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Nail polish collection Anonymous 6196

Show off your polish collection

Anonymous 6198


I don't have many right now but I wanted to show my special ones. The left one is green or purple depending on the angle (at extreme angles it's even gold or red but that isn't seen often) and the right one is pink with gold glitter.
Once I was wearing the left one and a girl told me my nails are like a pigeon lol

Anonymous 6199

I just realized how dusty my shelf is.

Anonymous 6616


…am I a hoarder?

I use acrylics because they are the only thing I've tried that keep me from biting my nails. Otherwise I've got torn skin all around my nails and bleeding nail beds because I won't stop until I'm in pain. Over the years I guess I've gone a bit crazy with it, but I cant bite my nails anymore so I guess it works? Also the hour or two I spend a week doing tiny paintings or stickers on my nails is quite relaxing.

Fyi those press on ones are great if I'm in a rush. You can even use them twice if you peel off the adhesive they use, clean them, and use nail glue the second time.

I also have a little box of nail glitter in a couple colours and you can't really see the nail oil I made to heal up peeling skin and help my nails grow. I guess I must be good at it by now if my sister in law has me do hers for her.

On a side note, does anyone know why people would make a weird, sort of grouchy face at me when they ask me where I get them done and I say I do them myself?

Anonymous 6623

because doing your own nails is a skill they don't have the dedication to develop. they have to spend money on it and you don't.

Anonymous 6628

Ask to do theirs.

Anonymous 6654

Oooh, what brand is that Blue Siren color? It's beautiful; it looks like a revlon bottle.

Anonymous 7382

Nail polish is actually a really slutty form of make up. ESPECIALLY red nails, disgusting. Lose respect for any girl with it on instantly.

Anonymous 7384

>Oh fuck, that girl has colored nails, WHAT A HARLOT

Anonymous 9071


I quited painting my nails but now I have recently purchased some ''organic''? nail polish bottles (top layer and dark red). I'm looking forward to buy some other colour that's less intense to wear it everyday (otherwise I couldn't style my long nails), and that's pretty much it.

Anonymous 9152

begone SCROT

Anonymous 9900

most retarded shit I have heard in a long time, good job.

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