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Lolita and Social Media Anonymous 6169

Are there any lolitas that still run blogs, or has everyone moved to instagram and FB? Do people even still use LiveJournal?

Anonymous 6170

Who is the person on the right? They are super attractive.

Anonymous 6171

Afaik, Parfaitdoll seldom even updates her blog and Mintyfrills makes posts on hers that aren't even worth reading a lot of the time. I used to enjoy Parfaitdoll's blog a lot but it isn't updated often anymore and she's turned sjw.


This blog is still somewhat active if yoou'd be interested or aren't already aware of it. I enjoy her stuff a lot.

I miss fyeah lolita a lot tbh. That blog is pretty much dead but I really enjoyed reading it every chance I got.

>Do people even still use LiveJournal?

Yes but it tends be just newbies who get directed in old posts that it's a great place to start and maybe a few mods and lolitas. Other than that, no. Behind the bows has been getting few secrets that least couple of weeks and comment numbers have really dwindled. Gtfoegl hasn't been used in ages. I think everyone has migrated to FB and instagram just like you thought OP.

Does anyone know what happened to that social media for lolitas that popped up, Lacebook? I heard the joining process was like jumping through hoops for many and for others was easy. Why is that?

Anonymous 6172

Wouldn't crystal.cafe be a good place to start Lolita Valentines back up?

Anonymous 6173

I want lolita_secrets and valentines too plz

Anonymous 6174

Omg I'd love that anon. If more lolitas start coming here it'd definitely be something to try.

Anonymous 6175

Looks like the Lacebook site is gone.

I don't remember the sign-up process to be all that tedious, which is weird because thinking back, I was very new to lolita when I signed up.

I missed out on these things since I started after the LiveJournal days, so I want them to come back.

Anonymous 6176

I actually hadn't checked the Lacebook site in ages and when I did it was dead as all get out. Not surprised to know that it's gone now. I thought the idea of it was neat so it's ashamed it had so much trouble getting off the ground.

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