. Antaina shoes are pretty good too. Haruhiclover has nice, basic accessories like hair clips and wristbands for sweet and classic lolita.

Anonymous 6063

>Where do you like to shop online?
yahoo japan and closetchild are the way to go

>Are you looking for a certain item?

I'm kind of looking for the matching headbow for my st. clair OP but since I'm curently unemployed I've put all my dream dresses on the back burner.

>Who sells the best shoes, bags, accessories?

I've liked all the IW headbows and jewelry I've bought. I also really like IW's bag designs it's just a shame they aren't super durable. I'll definitely go with MMM or a brand that specializes in bags next time for sure.

Anonymous 6064


I've never worn lolita (expect once 10 years ago and it was pretty ita anyway), but have always been and admirer from afar. The dresses are really beautiful but I can't afford them, even the cheapest ones, due to the fact that my country's currency is currently in the mud.

Anyway, I don't have a proper "dream dress" like real lolitas, I whenever I see a pretty dress I am like "want it" but not to the point that it sticks with me for long.

Pic related is currently my favorite dress right now, I really love matcha and this is insanely cute in my eyes. sighs in poorfag

Anonymous 6065

Let me guess you're a South American anon too. I'm in the same boat. I don't really care if I would look ita or not as long as I felt cute and comfy, but people can be judgemental as fuck in the Lolita community… That's why I never bothered. But I love it.

Anonymous 6066



Yes, I am! Are you in the biggest SA's country, mayhaps? Let's be poor lolita friends if so :')

I actually agree with you, I mean, if I was a proper lolita I would never make fun of itas as long as they are having fun and not being obnoxiously loud/weebish. But tbh, even at the time I knew I was being ita because the shoes I wanted to wear were nowhere to be found and my friends conviced me to wear chuck taylors and oh boi. Also the headress I wanted to wear also disappeared so I was using a two color headress with a kuro coord, plus the fact that I couldn't find a petti to save my life. That's why I only ever wore it once.

I actually have friends that are into the fashion, but like me, no one can afford them damned dresses. And no one can sew, either. I wish I could hang with them to talk in pretty frilly clothes at the park, but this will probably never happen.

Anonymous 6067

>my friends conviced me to wear chuck taylors and oh boi.
Had a good laugh with this, anon. And yes, nós somos wannabe lolitas compatriotas.

Anonymous 6068



sad piano music

Quem sabe eu tente costurar algo este ano… Eu já costurei algumas coisas bem meh, mas nada como um vestido lolita. Talvez eu comece fazendo uma versão de bonecas pra ver se a construção dá certo lol

Sage for portuguese and derailing.

Anonymous 6069

Garota, achei que o dólar estava abaixo de dois reais e fui correndo falar aqui pro pessoal de casa. Eu não tenho nenhum conhecimento de costura, eu mal sei dar pontos… Então pelo menos tu tens algo pra começar! Quem sabe dá certo!

Okay, back to english (':

Anonymous 6070

I didn't know where to post this so forgive me if it's in the wrong place.

I couldn't afford Lolita style when I was younger but now I am older it's something I'd like to wear for special events/parties/cons etc. However, I'm worried my age may be an issue, and I'll just look dumb. I don't really like sweet style, I prefer classical, but even then I feel maybe I've just missed the opportunity as I'm in my late twenties now. It's annoying because I can afford it now but I feel people are more forgiving to younger people dressing differently.

It probably doesn't help that I've been on ~certain sites~ over the years so my auto response is that everyone is gonna be a massive bastard. Advice pls, I can take brutal honesty too so don't worry.

Anonymous 6071

It is harder to be a (popular)lolita if you're over 25 but there are plenty of older women who wear it. The founder/designer of Innocent World (Yumi Fujiwara) looks to be in her mid 30's and still wears lolita almost every day.

Really, though you'll only get shit if you post pictures online of yourself blatantly being an ita. And even if you are an ita at first (everyone kind of is) the internet loves redemption stories.

Anonymous 6072

If you are worried about people being bastards about your coords, you can just not post them to COF or the Everyday Frills group until you feel more confident about your outfits. Maybe just post to Instagram or your blog?

I'm in a similar boat to you, where I wasn't able to afford lolita until my mid-to-late 20s. But life is short so may as well give it a shot. Classic Lolita is easier to get away with when you're older anyway, since it usually isn't covered in pastel teddy bears and candy. I really like Sweet Lolita, but gravitate to florals and more elegant prints.

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