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/cgl/ secrets and general community ideas Anonymous 6073

Since Admin wants to bring back some of the nostalgia of the EGL LiveJournal days, I was thinking that a thread on helping this board gain traction might be good.(Bless you Admin)

crystal.cafe is still small so getting traffic would be small and with many communities moving to Facebook, getting traffic here is going to be tough. I'm sure Admin has some ideas for it but maybe input from other Lolitas lurking here might help.

Recapturing the old days has been tried and failed before so what can we do to ensure at least the tiniest bit of success?

Anonymous 6074

Biggest sticking point and perhaps only key to success:

Post everything. Don’t censor because someone cries about getting called out. Require no names/faces if you have to for some reason, but don’t let it become a hugbox.

Anonymous 6075

Completely agree. Also don't allow anyone to request deleting a secret. Once it's there, it should stay there.

Anonymous 6076

I feel like removing secrets is part of what killed btb so I second this. If there are only 10 secrets it doesn't do any good to have half of them removed because someone made a fuss.

Anonymous 6077

Isn't all of this going against the idea of singling people out? a thread like that is better suited for lolcow tbh

Anonymous 6078

I don't know what you mean? "singling people out" was used on /cgl/ to keep people from making threads about one single person. It has nothing to do with posting a secret about someone.

Anonymous 6079

“Singling people out” is half the point of secrets, on cgl or anywhere else. Haven’t you heard of Post-Secret? You write secrets to say things you can’t or won’t say to someone’s face. If it’s not about a person it’s just an opinion, maybe unpopular one.

Anonymous 6080

There's a rule here against creating drama threads and singling people out.

Anonymous 6081

That’s pretty at odds with the way mods have talked about the secrets so far, including this OP. I’m guessing no names/faces applies, and WE still can’t create drama threads. Having one secrets thread won’t make it lolcow.

Anonymous 6082

My understanding is rule 9 says drama threads are ok as long as the thread isn't created about a single person so secrets shouldn't really be an issue. If names, faces, etc are blocked out or not included in the photo it seems fine. Secrets also contain general humor not specifically related to drama to a secrets thread isn't ALL drama. Some have even posted their own confessions before.

Anonymous 6083

When is my fuckin secrets thread getting posted

Anonymous 6084

where are the secrets? did we get any

Anonymous 6085

cgl on 4 is getting unbearable. the censorship and mass deletions are too much. I don't spend that much time there anymore.

Anonymous 6086

sweetie lolita secrets was even more strict that behind the bows. I don't think you were there during the ''old days''. People just don't care about secrets anymore.

the trolls and roleplayers are getting to much

Anonymous 6087

I miss gtfoegl

Anonymous 6088

I miss beyond-egl

Anonymous 6089

Hey mods! BtB didn't post this week, so now's your chance to post your secrets and get more attention!

Anonymous 6090

I dont mind you. I hope to read more of your post. But you pist everywhere and you are so dismissive. Kinda kills threads.

Anonymous 6091

>TFW you get nostalgic over becoming mildly excited whenever someone would post their lolita horror stories on angry-lace
Too bad it's dead with the rise in popularity of 4chan since 2009.

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