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Larme General Anonymous 6152

>Favorite brands?
>Favorite models?
>Favorite substyles?

Do you use the facebook group, discord or amino? Do you own any issues of the magazine?

Anonymous 6153


Anonymous 6154


Anonymous 6155


Anonymous 6156


Anonymous 6157


Anonymous 6158

>Favorite brands?
Honey Salon, Ank Rouge. I mix a lot of Swankiss pieces into my looks too but mostly because its easier for me to obtain.

>Favorite models?

Monaca is number 1! I'm a big fan of hers! I especially love her new brand~ I wish we were friends IRL… lol

>Favorite substyles?

Pheromone fetish and Loose Grunge. I also like more tomboy looks too.

>Do you use the facebook group, discord or amino? Do you own any issues of the magazine?

I use the facebook group once in a blue moon. I've recently been using the discord and I use amino when I remember it exists (the owner is super friendly and sweet tbh)

My biggest problem is that I want to be more creative with my hair but I have naturally very straight hair. Also pls no bully but how the hell do people plait their own hair? My dad or sisters did my hair growing up so I never learnt how to do it on my own hair. Do you use a mirror or what? I brought a load of different coloured ribbon to mix into different hair styling but I can't do anything with it cry cry

Anonymous 6159


>Favorite brands?
E-hyphen, even though I have yet to own anything by them. Also really like a lot of the stuff monlily put out.
>Favorite models?
Risa forever <3
>Favorite substyles?
Not super into the idea of splitting larme into substyles, but pheromone fetish if I have to pick. Is casual a substyle?

>Do you use the facebook group, discord or amino?

Occasionally look in the sales group, not in the discord, lurk the amino.
>Do you own any issues of the magazine?
I have 22 and 24. I got 24 in a big package full of birthday goodies when my housemate moved back to Japan, it was one of the most thoughtful boxes of presents I've ever gotten.

I really want to post on social media but I can't reliably produce content and feel like if I post my face I'm just going to get ridiculed for it. a while ago I posted some flatlay coords on /cgl/ and got positive feedback though, which was really nice.

>Also pls no bully but how the hell do people plait their own hair?

Lol anon this is something I struggled with as well, no shame. You just have to learn the pattern you move your hands in, I used to have to chant "Under over under over under over" as I did mine to do it properly. Watching youtube tutorials really helped me learn to do complicated patterns and braids. It also really helps if you tie your hair in a ponytail while your learning, it keeps it still and you're less likely to get tangled.

Anonymous 6160

she looks like a kawaii spooky fish and i luv her

Anonymous 6161

OT very much, but you don't have to keep pushing the content coming if you want to post your fashion to the social media. Just post when you feel like posting, there's no obligation to become a full time fashion blogger. You can create a side blog on Tumblr or a 2nd instagram account or something if you don't want to post to your main channel.

About getting ridiculed because of your face, why would that happen? Most likely you look way better than you think, and besides, people who are into Larme seem to be quite chill, I don't think they'd go making fun of someone's face.

Anonymous 6162

>ank rouge
I like how subtle these clothes are what the heck. Always wanted to try jfash with mostly an interest in Liz Lisa stuff but I felt japanese clothes were kind of tacky. I'm about to make an ank rouge wishlist though lol

Anonymous 6163

>>6162 tbh the whole point of larme is too be less OTT because it's meant to be a style for young women/women in their 20's. It can be OTT if you want it to be but a lot of the looks in the magazine are toned down and appropriate for girls 20-30.

It actively annoys me when you see girls (usually hardcore j-fashion "I'm gonna wear every j-fashion everrrr" girls) complaining that larme tutorials look too "normie". It's cute and elegant, go back to 6%DOKIDOKI if you have an issue. Like??? lmao.

Sorry for minor rant, but yeah, basically ank rouge are amazing and LARME is life.

Anonymous 6164

my normie ass loves this stuff then. it looks sort of elegant yet casual and appropriate. much more flattering than some kyrary pamyu pamyu lookalike outfit imo. how am i gonna shop for groceries at walmart in a decora kei outfit without people stopping and being like wtf

also axes femme looks pretty cute too. im looking at ebay bc im too lazy to order from the jp shop

Anonymous 6165

I think one thing in Larme is that the outfits are supposed to fit the situation. OTT Swankiss Larme is fine for partying, but you might want to wear something different at work. You don't have to make a choice between OTT and "normie", you can very well wear both in different occasions.

Anonymous 6166

do any of you know where to buy larme brands without using jp sites? i dont want to be bothered to go through the whole gaijin shipping process or trying to make out a language i dont understand

Anonymous 6167

Tenshi shop is a shopping service I use for pretty much everything I order from Japan. She's really friendly and good at responding so try looking in that shopping service. Hope this helps!

Anonymous 6168

Does anyone colour match their blogs or instas to look more Larme? I'm attempting too but I feel it looks like shit.

Also has anyone else noticed How much Honey mi Honeys new stuff looks like Monacas new line? God damn it haha

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